Do You Know How Much
Is It Costing You NOT Being Successful?

~ Your mindset guarantees your success or failure in all you do ~ Andy Shaw


Before I begin, if you’re…

…Already making all the money you want?

…Have manifested the most wonderful relationship you’ve always wanted?

…Can confidently say to anyone in the world that you feel completely at peace?

…Have no worries, no negativity, no frustration and no anger almost all of the time now?

Then please hit DELETE on this post because this isn’t for you!

Here’s what it’s all about: The other day, I was just speaking with a student, and he said something to me over a SKYPE call that made me think.

He said, “Andy, do you realise if I had access to your Bug Free Mind Process 10 years ago, I’d be a MULTI millionaire right now. Lol!”

And his comment made me think about people…

So I created this very simple and fun two-minute exercise…

It reveal’s how much it’s probably costing you NOT being successful, that is if you’re attempting to learn the secrets of becoming successful using the WRONG learning style for you.

STEP 1 – Answer this question: How much money do you think you could make if you had no negative feelings at all…

No fear of rejection. Complete confidence. No worries. No regrets. No disabling fears. No addictions. And simply took ACTION on every good idea you ever had?

NOTE: Don’t worry, you don’t have to try and be exact. Remember this is just a fun exercise. Use your imagination. And write your answer in the comments below.

STEP 2: Multiply the number you got in the first question by the approximate number of years you expect to be working in your life from today.

(For example if you’re 50 now and intend to retire at 65, you’d put down 15 years. After you’ve worked that out put the answer into the comments below.)

STEP 3: This is the more painful bit… Estimate how much all those mind pains have actually COST YOU… Estimate how much you’d have made extra each year since you were 21, and multiply the answer by the number of years…

NOTE: This can only be a guess, but there is some magic in this, it’s called the magic of accountability, and it carries with it some huge benefits when you can bear to look at it.

What’s The Purpose of This Exercise Andy?

Let’s say for example; that you think if you’d cleared ALL bugs in your mind that you could make a £100k a year over another 30 working years.

What this means is: that by you choosing ‘NOT’ learning your personal development in your correct learning style; it is costing you £3 million over your life time… However, I really want you to consider this in your own mind, with your own figure of what you ‘believe’ in your heart that you’re capable of.

As this one little exercise could be the missing piece for you to see the whole problem.

Speaking as a person who has succeeded and with a mindset that is tuned to see time as cost, I am always considering the value of my time. And most importantly ‘am I getting a good return on my investment of it?’

One of the most common traits in the world of people who never achieve the success they desire, is that they don’t know what their lack of success has cost them… And they don’t know what continuing to do it the same way WILL COST them!

So I recommend just for fun and for some very subtle mind shifting you work out and post below your own PERSONAL answer to how much NOT learning your personal development; using the right learning style for you, is costing you.

You don’t have to make it public if you don’t want to… However, there’s some extra magic created in the world of personal accountability when you take action and write it down… 

Now, if you’re not happy at the result (nearly all aren’t)… Then consider asking yourself just how long are you willing for this to go on for…

thinking-man-2You’re not looking for an answer, you are just looking to consider the question… What this is doing is raising the question and growing new neural pathways in your mind as you consider possible answers…

To put it another way, you are planting the seed that allows change to grow inside your mind with little to absolutely no effort.

You may also wish to consider if you often feel that, as you read from books that the message just doesn’t ‘sink’ in as it should? – Just consider, don’t put any effort into change. The greatest work needed in life is when you think and consider certain questions… 

Effort comes later, only after the answers become self-evident… When they reach that stage, you will find that no effort of thought is required to go the right way instead of the wrong way… This makes life MUCH easier, and is the way we are designed to learn things, not the way we have been taught to learn things.

Best wishes,




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