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~ Achieving more from life than you have now is simply a matter

of doing the right things in the correct order.Andy Shaw

Last Weeks Survey Confirmed ‘It’s Working!’

A BIG THANK YOU to all Bug Free Mind Readers who took an in-depth survey last week I will be sharing the initial results over the next few days, plus answering some of the readers key questions… But here’s the first few initial shocking results…

Is Inspiration what you need from life?

If inspiration is what you are after then here is the response you gave me….

Do you feel inspired now?

Law of Attraction Success

A whopping 86.3% of Bug Free readers say they feel inspired now, just 3.9% say no, and just 9.8% say they have had no change…

And remember that 25.8% are on their very first read through…

So this number will improve, it will not get worse!

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Would you like a book on self help that doesn’t make it to the shelf before you read it?

My original design was that 99.999% of people would read these books and then virtually all of them would make improvements to their lives… I am so very happy at how well this is being achieved… The question was…

Have you begun to read or listen to Creating A bug Free Mind yet?

PLEASE NOTE: Before looking at them though please bear in mind:-

That the industry giants like Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins state openly that with virtually all self-improvement products that only 1% is ever read, let alone actioned upon…


An amazing 92.2% have started reading…

So over 90% of readers have actually begun to read and DID NOT make this another SHELF-HELP book!

But as I said my original intent was to get 99.999% so there is a small room for improvement with the new versions, as I will not be satisfied until I get a 99.999% success rate in this area!

I am sure you’d agree this is somewhat better though than the average for the self-help industry…

Out of the 7.8% who hadn’t begun…

5.5% told me that they are planning to read it soon or within the next 3 months and just 2.3% haven’t actually planned when they will begin reading or listening…

That is simply staggering! 

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But there’s more shocking results than that…

Would you like to find a book that was so good you read it again and again and again?

How much value do you feel such a book would bring to your life?

Well I asked the question…

Can I ask you how many times do you re-read a book?

Now most people don’t right? Or rarely at best, why is that?

Because if reading a book once is hard enough then how often and how many times would you re-read the same book?

I asked this question to you A Bug Free Mind readers:

If you have begun reading or listening to them then… How many times have you read or listened to Creating A Bug Free Mind?


This result means that an astonishing 69.5% of Bug Free readers are on at least their 2nd read through!

37.5% of Bug Free Mind readers have read it AT LEAST TWICE and are on their 3rd read!

It makes me very happy when a great many of you guys tell me they will be reading it for the rest of their lives!

…And a shocking 2.3% of Bug Free readers are on their 9th+ read through!

Yes… You read that right, over 2% of readers have read this over 9 times

Does this result not shock you?

Personally I have NEVER heard of ANY self-help book getting this kind of result and I have been reading books and studying this industry for 8 years now. But then I designed this process to have this effect, so I’m not shocked, just very happy with progress so far!

So why do you think people are forgoing reading all of the other books there are out there and instead are just re-reading A Bug Free Mind again and again?

Could it be that they have found the information they have been searching for since first picking up a self-help book?

I take it you can imagine what it feels like to want to read a book that many times?

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Have you read countless self-help books, enjoyed the read, but just… NOT MADE PROGRESS?

I asked Bug Free Mind readers if they would agree with the statement:-

A Bug Free Mind is the Secret to Progress…

The Bug Free readers said:-


Only 79.4% said that they agreed with that statement… So still some room for improvement, but then I still have 25.8% on their first read through!

(I think the results would be somewhat better if I had just surveyed people on the 2nd read+)

BUT these results will undoubtedly improve… Thanks to all the hundreds of finely tuned improvements I have made to the Bug Free Process…

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Are You Stuck In Life?

Here are the next wave of results from the readers survey last week… If you hadn’t guessed already then prepare yourself for some OVERWHELMING PROOF of what A Bug Free Mind is doing for peoples lives.

As you know I asked my Bug Free Readers to take an in-depth survey and I will be sharing the results here with you over the next few days, plus answering some of the readers key questions…

Here’s the next instalment of readers results, focusing on the things which prevent success and happiness…

On Friday I will be answering some of the key readers questions on video, one of which includes the question:-

Are you intending to continue with the bug free mind process and if so what benefits could a new book possibly have that you have not already covered?

Don’t miss that video as I will explain all!

