The Saltori System for
Structured Thinking

The books Creating and Using A Bug Free Mind describe the step-by-step details for following the Saltori System for Structured Thinking. These books are powered by Saltori Thinking.
The Saltori System is a 'system of thought' which allows freedom from pain regarding the negative aspects of life.

Then the attainment of dreams to those which change their thoughts by using this 'new way of thinking.' Saltori Thinking is structured thought applied without effort.
Why do we need a new way of thinking?

Well actually we need 'a way of thinking,' not a new one as we don't actually have one!

Thinking or more importantly, the way we think is crucial to our success in life. Our thinking is what distinguishes us from the crowd. Thinking is what makes us unique as an individual and ultimately our thinking determines our desired and actual success in life. "Obviously" you might think, but that in itself is an accidental thought if it hasn't been evaluated consciously. 
We think accidentally because we were not taught how to think. We are taught to walk, talk, read, write, cook, brush our teeth, clean up our mess, use a computer, drive a car and even fly a plane. We are taught to acquire such skills, as to make them automatic and almost sub/un-conscious in there use. Yet the most powerful tool we possess, correct thinking, is left to occur by accident

Simply  we were never taught how to think, just what to think. It is the lack of a thinking structure which causes all pain in life and in effect pain to oneself and then onto others too. When you install a structured thinking system and use and maintain it. Then it becomes impossible to consciously cause pain to yourself and to others. Unconsciousness can still occur as we are all human and we slip into unconscious action by default. But by raising our level of thought to a higher level then less, and less pain is created.

So we are taught to do virtually everything in life that is considered important enough to be worthy of an adults time to teach a child. But we are not taught how to think, which is the most powerful tool we have for getting what we want to happen. This understanding has been preached and taught by every great teacher throughout time and is already accepted as the way it should be done. But why haven't we got a thinking system to apply the wisdom of hundreds of thousands of years of experience into our lives? Quite simply it's been missed... Or maybe no one could simplify the wisdom of our ancestors so that everyone could easily apply it...

So without a structured thinking system, when you think about it then it isn't any wonder that 99.999% of people fail to get what they want from life... Simply because they don't have a simple easy structured way to think automatically the right way, instead of the wrong way. Instead of structured thought we just think by accident and we achieve, or in the main do not achieve, because we are using 'accidental thinking' and 'not noticing' (not observing or studying) our poor (low quality) thinking as it occurs.

These poor accidental thoughts lead us to our poor decisions, which in turn create outcomes which we didn't want, which in turn lead to a very messy life situation for the majority of people (at least 99.999% of people - so almost everyone, and at times everyone). Then the life situation causes worry, stress, anxiety, depression, fears, overwhelm, and serious self doubt (amongst a whole host of other 'mindset' ailments). And all because we are not taught to think correctly by thinking 'on purpose', because we have no structured thinking system.

It seemed obvious to me how to think, but then I was in the successful minority, one who failed societies hereditary programming. The challenge was there was no system to teach structured thinking to the majority who were/are not successful. Quite simply everyone had missed the fact that we needed one in the same way that Thomas Edison recognised that we all needed light bulbs.

So this is why I created the Saltori Structured Thinking System.

People Don't Like To Think

People look to hand control of their thoughts over to other people because they find thinking hard. They don't like to think about certain things because it scares them. So they hand over control and are scared of some of their thoughts because they have no way to think! There is no structure in their mind for how to handle a feeling which does not fit in with what they want. So people look to abdicate control of their thoughts simply so that they don't have to think.
But we have been given the most over abundant ability to think, so can it really be so simple that the reason why people want to give up thinking for themselves is because they have just not been trained to think? My entire experience of life has always shown me that it was the simple solutions where the right ones...

The basis to everything we have in life and could have in life is down to 'how we think.' The Saltori System is simply 'a system for thinking' which easily removes the pain from life and allows freedom of choice to achieve what is desired. It is 'Saltori' thinking, and if a person thinks using this system then it effectively becomes almost impossible to think the way we are brought up to think.

