How do you automatically think about money?

~ Your mindset guarantees your success or failure in all you do ~ Andy Shaw

being-successfulI think it was last year in the UK that they passed a law on Supermarket plastic bags. This was because there were far too many going in the landfill sites.

The idea behind the law was to get people to bring in their own bags instead, or if they didn’t want to then they had to pay 5p a bag.

Since then (me being the most forgetful of this sort of thing), I have managed to never remember to take any bags in to our local shop, and so have happily paid the 5p.

However, if you want to laugh at people then you only have to sit outside the local shop and watch almost every other person come out struggling to carry the 5 to 10 items they just bought.

It also gets very funny when they get to their car and have to find their keys Occasionally you see someone drop and break something, apples roll about quite often… All because they don’t want to pay the 5p…

It would be funny too watching them get them out of the car, but I don’t get to see that.

When I’ve spoken to people and asked them why they don’t just buy a bag or two They say, “Ijust don’t want to pay the 5p!” I say to them, ‘what are you saving them up?’ To which they reply, “No I don’t feel I should pay it.”

Which may or may not be the real reason…

But they put themselves through all sorts of awkwardness just to avoid paying the 5p…

law-of-attractionNow in the UK we have a minimum wage, and that minimum wage is currently £6.70
an hour… Or in plastic bags it’s 134 plastic bags per hour… A week would be 5,360, and a year would be 278,720 plastic bags…

In a year me personally who gets most of his shopping at the highly inefficient local shop uses say 3 bags a week. So I invest a total of £7.80 a year on plastic bags!


A staggering amount I know!

But I have no awkwardness, I also reuse the bags, but if I wasn’t so wasteful, I could buy myself almost half a bottle of my favourite Prosecco.

Am I getting value for money? Or am I losing money?

What does this extravagant lifestyle cost me, or make me?

Well we’ve established the cost in the region of it being nothing to me, a years use being less in fact than the change that I often dump somewhere as I don’t carry change.

But am I being a rich arrogant prat?

As some people may need every penny… Well I can assure you no one in the village I live in doesso this is not why they are not paying…

It’s all about how we automatically view money… I see money as an abundance thing and know I can just generate more.

I look for ways to solve problems, ways to invest money, ways the economy is going to benefit my investments, ways the economy will detrimentally affect my investments, ways to make moneyways to avoid costing myself money…


I look at money a lot… But not as much as people without enough money look at it.


mind-powerI definitely do not agree with the saying, ‘look after the penny and the pounds will look after themselves.’

I do not look after the penny’s…
I do not look after the pounds…
I don’t even look after the hundreds of pounds…


But where it comes to the thousands of poundsthat’s a different story…


I ferociously look after them!

However, virtually all people on Earth look at money in a totally different way…

Some of these people may indeed get to escape the Rat Race and achieve financial freedom.
However, the Rat Race will trap almost everyone. Some will even be crippled by it.


But how you automatically think about money will dictate how much money you have.

law-of-attractionTo the person who won’t spend 5p on a plastic bag and who has to juggle 5 or more items because of it, they see money as a finite resource.

It is not worth to them 44 seconds of one of their paid working hours (at the minimum wage) to stop seeing lack in this area!

Now I’ve seen people with new BMW’s which have cost thirty to sixty thousand pounds struggling to get into their cars because they are carrying 5 to 10 items…


Do you think this lack mindset is hurting them?

The truth is people who are in the lower end of the financial scale (90% downwards) do in fact spend more time thinking about money than someone like me does.

However, nearly all of this time is spent:

  • Worrying about money and when it will run out.
  • Working out whether they can afford to eat out…
  • Then wondering if they can they afford the steak if they do…
  • Wondering whether they will be able to meet their credit card payments this month…
  • Wondering if there will be more month left at the end of their money…
  • Wondering about what if they lose their job or get sick…


And many, many more little hours like those…

As I explained in detail in the first part of the Bug Free Mind Process: ‘Worrying is not only useless, and destructive, but it is something you can simply choose to no longer do.’ And that worrying has a massive detriment to peoples lives.

Yet people with an automatic lack mindset have no idea of the health and financial costs associated with it. Just like they have no idea of the insignificance of a 5p bag.

Worrying about a lack of money creates both a lack of money and more worrying about a lack of money.

11755382 - white mental hospital padded room empty with copy spaceOn this basis anyone who chooses to continue worrying after me telling them that they can simply choose not too, if they just read chapter 6 of Creating A Bug Free Mind… Well, they must be insane right?