When I make it CRYSTAL CLEAR what the new books offer then you will want to be on the Early Bird notification list, so join it now…

…And now here’s the wave of OVERWHELMING PROOF you wonderful people gave me!

Are you stressed all or most of the time?

I asked Bug Free readers:

If you were stressed before starting the Bug Free Process, then are you a LOT LESS STRESSED NOW?


77.8% of people who said they were stressed before say they are a lot less stressed now!

5.5% of people who said they were stressed before say they now they are not stressed ANYMORE!

Meaning 83.3% of Bug Free readers have reduced or got rid of their stress

Only 16.7% say there has been no change… and remember 25.8% haven’t finished their first read through yet!

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Are you plagued by your worries?

I asked Bug Free readers:

If you were worried before then are you a lot less worried now?


75.8% of people who said they were worried before say they are a lot less worried now!

6.6% of people who said they were worried before say they now don’t worry ANYMORE!

Meaning 82.4% of readers have reduced or got rid of their worries

Only 17.6% say there has been no change… and remember 25.8% haven’t finished their first read through yet!

A couple of comments readers made were:

“I find I don’t worry as much, if I do worry I can very quickly stop worrying”

“I still worry but I catch myself at it, and I’m aware it’s a pointless behaviour so I’m sure I must do it less than before.”

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Are you constantly anxious about what may happen?

I asked Bug Free readers:

If you were anxious before then are you a lot less anxious now?


76.8% of people who said they were anxious before say they are a lot less anxious now!

4.9% of people who said they were anxious before say they are not anxious ANYMORE!

Meaning 81.7% of readers have reduced or got rid of their anxiety

Only 18.2% say there has been no change… and remember 25.8% haven’t finished their first read through yet!

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Is overwhelm suffocating your life?

I asked Bug Free readers:

If you were overwhelmed before then are you a lot less overwhelmed now?


62.6% of people who said they were overwhelmed before say they are a lot less overwhelmed now!

18% of people who said they were overwhelmed before say they are not overwhelmed ANYMORE!

Meaning 80.6% of people have reduced or got rid of overwhelm

Only 19.4% say there has been no change… and remember 25.8% haven’t finished their first read through yet!

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Do you suffer from depression?

I asked Bug Free readers:

If you were depressed before then are you a lot less depressed now?


60.4% of people who said they were depressed before say they are a lot less depressed now!

11.5% of people who said they were depressed before say they are not depressed ANYMORE!

Meaning 71.9% of readers have reduced or got rid of their depression

Only 28.1% say there has been no change… and remember 25.8% haven’t finished their first read through yet!

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Do you find negativity sucks your strength?

I asked Bug Free readers:

Were you a negative person before beginning this journey?


70.4% of readers said they were a negative person before
13.6% of readers said they were quite negative before
7% of people said they were very negative

I asked Bug Free readers:

How negative are you now?


48% of readers said they were a negative person before say that it is improving

of readers said they feel their negativity is nearly gone and will be gone soon

4.1% of readers said they were negative before now say their negativity is gone and that they are no longer a negative person!

Meaning 95.9% of readers who said they were a negative person to some degree before now say that has improved after reading or beginning to read the Bug Free Process

Only 4.1% of people who said they were negative say they are still negative now…and remember 25.8% haven’t finished their first read through yet!

A comment one reader made was:

“I’ve gone with years of negativity and victim programming and have been fighting my way out for about 10 years before I bought your books, and yes they have helped”

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Do you have an issue with low self-esteem?

I asked Bug Free readers:

Did you have low self-esteem issues before?


I asked Bug Free readers:

How’s your self-esteem now?


47.7% of readers who said they had self-esteem issues before say their self esteem is better now!

of readers who said they had self-esteem issues before say their self esteem is MUCH better now!

15.1% of readers who said they had self-esteem issues before say their self esteem is VERY GOOD now!

3.4% of readers who said they had self-esteem issues before say their self esteem is IMPENETRABLE now!

Meaning 83.7% of Bug Free readers have seen their self-esteem improve

Only 16.3% of people who said they had a self-esteem issue say there has been no change… and remember 25.8% haven’t finished their first read through yet!

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Is a lack of confidence what’s holding you back?

I asked Bug Free readers:

How is your confidence now?


52% of readers said their confidence is better now!
16.7% of readers say their confidence is MUCH better now!
11.8% of readers say they are now confident of success!

