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Just how important do you think your thinking is?

Can you imagine that... You can choose completely how you feel always... So allowing frustration, depression, stress, anger to remain is merely an unconscious choice... Imagine if you worked on a ...

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How to Avoid The ILLUSION of Progress…

Your life? Are you sure you are not just going around in circles? Is the possibility that you could be… Too much to consider? § On today’s step of the journey through you ...

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The secret to massive change and getting ALL you want?

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but if you’ve been experiencing some of the techniques I’ve already shared for the last few days then right now you’re probably feeling better? You may n ...

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A Great Visitor Experience

Today we are one week in from the turning point of this Structured Thinking journey. On 10th November we made this our new site live. It’s been quite a week, and it certainly has stress tested the ...

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How to control your mind’s awesome power…

If you slow down and consider your childhood for a few moments you will begin to feel again the confidence that existed before your thoughts begun. I trust you enjoyed that sample I sent you yester ...

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Virtually every person on Earth has forgotten how to do this…

Last year I wrote a course which I give you for free called Footsteps Through Your Mind. They come out daily, or maybe 2 to 3 days apart for some… Because a few of them require a little space for ...

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A Bug Free Mind
board game - Update 1

In this previous post we mentioned that two Success Made Certain students were creating a concept for a Structured Thinking board game. Well at our recent one day student mastermind event in Las Vegas ...

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Annual Mastermind for
Joint Venture Partners - 4th - 10th May

This was the second year we ran our Annual JV Mastermind. This year we had nearly 80 people attend from over 50 different businesses around the world. Our keynote speaker was the wonderful Les Brown ...

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PA Mastermind Day -
The Palms Las Vegas 2015

Yesterday we had the one day mastermind day for all the people doing the Profit Academy course. This was a very informal day, however, the content was excellent. There is nothing like a face to face m ...

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