"It's given me such a great feeling of optimism!"


Hi Andy,

I’m currently up to Chapter 20 of A Bug Free Mind and wanted to let you know that I’m finding the information so far tremendously helpful in moving me forward, simply by identifying all the rubbish that I’ve been carrying around with me for so long without even realising it was rubbish! I thought that everything I had ever learned and had stored away in my head, had a value and that what I needed to do was understand it all. Now I realise that is wrong. Just like anything else we collect over time, stuff becomes outdated, superfluous, clutter, and needs to be ‘chucked out’.

I’ve become fairly good at this with physical stuff, but didn’t regard the contents of my head in the same way – until now. It’s given me such a great feeling of optimism and couldn’t come at a better time – a new year! Another huge realisation I’ve made is just how much I lie to myself and others by defending my position/status. I’ve spent an awful lot of time and energy over the years trying to convince myself that I’m OK where, and as, I am. This must have started when achieving to any great degree became either difficult or else associated with guilt at wanting more. I can now admit that where I actually am is a very long way from where I desire to be. Can’t wait to know what else your books will bring my way.

Thanks so much. Best wishes,



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