If YOU are seeking more from life than YOU currently have…

To live YOUR life to a higher level, achieving more, enjoying more & being more fulfilled…

Then ‘Saltori’s Process for Structured Thinking’ can assist YOU in any & ALL YOUR endeavours…

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And you can keep the bonus you receive free with my compliments, so…


Basically, these will work for you. Even if nothing else has. I know because I designed them to…Which is why I can give you a 60 day Total Satisfaction & Peace of Mind Guarantee. So you really do have no risk, as this Bug Free Mind Process ‘really is different!’


This Process is designed to bring out the maximum potential for anyone, in any field. It is a language for  your mind which is designed to work perfectly with your minds natural language.  Meaning it enhances whatever area of your life you want enhanced.   

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Are you on the Fence?

The truth is that  this Process works to help anyone in any field…

But I don’t expect you to believe that yet!

Below are just a few messages from students saying the different
solutions the Process has given them:

“Both of Andy’s fabulous books, deliver 100,000 times more value than they cost. His books explain personal development in a way that makes you understand why you previously had “failed” in the manifestation process before. As for his membership site, which I joined about a month ago, already delivered and exceeded every promise he made about it. Great content, great people , great harmony! I feel blessed to have found his books and I know anyone else would too!” – Alejandra Roca

“Hey Andy, I would like to thank you for writing the most important self-help volumes of literature I have encountered in my short and adolescent life. I am only on the previews of your books and they have caused the changes of personal growth, contribution, and experience. Your books have provided the missing pieces needed in life for change. I cannot remember reading such books since childhood that have cancelled out the needing of negative influences and negative people in my life. Thank you.” – Ana Motoya

“I have been listening to your books and they are excellent, very absorbing and very interesting. I have learnt a great deal and I can feel myself changing for the better as I start to put the information into practice. Even in these early days I am finding my life starting to improve, things are getting better through your books. I cannot put them down. Regards Brian” – Brian Paice

“I just finish reading you book A Bug Free Mind. I appreciate the straight forward and candid way you explained the process. It helped me realize that it is a life long journey, not a take a pill you are all better type of solution. I started my journey years ago but left my mind unattended when things got exceptionally better. Your book has been a great reminder to be present and aware of my thoughts. Thank you!” – Adriana Alvarez

“Hi Andy, I have been studying your books for less than a week. I know the contents of the book will provide me with the missing pieces of the puzzle, how to become successful. I really get your commitment to help everybody who wants it and how this will eventually become the automatic way of thinking for every body. I see it as the “100th monkey” principle at work. Your gift of success and happiness to all is awesome and I feel privileged to have found you. I get butterflies of excitement frequently since starting on your books, and have not felt this continuously happy ever that I can remember. You are my saviour from all my unhappiness frustration fear and negativity and I am right behind you in your project to make it available to this world that so desperately needs it. So I will never be able to thankyou enough for giving me the possibility of life so rich and wonderful. Thanks Alan” - Alan Barber

“Dear Andy, When I came across your books back in February, I had been pleading to the universe for the tools necessary for me to provide for my family and really become the person I felt I needed to be. When I read what you had to say about the books, watched the videos, and watched interviews with you, I thought “If this is what I need, please give me the money to get it.” Within 1 week the money came and I bought the books. As soon as I started applying the lessons in the books a couple things happened that were remarkable. One of my teenage daughters said, “Dad, since you read those you’re actually nice to be around, and I really like you – you’re not stressed and grumpy all the time, and I know you’re actually listening to me.” When I started writing my life designs, almost immediately things started weirdly happening. Two of my designs are to publish books, one academic and one artsy – a company in Germany contacted me out of the blue and made a textbook out of my Master’s thesis, and that gave me the gumption to finish all the work to put together the first in a series of artsy books, both now on Amazon. Sadly, I didn’t write into my designs that they would be best sellers, so that’s in the works for my next book. Another design is to support my family with my art, and although that is still coalescing, in the 7 months since receiving the books I have sold more of my personal artwork than I have in the previous 10 years. I have read the books several times, make it a point to listen to them on audio often, I review my designs weekly and think about them constantly, and although my life right now is not fully what I desire it to be it’s obvious I’m going in the right direction. I have progressed more in the last 7 months – in my family life, personally, and professionally – than I would have thought possible. Thank you, and I look forward to seeing what happens as I move into the future. Sincerely, Andrew”- Andrew Kosorok