Now if you disagree, then that’s just a perspective issue, I can say that because I know this is what all those who have read it will be thinking…

I see the cost of shopping at my local store is 15p a week in bags, I also find it amusing to watch others struggle because they do not understand the cost of their actions.

However, even though I am finding amusement in their pain, I do also send them some good wishes in the unlikely case that one day they may choose to stop living a lack life and begin to see things abundantly.

The problem is though, a person cannot do that when their mind is bugged up. 


People who struggle on things like spread betting, stock trading, options trading and many other high and medium risk trades have no real chance of attaining the rewards these types of vehicles offer.

Because all the time they are too busy saving 5p and looking at money (consciously and unconsciously) as if it is something that… If they don’t protect every penny, then it will run out.

The difference between people who are rich abundant thinkers and poor lack thinkers is that one will create more, and one will struggle to hang on to what they already have!

The only way to alter this mindset is by removing the bugs… Only this way can you learn to automatically live abundantly around money.

That does not mean you squander it, it just means…

You do not fear it… You do not worry about it… And you spend your ‘Money Thinking Time’, working out ways to create more of it instead.

People think the rich are obsessed with money, whereas in truth people with not quite enough of it are much more obsessed. The rich just consider making more of it and enjoying it as part of their lives

Do you want to make and have more money?

People often ask me which way they should go to get rich…

Should it be shares, property, options, business… I always reply, “Before you do anything you get your mindset right so that you are thinking the right way about money.”

But virtually everyone ignores me!

25449118 - the blinkered man with a bucket on his headBecause this looks like the long route… And to them from their current blinkered perspective, just starting to make money looks like the short cut.

So they go with the short cut, never make money, usually lose more of the little they had, then after a few years they ask me again

They automatically think the wrong way about money!

Which means they are repelling it, and therefore not allowing it to flow into their lives.

As you go about the next few weeks, I suggest you look at your thinking around money…

Consider when you notice you are thinking about money whether you are predominantly and automatically thinking lack…


No need to scold yourself if you are, just observe how this is harming your progress in this area of life. This mere observation begins the process of stopping this.

And if you haven’t yet begun the Bug Free Mind Process, then I suggest you begin as the chances of you making the sort of money you’d like to whilst your mind is full of bugs is… Just an illusion.

Best wishes,


P.S. If this makes sense to you and you want to begin the Process then Click Here


24 thoughts on “How do you automatically think about money?”

  1. allison orton says:

    Money, like every other concept, is just a thought. So is abundance. Perspective is a choise. Thank you.
    Allison Orton

  2. donna groom says:

    I am not only self employed but make my living playing music. I sing with a name act and make pretty nice money but there are very dry spells and it seems that the rules of the game keep changing. I am constantly reinventing myself. Sometimes it is tiresome if you think about it too much. I feel that I have always been generous with my money and a few times it got pretty close to collapse. But……something always happens and everything is alright again. I’ve seen it over and over so why worry? I’ve laughed and said that I feel obligated to worry about it but it doesn’t help at all. It just pushes you down the dark thoughts of lack and feelings of anxiety. So……as ridiculous as it sounds, I dismiss it. Also I remind myself that I work for myself, I get up when I want, and I have more free time than anyone I know. Plus, I get to do what I really love and use my gifts in music to bring joy to everyone I meet. I went back to get my degree in organ/sacred music and also work in a really great church. Later I can teach if I want. We always laugh……someone we know said that Jesus puts checks in his mailbox. I’ve started saying it and laughing and for some reason all is well!

  3. Wendy says:

    Maybe it’s not fear or lack in general, but fear of not having quite enough in the specific? As I write this, my county fair is going on. I’ve played the “pushers” (bulldozers, “clown town,” etc.–the current one is “Animal House”) since I was a tot. One year, I had a prize pushed almost to the edge, and I ran out of money. This little girl comes in, puts ONE TOKEN down the chute–and gets the big haul.

    Overall, I wasn’t in financial trouble, I was just a LITTLE BIT short at that SPECIFIC TIME.

    (And right now, I often worry about not having coin for the coffee at my library.)

  4. Justin says:

    Good stuff! Thanks Andy.

