Lesson 4: Creating A Bug Free Mind – Chapters 1 to 5

~ Achieving more from life than you have now is simply a matter

of doing the right things in the correct order.Andy Shaw

Lesson 4: Creating A Bug Free Mind – Chapters 1 to 5


Now the fourth part of this kit is something which should change how you think about a whole range of thinking patterns. It will begin to pull back some of the chaotic thinking that goes on and replace it with simple thinking structures.

It is a process that teaches you some things, but most of which you will have learnt before… However, what’s different is you will suddenly be able to apply what you previously learnt. 

You will feel like you’ve found the magical missing piece of the puzzle which you probably feel you’ve been looking for. 

I can tell you now, that you have… However, the best thing is for you to reach that conclusion by watching your mind as it continually attempts to tell you that you haven’t… 

One thing you should know… This is not a one time read or listen to…

Over the next few months I’ll be telling you to read or listen to a few minutes of it a day. I’ll explain why later on, as right now it may sound wrong to you. However, it will be your choice whether you do or not…

If you do not you will be sure that it would’ve made no difference and you will probably feel that those saying it’s making a difference are either delusional or not that smart…

However, if you do decide to keep going through it, then you will feel your consciousness rising and you will see all sorts of results…

But it is of course your choice what you’ll do. And it’s also going to be down to how many of the distractions your mind sends you, that you are able to avoid. 

You’ll see what I mean by that as you begin to notice the distractions come!

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A little information on this A Bug Free Mind Process

Why are people in nearly 140 countries using A Bug Free Mind to dramatically change their thinking & alter their entire experiences of life itself?

Why is A Bug Free Mind used by doctors, scientists, students, designers, architects, athletes, actors, diplomats, authors, politicians, traders, business people, professionals and even super models who say, ‘Going through this structured thinking process helped them achieve their biggest ever breakthroughs?’

Why do 97% of all A Bug Free Mind students (according to published surveys) claim that A Bug Free Mind is delivering for them (when no other personal development book or course…  ever has before?)


The Bug Free Mind Process provides the ’missing piece’ not contained in any other personal development system.

The missing piece is…

As a society, we’ve all been taught WHAT to think - WHAT to memorise … But… We’ve never ever been taught: not by our parents, not in school, not by our friends not by anyone …

… HOW to think in a structured way to consistently produce the outcomes in life we desire…

It quite simply has never been taught.

Sounds so obvious when you think about it doesn’t it?

You see, we’ve all been born with these powerful minds, capable of creating EVERYTHING we’ve ever dreamed about. But the problem is; we’ve never been taught how to use it accurately. 

It’s like we’ve been given the keys to a Ferrari, but never being taught how to drive the darn thing!

When I discovered this and the fact that we are all NATURALLY SUCCESSFUL (that’s everyone, including you!)…

I realised, that I could teach people how to think and create a VERY SIMPLE language for their minds which produced the desired result everytime. So that everyone could become successful again as they once were…

It works for everyone in just the same way, no matter what race or religion you are…

  • If you want to be a better Christian, it will make it easy for you!
  • If you want to be a better Muslim, it will make it easy for you!
  • If you want to be a better Businessman, it will make it easy for you!
  • If you want to be a better Parent, it will make it easy for you!
  • If you want to be a better Doctor, it will make it easy for you!
  • If you want to be a better Athlete, it will make it easy for you!
  • If you want to be a better Actor, it will make it easy for you!
  • If you want to be a better Student, it will make it easy for you!
  • If you want to be a better (insert your desire), it will make it easy for you!

How Does The Structured Thinking Process Work:

Creating A Bug Free Mind works first by taking you on an enlightening journey into your mind; where you’ll finally meet the “little ego saboteur” that’s been causing all your pain so far in life.

You’ll then discover how to create an impregnable ’force field’ into your mind, so that negative thinking can never return. It’s at this point where you gain the ability to bring in what the Japanese call ‘Satori’ or what we in the ‘Bug Free Mind Community’ simply refer to as ‘No Mind’.

‘No Mind’ is a state where you literally think of nothing. No thoughts of any kind!

Once this state has been achieved and all the bugs and societies programming has been removed from your mind then you’ll then you'll have regained full power over your mind once again; and restored the natural success mindset you had when you were a child … when you first learned to walk!

This A Bug Free Mind Process has the highest success rate for creating dramatic ‘life change’ for its readers, of any personal development process in world today. (This is a big brag – Now here’s plenty of proof)

If you doubt this, then that’s why I’ve made part 4 of this Structured Thinking Starter Kit available to you… As you go through it, you’ll find your own results will convince you that what I say and what all the testimonials say is true…

Choosing To Live Up To Your True Potential…

Can you Imagine how it’ll feel…

  • To never worry again?
  • To always feel at ease?
  • To be in tune with everything around you?
  • To be able to activate ‘The Law Of Creation’ On Demand?
  • To feel full of boundless energy?


