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~ Your mindset guarantees your success or failure in all you do ~ Andy Shaw

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Saving money

Saving money... Is it always a good thing?

I was brought up in a middle class household and I was taught from a very young age to save money. So right from a young age, my savings came first, and what I wanted to buy came some way after that. ...

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law of attraction

Do you think you deserve to have more money than you need?

There’s a big difference in how people think about money. I think I deserve to be rich and have a wonderful life. Some people think they deserve to have 1,000 times as much money as they need, a ...

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How to control your emotions without judgement

I was recently asked on the site if I could write some more about, ‘how to control the emotions to see or hear anything without judgement or emotion.’ So here’s a little more on that… Firs ...

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Has This Training Been Valuable To You?

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for being a subscriber to my Mindset Secrets newsletter and to ensure you’re happy with the free training I’ve been providing you with so far. As you ...

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A Bug Free Mind
board game - Update 1

In this previous post we mentioned that two Success Made Certain students were creating a concept for a Structured Thinking board game. Well at our recent one day student mastermind event in Las Vegas ...

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Thinking App

We have been looking to create an App for A Bug Free Mind for quite a while now. However, like everything you are not an expert in, things which involve others get put to one side... Well recently A ...

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A Bug Free Mind
board game

Last week we gave the go-ahead to two of our Success Made Certain students to produce a sample board game for Structured Thinking. This is mainly to just develop the concept of a game. The idea being ...

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Kindle versions of Creating & Using A Bug Free Mind
now available again

Whilst we were in the test phase of our development we made the decision to not make the books available on Kindle format. However, the specific phase that required us to limit the supply of the book ...

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What Is Saltori

What Is Saltori Structured Thinking?

1. What Is Saltori Structured Thinking     The Saltori System is a 'system of thought' which allows freedom from pain regarding the negative aspects of life. Then the attainment of drea ...

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