  5. David Anthony says:

    Hi Andy,
    My current situation is with over 18 months redundancy, no cash flow, but I maintain optimism about money flowing again, -not yet sure how, but one is not supposed to wonder as to “how”.
    Incidentally, I avoid plastic shopping bags by using permanent cloth ones.
    Thank you,

  6. Errol says:

    Andy this has got to be one of my favourite articles of yours I have read . Breaking down the mentality and thinking / state of mind of a person struggling with items because they have made an innate decision not to buy a 5p bag, demonstrates how unconscious we are and as a result make ridiculous decisions based on lack . In highlighting this you demonstrate to us how our core beliefs show up in our everyday behaviours . Maybe after reading this many people may watch their attitudes/ beliefs about money and shift their thinking ….really made me chuckle too ……

  7. L.Alleman says:

    Thanks once more Andy, I was just going thru another joust with the nutter over this vey issue. Appreciate the kick in the rear, was exactly what I needed. You’re starting to scare me with your timing.

  8. Rama reddy.k says:

    it absolutely true for Indian mind bug.

  9. Rama reddy.k says:

    i have to apply this knowledge

  10. Alan says:

    Any advice on ‘other peoples’ lack thoughts about money not affecting you?

    I’ve already answered my own question: Observe that when it happens, you can ask yourself how does that help me? Or say something like, “I have an abundance of money. I know money will be there for me whenever I need it.” Observe, don’t judge, and you won’t have let it in.

    But what about helping others with their lack thoughts regarding money? What’s the easiest way to help them overcome this? Maybe point it out calmly to them and ask how it’s helping, treat it like you’re speaking to your own ego. Or should I just ignore it and allow them to be as they are?

    Lots of people with lack thinking regarding money, it’s one thing in the past that harmed me and caused me to lose my first fortune. Observe, don’t judge. “Where’s the benefit?” And you won’t have let it affect you.

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Alan,

      Personally I calmly mention it to people, as I would like others to mention it to me if I was self harming. However, I do know that most people when in a predominantly unconscious state have an adverse reaction to people attempting to point out when they are self harming. So it is always a risky venture. But I am still very grateful to those who have guided me when they could’ve chosen to just keep quiet.

      Best wishes,


  11. joelle says:

    hi andy,

    i am a real fan of your work. so smart. just incredible how you manage to speak to the part of the mind that is more likely to put things into action. it feels like the personal development field have just been delivering their message to the wrong destination. and that receiver of the messages, the ego, inflated as it is, thought it WAS the right receiver of the message and did not pass it on to it’s right recipient. just a case of mistaken address. hilarious if it weren’t such a tragic missed opportunity and causing an inordinate waste of energy.

    anyway, i want to know 2 things. do you have your bug free mind in 12 monthly instalments? and do you have the bug free mind translated into french?

    thanks for putting all of this information in the format that you do. genius. i have read a lot of personal development but none has helped as much as yours.

    all the best,


    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Joelle,

      12 installments, not as yet we don’t, though I have considered it in conjunction with releasing the work electronically e.g. PDF.

      French & other languages, no not yet. It is on our agenda, but not for at least 18 months to 2 years.

      Best wishes,


  12. Paul says:

    Thank You so much. I definitely have this kind of mindset. I’m still not understanding how to switch from a budget mindset to abundance mindset. ‘Cause it’s not about being wasteful, it about “Water to Wine”, and whatever is necessary for you at any given moment will be provided. Just have to be present and confident that it will indeed be there. I am getting better at accepting that what I feel. I can decide how I feel and I’m not subject to my surroundings/experiences dictating what I feel. Doing the fifteen minutes of daily thought practice has helped that a lot. My surroundings and workload hasn’t changed much, but I definitely have a different attitude about it with reduced stress through out. Almost through the BFM books and anxious to start rereading from the beginning to internalize all of this.
    Keep up the good work Andy

  13. Gail says:

    I bring my own bags and/or struggle with a few items and/or go back to the car to retrieve my bags because “I BELIEVE WE NEED TO STOP POLLUTING OUR PLANET AND KILLING THE WILDLIFE. I also have a problem with the amount of plastic that is used to package my purchases and as a senior how difficult it is to get them out of the packaging.

    On the $$$$ side of things I have earned my living throughout my life managing the money for numerous small to medium size businesses and at 73 continue to do so for my daughter and her businesses.

  14. ian says:

    Thanx Andy for your great views which I certainly align with except this one

    Because although I agree with your thoughts on HOW we think about money, unfortunately, the simile you have used is NOT a good one in my opinion

    Your opening comment refers “This was because there were far too many going into the landfill sites!!”

