Virtually every person on Earth has forgotten how to do this…

~ Your mindset guarantees your success or failure in all you do ~ Andy Shaw


Last year I wrote a course which I give you for free called Footsteps Through Your Mind. They come out daily, or maybe 2 to 3 days apart for some… Because a few of them require a little space for further thought.

Now to say this course was well loved is an understatement. I could put 500+ detailed thank you messages here on this page and another few thousand quick thank you messages… So I KNOW you are going to enjoy it.

In the Footsteps I teach numerous structured thinking techniques which should make your life easier, more enjoyable, and happier!

Now the bad news is, that this Footsteps course will be ready to release again on the 14th December….

The good news is, remember it’s free there’s no charge. …And even more good news is, between now and then I’m going to give you a few of them in advance just because I can 🙂

Over the next month I have a lot for you, including an all new training video coming to you in a few days, and two live cast presentations. In between those, I’ll send you a few of the Footsteps.

This idea of this course of Footsteps is to allow your consciousness to raise slowly and in increments as you go through it.

Some lessons you will think that you will have gotten immediately, and then you’ll probably find out later that you only just grasped them.

Some you will get immediately and then the power of the thinking will reveal all sorts of new things to you. Some lessons you will not get immediately and there may be times where what you are learning may mean you feel frustrated that you wish you’d learnt it decades ago…

All of this is OK, as this is not a course that’s designed to end. If you want to raise your consciousness more, all you have to do is go through the lessons multiple times and you will find more of life’s mystery are revealed to you.

Raising your consciousness through structuring your thinking will allow you to solve problems and achieve more than living at the same level of consciousness as you are now.

Albert Einstein wrote, ‘No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.’ Therefore the Footsteps course works on raising your consciousness which should aid you in removing all of your current level of consciousnesses problems.

Translated, that means… Life will probably get a lot easier and more enjoyable!


Quite simply there is no limit on your thinking capacity and your level of consciousness It is down to you as to how far you wish to go!

So what gives me the right to talk about this subject… What makes me an expert?

I was fascinated by why people could learn the same thing and see vastly different results.

I was also fascinated by how virtually everyone is successful in one or more areas of their life, but are struggling to succeed in something else…

So since 2005 I’ve been fascinated about the differences between the mindsets of successful and unsuccessful people in all areas of life.

E.g. they succeed in business, but fail in relationships. Or they succeed in a career, but they fail at managing their money. They succeed in their relationships but fail in business.

I wanted to know why two people could have similar skill sets, learn the same information and one succeed while one fails. Something was going on and I wanted to find it, because I was curious.

When I first realised that there was something going on which caused successes and failures, I was already a very successful person by most people’s standards.

By 2005 I was already a multi-millionaire, owned a successful business, owned a lot of real estate, and had a wonderful relationship with my wife and family.

secret-of-success-5So a success by most peoples standards….

But when I discovered the startling truth that less than 1% of people would ever become successful in the area of life they wanted to achieve success in… I became fascinated with why?

So people would work their entire lives and yet their chance of success was less than 1 in 100. This statistic blew me away and it really got me thinking.

I wondered why I could succeed and why other successful people could do it… But I also wondered, ‘why I KNEW most people couldn’t!?’

So why was I different!

This fascinated me and it took me five years and over $30,000,000 to discover the answer! If I had known the question was going to cost me what it did, I don’t think I would’ve wanted to know… But it’s done now, and it was priceless!

So you may find these Footsteps from me quite valuable… I wish I’d had them!

Over the next few months I’ll be sharing with you various concepts that I designed to open your mind up to the possibility that:

YOU ‘may’ be a naturally successful person and that

you ‘may’ have merely forgotten how to do it!

I don’t want to overwhelm you with anything today because the first few concepts are big game-changers if you are ready to consider them…

Today I just wanted you to merely consider the possibility that you are a naturally successful person and all that you and I need to do, is to get you back to being the person you were born to be…

I know the voice in your head will probably tell you that you’re not successful as you’ve failed at this or that, or have no money, or have been divorced twice, or have children that don’t like you…

Whatever it is, it really doesn’t matter, because this is not the real you.

The real you is the one who was born perfect…

What I’m going to show you soon, is that all that’s gone wrong is that no one has ever taught you how to think, just what to think

And when you see that for the truth it is…

Then you will see limitless possibilities opening up for you!

So today, just for today… I dare you to dream that you are naturally successful and that you are shortly going to find your way back to the person you were born to be…

How you get there is not important, we’ll cover that later…


Enjoy your day, seeing your future. Because if you silence the voice in your mind for just a little while and dare to dream, then this should make your day easier, far more enjoyable, and also happier!

I’ll be back tomorrow to give you something to really inspire you.

Best wishes,


P.S. If you have any questions then please ask below. All comments are moderated otherwise I’d never see them! And please understand that sometimes I have to consider questions before I can answer them 




23 thoughts on “Virtually every person on Earth has forgotten how to do this…

  1. Rajesh says:

    Look forward to evaluate the practical value and modus ops.

    Thanks and God bless!

  2. Denise says:

    Is there anything I need to do to ensure that I get the free Footsteps Through Your Mind course, or am I automatically enrolled because I already receive your emails?

  3. andyshaw99 says:

    Hi Denise,

    No nothing to do, you will get the Footsteps course and you are automatically enrolled because you already receive my emails.

    Best wishes,


    1. steve says:

      Thank you. I appreciate the fact that you are not trying to trick me or force me to buy something while at the same time you are educating me in areas I need. Along with this comes my insight and interest. This is the way it should be if people really care and are willing to help some of us achieve a higher level know that we will do the same for there.

      Dr. Steven James Madden

      1. Andy Shaw says:

        It’s about respect 🙂

  4. Douglas Webb says:

    I sense that this is a wonderful thing. I look forward to learning more.