Meaning 80.5% of Bug Free readers have seen their confidence improve or become confident of success

Only 19.6% say there has been no change… and remember 25.8% haven’t finished their first read through yet!

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Do you lack a certainty of success, a fear of failure?

I asked Bug Free readers:

How certain of success are you now?


54.9% are nearly at or know they will be at the certainty level

31.3% are either certain of it, or are so certain of it that they are waiting for it to show up in everyone else’s reality!

Meaning 86.2% of Bug Free readers have seen their certainty around success improve or become certain

Only 13.7% have said they have seen no change… and remember 25.8% of people haven’t finished their first read through yet!

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Would you just like to find life much easier now?

I asked Bug Free readers:

Do you find life easier now?


83.3% of readers say they find life easier now since beginning the Bug Free Process!

Just 16.7% say that they have experienced no change… and remember 25.8% of people haven’t finished their first read through yet!

Some inspirational comments were:

“Finding the bugs made me realize how much I was in denial.”

“Other than my seemingly dying 38 year marriage, my financial meltdown is of no real concern, you know what I am finding out in that regard! The calmest and happiest person that may go bankrupt and lose all the years committed to a woman and family that he ‘loves’. I now Love all, even you, you ugly bugger! (I think he means me) To most it would appear that I am probably losing all, but in True Reality I am gaining infinitely more…”

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Do the nasty little jobs continually get you down?

I asked Bug Free readers:

Can you do the jobs you dislike without the pain you had before with them?


75.5% of readers say they are finding it is easier now to do the jobs they dislike!

Just 24.5% say that they have experienced no change… and remember 25.8% of people haven’t finished their first read through yet.

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Is happiness what you are after?

I asked Bug Free readers:

How happy are you now compared to where you were with your life before?


27.7% of readers who weren’t happy before say they have had no change in how happy they are!

50.5% of readers who weren’t happy before say they are happier now!

of readers who weren’t happy before say they are MUCH happier now!

4.9% of readers who weren’t happy before say they enjoy every moment and love life!

Meaning 72.3% of readers who weren’t happy before are happier now that they have gone through, or are going through the Bug Free Process…

And remember 25.8% haven’t finished their first read through yet!

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To finish off today’s amazing results…

Here are the responses readers gave when I asked them:

Is there anything you would like to say about how happy you are?

“Other than the continuing marital relationship issues, which keep trying to pull me into retrograde thought’s, I am the happiest I have ever been.

“I’m on my first read and am only a few chapters in but already I feel happier both in the moment and about my future. I’m looking forward to being able to tick the ‘I love my life’ box once I’ve worked my way through the books several times.”

“There were times I would feel like life wasn’t going my way. Its incredible to me that it is so easy to be happy by making a simple choice.

Was happier and more calmer when I first read the book but my old habits came back after a while as I did not completely clear away my old limiting habits and so did not start reading (as advised) “Using a Bug Free Mind”. Life got in the way and my ego came back to niggle me again and I drifted off course. However, I am ready to do it again after 10 months and just started re-reading the first few chapters of “Creating … BFM”

I feel amazing and happy all the time without any reason.

I can take on bigger challenges because I won’t let my nagging ego say I can’t.

“Reading the book does wonders for my happiness

The more I go through the process and the more I learn, the happier I am.More at ease, rather than happy. Content with less, or perhaps less attached to things. Just a different way to look at things”

“Not yet seen the changes, but I am sure it’s coming.

I realize I can choose to be happy and I am becoming more aware when I am not.”

“Went windsurfing last weekend, 1st time in 2 years. Takes a while to learn but it would lift anyone’s spirits if they could do it and did it. Exhilarating.”

“Being present most of the day is epic”

I just have a better feeling inside. I no longer get a pit in my stomach when a project starts to go south on me. I still sweat, but the pit or bad feeling is gone. The project then recovers and all is well.

I am always happy, but with the bug free mind life just becomes sooooo effortless

The lessons have reinforced my happiness as it has given me a structured way to achieve my goals

I have realised happiness is a choice

I am much happier than before but only part way through the process. I look forward to really implementing the whole package.”

“I now know where to look for it which is a tremendous gift – still broke and with no relationship but much happier with myself – a start!

“I am becoming less unhappy now”

“My major hurdle is a financial one and without ABFM I would feel desperate and incredibly unhappy.

