What if there was "a way" to change your thinking... So that it became difficult to fail, and easy to succeed
What would that mean for your life?

In The 4 Short Years Since This Structured Thinking System Was Created, Hundreds of Thousands of People - Including Doctor’s, Athletes, Psychologists, Lawyers, Accountants, Soldiers, Scientists, Pensioners, Entrepreneurs, People from ALL Major Religions and even Supermodels — Have Used The A Bug Free Mind System to Experience a Different Reality By Raising Their Level of Consciousness.


Thank you Andy, you've given me back the power of my own mind.


I have been putting your techniques for controlling my own mind into practice for a grand total of 5 days. In that five days, 3 lucrative opportunities showed up literally on my doorstep, I made two sales, have had four new students, and a business deal I have been faithfully working on for the last 7 or 8 months came good yesterday. Now THAT'S PROGRESS!

Kath Conabree

I am already feeling confident that this is what is missing for me.


I am so glad that I purchased your books, as you said, I asked a question and I am being given the answer in your books. I can only say I was gobsmacked with the speed I received the email about your books, from the moment I uttered the question. I am on my 2nd read and I am already feeling confident that this is what is missing for me.

Rosemary A.

If this stuff was taught in schools, the world would be a better place.


I have read many personal development books, and learned much from them, but I find that with Andy's approach, things just click into place. His blunt, no BS approach is fascinating in the way he reveals and unravels the "wrongs" that we have either been brought up to believe are true, or what we have just accepted as "The Norm".

Geoff Beattie

Andy Shaw with his wife Alison


Toys acquired from early success

How an ex-Cabinet Maker from the UK discovered The Saltori Structured Thinking System?

Back in 2008, in a small village in West Sussex, England, an ex-Cabinet Maker named Andy Shaw was a businessman and an investor. He had been very successful and owned a lot of real estate, and a lot of fancy cars. He also had a keen interest in the human mind and what it was, that made one person successful and another person who had exactly the same information, unsuccessful.

His burning questions were, ‘why he could succeed and why most people couldn’t succeed? Why could people take the same wisdom and one make a fortune and another give up almost immediately?’

Eventually he came to understand that if two people learnt the same information, what was already in their mind was affecting how they thought about it… Which meant they produced different results. Meaning the two people were actually starting from completely different places, though to the casual observer it looked like they were at the same starting point.

For example the author of a self-help book would teach success from the mindset of a successful person. So a successful person could study the work and go on to greater success thanks to the wisdom. Because they were thinking the same way as the teacher..

However, a person struggling to succeed could read the wisdom and fail. They’d enjoy it, learn some things, feel good about it, and themselves… But then completely fail to make any significant progress. In fact a few weeks or months later they may often feel worse about themselves, after learning the wisdom, because they were not able to apply it. Meaning they were not thinking the same way as the teacher.

So then he thought, what if thinking could be turned into a process where people could learn to automatically think in a way which guaranteed success. What if instead of teaching people what to think, he taught them how to think instead.


Andy teaching students


Andy with friends

He thought the world already had an abundance of great wisdom but only a few people were converting that wisdom into massive success…

So what was missing wasn’t more wisdom, or a different take on the wisdom but instead the missing piece was a ‘process’ to apply the wisdom. At this point he realised that the whole world was teaching ‘what to think’, no one had ever taught ‘how to think’.

Andy considered, what if he created a thinking language that everyone could learn, to think the way successful people think automatically. He had worked out that people had ‘bugs in their minds’ which were preventing their success, so he thought, ‘what if all these ‘bugs’ could be removed and instead replaced with tiny little thinking structures?’  

Andy explains that a thinking structure is like a sign post inside your mind. When you get to a turning point, the thought structure ensures you are directed the right way.

This means that when at a turning point the person would always go the right way, as opposed to sometimes going the wrong way. Meaning a person could pattern interrupt themselves and achieve the result they desired, not get the result they usually got.  

In 2010 he eventually decided he wanted to help people to think the way people who succeed, think automatically…


Structuring your thinking unlocks the true power of your mind

Andy believes that once a mind is freed of bugs then a higher level of consciousness can be easily attained, and this holds the answer to the evolution of humanity

So he began creating specific training techniques and exercises to teach his system in a way the student could understand and quickly implement into their life. He also created simple structured thinking techniques which again made it easy for the student to get fast and sustained results.  

At first Andy used his techniques to teach people who were Investors to improve their intuition, expand their consciousness and remove all self-created pain like worry, fear and doubt from their lives.  

Word spread fast, Andy’s techniques were producing fast results for people within days of them beginning the Process. However, he wanted to ensure the Process worked for all people so he held back the expansion on purpose and only allowed in so many new students each year.  

Despite this, after only five years the Saltori System for Structured Thinking is now used in almost 140 countries worldwide and is still only available in English – and now you’re about to experience what it can do for YOU.


Words can't do it justice. I am seeing, in just 72 hours, big changes in my life!!!


First off, I must say I believe God led me to the site and the information, as it was perfect timing for lessons I have been learning. He used your site to TRANSFORM my life - my whole brain, quite frankly. I can't even express the changes I have experienced in the last 3 days. Honestly, I have never bought a product anywhere (I've spent more than $80,000 US on products and coaching) that comes close to changing mindsets like you have created. People need this information desperately. Thanks for pouring yourself into this cutting edge piece of work!

Lisa Rae Preston

The changes in my mindset already are incredible...


I am also currently dealing with some serious sticky stuff and have never felt so calm as this for years, thank you Andy for being there, the student was certainly ready. I recommend this approach above any other and I am so grateful I manifested you into my life…I urge anyone else reading this to invest in their future and the books right now you will never regret this decision.

Tony Balfe

...I'll always be grateful


Exciting things started happening in my life when I was about half way through Andy's book! If you're passionate about self-improvement, but feel like you're not making much progress, you should definitely pick up a copy of Andy's books. I feel that Andy can truly relate to his audience in a way that I've found others in the Self Improvement field can't. I carry your first book around with me everywhere.

Pete Morris

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