Our training is designed to give a person total control over how they think... Meaning it can END suffering, bring about happiness and lead to the achievement of dreams…


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 If after reviewing the whole process you are dissatisfied for any reason at all. Or for no reason at all! Just let me know within 60 days from today and you’ll get a full and prompt refund – no questions asked* (less shipping and handling). 

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Basically, these will work for you. Even if nothing else has. I know because I designed them to…Which is why I can give you a 60 day Total Satisfaction & Peace of Mind Guarantee. So you really do have no risk, as this Bug Free Mind Process ‘really is different!’


This Process is designed to bring out the maximum potential for anyone, in any field. It is a language for  your mind which is designed to work perfectly with your minds natural language.  Meaning it enhances whatever area of your life you want enhanced.  

This is the journey you’ll go on when you decide it is the right time for you to begin…


The journey you’ll go on.

The Bug Free Mind Process is the training program for Saltori Structured thinking. The Bug Free Mind Process takes you on a journey through your own mind. As you travel through your thoughts and experiences, you’ll learn how to replace chaotic thinking with structured thinking.

The chances are when you first hear about Structured Thinking that it sounds like a lot of hard work, but it’s not, the truth is we already have plenty of Structured Thoughts in our minds which are working fine without any effort. What Structured Thinking does is highlight areas of thinking which are currently chaotic and offers simple thinking structures which can remove the problem.

The truth is we have been taught everything in this world except how to use our minds to produce results without effort. We are trained to think things need to be hard, but they can be easy! A few of us can do this without thought, but the vast majority of people have never been trained how to do it.

What happens then is that as a person gets older they pour more and more wonderful education into their mind, but their ability to produce results diminishes over time. The knowledge which would be wisdom fails to become wisdom because their mind gets clogged up with useless baggage and turns the knowledge from being constructive to destructive.

You may have heard the Thomas Edison quote, “knowledge without application is useless”. But that does not go far enough; Knowledge without application is destructive not constructive. Because a person now feels they should not have the problem, because the knowledge they learnt was designed to fix it and they feel they know it, but just can’t seem to do it.

What has happened is that their mind cannot apply the knowledge and thus turn it into wisdom. So it stays as knowledge which they know but cannot use. This creates all sorts of problems in the users mind. One of which is confusion, and a confused mind will not act for fear of getting something wrong. Meaning they would’ve been better to not learn the knowledge.

The problem is that the knowledge they have learnt is more ‘what to think’ information. Which is very useful, but only to a mind that knows ‘how to think’. Until I created Saltori the whole world of education has taught us just more ‘what to think’ information, but no one before has ever taught ‘how to think.’

If you consider it for a few moments it becomes clear what the problem is, how can you apply what to think information with a mind that doesn’t know how to think?… So success is left down to randomness and environment. The people who succeed in an area of life did so because they know how to think in that area. For every massive success, there are 95+ failures.

However, when you apply structure to your thinking, then success in any area is not just achievable, it is easy and certain. This is because your mind is now ready for any what to think information. However, most people already have more than enough what to think information so it’s now simple for them to make progress.

This Process was designed to be there for people who had realised that there was something missing, a missing piece of the success/life puzzle, and they got to the point of asking themselves for the answer by thinking or saying, ‘what am I missing,’ or ‘why can’t I get it to work,’ or ‘please show me the answer’… etc. What happened then was they communicated accurately with their subconscious mind and that got them here. The chances are this happened to you.


As children we all had a natural ability to succeed. The hardest thing we will ever do is learn to walk, and we all succeeded at it. However, if an adult had to learn to walk then it would be impossible for them to achieve it. The natural success mindset we all had as children has unfortunately been programmed out of us by the blind leading the blind…

Adults have copied a system for education based on ‘we’ve always done it that way, so it must be right’. No one sat back and looked at what the problem was, to be honest when I found the problem I was amazed no one else had figured it out as it’s so obvious. So to learn how to effortlessly achieve success we have to learn how to use the greatest asset we’ve been given… our minds.       