    NOT because we cannot afford them! I personally would prefer to see the price of these bags go to at least GBP1 each, to prevent the mindset you are creating here because unfortunately too many people, although you mean well, will take this up literally and be buying more of these insidious plastic bags

    Just my view on this story albeit a great story – just lose the plastic bags please 🙂

  15. Dee says:

    Agree. I am progressing slowly through all your material in order to incorporate your wisdom into a daily practice and a new way of thinking. Without doing that, simply reading and listening goes in one ear and out of the other. The most significant gem I extracted from you is that we are losing control of our minds and do not know it. Thank you for being honest enough to let me know that. It has changed my life and brought back hope. I knew for so long that I had not pinned down my real problem. When I heard you say we are not in control a bright light came on and has been shinning ever since. I will practice, practice and practice until living positively without the nutter in charge is firmly established, then I will continue to practice as I understand the cunning nutter now and how it operates. May you be blessed Andy.

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Dee,

      Thanks for this, you managed to explain it better than I did 🙂

      Best wishes,


  16. Tim says:

    Hi Andy;

    Yes, you’re probably going to pi** a few people off with this concept, and yes, they’re bound to think that you’re coming across kind of rich guy snooty and all that. Especially those who haven’t stopped to observe their lack mindset around money. I’m sure to most people, the idea that you can afford more than you currently have is foolhardy and dangerous.

    Just goes to show the bugs we’ve had implanted in our minds all these years..and look where that’s gotten us…

    Even after studying ‘the way’ of CABFM for a couple of years now, it’s still a bit difficult to completely drop the idea of limiting your spending to the level you currently have. Sure, you can go into debt for a while, but it’s not a huge problem unless you allow it to be.

    I do have a fairly successful online business now, thanks to losing my fear of failure. There’s always money coming in, and I’ve stopped worrying about whether it may end at some point. So I spend more on healthier, and organic food choices than I was previously inclined to. I go right past the day-old, 50% off items. If I want something that isn’t on special, I’ll buy it at full price, without feeling the least bit ‘awkward’, like I used to. This is partly how you ‘create more’, I think.

    I still weigh the value of the item I’m considering, and whether the asking price is too close to ludicrous, or whether it will benefit me in some way. This isn’t a lack mindset, this is just smart shopping, and not wasting your money.

    Anyway, I can’t thank you enough for enabling me to change the way I look at things. Many things have changed since I started clearing out the bugs, though some are still lurking below the surface. I’m enjoying each day of the journey, and looking forward to more of the same, or better.

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Tim,

      Absolutely. I was taught that if I spend £500 I want to be sure I got at least £500 of value. This is a simple line, and seemingly a simple concept to grasp, but it took me over a decade to really understand it and live it as a way of life.

      Best wishes,


  17. JB says:

    Excellent!! Will try this for sure.

  18. Malini says:

    Dear Andy, while i agree with your post on the concept of money and thinking about abundance and not lack. I really wish you had not chosen the supermarket plastic bag fee as an example. I am an environmentalist and have been for the past 20 years getting govts all over the world to seriously take initiatives in reducing the plastics being discarded and reaching the landfills. In my country this is a really messy problem. and causing a whole lot of environmental and health challenges and creating new types of diseases. While I am not against the plastic bag- I do understand the convenience and also that it some cases it becomes essential due to its various qualities.
    I wish the focus had been on having people pay for investing in recycling technology and collection systems that motivated people in depositing the bag in a proper way so that it could be recycled.
    Unfortunately the 5p fee was levied as to encourage as system of bringing your own reuse and recycleable bags and was not aimed at saving the penny. Because as humans we prefere to save money rather than save the environment for our children.

  19. Nick says:

    I think you really missed the point. And the point is it is a matter of principle. For example some gas stations now charge money to use their air to fill up my tires. I don’t go to these places anymore. And if someone charges me for bags I don’t shop there anymore. It is turning into we pay for a product, then we have to pay to get it home, and then we have to pay to get rid of it. i.e. recycling fees etc. Where does it all stop? Yes it is a matter of principle. Maybe to you as a rich person you don’t care so you can afford to be self -righteous. It is called death by a thousand cuts. And by the way I use plastic shopping bags to take out the garbage. So if the tree huggers don’t want plastic bags then what do they take out their garbage in? And by the way, if everyone is so up in arms about plastic bags then why don’t they use paper bags like they used to? They are recyclable.

  20. April says:

    It’s not about the money, it’s about consideration for other creatures that we share our planet with. Humans, with their thoughtlessness and sense of superiority to all other creatures, cause so much suffering.

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