Do you think you deserve to have more money than you need?

~ Your mindset guarantees your success or failure in all you do ~ Andy Shaw

law of attractionThere’s a big difference in how people think about money. I think I deserve to be rich and have a wonderful life. Some people think they deserve to have 1,000 times as much money as they need, and more.

But most people don’t think they deserve to have more money than they need. Which means they only having just about enough to get by.

The problem is their expectations how they think about it, as that creates their results.

People think their physical actions create their results, which of course they do to a degree. But this is only a small percentage of their true potential…

The BIG MONEY is made or lost by their mind – by how they think!

People with their mindset right around money expect more money to drop into their laps. They expect investments to work. People without this mindset suffer when they have money drop into their laps. Because they think that big things only happen to other people.

They think they don’t deserve it!

law of attractionFor the few months I experienced in 2009 when my mindset was broken I remember thinking this way. Frankly I’m amazed people do as well as they do with that sort of expectation. I do not know how I would be if I didn’t expect things to work, to live that way over a long period of time is admirable, but entirely unnecessary.

My mindset says that success, fulfilment and happiness are just natural and normal. Whereas most people when they experience success, fulfilment or happiness are just waiting for something to go wrong, because they don’t think they deserve it.

Now we are creators, so this way of thinking AUTOMATICALLY and WITHOUT EFFORT results in failure, being unfulfilled and sadness.

We literally create what we think we deserve. Which means any success, fulfilment and happiness will be replaced with wanting to be successful, wanting to be fulfilled, and wanting to be happy.

Unless this way of thinking is noticed and changed, then more of the same is almost 100% guaranteed no matter what success life offers up.

Observing how you think can literally make you a fortune and save you a fortune.

I warn you not to underestimate how much money your thinking is costing you

And when you observe it this observation begins to change things without effort. Now when that happens you want more, and that is the start of changing your whole attitude to money

When this attitude shifts, your monetary results in life will shift too…

The key secret you’ll learn along the way is that you have to attain the level of knowing it can work for you inside your mind. That is without doubt…

law of attractionIf you don’t know it, then you doubt it (because most people have to be one side or the other and can’t just sit in a state of being okay with the middle ground – this takes practice to acquire and I’ll write on another time). So if you doubt it then you will not attain the change…

Which you may wish to consider as this will represent rather a lot of money for the rest of your life!

You may want to re-read that last bit and think on it for a while as it will make you a lot of money when you understand it, and start living to it…

You like virtually all people probably think your physical
actions make you the most money in life, well if you do,
then you’re wrong!

Your mental actions will either make you rich or keep you down. It is down to you to decide which is more important…

The problem is most of us cannot see how our mindset is costing us money. So we blindly carry on repeating the same mistakes. It is only by slowing down to notice how we think is there any chance of changing it to result in a more profitable outcome with far less effort.

Have a great weekend, thinking about how you think about money.

Best wishes,


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11 thoughts on “Do you think you deserve to have more money than you need?”

  1. Ines says:

    Andy, Thanks – this is an absolutely great and laser sharp summary of financial logics! Even as an active practitioner of ABFM.system I tend to forget this highly important aspect of a ‘certain secure attitude towards expected outcome’. Sometimes I feel that sneaky doubt of being able to achieve certain goals crawls into my mind again. However since I watch my thoughts I can at least prevent bigger problems before they materialise. But I am not sure if it is ever possible to attain such an ever stable state of mind where no doubt or uncertainty has never any chance to take home in our brains. Andy did you really master this completely for yourself or is this steady effort for mental balance, especially in this regard a life long duty for all of us? Would be interesting to learn more about it from you herein.

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Ines,

      I would say that it is 95% automatic thought for me. Occasionally I see a doubt come up and I recognise it very quickly, so they are not really any problem to me. This is the key state to attain, a near instant recognition of doubt, and an understanding that it cannot be allowed to remain. So just looking at it, and evaluating it for benefits is usually enough to clear the darn thing without distraction. So to answer your question, I would say sustained mental balance for new things, and almost no effort at all for things that I have practiced to a stage where they are automatic.

      On a deserve level though, no this is an automatic state. I understand the value I bring so I have no issue at all on the deserve level.

      Best wishes,


  2. Widad says:

    Hi Andy!
    Very interesting! Thank you so much for sharing this valuable article!!!
    Have a great weekend too 🙂
    Best regards,

  3. Sue London says:

    a bit disabled at the moment since July 4

  4. Stu says:

    Thanks Andy I am finished creating a bug free mind for the 3rd time and using a bug free mind twice now it’s amazing stuff and I’m truly grateful to you! I’m enjoying the process very much and now beginning creating a bug free mind for the fourth time I’m committed not just interested my dream life is all written down and I enjoy daily using my mind to go through it in detail, thanks again Andy always look forward to reading and pondering what you have to say
    Stu in Canada

  5. Catt says:

    Hi Andy!
    Great to read this idea again, I love how this applies to anything and everything, so there are a few areas of my life I would apply that to, as well as the money bit but I am enjoying the money part right now, so other parts of certain aspects I am finding very lovely to observe and see what’s going on. After all it was going on anyways, now I desire to make it conscious so that I can choose!
    And again and again with this process we go.. Fantastic.
    Thanks Andy, many blessings to you and your family!
    Talk soon,

  6. Scott says:

    Are these physical books I am receiving or access to a website with digital copy?

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Scott,

      If you are ordering the books then they are physical. If the site access comes with it, then the original digital articles which I wrote first and then later made into the books are available online too through the community site. The audio book version is digital download. Though physical CD’s can be purchased too.

      Best wishes,


  7. John D. says:

    I think you are right Andy; just don’t know it yet. Thank you for this continuing opportunity.

