Saving money… Is it always a good thing?

~ Your mindset guarantees your success or failure in all you do ~ Andy Shaw

Saving moneyI was brought up in a middle class household and I was taught from a very young age to save money. So right from a young age, my savings came first, and what I wanted to buy came some way after that. I didn’t keep to this action throughout my whole life though, as I came off track once or twice 😉

Though my brother and I were both taught to save, he saves the way most people do as I detail further on… And I save the way the rich do! As there are levels hidden within the term ‘saving money’, and if you are playing that game at the wrong level then you are playing it wrong

Or rather you are damaging your activity, and damaging your potential monetary, life, and lifestyle gains. Saving money the wrong way is the downfall of the vast, vast majority of savers.

Saving money is quite obviously a good thing… But if it comes from a level of consciousness that makes it dangerous to life then that is where it goes wrong.

Most people who do save are operating from a fear, lack, and scarcity based consciousness. Meaning that their strategy to build wealth is one of hoarding every penny they can, and ‘hoping’ it will be enough to last a lifetime.

We’ve all heard the stories of multi-millionaire savers who lived like they were in poverty yet had millions in their bank accounts. Well these guys are an extreme example of this mindset.

Some will look at those examples and say, ‘they did well and saved a lot.’ But a person with an abundant consciousness would quickly say how much they would’ve made, had they not been stuck with this negative, lack, fear based mindset.

Which means that instead they could’ve still died with several times what they had in the bank, and lived an abundant life too. But because their mindset was lack, they were scared and failed to even look.

Money works best when it’s put to work in an efficient and understood way which suits your mindset and your thermostat around money.

Personally I like making money while I’m asleep, while I’m on holiday, while I’m travelling, while everyone else is on holiday. I like that feeling, so it compels me to learn more and more about investments.

Saving moneyMy consciousness around money is switched to a level of abundance. Some people are switched to a higher level of abundance than me, and others are switched to a lower level of abundance… But all in the abundant level, live their lives knowing there will always be more to come.

To me there is always more than enough money to do whatever I want to do. My level of consciousness with money, and all others who are winning with money, is that money is a game to them. I can play this game because I am not afraid of it. I am cautious, but not too cavalier…

Now this is a game I’ve been playing a long time. I know that I’m okay at this game, and I know there are people out there who are much better than me that I can learn from. Some parts of the game I’m a complete beginner at, and in other areas I would be considered an expert.

I do not think I know everything about this game. I think of it as the game of a lifetime and I can always learn more. I also am continually on the lookout for anything that can fit in with my daily life that can give me an edge. Meaning I can play the game with better than 50/50 odds.

Can you feel from my writing that I am playing the game from an abundant consciousness?

Most people are taught that thanks to money life is tough, whereas the truth is thanks to a lack of understanding about money and the mindset behind it, then life is tough.

This lack mentality turns a good process ‘saving money’ into a destructive process for their life.

Most people think they have to scrimp by and save anything they can so that one day they can retire on half the income they had when they were working. This is their life with a scarcity mindset, and is completely opposite to an abundant mindset.

I know that by the time I reach my seventies I’ll have more than enough money to last 10 lifetimes and live richer than I’ve ever lived for the rest of my life. This is an abundant mindset, and so I am creating the preparedness needed for when opportunity presents itself.

People wonder why I’m so lucky, and it is because I spend so much time in preparation and am happy to sit back waiting for ‘luck’ to come my way…

All the time people see money as a painful subject to be dealt with and then ignored as much as possible, they are limiting their life potential. Because they live a life in an unprepared way. Yet because they are savers, they think they are prepared.

But because they are scared by money, they blind themselves to opportunity. Not only that, but they train their subconscious mind to repel money and avoid opportunity.

So because this whole series of actions are completely invisible to them, they are costing themselves a fortune, and do not even know it!

When I place investments I spend as much time considering the good and bad implications of my actions and my mindset around them as I do researching the investment.

When you next evaluate something I suggest you look at it and at the same time watch yourself too.

If you notice emotions dragging you into it too quickly, then observe it and calm yourself. If you notice yourself being scared of it then observe and calm yourself…

Consider why you are scared, and consider the potential benefits of being scared… When you have done that then consider the potential costs too

You are not looking to draw any hard and fast conclusions. Give yourself a break, it has taken a lifetime to get your consciousness around money to the level it is at now. So altering it to run at a higher and more abundant level of consciousness needs to be given the time needed

My friend Minesh teaches one strategy on Gold and Silver investing, so that it makes an income on the metal you hold.

Saving moneyNow most people (I used to be one of them) assume buying Gold and Silver is buying something physical and waiting for it to go up in price, whilst ‘hoping’ that it won’t fall. Which is commonly know in investment circles as ‘buy, hold and pray.’

However, a few years ago I learnt that I could make an income on it while I owned it… This at the time was a paradigm shift for me, so I went and evaluated it.

My mind originally couldn’t accept it, so I continued to educate myself until I was confident enough to begin. I’ve had money invested in this strategy since 2012, but it took me a year before I trusted it enough to put money in… Because it took my mind a while to adjust.

If you’d like to test your mind, or begin to transform your thinking, or just learn how this is done, then you can watch this webinar he does on creating a near passive income from owning Gold or Silver.

This is a really good abundant strategy as it demonstrates well the power of keeping your money moving rather than leaving it hoarded in a bank whilst leaving it to the mercy of inflation. And it demonstrates a truly great saving strategy at the same time.

Have a great weekend,

Best wishes,



5 thoughts on “Saving money… Is it always a good thing?”

  1. Ron Clarke says:

    Thanks Andy

    I need to re-read that article on an abundant mindset around money, but it struck a chord with me.

    Thanks for the explanation, it made sense to me. It is the first time anyone has ever explained how to have that mindset, that made it achievable to me.


  2. mahamba says:

    Thank you for this article

  3. Ray says:

    This site is owned and operated by Gold And Silver For Life LLC., its owners & operators, content creators, presenters & interviewees offer no financial or investment advice and all comments and communications are for and on behalf of Gold And Silver For Life LLC.

    Thanks for nothing, Andy.

  4. Widad says:

    Hi Andy,
    Thank you so much for sharing this valuable and amazing article! I enjoyed reading it!
    Many blessings,

  5. Leslie Laird says:

    Andy, Your article hit the nail on MY head, pegged me and hit a bullseye on my thoughts around, “saving.” I appreciate the intent was to share the difference between an attitude of abundance versus one of scarcity…and then the opportunity to learn about your friend’s gold and silver investment idea/opportunity.

    Perhaps my question is found in one of your programs, however, talk to me about how I transform my mind from a platform of fear and scarcity to one of love and abundance. I want VERY much to make this shift and I understand it is not an overnight occurrence. What is? That said, I much look forward to hearing from you and your offered solution to my problem.


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