“When I bought the books I was in a stressful position with relationship and life direction. The book helped me see through the fog. I see now the value of happiness itself not just as a by-product. The very choice of happiness itself is a way of succeeding.”

Some amazing results yes? Makes me feel very proud thank you.

This survey was done with students after the Process had only been released for 18 months. Our results are significantly better now.

This survey was used to promote the revised version of the process which is currently on sale. After I had feedback from students whose results you’ve just read above. I went and edited the Process again and made numerous changes, which included adding 70 pages to the first part of the Process. I said at the time:

BUT these results will undoubtedly improve… Thanks to all the hundreds of finely tuned improvements I have made to the Bug Free Process…

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Does The Bug Free Mind Process Meet My Readers Expectations?

Crucially my work has to meet MY expectations, that is primary to me, as it is and will be my life’s primary work. But what matters to you, is does it meet my buyers expectations?

Well in the final part of the release of the Bug Free Mind readers survey I asked some very ‘Tricky Questions!’ …I ran this survey because I wanted to draw a line in the sand… I have improved the Bug Free Process and I’ll be releasing it on Saturday…

BUT, I wanted to see ‘how’s it doing so far?’

Here’s the final instalment of readers results, focusing on Delivering Results, Manifesting, How Easy or Hard The Bug Free Process is to do, Just how inspired are readers…

Below on this page is a video whereby I answered the key tricky questions from my students, where I saved just a couple of survey results which were somewhat revealing! 

In the video I made it CRYSTAL CLEAR what the new books offer that the previous ones did not! 

It’s Time For 4 Tricky Questions!

Tricky Question 1

Do You Think A Bug Free Mind Will Not Deliver Results For You?

I asked Bug Free readers:

Has or is A Bug Free Mind under delivering to you?

And I was initially shocked with the result, as some said it wasn’t!


92.2% of readers said ‘No’ meaning that it is delivering… But wait my target is 99.999% saying it’s delivering, so I want to know what’s wrong…

7.8% of readers say A Bug Free Mind is under delivering on it’s promise

So I asked the question why, here are some of the responses:-

Out of that 7.8%

* 1.73% said it should be shorter and more concise
* 0.87% said they haven’t finished it yet so they can’t say
* 0.87% said that their life is too harsh for A Bug Free Mind to fix it
* 0.87% said it’s not the process it’s them
* 3.47% gave no response

And remembering that 25.8% haven’t finished their first read yet! And that 2.3% haven’t even planned when they will begin reading yet… – Then I was able to relax a little!

The next question was:

Has it delivered what you expected it to?

Again when I first saw this graph it shocked me!


Only 71.9% say it has delivered what they expected it to… So I checked the detailed responses…

…And here were just some of the many responses given:

“Prefer the audio. Would like it on kindle.” (Coming Very Soon)

“I’m sure its user error” (No, it’s my fault – I must be a better teacher)

“I had no idea that there was so much sh*t going on in my mind. Thanks for wakening me up.”

“When I apply the principals, it starts to flow… I have not been as disciplined with it as I would like” (No, it’s my fault – I must make it easier to continue with)

“I haven’t finished the process yet, so I don’t know what it will deliver”

“I haven’t even had the audios for a week and my life has changed for the better, I am cleaning out my bugs and feel amazing for it. I listen to them as much as I can and every audio has given me so much, thank you for this book, I appreciate it so much, Andy you are the man!”

“I purchased the audio version only. No big impact yet, although I do enjoy the experience. I feel that I need to listen a lot more as it is a different way of thinking.”

“Different lifestyles make it a different process, I think you need to think about people who are not ‘already’ millionaires. It is actually frustrating to know that this works and has worked for me on some level. Yet still seems so far away from achieving the ‘magic’.” (I will tone down the business side slightly in Edition 3)

“It takes too long and my life hasn’t changed at all. Perhaps have you considered that some people have way to many bugs and it will not work on them?” (No, it’s my fault – I must be a better teacher)

“Don’t feel I’ve got there yet, but there is lots of good material in the books. Will re-read!”

“Will get back to you on my honest answer once I start reading & applying them”

“Bug Free Mind is profound. Everybody should read it in order to realize what a load we have been taught and fed all our lives. This goes way past anything available on the market today if you are looking to move forward in your life.”

“Still on 1st reading, 2nd read might sink in easier & I’ll write out BIG action sheets when needed on 2nd reading rather than just carrying on reading. Ta much, – go careful on those roads!”