“I am on my third run through of “creating ” having read ” using ” and listened to the ” using ” tapes three times – the concept of the bug free mind is not entirely new, what is new is the way Andy Shaw describes how to get there and how to use my mind free of all the bugs – as I have this morning, waking up full of ” is it worth it? ” type of bugs – this is a new bug for me and I know it arises from my ongoing work with Maeve, a very intuitive psychologist from UCH who is facilitating me to rid myself of my mindset I have carried since I survived the blitz over London in WWII and the VII rocket that exploded on landing 150 yards from our home in 1944 – all this was awakened in me in [about] October 1981 when I was very close to an IRA bomb explosion in South Croxted Road, London SE21 and I flashed back to 1944 and just about stayed there till early 1992 when I was introduced to Frank Gerbode whose team in USA working with the Vietnam Vets in California have devised a way of de-activating the triggers in a person’s psyche when experiencing a severe trauma – well my early life was filled with nightly severe trauma for my first few years – I have worked since 1984 with a number of the very top psychotherapists and psychologists in addressing the impact of my early experiences and I discovered only in December 2012 – just 19 months ago – the first of what I now know to be a number of bugs that I was not till then aware of to the slightest extent, and with the help of Maeve I have unburied three more – I have spent a small fortune on psychotherapy since 1983 in my determination to find the ” me ” that I have always known was just out of my reach – Since I got your books in December 2012 I have known a ” me ” that I did not know before and I am delighted and excited with this ” me ” I now know myself to be – and I have more work to do with Maeve and – very importantly – I now know how to clear whatever rubbish / painful memories / etc etc from my mind I might wake up with and to spend the day doing what I want to do, and as I want to do it within the resources I have available, free of all sorts of everything that has hampered me for over 7 decades – I have worked on myself with some very competent and powerful psychotherapists, some of the most highly respected of their profession, and I have benefited significantly from their input into my work on myself, and the limitation of their approach to what they offered me is that it was layered on top of the destructive and limiting remnants of my early life experiences as a very young person living at first hand through the mechanics of industrialised warfare – now, with my ability to have my mind bug free at the start of each new day I can get on with, and enjoy, being the me I always knew I could be ” if only ” – well, I’ve found the ” if only ” – that I found with Frank Gerbode’s team, and now I have access to, and I do enjoy every day, my bug free mind, and there is not a happier man on this planet” – Andrew Wray

“You are amazing Andy. You really are. After 10 years of meditacion while I was reading your free chapter I HAVE my first SATORI. I just stop for a moment and aplying your tecnique of NO MIND it just happend. I am crying. Now I know for the first time that I can do, be and think whatever I want. A big hug Codrut.” – Codrut Dediu

“Hi Andy I am the person who continued to buy every thing that seemed to be “the answer”. Thanks for stopping that. Now I can enjoy exactly what I have and there’s no rush because there is plenty of time (or no time). I am wake now and it has made my daily stress a thing of the past-it was all made up anyway. I have so much to learn but I am looking forward to that. I’m staying awake now. I keep having it hit me that I am creating all this and it makes me relax everytime. I look forward to getting into the community. Thanks. I see my job as a doctor to educate my clients, thanks for educating me!!!! There’s so much more really- Connie.” - Connie Danner

“Hello Andy, I just wanted to show my appreciation to you for the work and effort you put into your system. I’ve read through quite a bit so far and still continuing to enjoy. For me, I use it as a tool for drug addiction. When I am caught up in addictive thoughts I can simply head over to your work and begin reading and the thoughts as you say ‘dissolve’ away. So thank you very much, I’ve battled this my whole life and now have something that works for me. I look forward to putting more of your thought processes to practical use.”- Donald Collier

If you read some of those then you’ll have realised that the Process does a lot more than help a person succeed financially. It removes all sorts of life’s problems too.

You really do have nothing to lose and everything to gain in giving this a go, but all I can do is point you in the directions. The choice will always be yours.

Are you thinking any of these


Student-Survey-Results-4I get this a lot - especially from people that have bought loads of self help and books from lots of different places and feel they’ve been let down by them. Because what was promised wasn’t delivered. Here they are measuring this Saltori system by their wasteful experiences with others, and naturally, don’t want to get burned again.

I say, “Good for you for being skeptical, because if you consider buying anything that tells you what to think, you are just adding to your pain.” I don’t expect you to believe me yet, because we might have only just met! However, there are plenty of free resources here in this site for you to browse, enjoy and absorb so that you can experience the benefits of a little structured thinking.

