How to control your mind’s awesome power…

~ Your mindset guarantees your success or failure in all you do ~ Andy Shaw

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If you slow down and consider your childhood for a few moments you will begin to feel again the confidence that existed before your thoughts begun.

I trust you enjoyed that sample I sent you yesterday from my Footsteps Through Your Mind Course.

How did you feel after considering what I gave you yesterday?

Did you notice you felt maybe just a little lighter?  If you did then just observe how this makes you feel… If you didn’t then this isn’t something to be rushed, it is something to be savoured…

I suggest you sit back and see if you can enjoy the journey… The voice in your mind will attempt to stop you doing that, but see if you can just observe this voice instead of react to it.

This full Footsteps course will be coming to you FREE as of the 14th December, but today I have another sample for you to enjoy.

In this Footstep Through Your Mind you’ll see how you are already using your mind’s tremendous power but probably do not yet know it.

When you can see what you can do, then you can begin to use it more purposefully.

But first…

A little history and how it is affecting you already…

The reason you’re receiving these Footsteps and mindset techniques from me is because of a somewhat enlightening journey I went on in 2009 & 2010…

In autumn of 2009 over a period of about three weeks I experienced the most amazing transformation of my mind. I went from being totally out of control to being in absolute control.

At the time my ‘quite considerable’ financial world was very publicly crashing down around my ears and yet I was in total serenity and at peace with it all.

To some around me I looked like I had lost my mind, but I hadn’t. For the first time in my life I had full control over every part of it.

I had found peace in a way that I used to have as a child.

I was not shut off to what was going on, instead I experienced every single graphic detail of it in high definition and actually enjoyed the intimacy and involvement of it all. Which was probably why some thought I’d lost my mind.

I observed the train wreck that was happening to my life, but I did it with no fears, no worries, no anxiety, no stress, no depression, no regret, no attachment, just involvement and observation.

I wasn’t superhuman, in fact I was just human. I had found my way back to the mindset from my childhood.

Where there was no fear, no worries, no lack of confidence, no low self-esteem…

Just pure presence, enjoyment and adventure.

The inevitable happened and I was made bankrupt on December 21st 2009 losing more money than most people would dare to dream of ever getting.

During a period of about two months whilst this was all happening I received hundreds of emails from people saying they were amazed at how I could handle all this so well and how calm I was.

I had all this going on, but I was also crystal clear in my thinking, that this was a temporary situation and the only way it would be permanent was if I allowed it to be.

Which obviously wasn’t going to happen. As even though I had lost a fortune (many millions), I still had something which could never be taken away… I had the mindset of a man who had made millions.

To lose it I would have to allow it to be lost, and that wasn’t going to happen…

I had already decided that my turnaround was going to be amazing and my life was going to be all I’d dared to dream it would be…

I considered, disappearing off into the business world and making another fortune, to re-emerge in three to five years time as another success.

why-is -ife-so-hardHowever, something had changed in me…

I had found the secret to controlling my mind.

I now knew what I could do… What limitless powers I had at my disposal and how easy it was going to be for me to create my life by design.

I was at a time of great thought and I decided to share a few of my insights on controlling our minds, like acceptance and surrender with a few of the members from a site I used to have.

This was just to see what they thought really, because they were not into working on their minds, they were after success for themselves financially. So this was a big change for them to hear me talk on the subject of mindfulness.

However, they loved it and so I added some more thoughts… And within a couple of weeks in early 2010 I understood what I had discovered –

That everybody needed this knowledge, not just those who were on the verge of bankruptcy.

Every living person needed a way to reset their mind and get control over it.

I didn’t realise right then but what I had found was the missing piece, the piece of knowledge which we all instinctively know is right there.

We can feel it as we know we are so close to the answer, but it always appears elusive, just round the next corner…

Do you know what I mean? Have you felt it too?

The magical missing bit that makes it all come together…

We can sense it’s there, we just can’t seem to find it. Well I found it – I found it by accident like some hidden treasure in the Jungle.

I had discovered that inside my own mind I had the answer to pain and suffering. I knew what people needed to bring an end to the suffering.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t some deeply spiritual guy on a quest for enlightenment. I was a normal guy who stayed looking at the problem longer… That’s all!