“I’ll know when I’ve read using a bug free mind”

I could relax again… (And at least there’s still some room for improvement in the 3rd Edition in a couple of years time!) And it’s good to remember that 25.8% haven’t finished their first read through!

I then dug a little deeper and asked Bug Free readers:

Is there anything you would like to say here about it over or under delivering on my promise to you?

“I find myself liking life a lot more now after reading both books numerous times. My mind reacts very differently to situations I used to deem unfavourable to myself. I would definitely say you have over delivered on your promises of a better life.

“Creating A Bug Free Mind has been an excellent read. I really like the part about knowing versus “knowing” and realize that I will have to apply and re read this gem many times! Thanks Andy.”

Life changing for myself & many others. thanks a million Fi Reed”

“Each time I listen to the audio, another part makes sense. The hardest part is making a routine that my ego doesn’t interrupt!”

“There’s a lot to take in and I’m finding each time I read it more is sinking in. It’s as you imply in the book ‘you will read it many’, many times perhaps forever. thanks for writing them Andy”

It does what you claim it does and the overall results are down to the user :)”

I genuinely think it is a great book. And I have read between 6,000 & 8,000 books. I want it in digital though as paper is a pain to carry around.”

“What you cover in these books are things that you know, but you do not necessarily realize. If that makes sense. These books hit you and make you understand how your mind can trick you, and what you can do to stop it.

It is just beautiful and so easy to apply

“Over /under is more a function of the reader/user… But I’m finding the system very effective

So much wisdom put down in words. Awesome.

“I am impressed with the clear and easy and precise way you bring together and explain many principles. Very, Very good and easy to see the effect. I really like the analogy to getting rid of the virus in the mind. I can relate easily to it.”

The book has delivered. It is much harder than I thought. I believe this is because I have locked away my feelings over the decades. I am working on unlocking them. Slow, but I am getting there.”

“I recently had an incident where I wanted more information on a particular but very specific topic. I didn’t push it instead just recognised that I felt this way. A few days later I got an email relating to what I wanted information on. It feels as though the dots are connecting more and more. Intuition is stronger and my mind is clearer. It really is like getting your mind serviced

Thank you for waking my mind from its coma!

“the books are great value so do deliver”

“The promise is conveyed in just a few words whilst the content goes far beyond those few words.”

“I haven’t yet fully committed to the creation process. the book is a life-saver because it justifies my life over and above my duties, worries and responsibilities.”

In Conclusion – It delivers results – I survived tricky question 1

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Tricky Question 2

What about the ‘Mystical’ Art of Manifesting. Is it really possible?

I asked Bug Free readers:

Would you like to share a story where you manifested something which may help someone to ‘believe’ they could manifest to?

“I know I manifested you, Andy. Two hours before I found your website, I told myself I ‘needed’ to find someone who could show me how to succeed, not just say the same old tired message of you need these qualities to succeed. I knew deep inside I would find that someone and I did. And you delivered. I started out manifesting small things like going to a certain restaurant and then be invited there by one of my friends with no prodding them on my part at all. These last five months have been incredible and I would recommend you (and I do) to anyone. I can now think of someone I haven’t seen in years and all of a sudden I get a message on my Facebook page from them out of the blue. You are truly amazing for helping so many people in your easy to understand manner. Thank you for everything.

A job. Although not the end result I am aiming for rather a stepping stone. I believe that the application of the material so far – and I am not even done yet with my first read – has brought this about. Another point is that I see it as a kind of smaller thing, but it has given me confidence to aim higher using this for gratitude and appreciation and as a reference”

“My father was struggling with his finances and approached me to ask if I had any ideas to help him out. I gave him some manifestation exercises to practice in front of the mirror for 5 days three times a day. 10 days later he received a substantial cheque through the post from a company pension scheme. He had not worked for this company for 21 years!!! He is now aware that all time is now and everything is possible.

“Yes .. a house I’m buying my desire was to buy an affordable fantastic home and I’m closing this week!”

“For many years I desired a Jaguar car. I finally bought one this year. I’m not sure however if I’m linking (or believing) it(s) to manifestation. Perhaps it is because when reading your book it made me realise how successful I’ve been – not only through material things”

“A couple mildly successful side business deals that made a tiny bit of money for a little while then are costing me more that I care to mention with 10 months still left on a lease.”

