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Q & A Mastermind Day -
The Rio Las Vegas 2015

Yesterday we did a one day Q & A day where I sit and answer questions on a whole array of subjects. There were questions on, how to know whether or not a person should divorce their partner and ho ...

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Life Design Getaway -
The Rio Las Vegas 2015

Yesterday we held the first Life Design Getaway for over a year. However, as we'd never planned to do another one, it was still a surprise to be holding it. The day went down really well. Everything ...

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Thinking App

We have been looking to create an App for A Bug Free Mind for quite a while now. However, like everything you are not an expert in, things which involve others get put to one side... Well recently A ...

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A Bug Free Mind
board game

Last week we gave the go-ahead to two of our Success Made Certain students to produce a sample board game for Structured Thinking. This is mainly to just develop the concept of a game. The idea being ...

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Kindle versions of Creating & Using A Bug Free Mind
now available again

Whilst we were in the test phase of our development we made the decision to not make the books available on Kindle format. However, the specific phase that required us to limit the supply of the book ...

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2015 - What's planned for this year

Over the next few months we will be continuing to work on our project for delivering paid media traffic to the site. This is going to be our ongoing strategy for the foreseeable future, and it will ch ...

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2014 - A quick review
of the progress in just under five years

This year has been very tiring, but very enjoyable and certainly inspirational. But firstly I'd like to say thank you for choosing to continue to listen to the ramblings of some guy who thinks he may ...

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What Is Saltori

What Is Saltori Structured Thinking?

1. What Is Saltori Structured Thinking     The Saltori System is a 'system of thought' which allows freedom from pain regarding the negative aspects of life. Then the attainment of drea ...

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What Is Saltori

Why do we need a new way of thinking?

2. Why do we need a new way of thinking?   Well actually we need 'a way of thinking', not a new one as we don't actually have one! We all think differently which is fine... But what's wrong is ...

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