  8. Juan Salazar says:

    Man! Reading this article was like a HUGE awaking call to me. I would like to share with you what I’ve done after reading this about 4 times. Warning!! Long Post (and lots of grammar mistakes) so please be patient 🙂

    I would like you hear some feedback from you about what I’m about to share and some guidance about what comes from here.

    Here we go…

    So after reading 4 times this article, I realised that when things were going well financially, I still was expecting something wrong to happen.

    Just to give you an example: I sell things online.. I was having a good run for about 2 – 3 weeks straight, I was selling between 20 to 40 units a day, but in the last 10 days, those sales went down to 10 to 13 per day. What happened? Well, I was subconsciously expecting something wrong to happen!

    As soon as I read this topic, I took my notebook and wrote:

    “How Do I Feel and What Do I Feel & Think When I’m Being Financially Successful, Generating Lots Of Sales Per Day?”

    – Do I feel that I deserve to be rich and have a wonderful life?

    R/ My immediate answer is YES, I do. However, I can feel there’s doubt within me. I think that some part of me still thinks and feels that to be a millionaire is something that is out of my reach and that it just sounds to “pretty” to be real.

    The question is, why do I think that? Is it that I think that I don’t deserve to be rich? But why? I’m dedicated, I work a lot and I implement everything “correctly”. Where is that doubt coming from? Does it come from my previous experiences? But, I must understand that my past is not equal my reality. Those experiences are in the past. Is it that I’m still living in the past?

    – Why is it that when I’m doing well financially, I start doubting and expecting things to go wrong?

    R/ Is it that I’m looking for excuses to feel bad and stressed? Or is it my ego saying “See, I was right, I told you that success wasn’t going to last long!” But why am I so harsh on myself? If I’m going to work so hard and dedicate a lot of time and money to what I do, the most logical thing is for me to expect a HUGE ROI, correct? It would be illogical and stupid for me to work so hard and invest all this money for nothing!

    – Then, why do I feel anxious and doubtful when I start to see good money coming in? Why!

    R/ Because I feel that I DON’T deserve it! I have noticed some sort of pressure on my chest when I start doing well financially. It’s a mixture between anxiety and doubt. And what happens after that? Things start to go wrong!

    But where is that mindset coming from? Is it from my childhood?

    – What memories come to my mind which could be the possible causes of me feeling that I don’t deserve to be rich, or that originated that expectation for things to go wrong when they are going incredibly well?

    R/ * The first memory that comes to my mind is when I was 7 years old. One of my uncles told me, that him and two aunts of mine had opened a savings account for me and that they’d been deposited money in there constantly so I would be able to use that money when I grew up.

    The truth is, I never received 1 cent from that account. They used all that money for themselves. This uncle is one of the people I loved and admired the most, he was my idol. And having a broken promise from him hurt a lot! It was a big disappointment.

    Did this episode of my life made me think (consciously/subconsciously) and feel that I did NOT deserve that money? Did it make me feel that I didn’t even deserve to have a savings account? There’s a huge chance that it did!

    * The other memory that comes to my mind is when I was 16. My two uncles (yes, the same one as before and the other one) promised me (they were a bit drunk) but still promised me that they were going to buy me my first car. Another broken promise, it never happened.

    I didn’t grow up with a father figure, but I saw these 2 uncles as my cool dads, they were my idols, so it hurt a lot to see another broken promise. I’m sure they had the best intentions when they promised me a car, but still never happened.

    Did they have the capacity and money to buy me a car? Of course they did, they were doing extremely well financially. Then , why they didn’t do it? Did this episode of my life made me think (consciously/subconsciously) and feel that I did NOT deserve to have a nice car? There’s a huge chance that it did!

    * Another memory is when I was 12. The same uncle and one of my aunts bought expensive tickets for a bull fight, which was very common those days. But they didn’t buy a ticket for me. I had to open my piggy bank, but there wasn’t enough money for the ticket, so I couldn’t go. That made me feel that they didn’t want to go with me, therefore made me think I didn’t deserve to have a expensive ticket to go with them.

    There are more memories, but they are more from my adult life. I think the crucial ones are the ones I just shared with you, that’s the root that has to be “fixed”.

    My question is…

    Now that I have shined a light on these memories, why should I do next? How can I “fix” or replace that way of thinking for something useful?

    Thanks for reading btw 🙂

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Juan,

      I would say without a doubt that those let downs are affecting you on an unconscious level, or maybe at best on a mainly unconscious level.

      The first thing to do is evaluate them each for benefits. A benefit I can see is self-reliance, another I’d use is proving I can do something on my own. All I’d look for is the benefits in each. Then I’d consider if I need more pain to actually apply into my life the benefits the experiences gave me. I’d probably write a list of the benefits down and add them to my black book and consider regularly if I was living to those benefits, or if I was failing to apply them yet.

      I’d then consider if there was anything more to be gained from those experiences, other than as reminders to not live feeling I don’t deserve to be successful.

      Then after that I’d go back to what I was doing to create money and observe how I feel about money and the future expectations. This thought consideration purpose is designed to highlight the weeds. Check the good feelings too to make sure you are not allowing yourself to go too high, as then it is natural for a low to follow. So avoid feeling too good.

      What you are looking to feel is that this is natural, I’m helping people and they feel good about their purchase. Therefore it is right for me to be rewarded. All I have to do now is find more ways to help more people. As you do this, you are looking to bring up any doubts. As the doubts and feelings of lack show themselves, then evaluate them for benefits. Rinse and repeat, and this will over a few weeks and months remove the bad and allow the good more time to create.

      You are the creator, so by removing the bad and allowing the good, what you create becomes more and more on the positive side – but without thinking positively.

      Best wishes,


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