So take your time to evaluate wisely and carefully, and trust that you will make the best possible decision for you and your family when the time is right and you need to make that decision. To help you think about it, here is some overwhelming evidence and proof that some of my students in nearly 140 countries have told me...

Ken, who bought the first book, Creating A Bug Free Mind, wrote to me...
“I have tried so many different systems that promised so much that I am reluctant to spend any more money. Starting to feel like a patsy chasing after results that would never be there for me.

The level of awareness gained from reading this book is profound and deep. Anyone who reads it will see this for themselves. I don't believe you can read this book (at present I only have book 1) and not make positive change. Some of the best money I have ever spent. If I had known what this material would do for me I would have gladly paid even more for it.?

Gavin left this comment in one of my customer surveys
“Since I have bought numerous items that did not really work I was
The only niggling doubt at the time was the "Too good to be true" factor. I asked why wasn't this system being used by every body? However that was balanced with the money back guarantee so my frame of mind was "If it doesn't work, I'll ask for a refund”.

This is a very common first reaction, which quickly goes away once people ask themselves the question, “Expensive, compared to what?”

At first glance, and depending on the way you look at the world, the price you pay for anything can only be a starting point to measuring it’s value. Free is always good, and I have a lot of free material available here - and my entire purpose in having free resources is to demonstrate to you the value of taking action in your life, and to help you decide if it is appropriate to spend even a single penny.

under-deliveringAnything NOT free, must have value you can believe in, so in using my free material and experiencing the very fast results, then you can accurately value what those experiences are worth to you, and then compare them to the price of Saltori.

Something is certainly too expensive if it doesn’t work, doesn’t deliver what it promised, or sits on a shelf not being used. Something that over delivers every time, and lasts a lifetime would be a bargain, wouldn't it?

I have created a system of “how to think” and made it available for nearly 300,000 people in over 130 countries. in all the main learning styles, books, audios, videos, seminars and even a mastermind. Also I have removed ALL risk of you buying something you don’t want with my 60 day money back guarantee.

92.2% said the system delivers

Eugene recently wrote to me
When I first bought the books I remember they seemed pretty expensive in USD. Most self help books are never that expensive. Glad, I bought anyway....Your books have got me further than all the other self-help I've spent time and money on.

I'd been in self-help arena for 10+ years and nothing ever worked!! I instinctively saw this as working!! AND BOY DOES IT WORK!!! I've read the 1st book six times and the 2nd almost twice. I bought the video course lately to just add a different way of learning!

Steven, went a little further
The books may be expensive but not nearly as expensive as not having them. The quote is " If you think education is expensive, try ignorance." by Ann Landers

People often think this and it may very well be true, and no-one else can determine that for you.

However, consider this for a moment if you’re curious - you came here and arrived on this page and are reading this sentence - which tells me you are searching for an answer. Now only you can find that answer, but the moment you decide that this was not the right time for you, your chance of finding it ends, learning ceases as a decision has been reached and your mind no longer accepts the possibility that you can find the answer.

There is never a right time, to embrace change - unless you truly hit rock bottom. If that’s where you are, then this is exactly the time to rid yourself of the those bugs. So it is better then to keep an open mind, and absorb all the free teaching and training I can offer you. I don’t mind one bit, because when your time is right, you will find your answer and I will still be here. 

"Hi Andy I am the person who continued to buy every thing that seemed to be “the answer”. Thanks for stopping that. Now I can enjoy exactly what I have and there’s no rush because there is plenty of time (or no time). I am wake now and it has made my daily stress a thing of the past-it was all made up anyway. I have so much to learn but I am looking forward to that. I’m staying awake now. I keep having it hit me that I am creating all this and it makes me relax everytime. I look forward to getting into the community. Thanks. I see my job as a doctor to educate my clients, thanks for educating me!!!! There’s so much more really- Connie.” - Connie Danne

"My mind was completely out of control and so was my life,I instinctively knew I had to do something to get back control.( it felt like do or die !) I am so grateful for your wonderful system as it is improving my life in every way every day.” - Sean

"Both of Andy’s fabulous books, deliver 100,000 times more value than they cost. His books explain personal development in a way that makes you understand why you previously had “failed” in the manifestation process before. As for his membership site, which I joined about a month ago, already delivered and exceeded every promise he made about it. Great content, great people , great harmony! I feel blessed to have found his books and I know anyone else would too!” Alejandra Roca

I totally understand this thought and know the truth of it. We can never afford something when we are living hand to mouth. But I would be amiss if I was not to tell you, that for that situation to end you need to do something different, which I know you’d agree with. I also know that if you knew for certain that this would return for you the value I say it will and make your life easier so that you weren’t living hand to mouth, then you would ‘find a way’ to afford it, because we can always find a way if we knew it would benefit us.