This ability to think changes everything in a persons life. Before they either gave away their thinking on purpose, or they gave it away through unconscious action, such as self hypnosis.  But either way they stopped thinking.

Because people think the problem is that they can't stop thinking, so they seek to have freedom from their thoughts. But the funny thing is that they are the creator of their thoughts, so if they want the thoughts to stop why not simply tell them they are not allowed to come in? Because they have not been taught 'How To Think!' So they don't know how to stop this 'accidental thinking.'
At the moment the vast majority of people are trapped by their own minds but actually have no idea, or virtually no idea that 'they are trapped.' This is partially to do with the waking sleep of the human race, which is effectively a by-product of automated thought.

A brief explanation of the waking sleep is being awake and doing things but not noticing or remembering them. In other words living on autopilot.

The reason time appears to speed up for people is that they are sleeping through their life. As they age they do more on autopilot, which means they are asleep more of the time and hence their time here appears to go faster.

Neo Waking Up From The Film The Matrix
The solution of course is to learn Saltori thinking so that a person can wake up and experience their life. The waking sleep is mainly a by-product of our extremely effective mind which takes things away for us so we don't have to do things. When a person thinks in the Saltori way effectively they are awake more of the time and so life 'appears' to slow down, and because perception is reality, it does slow down.

Successful People

As we know successful people happen as well as unsuccessful ones. And unsuccessful people look to the successful to see what they must do to become one of them... However, successful people don't really know how they did it... They know what actions they took, but they don't know how they used their mind differently to how an unsuccessful person uses theirs, or to be more accurate, 'is used by theirs.'  Successful people think by accident too, it is just that their by accident happens to be the right way to think. This explains why there are so few successful people. To use financial success as an example, 1 in 714 people manage to become worth a mere one million dollars. And only 1 in 75,188 become worth a significant sum.

This accidental thinking because we are not trained how to think is what is keeping the world trapped. Replace non-thought with 'correct thought' and then we don't just make the world a little better, it transforms every part of it... But there is no agenda here other than growth as a species. Currently less than one in ten thousand being successful and having the life they desire isn't good enough in my opinion and I thought the world needed a better plan, which is why I saw the value for me in spending my working life giving anyone who asked for the answer a systemised way to think, which automatically worked if they just applied it.

Unsuccessful people think they can become successful people by learning someone's system. This is why the way success is taught has roughly the same success rate as the statistics above. However, the truth is they cannot, because successful people's thinking is hard wired differently. So a successful person can be dormant and not be a success yet...
In other words they haven't switched their mind on to go and get successful yet. So they can learn from a success book and become successful. But an unsuccessful person can't do this. Because their mind does not think the same way. Their mind is set up to fail, keep them trapped at a certain level and simply doubt that they can succeed.

So when they learn the success techniques from a successful person they think they are going to get it... But unless they were one of the dormant successful minority there is no chance of this happening. Unsuccessful people are taught to think they have the choice of success or failure. However, unless they reprogram their mind then failure is certain and the statistics endorse this... But then again we are taught to 'hope' for something better... Hope after all is the marketers best weapon.

The harsh reality though is they cannot become successful with the methods which are currently being taught. Once they regain control of their thoughts and have a structured system for thinking, then sure, most of the success teachers works, will work. But this is what I call good software, and you cannot load good software onto a computer with a virus. Unsuccessful people have a virus which will prevent at all costs their success! The funny thing is that they are hard wired for success, but because of a complete lack of structured thinking they have been programmed for failure. So the programming has to be removed and a structured 'program for thinking' put in place of the current accidental thinking program which humanity works with. Which is why I pulled together from numerous sources as well as created a structured thinking system.

Society looks at successful people and says they are the successes of society, whereas in truth there is something of a paradox happening. Because successful people are actually only successes thanks to having failed the programming society delivers to everyone. This is not some 'Big Brother' system, it is just a default way of thinking which has evolved along with us over thousands of years. Because it has always been there we have 'not noticed' just how faulty this programming was until now.