Before this is learned a person is effectively doing this to their mind; they are loading good software onto a computer with a virus. Their mind has a virus and they are trying to fix it by putting more stuff into it… When you stop to consider this ‘conventional wisdom’ for just a few moments it is easy to see the insanity of this approach and clearly see why it isn’t working for the VAST majority of society.

How Saltori via the Bug Free Mind Process works is, it clears off all the viruses and gives a person back the mindset they had when they were a Bug Free child. This means that a person can now learn anything and may succeed at it without pain, worry, stress, fear, anxiety, depression or overwhelm.

Once learned a person may succeed in life in an almost effortless way. Which is the way success seems to happen for the most successful amongst us. If you consider a child learning to walk for a moment. From the outside looking in, it looks like the hardest work there is with all that falling down. But to the child the work is effortless! The child’s attitude is; fall down, get back up, UNTIL I walk… So what looks hard to another is may become actually effortless with the correct structure to your thinking.

The Process itself takes a different amount of time for different people. However, almost everyone notices an almost immediate improvement in how they feel – this happens just from the free material (as the idea with our free material is to demonstrate results in advance of any commitment). The Process is designed to deliver changes in multiple areas of life within a month of beginning. So well within our guarantee period. Within that time we expect you to feel that your life is just feel easier. You may also experience people asking you what’s happened to you. The idea of the Process is that you’ll be enjoying life in a way which you thought was out of your reach.

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What’s The Saltori Process Got To Do With A Bug Free Mind?


The Process – What is it?


the-awakening-bookThe Process has been given many titles since it was first released, but it is simply a guide to exactly how to use your mind to deliver you the life you desire. It was created as a result of asking the question, ‘why can I succeed, and why do others struggle?’

I asked it first in the spring of 2004 and got my answer in the autumn of 2008. Once I saw why I and other successful people could do it and why over 99% of people couldn’t (even though everyone was once were very successful – yes everyone including you). Then it was easy (ish) to create a process simple enough for all to follow.

Because all I had to show people how to do was to get back to the natural successful people they were designed to be, before our poor education robbed them of their natural ability. This is not a dig at education, as that’s good. The problem is no one has ever been taught how to think, and this must run alongside anything we attempt to learn. Or what we attempt to learn will only have mediocre results for the vast majority, and success for the tiny few… Meaning less than 1% will experience massive success.

books-about-self-esteemThe Process puts into an applicable way all of the teachings necessary for success that have been given to us by prophets throughout history. For example, the maxim from Ghandi, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. This is clearly a wonderful statement, but no one is taught how to be that change,this process teaches that amongst many other things. But it teaches it all in a way where we feel anyone can apply it.

If you decide to go on this journey through your mind, you are not going to be stuffing in more and more knowledge. The truth is you probably have enough or even too much of that. What this process does is teach you how to make all the wonderful knowledge you have applicable, and how to enjoy living to the proverb, ‘the journey is the reward.’

If you are someone who feels that you are close to an answer, then this Process is probably what you’ve been looking for. Though the voice in your mind will probably attempt to tell you that, ‘you can’t have found it!‘ Or it will tell you to ‘get it’, and then the voice will convince you that ‘you don’t have time to look at it…’ When the Process arrives it will probably say, ‘that’s pretty big, look at it later.’

success-mindset-3Then it’ll serve you up plenty of distractions to keep you away from the answer… Which you will have found, but not looked at. I put in a lot of effort to prevent this happening, but there are still about 24% of these products that end up as ‘shelf help courses.’ Only you can decide that it will not happen to you too.

Just because you’ve found the answer, doesn’t mean you have gotten over all the hurdles, you have to read, listen or watch it… And most importantly you have to decide to think about it, which is applying it. So as long as you can think, then you can do it, and it will probably deliver some or all the results to you, I can say that because it’s a Process, a System.

It’s not magical, though it may feel like it at times. It is just simple and all it requires is your attention and awareness. If you can apply those in a sufficient amount you require, then your results are certain. This is simply a system for thinking which will probably enable you to have much more from life than you may currently think possible.

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subconscious-mind-power-albert-einsteinThe best way for you to use the Process

There are four main elements to it; written, audio, video & community. Each of which is stand alone and contains almost all of the process in each. So if you purchase just one part it will be enough (you are not missing out). The reason there are multiple ways is to ensure both a quicker change, and a more permanent one.