  5. Sonya says:

    I am skeptical because I have had a difficult time throughout my life(since birth) but I am eager to learn more. Thank you for your inspiration to help others to turn our lives around. I will try to wrap my mind around this idea of being born “naturally successful” but it is not easy as I have witnessed unspeakable setbacks and difficulties. What keeps me striving for more peace,love, happiness and financial success is “hope”.

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Sonya,

      What I suggest you do is instead of being skeptical see if you can decide to not judge one way or the other. Consider the time spent looking without judging will be spent doing something anyway, so see if you can consider the time to be an experiment into seeing if you can avoid judging.

      This is actually a big part of the training as when we can control our socially conditioned training to judge then we become open to receiving without action. In other words creating with just thought rather than doing. Now this probably sounds a bit too fantastic right now. But if you can suspend judgment for a while and just look, then what currently looks too fantastic, may one day become normal 🙂

      As for the setbacks you mention, people who have pretty much had everything happen to them which can be considered awful have trodden on this path before and been surprised at how easily things can begin to change. And as for ‘hope’ any one of my students who has been with me for a month or two will tell you that you will not require the crutch of ‘hope’ for much longer. In the Process I take ‘hope’ apart, and when you see that, you probably won’t want that cancer in your life anymore… Yes I know it is medicine now, but you’ll soon see how it is currently bad medicine that looks like it’s good.

      Best wishes,


  6. Marina says:

    Hello, I have taken the happiness quizz but have not received the results yet.
    I enjoy Learning expecially the “people are taught what to think…..not just think… we are conditioned by what seems a lot of bagage, some of which could be left behind, best forgotten once the lessons are learnt…

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Marina,

      Firstly I would suggest taking it again as we experienced at least one 5 minute period where our system crashed this week from the weight of people taking the quiz. From what I’ve been told everything is fine now and can handle much higher volume.

      As for the baggage, you are correct. A lot can be left behind. I used to wonder why people carried it with them because I had a way of thinking which was natural to me that meant I didn’t. Then I discovered that we didn’t all have this system I had. This is a big part of the reason I created all of this work.

      Best wishes,


  7. Daniel says:

    Looking forward to the updates

  8. ٍSufiya says:

    Thank you Andy. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to learn how to think again? It might be harder for those settled in a comfortable zone but better to be aware of it than never. I happened to have just finished my NLP practitioner training and was hungry for more … This is perfectly in tune with the NLP learning. Thank you again.

  9. Joanna Cyngot says:

    Thank you, Andy. You are amazing and as great as London 🙂

  10. james lonergan says:

    Am most interested. Looking forward to hearing more

  11. mable says:

    Can i access the old class now please?? I missed it

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Mable,

      Not sure what you mean?

      Best wishes,


  12. Jackie says:

    Hello Andy,
    I truly love the fact that you’re not trying to sell a learning program; at least that’s how I’m understanding it. I’ve been contacted by MANY people proclaiming their program to be the best as they try to sell their product at the end of their presentation.Just before receiving your email, I was ready to unplug from it all although I like your approach and look forward to receiving more!
    Thank you!! Jackie

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Jackie,

      Trying to sell, correct I am not. Educating to the point where people decide I can help them, that is what I am doing. As far as I’m concerned that’s how I like to be ‘sold to’, so I like treating people the way I like to be treated.

      Best wishes,


  13. Julie says:

    I am blown away by your generosity. I cannot wait to apply your principles. Thank you.

  14. Debbi says:

    I think I’m actually amazed! But also you quite possibly may be an answer to my prayers. For years I’ve been lost and confused ,it started the day my son got killed. I also lost grand baby girl 2009. My youngest daughter was killed with her fiancé on a motorcycle. Leaving behind her daughter Brooklyn. That was 2011. It has been a struggle to have dreams for tomorrow’s, we went to court, and had to fight for custody of Brook. That was tuff. Along with other things that have popped up. My family seems to keep getting smaller. This is a hard time to do with the family get togethers during Thanksgiving next week and then Christmas. This year we have one more missing, my middle daughter who has struggled with addiction and so many other things she just can’t get to go right, this year she is gone. In prison she’s 38. And the only child we have left on
    I just want to get more positive to share these things I’ve gone thru that possibly I can help others along this life journey on this earth…… there anything possibly I can look forward to.
    Joy of sorts instead of fearing life. Am I lost? Thank you. I hope I have found something to help me move past the all this tragedy around and to my family,again I thank you

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Debbi,

      I tell people in the Process that they asked for this, and they got the answer. Usually it takes six to twelve months before people get past not believing it and then they realise they did. You are very close to achieving the first step back from this, which is in the free chapters and I think it is in chapter 4 on being able to accept what is. Please don’t look at the word acceptance and know you already understand. There is actually a journey needed to be travelled inside your mind. When you have travelled this journey you will no longer want to think you know it. You instead will be focused on living that you know it. This is a subtle difference, but a world of difference.

      Then after that the next big one for you will be surrender… When you are ready for that, (there’s bits in between that are needed first) it will transform your life! Well that’s when you pass the intellectual level of understanding and knowing it, and achieve the living it level… Which I know you will like 🙂

      Best wishes,


  15. Endy says:

    Am thrilled at your level of insight into reality and thank for make this platform free.

    Recently I have being reading self improvement books and am beginning to realise some blocks to my finances.
    For example every time I get a demand to sort some financial obligation, I automatically rationalise it based on my fixed monthly income. By this if it’s something I can’t afford based on my income, I simply wish it away but this I have realised it’s wrong. So how can I open my Mind to accept to buy things my fixed income can’t pay for.

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Endy,

      I have something coming to you in about 4 to 6 weeks which should solve this exact problem for you 🙂

      Best wishes,


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