Saltori Thinking

Saltori to me means - "Purposeful use of my minds power to achieve health, wealth, wisdom and of course inevitable success." To others it may mean a serene harmonious life.
  • Structured thought applied without effort
  • Becoming predominantly awake (being present)
  • Thinking on purpose, not by accident
  • Thought consideration
  • Thinking consciously, not acting unconsciously
  • Intending without need, without want, without hope
  • Relaxed, harmonious, serene and above all happy living
Saltori thinking is a system for thinking about everything you allow into your mind. It is an automatic thought evaluation by which you become aware of; not unconscious to; your every thought. This may sound like hard work, but with Saltori thinking, this process is simple and achieved effortlessly.

The Saltori System of thinking is a number of thinking techniques which allow you to be proactive in your thinking and not reactive. It allows you to take back control of your unconscious thoughts and behaviour by simply noticing that you are in fact not awake but sleeping through life. Saltori thinking, is about thinking on purpose instead of allowing thinking to happen by accident.

Saltori thinking is a way of living which simply means that whatever you choose to do with your life, it is harmonious, serene and above all happy. When applied, Saltori removes doubt, anxiety and fear, which I refer to as pain and installs a system whereby you automatically find pleasure in everything you do, in every area of your life.

Some of the uses of Saltori Structured Thinking are:
  • Know your true life purpose
  • Effortlessly create any desired outcome which aligns with your life purpose
  • Eliminate doubt, worry, negativity, fear, stress, anxiety, depression, and loss
  • Eliminate or use procrastination
  • Find true love
  • Discover yourself, know yourself and master yourself
So Who Taught Us To Think

We are supposedly taught to think by our parents, but were they right? Who taught them how to think? No one. So the way we think 'happened by accident...' We are not taught how to think, we are just shown 'what to think!'

I struggled for years with... 'why do we think it's supposed to be that way?'
I was always questioning why people thought the way they did... Why I was supposed to think that way too... I didn't understand why they all just seemed to 'fit in' with the way everyone thought. When I asked people why they thought that, they'd come out with something like, 'well that's the way it is!' Or, 'I don't know, that's what I was told!' Or, 'Everyone thinks it's this!'

I knew I thought differently, but I couldn't ever explain what I meant to people. When I attempted to explain something, I'd be getting somewhere and then their thoughts would close in on the subject. At that point it wouldn't have mattered if the most powerful thing in the Universe had appeared and said, 'look he's right...' They still would've 'known' not thought I was wrong.
Now this fascinated me more, why did people know things that weren't true. Surely there was a fault in this 'knowing' things system we had for thinking. So I became fascinated about why we knew things that just weren't true.

People said to me things like, 'All this thinking you're doing is dangerous.' Where did that come from? Was what I'd think, and of course it came from their fear of the unknown. So what was this irrational fear of nothing a fear of something that wasn't there? All of these irrational thoughts my parents, my peer group and my teachers all had fascinated me...

But then one day a couple of years after I had made my first fortune and become very successful, I found something else to think about... . I became fascinated by 'how I was able to succeed where others continued to struggle for success.' On the face of it these people were no different to me.. I had no special skills, gifts or advantage and definitely not a privileged background... So why? Why could I easily succeed where others struggled? ... Up until that point I hadn't realised 'I was successful.' And that my success had come about because 'I thought differently.'

The Saltori System came about thanks to my interest in finding out why others couldn't succeed. Then when I discovered that I saw exactly how to take an unsuccessful person and show them how to turn themselves into a successful one... And how to take a successful person and how to turn them into an ultra-successful one.

The system involves a instant technique which is the tool to use to stop the build up of junk. Just mastering this tool can take moments to months depending on the individual and is a process to be enjoyed, but if applied relaxed can be mastered by most within a week.

This tool then provides a system for controlling your mind. Think about it as, there was anarchy now there's order. Then the rubbish (junk) that's either been installed in there or created whilst in there must be removed in an orderly process. Once that is underway then removing the problem which caused the anarchy goes in next.

