Footsteps Through Your Mind It Begins

~ Achieving more from life than you have now is simply a matter

of doing the right things in the correct order.Andy Shaw


Thank you for taking the first step on this journey through your mind.

Over the next few weeks and months I intend to take you on quite a ride through your mind!

Which will soon reveal to you some things you’ve known, but just didn’t quite fully grasp…

And there are some things which you will probably be shocked to discover…

My intention is that you will also feel a lot better and will look forward to enjoying each one of the Footsteps I send you.

The purpose of this message is to show you how to get the most out of this Footsteps Through Your Mind course…

Firstly the key thing I highly recommend is…

You avoid judging these Footsteps at all if you can…

Sure you will judge some things, it’s pretty difficult not to when you begin. But if you do judge, see if you can catch yourself judging. Don’t beat yourself up, just notice… That’s all!

There are several reasons not to judge as I will explain later on in the course, but put simply… All learning pretty much ceases once we judge one way to be right. It means, we begin to ignore things which can help.

So one of the exercises is not to agree or disagree, but just to look and consider… This process alone, without any judgement will change how you think gently!

This will result in a higher level of consciousness, and will result in results!

Mind Power TechniquesIn this course there are some very subtle mindset changes I’m applying which will enable you to raise your level of consciousness significantly in a very short period of time…

In the first few days you may feel like you are not going fast enough…

As I mentioned above, try not to judge it that way. I’m very gently putting some thinking structures into your mind that can be a bit of a depth charge… (meaning they may take a while to go off :-))

Not only that, they can give you multiple realisations at different times…

What I suggest you do is, just go with what I ask you to think about and decide to deploy a ‘wait and see’ strategy for a while.

So I highly recommend you just go with it, relax and enjoy this journey of discovery, as if you can do that, then you will find a lot of answers you have been looking for – I say this without ANY exaggeration!

These Footsteps are coming to you every other day, so within two weeks you will have felt your consciousness raising!

They are not designed to be absorbed as one big knowledge dump… Knowledge on it’s own without knowing how to apply it is not only useless, but destructive as I will prove to you later.

These Footsteps will work best for you if you read them one at a time, and on the days I send them to you.

As always it’s entirely your choice as to whether you follow that advice…

However they come out this way because it gives your mind time to consider things slowly. Then they gradually build to a book full of Footsteps.

The online Footsteps are completely free, if you would like to receive the audio of the whole series then there is a small charge.

Just so you know there’s no wrong way to do this course… Other than trying to do too much too fast.

I first released these daily, but now release them every other day to allow more time for your mind to adjust and consider, as after testing they proved to be more effective and less overwhelming when delivered slowly.

Look out for my next email where I’ll send you Footstep one.

But to give you something else to think about between now and your first Footstep…

You are a very educated person (some have more education, some have less… But we are all very educated)

And we as educated people are trained to reach conclusions on things AS FAST AS WE CAN…

To do this we use assumptions based on our preconceptions…

mindset-change1We do not know for a fact that our assumptions are right or wrong. We do not know for a fact that our preconceptions are relevant or irrelevant

As you go on this journey through your mind I am going to teach you how to think differently…

Well have a go at thinking differently now for a few moments… IF you’d like to…

Do you think your assumptions and preconceptions will help you or will hurt you when learning this course?

Do you think you can avoid judging today and over the next few days?

Be careful if you said yes, as that may not have been the real you who answered…

Consider, how will you feel when you have raised your level of consciousness…

You may want to re-read those few sentences again and consider them slowly

Because if you do, then you’ll probably be surprised at some of the things that begin to happen as you go about your days…

Best wishes,


P.S. One other thing, if you have any questions or just want to share what you are feeling then please use the comment section below to do so.

  • Suny Rostami says:

    It would be my pleasure to take this journey with you dear Andy. My Choice.

  • Anita says:

    The Footsteps links don’t work.

  • Thomas Hasson says:

    I watched and listened to your web presentation last week and found it great. You mentioned that you helped your Dad with altzehemers problems. My wife is having simular problems, can you suggest any guidance that Will help my family in any way, any information will be appreciated.

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Thomas,

      Firstly I found the solution for my Dad’s Alzheimer’s, however, it involved a significant lifestyle change that my Dad was not prepared to do. His exact words were I’m too old to change this much. He died 4 years later.

