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The Bug Free Mind Game… Latest update.

Last Friday almost everyone involved in creating the A Bug Free Mind board game got together for our 3rd playing of the game. With each subsequent playing of the game less and less changes are need ...

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How to control your emotions without judgement

I was recently asked on the site if I could write some more about, ‘how to control the emotions to see or hear anything without judgement or emotion.’ So here’s a little more on that… Firs ...

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The solution to a problem you just can’t seem to fix…

  Consider, before beginning your journey with some simple structured thinking, or even now… Does your journey through life keep getting harder… How do you feel about that…   § ...

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Has This Training Been Valuable To You?

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for being a subscriber to my Mindset Secrets newsletter and to ensure you’re happy with the free training I’ve been providing you with so far. As you ...

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Doing Less & Creating More...

One of the projects I’m teasing along at the moment is something MASSIVE, I won’t go into details right now but it is something that is so big that to apply any sort of force will probably mean ...

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The Golden Book Technique

If you are struggling to get things to work, then it is almost certain that you are not fully the controller of your thoughts… How do you feel about that… Observe any reactions and see if they ...

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Can you really think and grow happier?

Today I’m going to show you something I’ve already shown you, but I’m going to do it from a different angle! Because to the ones who read it before, and ignored it, well it should now help y ...

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Are the thoughts in your head Helping or Harming your life?

I’m about to tell you something here which you may think you already know. However, if you are not living the life you truly desire then you do not know it, you only think you know it! Which mean ...

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Start your day with Gifts from your subconscious mind…

Your subconscious mind is amazing, above all else it is in my opinion the most wondrous part of you… Just think about it… Because it handles all of the billions of calculations and actions that ...

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