At this point you are in control of your thinking to a reasonable level and then it involves rooting out 'bugs' in your system and continual repetition in the area you need fixing... This is the same as with any tool, you pick it up and use it to complete the job. Learning it is useless, however, applying it until the problem is fixed results in the desired outcome (this is not rocket science but does involve common sense).

The you have to find out what you truly want, as without knowing that then you are living by accident. So you look at your past for clues, you experience your future and decide what it is you want to do with your life. Then you simply design a map of how to get there. Until this point of life you have been wandering aimlessly about, occasionally going after something you noticed. This creates the map for your life.

Lastly and most importantly your mind is part of your body and your body requires maintenance. Just like you feed your body with food you have to continue to feed your mind with the way to think. This is just like doing a crossword puzzle or word search, or anything you do to entertain your mind. But you just feed it a little of what it needs to keep your structured thinking system in order.
The net result is the life you wanted. This is living on purpose
and not living by accident... This is Saltori Thinking!

This system provides the way for the evaluating the benefit or detriment of each thought we have... It sounds laborious but it's actually a very rewarding experience which results in constant feelings of happiness and contentment... But without force and certainly without effort. It is pure acceptance of everything as it is, with the intention of creating the outcome to suit your desires.

Now this is actually our natural state, but I think it has been so long since people lived that way, if in fact they ever did that we allow junk, garbage to replace a natural way of thinking. So I created Saltori thinking to enable a simple step-by-step process of thought evaluation. Meaning that effectively as you go through the process you 'Saltorise' your mind - you re-program it and make it so that your natural hardwiring can work the way it is supposed to. And your natural abundant thought capacity is allowed freedom to grow in a way it can cope with...

These series of simple and easy to learn techniques create a simply awesome (for lack of a better word) method of thinking which cannot, not change the life of a Saltori thinker. You become calm, invigorated, relaxed, and above all happy, and the more you do it the happier you actually get. You effectively free yourself from the current trap.

Instead of being afraid to look in the dark corners of your mind, you go exploring in there to see what you can find. As you open the door to the horrors you find their once seemingly overpowering effect on you has dissolved and you simply move on to the next issue, which again dissolves with ease... So you Saltorise your thinking.

In the end you cannot think the old way as you have completely Saltorised your mind (re-programmed) it to the way you want to think. Not the way you have thought by accident.

All Thoughts Are Connected

Here is a short video which explains how human thinking has ended us up where we currently are. It explains what has gone wrong, how we make decisions and what is needed to put right what has been wrongly programmed in:-

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Critical Mass

When Saltori thinking is applied to a persons life then it creates a butterfly effect to change the lives of the people they are connected to, which changes all of their world's. Then when enough people learn to think the Saltori way, then the world inevitably changes without pain and without effort. As when a person masters these thinking techniques it becomes impossible to create pain on purpose...

So effectively and very simplistically, 'everyone' just get's along. As Saltori thinking means a person can have, but another does not have to have less, Saltori is pure abundant thought. Which means that as a by-product of learning this way of thinking and applying it to all you do, you become the person you wanted to become... The old you which annoyed you doesn't really have a chance. As you can be that person, you just don't want to be... It makes going back to unconscious thought very awkward.

I created the Saltori thinking system, but it would've been created by someone eventually, as when you learn it, it is so obviously the way to think that all resistance to preconceived thoughts fall away. All this is, is an effective system for structured thought which is based purely on the individual getting what they want. Charity begins at home, get yourself right and you can do anything you choose.

What Can Go Wrong

Coconscious thought, the plague of the world is always ready to make a comeback. So people can still go back to unconscious thought simply by not practising their thinking regularly. People consider they are thinking when in fact it is unconscious but conscious thought which effectively keeps them trapped. Being in a state of Saltori thinking means to be awake and aware and free from unconscious thought.

Sounds A Bit Religious

Short answer is it's not... It is simply like a language... We use the English language, well this is just the Saltori way of thinking.