      I could tell you the answer right now but it really needs to be discovered to be know to be the truth. I can give you the first step on the journey but the person who you wish to help has to want to be helped. If they do not, meaning they are not willing to change their lifestyle ‘dramatically’, then you will be left knowing you could cure someone but they are not willing to cure themselves. This really can mess up your own mind and cause you A LOT of trouble as you may then be forced to live with someone getting progressively worse who did not care enough about themselves to fix them self…

      So the point is actually a complex one and I wouldn’t be serving you best if I didn’t tell you what is likely to happen. IF you decide to go on the journey and discover the truth for yourself – this is a BIG if in itself, as the chances are you will not ‘believe’ you have found the solution, which will make it inert anyway. Then IF you get past that and attain the state of KNOWING you found the answer and then you present the answer to the other person and they say, they can’t change that much. Dealing with all that can create pain.

      Now you will probably think that you obviously want to go down that road as you want the answer, which is not what you actually want. What you actually want is your partner to know she can fix herself with the answer, and that starts wholly in the mind. What I suggest you do is talk to her about this. And if she reaches the conclusion too quickly that she wants it, then you will know that not enough thought has been given to it.

      Once and if you both know you want to go on this journey then leave a message and I will email you the starting point, but don’t blame me or yourself when she eventually decides she won’t apply it. Knowing the answer can destroy your life, it didn’t harm mine one little bit when Dad said no to it, as I am the controller of my thoughts and my thinking has structures to prevent self harm.

      I’ll leave it with you now 🙂

      Best wishes,


      • Alan Thomas says:

        Good day Andy.
        Trust all is good with you and yours.
        Unfortunately my recall is not as good as it was and am afraid it my be the onset of altzehemers.
        Have your books in the little room as I feel they are important and that is the only place I can consistently find things.
        I am most interested in your comment Re:

        “” Thomas Hasson says:
        I watched and listened to your web presentation last week and found it great. You mentioned that you helped your Dad with altzehemers problems. My wife is having similar problems, can you suggest any guidance that Will help my family in any way, any information will be appreciated.
        Andy Shaw says:
        Hi Thomas,
        Firstly I found the solution for my Dad’s Alzheimer’s, however, it involved a significant lifestyle change that my Dad was not prepared to do.
        I could tell you the answer right now but it really needs to be discovered to be know to be the truth. I can give you the first step on the journey but the person who you wish to help has to want to be helped.””
        Iff it slows down my progression, I am willing to go to any lengths.
        Even at 74+ I willingly take on a new task to give me a better way of life.
        Love and Light

  • Sonya says:

    I do beleive assumptions and preconceptions can do more harm than good. And, judgement comes naturally based on those assumptions. I have caught myself on many levels, jumping to conclusions but I am willing to stop myself as they come up and say out loud “no judgement”, as I try and clear my mind by flooding thoughts of happy, joyful time and pushing out those judgements. I am painfully aware but willing to try.

  • Susan Oliveira says:

    I would love to learn more!!! One footstep at a time!!!

  • Judy Foster says:

    I agree, judging happens way too often

  • Rita Lees says:

    I’ve read some of your footsteps already Andy but would love to start the whole series from the start. Can’t wait.


  • Sandra Fisher says:

    Ready, set and I’m still reading A Bug Free Mind at the same time. This should be interesting. Found myself reacting to an neighbor’s somewhat critical comment and wondered “What’s that? There’s no benefit to paying any attention at all to that.” Yet, I was “hooked”.

  • Sherwood says:

    Basically everything you have taught I already knew. I agree with a lot you have said and disagree with some of the things you have said. So far I found little value or nothing so far in your teachings but you present hope that eventually you will get around to telling me something I do not know or disagree with and can be helpful.

    • Gii says:

      Are we judging here ?

    • Eugen says:

      Hi Sherwood. To rise a child there needs all the village. I am grateful to Andy that he showed me the way to move. He explained my chances, the reason why it is so, and what to do about it. And after spending two years with him, I’ve noticed that something missed for me. At that moment I knew exactly what I need – to get rid of ‘bugs’ by any means. So I spend three years at “Release techniques” by Larry Crane, and now currently are at “Release-A-Day” program of Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin. Even if I have not a lot of money, and just right now experiencing some difficult to pay my bills, I am completely okay with that. I am very happy that I have exactly such experience. I have a calm, serene, happy life. Andy has properly explained me the importance of the community and helping to others by posting, and not be afraid of mistakes if such happened. And I am feeling myself successful while posting comments at Sedona community forum. It is free there, and how I can see, not too much people there understands that the more you help other, the more help you’re receiving, without rush, without too much effort and stress, but it also makes me very happy. That’s my journey. Many conflicting situations made me credit thanks to Andy Shaw. With gratitude and loyalty, Eugen.

