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I know everything will always work out for the best

I don’t ask advice from people who haven’t done what I want to do

Whatever happens I will eventually find the positive side

I care about what others think of me, only if they can affect me

I feel comfortable trusting my partner and friends

I have no doubt things will work out when I try something new

I can create the outcome I want from a situation

Feel the Power of Positive Thinking and Measure Your Happiness Level
6 areas that affect your happiness

An Example of what the Results will looks like

You are about to answer 40 questions about how you feel and react to situations in your life.

You’ll get a score for each area of your life that we are measuring, and an overall Happiness Score

From your answers we will give you deep insights into what that means and why you are affected the way you are.

You can see a sample score here, as well as the bar chart for each life area. You can also see a sample of the 6 areas for our Sample Person who scored a 43


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What’s Happening?

This is a 40 question predictive questionnaire which measures the strength and direction of how you feel in 6 major life areas affecting happiness.

You will get unique results tailored personally to your answers. All of which will be generated in under 5 minutes.

It is 100% FREE to you and you can also get instant access to deeper explanations and real strategies for living a happier life.

What You Will Discover About Yourself



Your attitude determines your results. Thomas Jefferson said, “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” Gauging your attitude provides the opportunity to notice it and from there, conscious choice can be applied where unconscious action previously existed. Just looking at this leads automatically to increasing your level of happiness.

You're life is probably a happy one. You are ok to accept what you have now and maybe a bit more but you don't want to mess it up by trying to go for too much. Comfort is both intoxicating and an anchor for you right now. What I'd say you're struggling with is, can I do more but not risk what I have?... The answer is yes you can, because you've already achieved a lot so learning how to achieve more whilst keeping what you have is just a thought process.

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Becoming fully aware of where your mind is right now enables you to change direction with ease to produce some dramatic changes in your results. When you can begin to see not only what you’ve done wrong, but what you’ve done right too and understand the benefits of what all experiences have given you. Then you are in a position to take all the good from every situation, not just the good situations. This results in an increase of happiness.

Some of your experiences will have convinced you that you shouldn't expect too much, or get your hopes up… and that maybe you should just accept that you are not cut out to make things happen like other people are. This is not true. You just have not done things in the right order that results in success. Confidence is not some thing that happens by chance, it's something that comes as a by-product of you doing certain things in a certain way. Do that and success comes and from success, no matter how small comes confidence.

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By discovering where you sit in your level of confidence you are able to see how you gained and how you lost confidence previously. In the past confidence was probably something that appeared to just happen or not happen. But there is a process going on which creates abundance or a lack of confidence. When you feel confident this makes your overall enjoyment of life that much greater, and so you are happier.

You may well find that in recent years you've lost some of the ability you had when you were younger to just do things. Taking opportunities now and not procrastinating are becoming harder and harder. What's happening is your mind is changing as you age. Your mind is just like your body, if you do not exercise it in the right way then it ceases to work as well... The good news is that you are only on the slope, you are not at the bottom of it yet... So if you begin to work on your mindset now, then you will easily be able to recover the ground you've probably lost and take your mindset to a much higher level than it ever has been while you have been an adult.

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The more fulfilled you feel with life in general then the happier you will be. By noticing and measuring your level of fulfilment it gives you the opportunity to quickly and easily alter both large and small areas of your life so that you feel more fulfilled. This can be done from where you are now, so by changing tiny thoughts in your mind you can get the result of a much more enjoyable and happy life almost effortlessly.

You are probably finding that you have less and less humour in your life and so you don't laugh as much as you used to. You may feel like you want to laugh more but are finding it more and more difficult to do. This like all else in life is something which if you don't use, then you will lose. So I would suggest looking for things to make you laugh. I would also look to forgive people a lot more for their failings. Remember we can't really judge someone unless we walk in their shoes... Meaning we can't really ever judge... So if you work on learning to forgive then you'll have more time for things which inspire you... Then that will mean you will have more reasons why to be delighted with yourself.

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Your outlook on life paints the picture of what life’s forth-coming attractions hold for you. By measuring this and turning unconscious thoughts into conscious ones then dramatic shifts can happen with virtually no thought at all. This is one of the easiest areas of your mindset to work on to produce a large shift in results. This is not about thinking positively, it is simply about avoiding certain thoughts that damage your life. This results in you being happier.

You are living a good life and are enjoying the feeling of being grateful for what you have. People enjoy being around you and you make their life a lot easier. I would guess that you are at the point where you either focus more on securing what you have, or you take a chance and see what more you can still do. The advantage you have with your current mindset is you are already in a strong position for going and making something happen... So it's just down to you deciding whether or not you want to...

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Your level of connection to others will demonstrate a very clear picture of your level of happiness. We are all connected, so if you score a low level of connection you will find your score in this area is fairly representative of your overall score. By noticing where you are on connectivity it means you can make small life changes that produce fast and strong results. This will lead to easily increasing your happiness level.

You find that people are mainly good and are willing to help you. However, there's a little voice of doubt you may wish to silence. As you know that through good connectiveness with others you are going to experience more happiness, success and enjoyment in life.

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