Whatever my mind contemplates and comes to know, such as previously ‘unknown’ modalities and understandings. Within an hour, a day or so, either a book, a website, a film (or video), an email, or discussion will manifest and confirm my new understandings. I have transformed from being a totally committed ‘left brain’ thinker into now thinking with both sides. I am conscious that my ‘right brain’ is in majority control and I am using the left side as the tool it was meant to be. Previously, I was clueless about ‘Woo-Woo Spirituality’, I am now at the cutting edge of Spirituality with an amazing understanding of it, the Universe (of which I am in the centre of, my own), why we are temporarily here in this physical reality, what we truly are and where we are still connected, eternally. the power of self when in control of our mental faculties ( thank you Andy! ), how my life is supposed to be and how I am to change it for that purpose. I could go on and write a book, which I will no doubt do at some point.

However, I am still learning and have not yet ‘found’ my ‘calling’, my passion to go forward… I am in a learning / doing Limbo that patience will overcome in my some-point Now. Heaven is truly within, I is We, what is known as ‘God’, or other such title, is at our disposal and not our master. I am looking for temporary, new home for me and my two Dogue de Bordeaux to release the weight of the anchor of my past life in order that I can finally Be that I Am. I am full of on-line technical and marketing knowledge and abilities, full of Life and Knowledge in the Greater sense of their meaning, I need to retreat to finally align fully; as there is an important role that I have to fulfil. The first step of which at present eludes me, however, I know that it will be remembered at the right time in the right manner. Is it any wonder that My wife and son think I have gone mad? I am not though, my feet are firmly planted in the Universe.

“I’ve manifested a computer, a standard light, a table for the garden, a reclining chair for the garden. Some more customers

“Usually on a phone call I would say the first thing that came into my head….now I consciously monitor what I say and as a result have turned cold callers into my customers instead of them turning me into theirs. I have done this deliberately as opposed to doing it not at all or by accident previously.”

“I manifested a hot sunny day when the day before the forecast was rainy and overcast for that day”

“I needed $2,000 quickly and I told a relative that I was going to get it that particular weekend. We went to the club for dinner and while there I purchased a keno ticket. After dinner I checked my tickets and had won $1,800. My sister joked that I had missed out on my promise. The next day I called her to say that when I had checked my mail from the previous day, there was a refund cheque from an old insurance policy for $190. Not quite $2,000 but close enough”

“I have manifested people into my life that are helping me make progress with goals I have regarding my property business”

“I wrote down a design for a new lap top as outlined in the books, as I had wanted one for a long while and had previously felt that I would be unable to afford one. I wrote the design on Thursday and on Saturday my mother called me and asked her to take me shopping. When we were at the shops she announced her intention to buy me a brand new lap top so I was able to choose one then and there. She does not know about the books and was unaware I had written this design down.”

When I set myself a target I just do it now

“We decided to get ourselves in front of some top level suppliers and I thought about it and my mind went into some other plane and I knew I was going to succeed in getting in front of them and I did!

Conclusion: My readers can manifest… the teachers they need, houses, cars, money, ‘stuff’, business opportunities, customers, sales, sunny days… and much, much more!

The question is… What will you decide to Manifest when you have learnt exactly how to do it?

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Tricky Question 3

How Hard Is The Bug Free Process?

I asked Bug Free readers:


37.2% of readers found The Bug Free Process ‘Hard Going’

62.8% of readers found it enjoyable to pleasurable

And of course remember that 25.8% haven’t finished their first read yet!

Please ALSO Note:
It is extremely rare that anyone takes me up on my offer of the 6 month guarantee. When they do it is usually because they bought the audio and can’t understand my accent

I went on to ask Bug Free readers:

What would you say to a loved one who you knew would benefit from going through this process to convince them that it would help them?

Most people just said one of these: “Get it” – “Do it now” – “Just try it” – “Read it too” – “Just read it” – “Give it a try” – “Read it” – “Just do it!” – “Try it, It works!” – “Just get it

Then here are the longer replies:

“Just becoming aware that you are not in control of your mind/thoughts is the first step in regaining control. From there progress is inevitable – how much progress and how quickly is up to you.”

“I found this great book and it has made my life much more happy by just reading it. I would love for you to read it so we can talk about it together.”

Totally different to any self help positive thinking book

“Just start reading, no hurry, no pressure, don’t worry if it makes little sense now, it will later.”