  • Wendy Stevenson says:

    I am really looking forward to it, thanks for sharing your knowledge with everyone! I am amazed how you’ve touched the very subject that gives all of us the tools to knock out the block in our minds & fine tune the most powerful method to use our minds the way they were intended!

  • beverly says:

    I agree,learning to think differently can greatly benefit our society,our world.can’t wait to get started and look at different avenues in our mind.Judgeing I think,keeps us from looking on the inside of ourselves where real change starts…thanks in advance.

  • Clint says:

    Thank you Andy, for providing some free information with useful content. Having just started my journey through personal development, and dealing with a very limited budget, it has been frustrating to see webinars and sites that give you a teaser of information to get you to buy a system. I realize that you have bills to pay too, but sometimes it seems like only the people with money to spare get the chance to advance their lives. Thanks again for the chance to move forward.

  • Terry Bryant says:

    As it has been said, so shall it be done. I follow your footsteps on this on Commander.

  • Alexander says:

    I’m excited to manifest more of your teachings in my life, Andy. I’m a member of ABFW and have all your other products so I know that these Footsteps Through the Mind will be AWESOME.

    Being that you have put out so much good information I’m curious how you think it would be best to apply it all. I know not all at once as it could overwhelm. Right now, thanks to my intuition and some good advice from fellow site members, I am taking it easy and going through the material slowly. I’m wondering if it would be worthwhile to read some of the free materials offered on ‘’ in conjunction with the materials I paid for. Would that be too redundant, or rather a distraction from the ‘mountain of gold’ I already have on the table next to me and in the website?

    These are questions I could answer myself, but I would love to read your advice. That, and I’m sure your answer could help others with implementing the ABFM process.

    FYI; I’m almost through my first read of CABFM (with multiple rereads of some chapters), have listened to the entire CABFM audio-book a few times (the early chapters many, many times), watched the LDG videos once (I did the exercises), and have been watching the SMS videos slower than they come. I also have reviewed the Happiness Quiz multiple times.

    Typing this all out has given me clarity of thought, but I would still appreciate your advice.

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Alexander,

      Thank you for giving me the opportunity.

      How to apply it all.

      Firstly it depends where you are on your journey.The Footsteps are reminders and different angles for existing students. But the idea behind them is to give people new to the process an experience of what life can be like when you learn the process. Quite often one thought structure can bring about a paradigm shift in a persons level of consciousness. However, there is no one size fits all, meaning we don’t know exactly when the shift will happen.

      The problems most people have is one of distraction, and one of the ego convincing people they have enough information.

      Distraction can never be fully solved, but it can be reduced and that is why I’ve re-written the Footsteps a few times now to prevent distraction from the results. The other thing is where the ego says ‘this is enough’, and they think it is… This is opposed to listening to someone who is selling them something which comes dressed in overall and looks like work. So this is an easy sell to keep people away from beginning the process. I can do a lot to help avoid this obstacle, but I can always get better at it, this is what keeps me revisiting the material and continually making it more effective.

      As a student you already know the journey is a worthy investment of your time and money and roughly 99%+ of students who begin continue to endorse the process to others. However, if you think back to the start, you’ll remember all the thoughts that prevent most people from beginning. So the purpose of these Footsteps is primarily to give people so much for free that it becomes obvious that the process is worthy of their money, and is not work but necessary to get all they desire from life – that is the tricky bit, and when I solve that more people can be helped faster.

      Now to answer your question at your point on the journey, you read a footstep when you want to, when it feels good to do so. When you may be a little tired or struggling to turn an area of thinking around, go to a Footstep and you will probably find that helps fix the point you were struggling with.

      As you correctly mention overwhelm is not a good way to go. All of this is best served by gradual reading and thought consideration. My role is to provide an environment which allows multiple diverse ways to adapt to the thinking structures, as what works for one person may not work for another. So things are really just dip in when suits you. The only way this training material doesn’t work is if it is not read and considered.

      Best wishes,


      • Alexander says:

        As you know, I already ‘knew’ this, but it helps to read it from you. I feel much more certain (95%) that I am applying the process in the best way for me right now. I feel blessed to have this knowledge at the ripe young age of 20. I can feel the potential; it’s limitless. I intend to meet you one day so that I can thank you in person and give you yet another example of the results of your work.

  • Bobby Mbongeni says:

    I’m ready for the journey (**,)

  • David Walker Finn says:

    Hi Andy,
    Am looking forward to receiving your Footstep series,
    Thank you,

  • Rebecca says:

    Where do I begin?? Would love to join your community…..

