Do you feel nothing
is working for you too?

~ Your mindset guarantees your success or failure in all you do ~ Andy Shaw


I had this question in from a Saltori Student the other day and I thought the question and reply might be useful to some people.


“Hi Andy,

  1. I have read (slowly) CABFM three times now and have not noticed any changes in my life. I can stop my thoughts for 30 seconds as you request. Why is nothing changing?
  1. How do I know when I can move on to UABFM? There is no indication as to when you are supposed to know when to read the second book. How do I know when to read the second book?
  1. “Why is it that I can’t get anything to work for me? I have been studying self help information for well over 10 years now:

I have read numerous books, tried brainwave entrainment, EFT etc. etc. When it doesn’t work then I am told, ‘well you must not have done the work’ or words to that effect.  That’s not true!!!

I spend a lot of time and effort on these books and their techniques, visualizations, etc. I find it insulting that people assume something when they don’t know the facts. I can’t seem to get a straight answer from anybody.

How do I change the negative subconscious programming of my mind that everybody claims to have the answer to?

I wish these self help authors would give more examples of exactly what it is they want me to do and give examples of what this would look like.

I am still working on developing self awareness daily. And if it doesn’t work then give reasons why this may not work and remedies. If I am teaching something to somebody I make sure that they understand what I am teaching.

You have to look at it from the student’s point of view. Most people teaching this stuff have so much knowledge in their minds that they don’t know how to approach it from the student’s point of view.”


Hi Bruce,

1. Tell me more, explain what changes you want and expect and are not getting. Also when you say nothing, there is obviously something or you wouldn’t have read Creating A Bug Free Mind three times, so what has changed?

However, I can assume some things from your question… Though they may not be accurate (so please take them with a pinch of salt).

When you say you have read it slowly, I take that to mean you are not rushing through. However, I would say that your mind is currently programmed to consume information whether it be fast or slow, it still consumes. If consumption was all that was required then enlightenment would be easy.

I attempt to make the work so that there is very little new information, but rather a long series of thinking exercises that takes you out of your current existence and effectively gives you a new set of eyes to see with. However, this only works if you apply the exercises.

What’s more, it’s not just about application, it’s about applying until understanding is revealed. The techniques show you where to dig. For some people they may only have to dig a little in some areas. For others a lot. But the point is to dig before moving on.

Stopping your thoughts for 30 seconds is just the beginning… The real question is, what did you find out when you were there… I suggest you go back and have another look, because there is understanding waiting for you when you slow your life down, and real rewards waiting in some of the last places you’d expect.

If I were to tell you what the rewards are you would think they were nothing, but when you experience them, you’ll see they are far from nothing. A good technique to consider when learning is, am I just consuming information, or am I bringing changes to my thinking…

2. When you reach the stage of knowing you are on top of worrying, you are gaining in confidence. You do not doubt you will succeed and you are happy… Basically when you have fixed or can see noticeable differences in your mindset towards the areas of life that are causing you pain then it’s time to carry on the transition and take a look at what you are going to use your mind to do.

However, if you feel you are still missing too much, or rather that you are still too ‘bugged up’ then you should not start the second book, but rather repeat the first.

I remember when I was in the consumption of information part of my life, I was always looking to read more and more books. It took me years to learn that repetition of great knowledge turned it into known wisdom. But the ego can be very convincing that you’re in a hurry, there’s always some new piece of information required, or that life’s passing you by.

3. I feel your pain here. To put endless amounts of efforts in and yet see no results is beyond frustrating especially when you know the answer is there, but you just can’t seem to put your finger on it.

My instincts are telling me your key bugs are doubt and need. You doubt you will be able to do it and so are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy and you ‘need’ it to happen or you will fail. This is making you desperate and that is creating a barrier to achieving it, which is the negative subconscious programming you mention (in my opinion).

When you learn to let go of need and realise that you already have (confusing I know, but I don’t make the rules) then you find that confidence is simply present. So without need and now stocked up with confidence it makes it easy to just keep going as you’ll know (without a doubt) that you are on the right track.

The problem is the right mindset to create what we desire is often hidden behind a paradox which logical thought cannot easily see round.

My advice would be to go right back to the chapters on Acceptance and Surrender (3 & 4 from memory). You have to accept that you’re not getting it and that you may actually never get it! With complete acceptance of this you will ‘probably’ remove the barrier your ego has constructed to prevent you getting anywhere.

This is applying with FAITH the law of least effort, it sounds all ‘woo-woo’ and a bit spiritual but this is how the thing works. So if you just follow the instructions and give up the need to know exactly how this particular law works then you will begin to see improvement. If you do not see improvement, then just ask and re-ask the questions: am I accepting it fully that I may never get it… am I relaxed… am I free from having to do it?

Then you also need to look at the surrender issue about the doubts and the need of what you want and fully surrender to the fact that you may not get what you desire…

Don’t worry for the moment about losing your desire to get what you want, you can pick that back up again after you have got your mind back fully under your control. Your mind has to be under your control clearly with only occasional slip ups before you can go about creating what you desire. To attempt to do whatever it is you have not done before, before gaining control of your mind (or most of it 90%ish) will result in you repeating the same mistakes and feeling like you and others have let you down.

Once you have your mind under your control (90%ish) then you will be able to see how your ‘nutter’ constructed a barrier for you which is currently holding you back. It is in the action and removal of this barrier that I think your secret lies…

Clear this obstacle and then you can move on. Acceptance of what is and surrender to whatever is to come gets you into harmony… Harmony is where you want to be with where you are now.

Then when you attain harmony again you will have a clear mind and certainty will return once again. Once you have that then you’ll be able to achieve anything you desire, you just need to find that harmonious state of mind, then build your mental muscles with a few of the tasks and you’ll see remarkable change.

Now here’s the problem…

I’m now going to tell you a line that will sound like it’s MY get out of jail free card and put all the weight back on your shoulders. It is your choice how you chose to interpret this next line.

If you doubt what I am saying is true then you will be right, and if you don’t doubt it you will be right.

You are allowed to choose which way to think… We all have free will… BUT… one way helps you and one way harms you, for good or bad we have been given free will and so it is down to you to choose which way is right.

But listen to the voice in your head that will be saying, ‘yeah that’s his get out.’ If it speaks, it’s your ego! Now think about how you feel… Your feeling is more like a whisper below the cynical voice, see what that says to you through feelings and not words… So consider, does what I say feel right or wrong?

Trust your feelings and learn to listen for them and learn to observe the voice… The voice in your head using words is not always you, the feelings are always you.

I strongly suggest you read this a few times and put some time in between the readings as I’ve covered a lot here in a few paragraphs.

Best wishes,





One thought on “Do you feel nothing
is working for you too?

  1. Veronica-Mae says:

    Sad Bruce… we are not the lucky ones in this cruel world.. In addition to what Bruce says I even regret to ever going through self help world when you learn and know great things about yourself and how powerful you are and you can’t put your fingers on. There is NOTHING more frustrating than being completely out of control of your mind and thoughts and all you can do is watch your self drowning by your own hands and you just SHUT THE F** UP. F*** MY LIFE

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