“Let’s work together to create an abridged and digestible version of the book content”

“Try reading the first five chapters which are free. If they have a specific issue then I would tell them how BFM could help eliminate it… If struggling financially or believing they will not have success I would explain about how our thoughts create our reality and that BFM helps to get ones thinking straight.”

“See if you can block out your thoughts for just 6 seconds?”

“You should go through the process at least once”

“Give it a try, it may take quite a lot of reads, but it will change ones life for the better”

“Trust in the process and ignore the nutter. It will happen”

“I would say (and have to my partner and daughter) look at me – look at the change in me!


“Do it! Seriously commit to keeping an open mind no matter what your existing ego and paradigm ‘tells’ you. The 15 seconds is of unexplainable importance, do not skip this step or only pay homage to it. DO IT!”

You have everything to gain.

“Read the free chapters first then get the books”

“Hi Here is a gift for you provided by my new bug free mind!!!”

“Take the challenge, what have you got to loose? And the 6 month full money back guarantee means NO RISK INVOLVED

“This is logical fun helpful way to clear the obstacles from your thinking to make the path up the mountain easier.”

“If you want to know more of how things really work, have a read of this book and then leave the book on their desk”

Gotta try it to experience it”

“Trust me, you have to try this.”

“Can you hold 15 seconds of happy thought?”

Look at the difference in me

Look how far I have come

These are the best books I have ever read

I wish I had discovered this years ago. You owe it to yourself to follow the process.

“You really have to give it a serious go”

“It’s time to stop and make a change to your thinking.”

You’re wasting your time and your life if you don’t try it

It is the best work on the subject I have read

Look how I have changed!

Other people said…

“I would urge them to make the journey”

“Convincing is sometimes a difficult thing to do, the best is to just live it and then mention the source

“Tricky question! I think the best way is to lead by example – to show how the books have affected MY life so they could see the changes that they too could have.

“They are aware of the books and my attitude towards them but I am not forcing it”

“Well like your book teaches I wouldn’t say anything unless they asked for help, but then I would tell them to put in the time and study these concepts as they will change your life like nothing else I have found.”

“Show them my life changes. I would buy the course for them.

I have got everyone I can to read it

Conclusion – Most people find it either pleasurable or enjoyable… Even those who find it hard going think it is worth the effort!

Get Started Now


Tricky Question 4

Do You Feel Inspired Now?

In SHOCKING RESULTS the other day I shared the result that a whopping. 86,3% of Bug Free readers say they feel inspired now, just 3.9% say no, and just 9.8% say they have had no change…

And remember that 25.8% are on their very first read through..


Here is the response when I asked:

Please say what you feel about how inspired you are now, if you feel like saying something…

“my desires, what I love and actually plan the steps to achieving them… Before this process I pretty much prayed and then left it to chance with some wishing, hoping, forcing and trying thrown in for good measure.. Hence poor past results”

Good times are on it way.”

“I would describe it as feeling lighter psychologically speaking.”

Clarity on my purpose and asking myself does this take me closer to or farther from it? Then making the clear “certain” choice inspires me.”

“Your book provided many ideas in me… particularly to think of bigger things

“I am inspired to keep following the process as I am certain of success when I become bug free”

Bursting with eagerness (not impatience).

I read so many books on manifestation before. They say nice things and speak of universal truths, but none really got down to “where the rubber meets the road”, the real how to do it.

There are days when I am not inspired but now I can accept this where as before I would slide into ‘failure’ mode.

“Inspiration comes and goes just like real breathing, however using a bug free mind appears to make inspiration an everyday occurrence

“Opportunities come, money is following…..”

“Having been involved in spiritual practices, qi gong, healing and knowing that you create your own reality the bug free mind was a main missing link in completing my excellence puzzle.”

“I’m sure I’ll feel a lot more inspired when I get rid of the rest of the bugs!”

“I now understand we create our lives and we can design them that inspires me knowing that I can make my own choices

“I am inspired as now I have the means to realise many financial opportunities. I appreciate where I am now but am ready to grab some real giant leaps forward”

I love the feelings I get when I feel joy in the present moment. And like the expectation of more in the future as a result. It’s just hard to get off the reeling of my mind”

I’m inspired to take action now as I know whatever action I take will be useful in some way to getting me closer to my goals. Before I would worry about wasting time and money on things that might not work

“Its good to know I’m on a different tack, now – to go within!”