As a subscriber to my Mindset Secrets mailing list you will at some point automatically get an email from me which covers how to manifest the money to begin the system. After all, I wouldn’t be much of a manifestation expert if I couldn’t at least teach you that. However, I do not include a direct link to that technique as quite a lot of thinking techniques have to be proven to work by yourself, before those techniques are effective.

Usually those techniques are the ones that impress people in the ‘can’t afford it’ situation the most. Okay it’s not the answer you wanted now, but it is the answer if you choose to wait for it. Frankly until you feel comfortable, please just enjoy the site, the materials and everything else I have to offer you - we are in this for the long haul, not the fast buck. If you let me, I can show you how to easily change your life and attract the income that will pay for everything.

“I was impressed by the free material that was offered before, in the emails I received and I felt I could trust that when Andy said the books would lead me to the life I desired they would. It also helped when having showed some of the material to my husband he backed my decision to purchase both Audios and books, especially since we are both unemployed at present and so money was very tight. (We somehow found the money by using supermarket vouchers, going through our bank statements and finding overpayments and some birthday money...Yah it worked!)” - Katy Drover

“I bought the books because I am stuck with my life without job and without any incomes and I felt I need some guidance and some support with my life.I have read many books in personal development and my life didnt change,continued stuck and without knowing what to do next,and your books looked like that were the solutions to get incomes or get a better life,your book looked like the solution to the financial issues and the basic thing to do to get a better life.” - Nay

No they are not. You think they are right now because of your previous experiences. Well you haven’t experienced this, as prior to this you have been taught all what to think information which tells you how you should do it.

You are intelligent enough to be reading this, so you already know what you should do, but something has stopped you. This is because you have never been trained how to think, and when you learn how to think, then you can apply all of that previously useless what to think information.

Just so you know, this system is used by countless people who suffer from chronic depression. People who have been on depression medication for years have literally given their medication up within a week (this is NOT something we advise - they just did it). Many war veterans have used this to first combat and then remove PTSD.

We have multiple PHD students and heads of Psychology departments at several Universities who say this has worked in their own lives to solve depression issues.

Right now, you may think a mere book cannot help you, however, I assure you it can. And if it can’t then you have a 60 day guarantee, so what have you got to lose? Nothing. The truth is the voice in your mind is attempting to convince you that this can’t work for you because it likes you being in your current position. I however, do not. So what have you got to lose?

(Here is a long testimonial - you may be able to cut it about and use it, as if someone reads it, then it’s quite powerful - there are two beneath it that may be useful too. However, I could probably find others if I searched for long enough)

“I left home at 15. Owned a Brooklyn Brownstone without a mortgage by 30. Had a wonderful business at the age of 26. Then lost it all, became ill, and my family, and ended up on welfare and living with friends for free. I created all of it and all of the people who helped me heal. I created many good things but the bugs in my head wanted me dead. That's the only way I can explain it. I recovered from illness and destitution that took time and patience, as there there setbacks. I had been going to therapy, but once I was strong enough to tackle the bugs in my head I found therapy lacking. I'm also very lucky. Yours was only the second system I tried. I was struggling financially so I listened to every free video/audio book you provided for about 5 months. I slept with the audio on also, noticing that I woke up easier and had better days when I did. Through the free audio I was able to manifest more money and find a rental apartment in the neighbourhood I expected for half market value. And all this while preparing for bankruptcy and going through a gruelling child custody case (I wouldn't wish on anyone, especially the kids- but also traumatizing to the parents.) So, you see - even while still experiencing unpleasantness in my life I was able to manifest the things that will push me forward, and bring me back to who I was a few years ago. The destabilization of my life cost me to have post traumatic stress disorder, depression, and a complete lack of self- esteem. But I knew and I know that's not who I am. After utilizing all of the free audios you provided manifesting what I needed in order to make the next steps forward, I manifested money to purchase the audio versions of both books. For the last six weeks I've been listening "Creating a Bug Free Mind." I would not move onto "using a book free mind" at this point, except I need to clean from at everything I can to go through the custody trial and be a good solid witness for my daughter. After I do that, I will go back to creating a bug free mind to get the rest of the kinks out and further return to who I am. I am happy to let you know that I am catching negative thoughts that run through my mind, and attaining no mind state, and choosing happiness even in the face of losing my child, and all of this is partially because when she returns to me she needs a whole and wonderful mother you can fully love her and support her and train her, as much as you can train a child, who live her life in the same way that this book helps to teach. Which is the way I was living before everything went all pear-shaped. I just want you to know that it's the way you speak, and the way you think, and even the way you curse that has shown me you understand. I'll keep in touch with my progress. From Texas for business owner to homeless and penniless and now back to having my own home and the pennies I need to be successful person I choose to create. Thank you for all the time and energy you put into creating this system. Thank you for offering enough free audio a to allow me to work on it and create something tangible so that someone on my position would know they were not wasting their money before investing in it.” - Providence Denise Hogan