The average client/student is on their 3rd time through the Process, with many over 10 times, and some are now on there 30th+ time through. For a few moments consider this; Can you imagine reading or listening to something 3 times, let alone 30 times…

Students decide that studying this multiple times is more worthy of their time than new information. So this is not something you are looking to buy, read and simply add more info into your mind. One of the key parts of the process is repetition, and another key part is studying it in multiple different ways.

This Process is not so much a book, or an audio, or a video course… Instead it is a way of life, a way of harnessing the awesome power of your mind and then focusing it in the direction you wish it to go.

1. Books

If money is an issue, then the best way to start is to purchase just the first book Creating A Bug Free Mind. This is the most cost effective way in. Then you can return and add to your training as you’ve proven to yourself the value of it.

The first book will teach you how to generate extra money with which to purchase the whole process in multiple learning styles. In fact the free material alone gives all the training required to generate enough money to begin the Process. After all, if I couldn’t teach you for free how to manifest $70 to begin, before I taught you the whole Process, then I wouldn’t be much of a teacher!

2. Audios

If money is not an issue, then the very best way to begin is to purchase both the books and audios. This enables you to listen and go ahead, whilst using the written version to highlight and make notes. Most people (73%) begin this way. Then once you’ve been going this way for a month or so then the video course is the ideal method for continuing with the way.

3. Video Course

The video course is there to make sure your success is simple by keeping you on track, and also it does something else quite special. It goes into much greater understanding with the notes that come along with the course. What happens is it takes a point and gets you to think about it in a different way. As you do this you are gaining a deeper level of understanding, altering your brain chemistry and changing neural pathways. The result is your consciousness raises much faster doing the video program than by any other training method.

However, it should be noted that the video training course (Success Made Simple) is actually a very slow course that is not designed to ever be finished. This is because it comes to you at a rate of one, two or three videos a week which are a few minutes long. This makes it very easy to keep going with.

When completed there are well over 400 videos, so these videos will keep your success on track for several years to come. Most students like to watch each video multiple times to really dig deep into a particular area of thinking. They find that they can really raise their consciousness in one area and it then helps pull up other areas which they may be struggling with. This is because all thoughts and thinking is connected like water is connected.

4. Join the Community

Then at some point we strongly recommend joining the A Bug Free World community of other people following the Bug Free Mind Process. This means you will have the advantage of having questions answered and responding to others questions.

If that doesn’t sound interesting to you, then please understand that the very highest form of self education is to teach. So as you teach others, you become smarter at it yourself, and you therefore raise your level of consciousness. This is quite simply the very best way for you to master it, you just teach what you know to others when they ask questions you feel you can answer. The community is all about helping others but in the process you are helped yourself more, because you cannot out give.

Begin the journey through your mind now

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Eventually, You’ll Arrive At The Life Design Phase

Then lastly at some point on your journey you’ll want to master the techniques of Life Design. Most of this is taught in the Process, but there are certain things that can only be taught visually and so we recorded a live seminar where I taught people how to achieve the impossible with their minds.

I do not recommend anyone getting this training course until they have studied at least the first 7 chapters of the Process. However, anytime after that this training is a must have. Because in it I teach something so powerful that on the course itself 65% of the participants managed to have the impossible happen in their minds in just 10 minutes. If the class studied for an hour, 100% of people could create the impossible with their mind. And once you can create the impossible, then anything possible becomes easy…

So you may want to get this training sooner rather than later, but not before completing at least 7 chapters! If you decide to purchase this in a bundle of products option, then please do not study this before completing at least 7 chapters… If you do not heed this advice, you may learn the techniques I teach, mistakenly consider you’ve learnt it and then miss the power the techniques can give you.

The problem is exactly what Albert Einstein said it was, make everything as simple as possible but not simpler. Sometimes to be able to apply things we have to make it a little more complicated as the simplicity of something makes it too easy for us to ignore and to consider that we already know, that which we don’t actually know.

If you wish to get started straight away on The Process then just click on one of the images below. Or if you’d like to purchase more than one way to learn then click here for all the bundle options.

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