“I am on a learning curve to inspiration”

“I am starting to become inspired”

“The inspirational process is very good”

“I can do anything I really want to do if I set my mind to it. In the past I tried to be successful in others eyes – pointless and not very self fulfilling.”

I know now that if I love doing something I will inevitably succeed at it.

I changed one of my slogans from “I can and I will” to “I can and I do!

I seem to get a huge amount of ideas for things to create now. Previously, I had none

“I just feel in another ‘place'”

Get Started Now


A Quick Question… Do A Bug Free Mind Readers sound like people who are worried about the economy or what the future has in store for them?

What would it feel like for you, if you weren’t worried about the future ANYMORE?

Conclusion: A Bug Free Mind readers
are inspired about their futures!

There were some Tricky Questions there!

But readers are getting some truly amazing results…

Over the last few days I have shown you some OVERWHELMING PROOFthat the Bug Free Process DELIVERS RESULTS FOR ALL PERIOD!

The question now is…
Not whether or not ‘The Process’ works… But… HOW can I have actually made it better?

Well believe it or not I still have a couple of results to share with you as well as the video answering the most important questions and exactly how I have made the second edition so much better!

Where The Bug Free Mind Process Has Failed To Deliver The Results!

Andy-ShawThe Bug Free Process is my life’s work. I FULLY Intend to never stop tweaking and tuning it, making it simpler and more effective.

But today I have to share with you exactly where IT HAS FAILED to deliver! As it can’t wait ANY LONGER I have to tell you about the BAD NEWS…

I intended the Bug Free Process to be simply the most effective work ever done in Personal Development…

The previous few days results have now PROVED that by a LONG way…


It has to deliver ALL the results promised PERIOD!

And that’s where BAD NEWS is…

Because I asked Bug Free Readers the following question:-

Can you manifest small or big things on purpose now?

Unfortunately only 43.2% said they could!

Meaning that my life’s work was failing to deliver on this, one of the most essential elements to my readers… ‘Having The Best Life Possible.’


In the video below I explain exactly what I have done to rectify (fix) this!

I also answer a whole stack of my readers
most relevant questions too… 

JUST CLICK PLAY to watch Now

Get Started Now


…And here’s the last of the Bug Free Readers survey results:

I asked them:-

Would you agree with this statement? Other books are great and they can teach a lot but they only looked like progress when I was reading them. After I begun to read A Bug Free Mind, I realised I had found the answer to making progress.


77.5% of readers agreed that other books JUST LOOK LIKE PROGRESS!

Here were some of the responses I was also given when 79.4% of readers also agreed with the statement:-

~ A Bug Free Mind is The Secret to Progress ~

My readers comments:-

“I think it could be, but I’d like to complete it first to be certain”

It is a critical guidebook that will lead and inspire.

“I was making progress prior to this, but, it sure does seem to help make further progress.”

BFM gives the secret to progress but the real secret is taking the advised action”

“It is probably the most comprehensive and simple way to get control and understanding of your present being. It is probably the most effective first Giant step to finding your true self and overcoming the myriad of issues that we all fall vulnerable to over time.

My answer is yes (and of course if I think it is yes, then it is yes!) though I know there are other processes available through the internet which you have recommended also. However, I now know everything I need is right here in the books and do not need to look further.

It’s the best book I’ve read on personal development, but I don’t personally think the word secret is appropriate. It’s not secret knowledge. 

Get Started Now


Andy-ShawI can honestly say that the hours
I spent going through these survey results

A Massive THANK YOU to all Bug Free Readers who completed this survey and have given me such wonderful feed back over the last 20 months you made me feel very proud! 

Have I shown you some OVERWHELMING PROOF of the results you CAN EXPECT?

BUT these results will undoubtedly improve…
Thanks to all the hundreds of finely tuned improvements readers have helped me make to the Bug Free Process…

The updated versions of A BUG FREE MIND which are the current versions contain over 27% more Mind Power techniques than the 1st edition did.

The results since releasing the new edition have been nothing short of amazing.

However, if you’re still not 100% convinced this can work for you?


 Click here for plenty of direct feedback from students

Get Started Now


  • Neil says:

    Andy this is great. I highly value your intention to make your products completely transparent, very little I’ve seen this in other self help programs. But there is one simple yet important thing this page is lacking: the number of people who took the survey. This transparency page will be complete if that factor is added on.

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