“Yes, it has been very valuable. Your program material came at a perfect time. I was feeling depressed over my current financial/career situation after the passing of my husband. Your program refreshed my mind to the practices that have worked so well for me in the past, including attracting and marrying my soul mate 25 years ago. Some where along the way I had forgotten just how powerful these practices are. Blessed Be.” - Rev. Sandra Weisner

“Hello Andy, I want to appreciate you with all I got for all the works you did. I had been always down and not living my life to the fullest until five years ago I stumbled upon a mind controlling book and my life totally changed! But unfortunately I broke down again suffering from depression for a year and in no way I could get back up again. I tried everything but it all failed. Two months ago when I came across your website, I can finally feel the light shining on my life again with a renewed strength!! Thank you so much for the articles you wrote! I am looking forward to manifest some money so that I can buy your books soon.” - Naz

A couple of years ago I decided to prove that it worked to people so that they could manifest

the money to buy the process. Because if I couldn’t teach how to do that for free then I wouldn’t be much of a teacher. It also works to prove the value of what I teach too. As a subscriber to my Mindset Secrets newsletter you will be getting the techniques to do this at some point, roughly 70 days after you subscribe. The reason I do not teach it earlier is to give a chance for all of the other trainings to begin having an effect first.

Science has now proven manifesting works. In other words, changing physical results by thought alone. If you would like to check out just one of those things then I suggest going onto YouTube and entering ‘The Double Slit Experiment’ and you will see quite a few example videos explaining how thoughts changed the result.

But what I think you will find more interesting is a few of the many comments I get from people who applied the techniques to ‘manifest $70’:

“Ok Andy, this is just hilarious... somewhere between your email yesterday and today the extra $70++ already showed up. With NO effort at all!!! :-D I’m already applying your techniques to my other manifestations. Thank you so much for all your tips and trics!!” - Leonie Hermanus

“Wow!!!!! I just did the exercises this morning just for fun.......then I get home from work and find an envelope with a christmas card from a friend and client. Inside the christmas card was a gift card from our local supermarket for 200.00!!!! I am shocked and amazed....and being the virgo skeptic that I am......I am already trying to explain it away......so right now I am telling my mind to shut up and enjoy!!!! I am going to do the exercises again tomorrow so I can manifest the money for the entire program.....not just the book!!! Love Love Love!!!!!” - Tawnija Edwards

“EXTRA MONEY! Yep...it arrived in the form of a check from an old employer, apparently settling the books and found $211.00 for me. Check came today (12/26/’14). The calm confident feeling this has produced within me is fantastic. I Know Now...that my life will never be the same from this point forward. I realize now that deliberate creation IS the gift of God. I have created two parking places also. In just a Split Second...it’s all it took...I “saw” them there... waiting for me... empty... for just a split second, but AFTER that split second I KNEW they would be there... The money was different...I didn’t “see” it ... I just Knew it was there, didn’t know when/how didn’t concern myself with that, just gave thanks for it, put it in my list of things I was grateful for Already HAVING.” - Larry Andrews

Since 2010 I have been crafting my message to add in the right elements of encouragement and not come over too sales and pushy. So forgive me as this is a work in progress. However, those who are most receptive to a balanced life are the ones who sometimes can’t align with my marketing, and they end up becoming my best students because we share the same end goal - we both want balance and harmony for the World. They just need some help to see past the direct nature of an Englishman on a Mission.

