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Saving money

Saving money... Is it always a good thing?

I was brought up in a middle class household and I was taught from a very young age to save money. So right from a young age, my savings came first, and what I wanted to buy came some way after that. ...

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law of attraction

Do you think you deserve to have more money than you need?

There’s a big difference in how people think about money. I think I deserve to be rich and have a wonderful life. Some people think they deserve to have 1,000 times as much money as they need, a ...

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How do you automatically think about money?

I think it was last year in the UK that they passed a law on Supermarket plastic bags. This was because there were far too many going in the landfill sites. The idea behind the law was to get peop ...

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Has This Training Been Valuable To You?

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for being a subscriber to my Mindset Secrets newsletter and to ensure you’re happy with the free training I’ve been providing you with so far. As you ...

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Annual Mastermind for
Joint Venture Partners - 4th - 10th May

This was the second year we ran our Annual JV Mastermind. This year we had nearly 80 people attend from over 50 different businesses around the world. Our keynote speaker was the wonderful Les Brown ...

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PA Mastermind Day -
The Palms Las Vegas 2015

Yesterday we had the one day mastermind day for all the people doing the Profit Academy course. This was a very informal day, however, the content was excellent. There is nothing like a face to face m ...

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Q & A Mastermind Day -
The Rio Las Vegas 2015

Yesterday we did a one day Q & A day where I sit and answer questions on a whole array of subjects. There were questions on, how to know whether or not a person should divorce their partner and ho ...

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Life Design Getaway -
The Rio Las Vegas 2015

Yesterday we held the first Life Design Getaway for over a year. However, as we'd never planned to do another one, it was still a surprise to be holding it. The day went down really well. Everything ...

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Thinking App

We have been looking to create an App for A Bug Free Mind for quite a while now. However, like everything you are not an expert in, things which involve others get put to one side... Well recently A ...

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