Iulian Gudmac

"...to my surprise, I got a lot for so little investment"


Hi Andy,

I bought your books. Now reading “Creating a Bug Free Mind”, awesome stuff – gave colour to my day, and the more I absorb the clearer my mind is. Thank you for sharing this with us. Though sometimes it “seemed” it was obvious for my mind to go in my direction, the thoughts were Cool, but after flying through the pages, I realized there was so much dust to clean, my mind was clouded, and there that little saboteur playing the piano of my ways.

The info is simple, but I had to read again and again some of the chapters, to install the right piece of the thought and to get rid of the dust in some corners of my mind. I thought I mastered the “15 seconds of the powerful thought” the first time, reading the “5 free chapters” you provided, but after I started to change my thought patterns from the book, I realized that it was just a trick of the yada-yada-nutter. So I made some steps back and played with that exercise for a while; then I get back with more power on My road.

Really enjoying the books, and to be truthful, I thought the books will just be another shelf-development-stuff, and to my surprise, I got a lot for so little investment. It’s like investing 40 pounds knowing I’ll get 40.000 return; and I’m just at the beginning of your “first book”. It will surely rise till the end and multiply when I’ll get to the second one – “Using a Bug Free Mind”.

All Success.

Iulian Gudmac


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