By some fluke I had been looking for the answers to the questions of why I could succeed and why couldn’t others… But I had no idea I was going to have to go on a journey to discover the answer…

And that’s what it’s all about, a journey of discovery…

The answers you seek can only be found on a certain journey… But it’s not the journey you think it is…

Right now you probably think they are on the outside and hidden in some book. No the answers are hidden within your mind That’s why you feel that you are so close to the answer.

journey-through-your-mind-2 2

So what I did was create a process which is like a guided tour around the thoughts and thinking that goes on inside your mind…

Inside your mind there are thoughts and thinking patterns which you have right in front of you, and you know them intimately, but they are so often used and are so obvious, and have been there for so long… That you just don’t notice them anymore.

They are mixed in amongst all the good thoughts and good thinking patterns you have too…

So you have some good and some bad, but they are all jumbled up and because of some other things you have and don’t have in your mind, which we’ll come onto later.

When I decided to create the process that sorts out the good and the bad and un-jumbles the mess, I set out with the intention of creating the MOST EFFECTIVE work on personal success that had ever been created.

I can give you stacks of proof which should take you way beyond doubt that this is not just some ideological unproven theory but a process, a system for structured thinking that will produce results for anyone, including you

But I’ll do that another time… Today I want to give you something else…

Once I realised that the answers that most people seeking an understanding from life were looking for, were actually sitting inside my mind… I suddenly felt this great wave of responsibility come over me.

I felt instantly that I couldn’t duck this one.

Before this moment responsibility to others and me had always kept a healthy separation gap! But this time I felt I was going to have to follow through. I just felt I had to step up and create the process, the guide.

Which at the point of feeling this, I didn’t realise that no one had put this together before. A lot had touched on it. Some had covered parts… But the problem is that all parts that touch need to be covered, because the mind is all connected like water is connected…

subconscious-mind-power-2 2So you cannot clean just one part of the mind as I’ll explain in some video training tomorrow.

…And that is why you’re here today… I trust that the little pieces I’ve already shown you have opened your mind up to the possibility that you are naturally successful…

Because if you want to learn how to control your mind’s awesome power so that it gets you the life you desire…

You first have to be open to the possibility that you really can do it!

So what I’d like you to do today is two things…

One, I’d like you to consider this…

Did you ask for me to come into your life?

Did you ask for a solution to a problem?

How do you feel about the fact that you were looking for a solution and this showed up…

Is it just chance?

Or could it really be that you are a truly great manifestor, and you just haven’t noticed before…

Now this bit’s very important… You’re not looking for an answer here, you’re just looking!

Avoid a yes or no answer to any of those questions, as that may not be you answering… (I’ll cover that later)

Just look and consider this today, could you really be naturally good at manifesting…

(I suggest you read and consider point one again a few times before moving on… But it’s entirely your choice what you do)

being-successful3Two, I’d also like you to listen or read 5 to 10 minutes from the first five chapters of the Bug Free Mind Process.

You can download it here if you haven’t got it already. Remember no need to do too much, just a little… Then see how you feel after you do and let me know below.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some all new video training which I think you are going to find somewhat eye opening!

Best wishes,


P.S. If you have any questions then please ask below. All comments are moderated otherwise I’d never see them! And please understand that sometimes I have to consider questions before I can answer them.



2 thoughts on “How to control your mind’s awesome power…

  1. Angie says:

    I’ve read a couple of the chapters from book one of “Creating a Bug-Free Mind” and I have to say I do feel odd… Not in a bad way; it’s simply that I’ve read and studied all kinds of self-development books for what feels like so long now, and I haven’t read anything quite like your book before. You ask (or rather, I should say you suggest) that we do a lot of reflecting and observing… not necessarily any feeling which is totally bizarre! Most self-help material, like you allude to in your book, seem designed to get you all revved up to change your life, become more, have everything in great abundance, etc. It’s not that these books are full of fluff – they’re all very useful and helpful. However, I’ve never read any self-development that tied into spirituality so well. Now, your material, I understand, is very much geared toward generating success but it is success of the mind – herein, lies all the power of the Universe. And, despite the oddity, it’s a freeing thing when you can simply enjoy the process of observing that power, and not get hung up on the outcome! Thank you, Andy, for the odd feeling!

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      You’re welcome, and… there’s more to come.

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