Attaining the Saltori way of thinking means that a person dismisses negative thoughts without effort. They remove all anxiety, stress, fear, worries, depression, overwhelm etc… Then if or much more likely when any of those negative un-natural thought patterns rear their heads in the future... then the Saltori thinking state means they are not allowed to remain and are easily removed (dissolved) with no effort, just thought. All of this is done with ease and observation… It involves no positive thinking and when mastered is done almost entirely without effort.

As an example of this:- I was sent this today from one of the readers of my Books Creating A Bug Free Mind, (which detail the Saltori thinking System) the following:-

Clinical Depression Cured In Approximately One Month
"A friend and business colleague of mine who is a highly respected chiropractor recently confided in me that she was suffering from clinical depression. I was somewhat surprised at this, not because she is such a strong person but that she recognised / considered depression to be a medical illness... I used to too but I now see it as losing control of the mind.
I told her about A Bug Free Mind and recommended that she purchased the books... A few weeks later, a month possibly, I asked her how she was and how she was getting on with the book. She told me that she "practices" 15 seconds 3 or 4 times a day and that it has cured her depression."

Now this sort of think may sound like some magical laying on of hands... It IS NOT anything of the sort, this is just pure logical thought, nothing more. Even though this system obviously looks like it has 'Religious' of 'Cultish' undertones, there are none. It is simply a system for thinking which over time will be adopted as 'simply the way to think.' In exactly the same way as languages have been adopted, when something is so obviously right it becomes just the accepted way. Now this is exactly the same as when something new is conceived, it is first laughed at and then vehemently opposed and then accepted as obviously the right thing.

Now as the creator of Saltori and given that I don't fancy any of the vehemently opposed stuff, I'd rather go straight to accepted as just the way to think... But then I would think like that as my thinking is Saltorised... I am of course ok with the being laughed at.

But the reason I introduced the books Creating & Using A Bug Free Mind first rather than just bring in the Saltori System was so that I side-stepped the laughed at and vehemently opposed phases. As anyone who has read the books knows that laughing at it would not be rational. And of course by getting quite a few on side I can avoid vehemently opposed too. Frankly I'm far too lazy for vehemently opposed and this way of thinking needs to be introduced to the world as soon as possible. That said I expect it to take 30 - 60 years to become recognised everywhere as simply, Saltori the way to think.
What About After Saltori Thinking's Been Learnt
Saltori thinking is eternal and needs very small but continuous tweaking and tuning to maintain a 'Saltori state of mind.' For example, a person cannot exercise once and for all, a person cannot eat once and for all, a person cannot bathe once and for all... So Saltori thinking requires a tiny amount of ongoing maintenance to remain in a Saltori state of mind.

Remaining in a Saltori state involves a tiny amount of the right food, drink and exercise daily metaphorically speaking. The more a person maintains it then the more powerful a thinker they become. However, just the tiniest amount of maintenance is required to maintain enough of a Saltori state of mind to deliver phenomenal success and a very peaceful, serene and harmonious life.
Saltori thinking works exactly like hunger, when a person is hungry they eat, when a person notices their thoughts move away from a Saltori state then they top up a little - An Apple a day keeps the mind anarchy away!

The Thinking Behind The Name Saltori

Sa-l-tori (Sa - tori)

Satori - Firstly the beginning of it came from the word Satori which forms the beginning of the Saltori system. Satori itself is very much open to interpretation because it forms part of Japanese, Chinese and Indian philosophies but after studying them Satori felt most like this to me:-

Satori is no mind - to have no thought at all.

This is the ability to still the mind and not think anything at all. Achieving it is the first step in mastering yourself. It is the foundation step of what I teach and it is something everyone once had and so they can have again with correctly applied thinking.

When a person achieves Satori they can see into their true nature and with this can effectively design their life based on what they actually desire, not what they have been programmed to desire.
The simplified version of what Satori is... Is 'no thought giving a person the ability to understand through observation what they truly want.' When the transition techniques have been mastered then Satori begins to emerge. This can take time, or it can happen in no time, everyone is different and has more or less 'bugs' than the next person.

