What if you could make a design for something happening in your life, and then have it happen?

What would that do for your life?


What if you COULD actually do this? … And what if it took you less than a day to learn this kind of special skill… A skill that some would even call a ‘Super Power’

Andy-Shaw-success-minsetWell I don’t expect you to believe me right now as it all seems like a bit too faroff of the reality map…

That’s what I would’ve thought too if I hadn’t actually been able to do it.

But I know, that’s just me…

However, I like to consider myself quite a good teacher, and I taught myself to
teach this.

So if you give me a chance to explain, then there just may be a chance I can convince you that you really could do it too!

Because isn’t it worth a few minutes of your time, just for the possibility that you  really could do this too?


I’ll now get straight to the point… Then give you an example… Then explain what’s in the course

I first taught this live at what I called The Life Design Getaway.

In this one day seminar I taught a lot of skills in using your mind to create and KNOW, not ‘believe’ that what you desire was going to happen – For REAL!

This KNOWING creates a feeling of certainty and allows for the essential ingredient of detachment from what you desire to happen.

Basically, how it works is: You design it – You feel it has happened – Then your need for it drops because it feels certain you will get it.

What happens next automatically is you get out of your own way, and therefore allow your dreams to be manifested into your reality.

It is in the act of detachment (letting go), it allows what you desire to be created.  You are still attached to it happening, but you do not need it to, because it has already happened for you.

Meaning you are detached and attached at the same time and in the perfect state to manifest your design.

Sounds easy right? It is when you know how.

At the seminar I taught how to do exactly this. Not understand this, but how to do this.

During the day in a 10 minute test 65% of the people in the room created the impossible in their minds.

As you’ll see in the recordings, I asked the remaining 35% if they had an hour then did they feel they could too? They all said yes.

The seminar we recorded came at the end of our world tour, where I taught this skill and at every event.

At each event 65% of people were able to achieve this mindset in just 10 minutes! …And the remaining 35% all thought they could do it in an hour.

It took me training them for a couple of hours to get them to that point, but still when ready they achieved the impossible in 10 minutes.

Now once you have the ability to create the impossible, then anything possible becomes child’s play…

The key ingredient to you getting what you desire from life, is in you KNOWING you can do it.

Not thinking positively that you can, but in you actually KNOWING you can… In exactly the same way as you KNOW you can brush your teeth.

So I’ll ask you again…

What if you could make a design for something happening in your life, and then have it happen? 


What would that do for your life?


How did I come up with this, and what have I used it for.

I first created this full designing technique in 1988 when I was 21 years old.

One day I came to the conclusion that just bumping into girls and expecting to find the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with was ‘a pretty dumb idea’, and that there had to be ‘a better way’.

So I sat down and created a design for the person I wanted to spend the rest of  my life with.

Less than 24 hours later I saw her for the first time.

About six weeks later after overcoming my own self doubts that I really could’ve found her that quickly… I asked her out.

We have been together ever since.

I’ve since used this technique to create the impossible numerous times.Life Design

In truth I have to actually prevent the use of it now as my mind just keeps creating more and more, and it can become a little overwhelming.

I’ve created cars that were never made… I’ve created health solutions that were not possible… I’ve created experts to work with… I’ve designed meeting famous people… I’ve designed a CEO for one of my companies… I’ve designed making millions twice… I’ve designed solving unsolvable problems… I’ve designed amazing holidays…

Teaching this course and travelling around the world was actually one of my designs too… Plus many, many more things!

Whatever I desire… I design with my mind… Achievethe correct state of mind for it to happen… Then it just happens…

Not everything comes straight away like it did with my wife.

Things can take days, weeks, months, years… But whatever I desire comes in the end.

People think I’m lucky, no I just know how to design my life to get what I desire to come from it.

So what would that Mind Power do for your life? What would you design…

Design the perfect job? Design a promotion? Design owning your own business?

Design a health solution? Design weight loss?

Design meeting someone famous?

Design getting rich?

Design the car you desire?

Design your ideal home?

Design the excitement, the happiness, the fulfillment you want in your life?

saltori logo head

It’s your life after all, you can have what you can design and KNOW you can have!

So what do you desire?

Albert Einstein said, “Reality is negotiable.” He was right!

But you’ve got to KNOW how to do it. Understanding how to do it won’t cut it, and  you won’t get what you desire.

You’ll just get more of wanting what you don’t have. You have to KNOW how to do it.

There’s one more thing…

Most of what I design comes about effortlessly…

In other words I do literally nothing to bring the desire into my reality.

Don’t get me wrong…

On some of my designs I do copious amounts of work, but on some I do literally NOTHING. As you will see in the course.

This skill literally allows you to change your reality so that you receive exactly what you want from life… Sometimes effortlessly!

At the seminar I taught in clear, uncomplicated language, virtually everything-you need-to-KNOW-and understand, in order to clearly and most importantly, accurately communicate with your subconscious mind.

This is key to your success with creating your world to your design. If you are lacking something you desire, then it is because you have not accurately communicated this to your subconscious mind.

