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Do you remember
what it was like to think like a child?

  Do you remember what it was like when you were a child?… If you stop and think for a few moments during reading this, then you will remember it… It was a time before thought… We just lived ...

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The unlimited power
we have to manifest our desires

  People ask me often can we really manifest and I answer them by saying that they are doing it now. However, this whole manifesting concept has been bent out of shape because of the way in which it ...

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Do You Know How Much
Is It Costing You NOT Being Successful?

  Before I begin, if you're... ...Already making all the money you want? ...Have manifested the most wonderful relationship you’ve always wanted? ...Can confidently say to anyone in the world t ...

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Do you feel you are
on a road to nowhere?

  Have You Ever Wondered… Why you are not getting anywhere, or why at times your life can be so hard? Or have you ever wondered why you don’t have the life you truly desire despite all your li ...

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Do you feel nothing
is working for you too?

  I had this question in from a Saltori Student the other day and I thought the question and reply might be useful to some people. FROM BRUCE: “Hi Andy, I have read (slowly) CABFM three times ...

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