  • To know your vision of success is becoming a reality?

Yes – you can live up to your true potential.

And surprisingly… It won’t take years! …You’ll see fairly instant results just by doing this Starter Kit course…

There really is a new, easy and extremely powerful method to bring more energy, determination, skill, intelligence, wealth, influence and self-confidence into your life – quickly and effectively.

With A Bug Free Mind You’ll Discover - Your Richest, Most Radiant Self

Are there specific areas in your life where you’d like to make a change?

  • Would you like to improve your career prospects?
  • Have more fulfilling and joyful relationships with your loved ones?
  • Improve and maintain your health?
  • Heighten your creativity?
  • Eliminate destructive thought patterns like ‘depression, worry and overwhelm forever?
  • Defuse anger and anxiety?
  • Heal hurts from the past or tap into your higher intelligence easily?

If you want any or all of these, then The Bug Free Mind Process will show you how to make the changes quickly and easily. 

What Is The Secret To The Bug Free Mind Process & How Will It Benefit You?

The secret to this process is that rather than attempting to ‘cram’ new ideas into your mind. (Which is what happens with most educational programs in the world)

The Bug Free Mind Process works by allowing you to ‘unravel’ the bugs in your mind, so you can once again SEE the real ‘YOU’ your ideal self, the truly creative, loving, serene, and successful person you were meant to be.

Listen, I know you may have read hundreds of personal development books before. So I don’t expect you to ‘believe me’ right now.

I know the pain you may have endured from being given great information from teachers who for some mysterious unknown reason ‘can’t get you to apply it’ in the past.

And this is the reason why I gave the first 5 chapters of the process as the 4th part of this course…


These 5 chapters alone, will help you experience so many breakthroughs it will amaze you.

As A Bug Free mind reader Susan Beesley described it:

“…They will become the classics of the 21st Century and impact on people’s lives just as Rich Dad Poor Dad”

“I started reading the (Creating A Bug Free Mind) 5 Chapters as soon as I got them but couldn’t finish them all in one go. I ended up waking up in the middle of the night to read the rest because it had such a profound impact on me. I can’t wait to get the books and truly believe they will become the classics of the 21st Century and impact on people’s lives just as Rich Dad Poor Dad.”
Susan Beesley

Or as John.T from Sweeden put it:

Now I look forward to each end every day and I can´t wait to “help” as many as possible to wake up and think.”

Creating a bug free mind contains all the missing parts – yes it does. I have been totally scanning all the spiritual market and even if a few knows a tiny bit of how to teach, most of the “gurus” are far from good at what they promise to deliver. After attending a couple of Quantum physics seminars and after reading creating a bug free mind 4 times everything is changed!! Now I look forward to each end every day and I can´t wait to “help” as many as possible to wake up and think. I think therefore I am as Descartes said has never been more true! Now it´s up to all of us to USE our thoughts in a productive way. Thank´s Andy for a life-changing experience. John

Click here for a more detailed video explanation of the Process and how I created it:

Or Click here if you want to get started now:

Best wishes,



21 thoughts on “Lesson 4: Creating A Bug Free Mind – Chapters 1 to 5”

  1. Sonya says:

    Hello Andy Shaw. I seemed to have stumbled onto your “Bug FreeMind” info(or you came to me in my hour of need). I watched your video, including the 5 short videos on the free 5 chapters that are free in getting started. You have peeked my interest and I find myself wanting to learn more. I would truly love to get these “bugs” out of my head! Lol
    My problem is that I am using both my I-phone and I-pad to access the info and it is not downloading on my equipment. I don’t have a computer but I have a kindle app. And I am not very knowledgeable or tech savy.
    Can you help?

  2. Lynette says:

    Thankyou Mr Shaw. I watched the , free video’s. I then decided to read the pdf. I attempted to download the pdf and was interrupted…. I use a simple mobile phone, no computers, no iPad or any other sort of devices. Partway through the download it stopped, insufficient memory ! Hmm better get rid of , stuff I dont need, to make room for what I do need. … 🙂 Thankyou sincerely

  3. John says:

    There are no working links for the first 5 chapters or the MP3 on the images of this page.

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi John,

      I just looked and they appear to me to all be working. Though they may not have been when you looked as this site is brand new. If you have any more trouble then please contact my tech guys on http://www.saltori.com/help and they will be happy to assist you.