In the seminar recordings you’ll also discover things like:

  • Why goal-setting doesn’t work and designing does
  • Why manifesting the life you want is a matter of remembering how, not learning how
  • How to use the laws that govern the universe – including the most powerful one of all, the Law ofCreation – to your best advantage at all times
  • How to design easy things like cars and holidays
  • How to design impossible things and actually have them happen in your mind within just a few minutes. Meaning you can live to the way of ‘having had something before you can have it.’
  • Exactly how you are creating your reality, right now and at every moment
  • How to create your perfect partner, or find the perfect employee, or the perfect company to work  for
  • How much money you are going to waste in your life if you do not use the skill of designing, andhow much it has cost you already… If this doesn’t motivate you… NOTHING WILL! 
  • And lots more… 

But don’t just listen to me. Here’s a short video of what people thought at the very first one of these Life Design seminars we did:

Click here to read what more people think of these recordings too

Imagine you continually designing what you desire and KNOWING you will achieve it.

How confident would you feel KNOWING that you have the formula that can get you anything you want in life?

Imagine what that will do for your self-esteem…

How good will you feel, KNOWING you have this mindset, this mind power?

All of this and more is made possible because nothing can stop someone who understands how to tap into the power of their subconscious mind… And bringforth their desires into reality!

How Much Is It Worth Financially To Be Able To Manifest Your Greatest Desires Into Reality… By Tapping Into The Power of Your Mind?

Think about it for a second.

How much would this Mind Power be worth to you…

If you knew for sure that it worked…

As much money as you could lay your hands on yes? Because you’d just be able to create more after learning it right?

But you don’t know it for sure so I won’t be asking for anything like that 🙂

But consider this…

How much more money would you have made in the LAST 10 years if you could dictate your income?

How much more money will you make in the NEXT 10 years if you could dictate your income?

How much is it worth to KNOW you can design EXACTLY what you desire in your life…

…and bring it into your reality practically on DEMAND?

You know about bringing structure to your thoughts… By now you can probably turn ‘no mind’ on at will… Even if you go no further, you’re already SET to live a ‘pain free’ life.

But can you imagine how powerful you would become if you learned to release, through accurate USE, your ALL powerful mind? To set desires and manifest them into your reality practically on demand?

Imagine how exceptional you could become?

How much will your success contribute to the lives of the people closest to you, your family, friends, and every single person who had a hand in raising you as you grew up?

Can you feel the power this has given me, and what I wish to give to you too?

Here’s what’s included:

  • You get the whole one-day course – 4 videos (approximately 7 hours education). The Questionand Answer session… The Workbook to download, the Perfect Partner Design and the FinancialFreedom Design… AND… You will be able to ask questions and have me and other students offer
  • You get to see how to design getting your favourite car – and have it happen in your mind!
  • You get to design getting the trip of a lifetime – and have it happen in your mind!
  • You get to design an IMPOSSIBLE design – and have it happen in your mind!
  • I don’t want to spoil it for you, but it is impossible, yet you will have it happen in your mind…
  • You will feel it is something which has happened and is likely to happen!
  • You will learn how to detach perfectly from your outcome so that you get out of your own way andallow your dream to happen.
  • You will see how much not having this skill has cost you so far and how much you are now goingto make going forward, thanks to having it…
  • And you will be given Lifetime Membership of the A Bug Free World Community Site…

You Can Get Instant Access To The Life Design Getaway Seminar Recordings At The Low Price Of Just £699 (Approx. $1,069)


100% online instant delivery


Or two payments of £360 (Approx. $551)
1 payment instantly & 1 in 30 days



Or three payments of £248 (Approx. $379)
1 payment instantly & 1 in 30 days



When you consider the overwhelming value you’ll be receiving from these Seminar Recordings ENSURING you can manifest ALL your desires with Life Design Process…

You clearly see that the fee I’m asking you for is tiny in comparison to theMAGNITUDE of what you’ll be able to accomplish over the course of yourlifetime after your Life Design Getaway training is complete!

Plus you’re always covered by my 100% MONEY BACK Guarantee (seebelow).

Just so you know I have no plans to do any more Life Design seminars. Though I of course reserve the right to change my mind if I fancy doing them. But until then, getting these recordings are the ONLY WAY to learn this skill.

In Truth It’s Likely You Have Absolutely No Idea Right Now of What You’re Truly Capable Of …

It will be my pleasure to help you, if you’d like me to


saltori-structured-thinking-e1444653645631You can place your order with confidence, because if after reviewing the whole process you are dissatisfied for any reason at all. Or for no reason at all! Just let me know within 60 days from today and you’ll get a full and prompt refund – no questions asked.

…And you can keep the bonus of Lifetime Access to the community site free with my compliments, so…


When I did the live seminar everyone was offered this guarantee: Spend the whole day with me, learn the whole course and if it doesn’t deliver at least what I promised then                                           ask and you will get a 100% refund. After 14 events all over the world we have had ZERO refunds.

                                       This is why I can give you a 60 day Total Satisfaction & Peace of Mind Guarantee. So you really
                        do have no risk.

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