How Much Money Does Having A Scarcity
& Fear Based Consciousness Cost?

~ Your mindset guarantees your success or failure in all you do ~ Andy Shaw

This Wednesday Alison & I had a wonderful day out. We had to be in a place called Thorpe Bay in Essex UK at 12.00pm so decided to take the Ferrari for a little road trip.

roslin-hotelThe sun was out and it was a wonderful day. Where we met a lot of our relatives and spent the afternoon sitting on a seafront hotel location that was just like sitting in Cannes France.

There was only one downside with the day, it was for Alison’s Uncle Alan’s funeral. But as he was in life so was his funeral, a celebration and an enjoyable day to be together.

About 4 o’clock we left to go home and I could now have
the roof down… So in beautiful sunshine we drove all the way home to a local pub for a nice drink to end the day with.

While I was at the reception afterwards I was chatting with quite a few relatives. Alan’s son was one of them, now a Granddad himself. He came straight up to me and thanked me for all the help I’d given him a few years back.

He said he’d actioned the advice I’d given him and was now getting four pay checks a month. Which had meant that a few years ago he’d been able to retire earning more than he did as a Landscape Gardener.

It turns out this had helped him immeasurably as his wife and daughter suffered some very severe health problems and he’d been able to be with them all the time.

Then later I spoke with two of Alison’s cousins Steve & Jenny (names changed). They’d also sought out my advice in 2007 about what they should do financially. Back then they were struggling to make ends meet and working all hours under the sun.

They had assets but knew that if they risked their savings and their equity that they could be worse off. So they decided to not do anything and stick where they were. At the time they were working 6 to 7 days a week fitting kitchens for a large retail outlet.

trapped-going-nowhereWe were chatting about life and how it was going and it was clear to me that they were still working 6 to 7 days a week and just about scrapping by.

At one point Steve said, “I’d just love to be able to go on holiday! That’s all… We’ve had a long weekend in Devon this year and that’s it.”

What had happened was because Steve had not allocated his resources appropriately 9 years ago, it had meant their lives was exactly the same, yet their savings had diminished in value, and they were no longer young enough or credible enough to access their equity.

So two families sought out advice from someone they saw had achieved quite a lot of financial success. One cousin was completely free, and two other cousins were completely trapped.

Both asked for advice about the same time…

So what made one do it? …And more importantly, what made the others think it was too risky? Where historically it has now shown that to do nothing was actually the risk?

The problem was Steve & Jenny were operating from a fear and scarcity based consciousness. In their minds at the time it was entirely logical to be extremely conservative with their money. So any advice clearly fell on deaf ears!

This was because where they were wasn’t comfortable, but it was ‘just comfortable enough’ to not do anything. Their problem is that the world is not static, life moves on and an opportunity to act which is allowed to pass may never look the same again. Meaning accurate decision making is required, and for that you must have A Bug Free Mind.

Whereas Alan’s son was ‘just uncomfortable enough’ when he asked me for advice. Which meant he was willing to look at alternative life choices.

I asked him later on in the day what he was planning to do next, “I’m not sure, but I was thinking of taking a look at what you were doing, as that would be a good bet.” His mindset was now fully switched to growth and investment. He was looking to take calculated risks.

Because he now knows instinctively that doing nothing is riskier than taking calculated risks. He is looking to improve on his currently excellent situation just in case something happens to alter his situation.

Success breeds success, stagnation breeds stagnation.

His mindset had changed to looking to find another opportunity to have money work for him. Not once even when we were on our own did Steve or Jenny ask me how to get out of their situation. 

They asked me how many businesses I had now, and how life was going. Which was nice getting to discuss my favourite subject. But they were sitting there with someone who clearly knew what he was doing, they’d seen me lose it all, and then just a few years later show up that day in a Ferrari.

This mindset fascinates me!

ask-for-helpBecause they’re family I’d feel I had to help. But they didn’t even think to ask for even a tip. Let alone say, ‘look we could really use your help’.

Now I don’t do any private help, I’m offered money often to coach people and I don’t want to know. But if a member of my family asks, then I help period.

The reason why they wouldn’t ask is because they instinctively know (believe too) that whatever advice I’d give would mean risking the little they had. Which they had previously concluded was a bad thing, so clearly needed no further re-evaluation…

Which of course means they are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past and continue working (if they survive) into their late 60’s and 70’s.

Their fear is that if they lose the money then they won’t be able to make it back.

But all money is, is a game to be mastered and I know for a fact that I will lose money with some things I do, but I also know for a fact that I will always make massive amounts more than I lose. This is because I have A Bug Free Mindset.

When I place a trade after fully evaluating what I think will happen… I am not then worried about losing the money. Because I have looked at it, and considered how I will feel if I lose that money and… If I am okay with losing it.

If I’m not okay this tells me to lower the amount until I am okay, or it tells me to do some more due diligence. Finally when I feel okay to win or lose then I place the trade or spread and sit back and see what happens.

I can look on unemotionally and detached from the outcome because my mindset is not obscured by fear and scarcity. In a heightened state during the time the spread is open I am able to consider multiple things free from the distraction of emotions.

Whereas when a person is trapped by their emotions into a fear and scarcity based consciousness, then what possible chance do they have of coming out of the other side?