      Best wishes,


  4. Sheila says:

    I don’t seem to be able to download the chapters of the book on my I-pad. Is there another link I can use?

    1. andyshaw99 says:

      Hi Sheila,

      What I want to say is just ask my guys on the tech helpdesk here http://www.saltori.com/help. However, the link is currently broken but should be fixed in about 30 minutes and they they will be glad to help.

      Best wishes,


  5. STAVROS says:

    Hi Andy,I have to say that I really admire your work..I have done a lot of research the last two years about the self improvement stuff.I ‘d like you to know that you have earned my RESPECT.You have helped me a lot to understand the missing links for the LOA even though it worked perfect for me before but not in every aspect of my life.Now that I know how it really works I became a new person and I have all it takes to continue my journey THANK YOU VERY MUCH

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Thank you Stavros, and you are quite welcome 🙂

  6. Jim Gallagher says:

    Great stuff Andy, from someone who has been practicing various forms of mindfulness for years. I had it really good and strong for a day or so. Seems like other thing it really must be exercised. Ironically my wife had recently been asking the question where does happiness come from and I was telling her gratitude. If only it was this easy. First we must subdue the nutter.
    I am also a Real Estate Investor and if you would honor me thus, I would be very thankful and grateful for your mentorship.
    James Gallagher
    ps I have recommended your book and kit to all my FB friends.

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Jim,

      All of this is way of life training which the effectiveness of is increased slightly with each application of the technique. However, our egos like to tell us we’ve learnt something and now have it when we only had it once. I’m going to be going deeper on happiness in a Livecast soon which you and your wife may enjoy.

      As for real estate training, thank you for the compliment, however, I only do the investing now, I do not teach it.

      To me it was just something to get rich, then people asked me to teach it to them. I had no idea I was an expert, the fact that I was excited me for a while and very quickly I realised I didn’t want to teach something like that more than anecdotally as there is far too much negativity in that world for me.

      Going bankrupt severed me from having to teach it, and even though I was just asked to be the keynote speaker at a real estate conference, I have zero intention of ever going into that again. This work is far more important to me. I am happy to point people at people who are good at teaching this and other businesses which I have made work, but teaching it is not for me anymore. However, I am still active in it for myself and intend to be more active over the next few years too, as I have once again built my own system that means I can do it for less than a few minutes a month and reap the rewards 🙂 I might not want to teach it, but I’ve gotta love what it can do for my balance sheet!

      Best wishes,


  7. Trace says:

    Any chance of getting the rest of chapter six ? that way I will not need to worry on how to get the money to buy the book . It would be one more thing to put on my happy list and be grateful for.
    Thank you very much foe the first 5 chapters .

    Trace Joseph

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Trace,

      Give me time and I have something for you in about a months time which means you will not be worrying about how to get the money. Instead you will find the process enjoyable and rewarding 🙂

      Best wishes,


  8. h says:

    What a teaser ! you files download, but my media player cannot play them. ….. how dissapointing.

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi H,

      Not sure what you mean.

      If you mean I’m teasing with things that can’t be downloaded, then not that’s not the case and you will probably have some computer issue which my tech guys could help with. You can contact them on http://www.saltori.com/help

      If it’s something else, then please let me know.

      Best wishes,


  9. Oona Cardozo says:

    This is amazing, thank you. Please keep me informed when these books are ready to be sold. I will certainly try to get even one book at a time, as I am ble to afford to get them.I will be so excited to pass them on to my kids. I am so glad that I took your quiz

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Oona,

      They are available now, my fault for not checking this video before saying it could be used here 🙂

      We will be updating the video to stop it misleading people shortly.

      Best wishes,


  10. Sandra says:

    I did something I have been needing to do for more years than I care to admit. I quit my crappy job, and am working on starting a business.I am running into a few very large obstacles but I have discovered a new determination that has inspired some and influenced others.Ive always been told I was a strong woman. I guess I just now know how to use that strength. I have gone weeks without a panic attack. First time in years. Thank you so much Andy!!)

  11. Amoako Livingstone says:

    what are the ways I can used to improve the mind power in a very short possible time?

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Amoako,

      It is not so much what you put in, as what you take out that is important. However, the fastest way to do both is to go through the process.

      Best wishes,


  12. Michael Bourland says:

    I found your information here intriguing. My first book (I’ll call it I.Y.T, I.Y.L out of respect for your site) was just approved and will be on the market in April. I have 25 years of gathered information in it, that parallels this focus. I will sign up for your newsletter to stay in touch. Perhaps we may share a stage some day.
    Blessings my new friend, keep up the great work and lets change lives.

    1. Andy Shaw says:


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