However, once mastered Satori requires no time and can be created in an instant and at any place. Readers of the books Creating and Using A Bug Free Mind, often write to me and thank me for 'giving them back control of their minds.' Achieving Satori is effectively what is required to control ALL a persons thoughts.

Satori is also the control mechanism for silencing the anarchy like a judge hitting his gavel. Satori controls the mind's thoughts.

Sal-tori (Sal - vation)

Salvation - Salvation is all about freedom from the entrapment of what societies programming has done to a person... Or rather what they have allowed societies programming to do to them. The current way the world is there has never been more need to be saved from pointless, directionless lives than there is today. My personal need for wanting to help and save people was also the driving force behind the Sal, as well as finding a way to help save and therefore change people was at the core of what I really desired to do with my life.

At the heart of the Saltori system is the understanding that despite appearances everyone is naturally successful. And in fact they are designed to be that way, for people to not be successful goes against their very nature. Which means that a successful mindset is not something a person has to go and get, it is something a person has to get back. It is far easier to get something which someone has already had, as long as they go about retrieving it the correct way.

But as a species what has happened is that a by-product of our over abundance of intelligence has given birth to something which robs us of our natural ability. A few people fail to have that ability robbed from them and they are called successful people, but the truth is that they are societies failures.

The Saltori system is specifically designed to remove societies incorrect thinking patterns which are not taught, but rather just accepted, and then replace them with a simple way of correct thinking instead. This system provides salvation from unseen, unknown invisible barriers which are currently preventing unsuccessful people from succeeding.

There are successful people who haven't succeeded yet but who will, but the people who are unsuccessful can never succeed until they have moved from their current position of 'anti-success' back to their natural successful position. When this happens or begins to happen then the second part of the Saltori system is used to enhances a persons ability to achieve the life they were designed to be able to live.

Saltori thinking is effectively salvation from societies default thinking. It is not some cult or religion, it works alongside anything else that exists, it is just pure simple thinking which enables success. Unfortunately unsuccessful people attempt to free themselves using various methods but as nothing else can actually delivers salvation unless they are already free of it themselves then they cannot succeed.

Up until now there was no alternative way of thinking so it was thought that the method everyone who attempted to learn how to become successful would work, but of course this would only work for societies failures (the successful few who hadn't lost touch with their natural success mindset). What this means is basically no salvation was available before unless a person still had their natural mindset. If they didn't then there was no way to get it. They would attempt to get to success from a baseline of anti-success... Which of course was certain to fail. So Salvation from the 100% certainty of failure is at the core of the word Saltori. The simple understanding of salvation without the culty or religious connotations to me is 'freeing a person' or 'saving them.'

Sal-tor-i (S-tor-y)

Story - Story is about a person living their story and deciding to observe and account for it all without judgement. We think of stories as pleasant things which involve no effort. We all love a story and we should all love our own story, good and bad as it's our story.

What Saltori does is take a person to all parts of their story so they can study it. They see the beginning, the past, the future, the end, and of course the present... Saltori is about observing, understanding and living your story, but designing what your story will be.

The Eternity Symbol

The eternity symbol is there to represent how long a person will continue to apply the Saltori thinking techniques, but to remind how they will do so without effort. As once the Saltori techniques are mastered they effectively become a default way of thinking and so become like breathing in and out, an automatic process.

The eternity symbol is also there to symbolise the danger which is always present. The danger is that it is easy to slip back into bad/negative thought patterns if a person does not feed their mind and maintain a Saltori state… The eternity serves to constantly remind how a person must always be aware of the danger of incorrect thinking, which is the way ALL people will think at times.


Saltori - a simple systemised way of thinking
Saltorise - reprogram to Saltori thinking
Saltorised - re-programmed to Saltori thinking
Saltorist - a person who consciously uses the Saltori Systemised way of thinking

How To Learn The Saltori System For Structured Thinking

The best method is for a person to surround themselves with the system using the books and Audios Creating and Using A Bug Free Mind.

This enables them to make the transition to this new way of thinking as fast, smooth and easy as possible.
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