I use a number of psychological techniques, that I also partly teach in the System, and my marketing for the system is totally geared around education before hype. Now I won’t apologise for applying decision pressure points from time to time, I’m a businessman with a Mission, and because I have an ulterior motive, I sometimes create the sense of urgency in my emails, web pages and marketing, because it is appropriate to persuade some followers who are on the fence, that “now” is the time to change their lives. Watch this video below and I’ll explain my Ulterior Motive in more detail...




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  • Thomas McConville says:

    Andy am in getting money together even started to save money now this is for me without a shadow of doubt

  • Bill says:

    Hi Andy, Bill Here / I have an “Added Excuse” for U: How about; The process seems way too long, I’m 82 & time is precious to me.
    I know, Real change Usually does not occur over night. BUT, U might consider using “Subliminal Programing” / Imbed U’r material in a subliminal format to by pass the conscious mind & go directly to the subconscious mind direct without all of the “PERSONALITY STUFF” getting in the way!
    I like U’r presentations, & I think U ought to at lease “check-it-out!”
    With all due respect & sincerely; Bill sanddog9@yahoo.com
    ps: your %’s will get up there in the much hire numbers.

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Bill,

      Although I have no specific training in hypnotism or subliminal programming, I designed the whole process to be a very light form of self hypnotism, which many of my friends who are experts in hypnotism and subliminal programming have often commented on the process as being very effective at getting fast results.

      As for the time to do the process, it may sound very casual of me now, but as you go into the process time ceases to be important. Yes I know the voice in your mind will say I don’t know what I’m talking about, but all I can say is this is the way it works.

      The other thing about the time which is crucial to understand is that , this is not material to be consumed, so getting to the other side (the end) is not important. What is important is 5 to 15 minutes a day studying the process. This is why it works so well for people of all ages.

      Usually a person starts off with the intention of consuming as much as possible in the shortest amount of time. However, as the results come pretty thick and fast they realise that application is infinity more important than consumption. When that happens then everything changes and people work out this is a way of life that delivers all they wanted and more.

      Best wishes,


  • Dermott mc shane says:

    As of this present time I am not in a position 2 eve n buy your books mainly as I have not been employed for this last 15 years due 2 ill health. I’m saving as much as I am able and at present have saved £40 towards the cost of your books.another problem I have is i only have access to my sons laptop a couple of times a week, thus causing me being way behind with your e mails but I’m still trying 2 battle on with your guidelines and. Encouragement.I hope you understand my position. Dermott

  • Dotty says:

    Hi. Andy I own the two books and I study daily with the footnotes and I’m reading the chapters in creating a bug free mind. Thank You are a great teacher and I’m enjoying it all. Thank You again for all you do.

  • Jamie says:

    Is there an option to buy the second book and audio only? I already bought “creating a bug free mind” but now wish to get the second one.

  • Diane Gregory says:

    My husband bought the first book about September last year. I have not finished it yet but so far it has made a huge difference to me. I am so much happier and feel at peace with myself and my life. This book has shone light on my ‘nutter’ and no longer has the power they once had. I am quicker to observe when the ‘nutter’ takes over and as a result I am happier, with less worry, anger, anxiety than I have ever been in my entire life. I know that once I do finish the book, I will read it again so that I can remind myself of areas that I need to shine the light on. I read a little bit of the book every morning and it sets the right tone for my day. Thank you

  • Subhadip Roy says:

    Hi Andy,
    I came across you last Feb and have read the free chapters and have been following the steps given there. I even have recommended you to one of my neighbours. Now my present position is I am unemployed and therefore have no money of my own. I only borrow from my parents.So what I can do now is to get a relatively easy job and then buy your books.I think it will take at least two months before I get the required money to buy your books. In the meanwhile I am trying the basic steps and reading your newsletters. .

  • ALEXIS says:

    Hi Andy, a couple of months ago i downloaded all free chapters and audio and have been studying them since. I would love to purchase both books and audio but i have been tight on money. Also, this web page has European prices, and averaging united states amount making it a bit confusing to me. I really would love to see total amount in U.S dollars. I’m excited to know one day i will be able to purchase this great bundle of knowledge. Thank Andy for really making your books and audio easy to read and understand.

  • K.Shamanna says:

    Do you have a newsletter? I would like to read it.

  • Allen says:

    need the books in hand , what do I do ?


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