If Steve and Jenny had asked me for advice, then I would’ve said to them that, ‘I will give you all the advice you need to move away from your current situation, but first you must have your mindset structured the right way.’ Which means I would’ve told them to go through the Bug Free Mind Process.


life-changing-moneyLife Changing Money

Life changing money is created by chance, death (for some) or changing your mindset.

Only one of those is under your control.

And… Life changing money is also not created by your physical actions!

When a person understands this then that is the beginning of letting go of the fear and scarcity based consciousness which is suffocating their true life potential.

The two ways of acquiring the mindset needed to create money with your mind are;

  1. You do it yourself, you find something that works and by chance you follow it… Just like Alan’s son did when he followed my advice in 2007.

  2. You go through the Bug Free Mind Process and you go from a scarcity and fear based mindset into a growth and optimistic based one.

Attempting to invest from a negative perspective will result in losing money. End of story!

So if you feel you will lose money then you are right to not invest as you probably will. However, the consequences of that choice may also mean you lose money anyway as it did for Steve & Jenny.

If I could see the people going to trade then I would make a fortune being able to pick who will win and who will fail because I can read their mindsets. Financial success, which leads to financial freedom is 100% about your mindset. Master this, and you can master money.

People like me who have A Bug Free Mind around investing, study investments as if we are scientists. We are always looking for the gaps missed by the masses that make a difference between a good investment and a bad one. Whilst most people are slaving away at jobs and careers every day, dreaming of quitting and looking forward to the weekend.

They do not look for investments and ways to get out of their life situation because they already KNOW they will be risking what they have and this scares them… So they don’t even look… Which is exactly what Steve and Jenny did without thinking…

Life doesn’t have to be this way! 

We were all born with this success mindset. Becoming a good investor comes with practice, but having the mindset to become a good investor, that is the real skill to acquire.

Over the next few weeks, see if you can look at the things that are presented to you which you have previously already decided were a bad thing (that’s if you can be present enough to see them).

When you notice one then consider how you feel about it… Consider, are you looking at it from a fear and scarcity based consciousness… Or can you feel you are ready to change and look at it from a ‘just looking’ or… Curiosity based mindset.’

Have a great weekend.

Best wishes, Andy

P.S. If this all makes sense to you and you want to develop a mindset that can create money and invest with confidence, then I would recommend to my family that they go through this process, so I am happy to recommend it to you too – Click here to get started today:


8 thoughts on “How Much Money Does Having A Scarcity
& Fear Based Consciousness Cost?”

  1. L.Alleman says:

    Can definitely relate Andy. Can’t even count the number of times someone with the skills and knowledge to help me with investing or saving have shown themselves in my life, and I was so totally “asleep”, that I didn’t ask for the help, or if I did, rejected it out of fear (ala Steve and Jenny). I’ve savoring my way through book #1 (still building my new, solid foundation) Thanks Andy

  2. Shelly says:

    I am a bug free mind student and have been reading and re-reading your books for about 2 years. I am passionate about your process and know it can help my trading.I have not written before but have been unsuccessful so far with my trading attempts though I have a passion for trading. I gather from this post that you, too, trade. I have paid many mentors thousands of dollars for training, yet have been unable to turn the corner. Any insight you would provide would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Tonya Peden says:

    I appreciate your email and the advice given in your program. Oh how much better some people’s lives could have been had they known such a program exited (instead of being used) at that time. Sadly though some financial mistakes can consume a person’s life and greatly effect those around them. It is almost as if this person is cursed with bad luck ( or a psychopathic stalker). They almost get use to living in such a manner that a program such as yours is hard to contemplate. Not that they don’t have their own aspirations or dreams. They just fail to comprehend due to past events how a program such as yours could possibly benefit them. ( Definitely explains the trust issues that are probably warranted.) Thank you so much for sharing and I feel the need to let you know your offers may be more appealing if they built up self esteem in those who need to build skills in such areas instead using fear based approaches. Never have been a big fan of such.

  4. David Ruto says:

    I would like to buy A Bug Free Mind. I am from Kenya,please advise how i can pay and receive it.

    1. froggosaltori says:

      Hello David,

      Visit where you can select the product you want. After proceeding to check-out and filling in the form you can select the payment method – credit card, debit card or Paypal. You will receive the products by post.


  5. John D. says:

    “Fear is the mind-killer..” Thanks for sharing your success in all the ways you do.

  6. JB says:

    This is EXACTLY why only about 1-5% of the public can day trade, that is how pervasive this bug is!

  7. Chris Dagg says:

    Thanks for sharing this Andy. there were so many great lessons and reminders for me here.

    i particularly like the fact that you used real people examples that we cam all relate to, rather than the old “Homeless man buys a Ferrari “type stories.

    It was a great reminder to me to continue to apply ABFM each day which leads to me knowing I can obtain real success. It also reminded me of the value of the “Die before you die” technique which you share in Chapter 18 of book 1. This is such an important thing to consider as it is too easy to get comfortable with life as you mentioned. before you know it years past and that time can’t be retrieved.

    Another good lesson on mindset too showing how 2 people can be presented with the same information but only one can see the opportunity.

    Thank you also for explaining your trading strategy as I do a bit myself and it is always nice to learn more.

    Thanks again for sharing the story. I’ve read it through 3 times now and I don’t think I’ve grasped the full value from it yet.



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