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Rebecca,

      The process is designed to meet you, so it’s really down to where you want to begin. Most people don’t see the value in the community, though when they give it a go they are VERY impressed, so as you see this now I think you’ll like that part a lot. I suggest having a look through all the different options here:

      Best wishes,


  • Chandra says:

    Grateful if you could send me your free Footstep series to begin with.

  • River says:

    Love your work; been through lots of others before, and extensive meditation. CABFM adds and expands and enthuses. Reading the first book again.

    Am recommending this to others. Will be contacting you about how to teach this to others after I absorb and profit from UABFM.

    I know the term Satori. What is meaning of, or the etymology of, Saltori.

    Waking up, as always,

  • Nat says:


    This came at the right time as I have been asking the distraction (doubt and the Ego) why don’t they want me to move forward into my desire… Then I thought to myself (my subconscious mind kept saying) remember how good it felt when I begin the journey and I notice me being different. Now I haven’t had that feeling and my subconscious mind said I should start from the beginning and I got this email thank you I’m excited to continue the journey. The distraction has got me back at 80% (being honest) of rid bugs I was feeling the decline. Now I know it’s going to go up I’m getting this as my snack or daily dosage (exercise) for my mind.

    I have a user name and all for the ABFW but I’m having difficulty as I am not sure how to connect with others I don’t see nothing but one article…., can some one help me (not tech savvy)?


    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Nat,

      Unfortunately you’re asking the wrong person where it comes to tech 🙂

      But, please persevere as my guys in tech will help you

      And the community group creates some simply awesome help and value.

      Best wishes,


      • Nat says:

        Andy, Andy, Andy… Guess what I’m on ABFW this made me smile (smile) this made me happy for some odd reason a few months back nothing but I see people. Maybe I (my subconscious self) allowed it in today as before I couldn’t and it frustrated my process and you are right things or IT comes in the right time and right way… HA (smile). Just desire to share this and ask because I’ve decide (everything is a choice) (seem like it’s all clicking & I finally get it tonight) to be confident, content, and at peace in the area I’m rid bugs and expect, desire, & will see certainty and results that the Ego “tries” to get me upset in another area Why is this?? Why won’t it let me enjoy the feel good…? I know you say to say “I choose to be happy” well what I figured out that’s working best for me is to say “I will be happy, I will be secure, I will have thoughts that benefit me & move me towards my desire, I will etc etc”. Is that okay? I know our minds are not static however the Ego wouldn’t allow me when I said “I choose to be…” It seem so far to achieve. Am I on to something? Oh see you in the ABFW I’m excited YES! 😉


        • Andy Shaw says:

          Hi Nat,

          For now, yes it is okay. But it is only okay while you are motivated for it to be. So this can only be used temporarily otherwise you will slip back. This is because ‘will’ is a statement of something you are yet to acquire. You cannot have what you do not already have. This is a very subtle difference and one which may appear to be inconsequential right now, and that is because you are currently in a motivated state. When you leave this motivated state your ego will attack the fact that you do not have it now.

          The answer lies in the subtle differences, saying you choose is demanding control. The fact that your ego stops you saying choose and allows you to say will (at least for now) is the sign that you are accepting that your ego is in control and dominant. How does this make you feel?

          I very much doubt this is what you wanted me to say, but you need to accept that you can be happy right now IF you choose to be. Accept that you can control your thoughts and have thoughts that benefit you now if you choose to do so… This may appear to be a failure and that is what your ego will attempt to tell you it is. However, the fact this has happened and that you asked me about it, and IF you can accept it and push over the last little bit, then this will actually be a great success.

          Have fun with your thoughts over the next few days they should be interesting to watch.

          Best wishes,


          • Nat says:


            How does it make me feel to see that the Ego is in control and have me to use ‘will’ instead of ‘choose’ is eye opening and explains the slippage I have felt and yes I see the control because it worked before saying ‘I choose…” why it doesn’t work and opens me to see the sneaking bastard came in and I didn’t catch it because I was looking for the nutter else where this just gave me more fuel I have mix feelings of fuel energy I’m gonna do this eagerness also relief to know I can get it back right and shock that I got got but I’m okay with it cause I can now see why I was having a hard time for the last few weeks it helps me understand what or why things were feeling off HA! now goodness caught it in the ‘nick of time’… Yes not what I expected you to say LOL (smile) however I love the truth so I am glad for it as it made see or like a slap on the face a wake up moment.

            I will be watching my thoughts and this was what was desired… I’m actually feel good about what you’ve said.

            Thanks Andy
            Nat 😉

          • Andy Shaw says:

            You’re welcome.

  • Carol Green says:

    Kudos to you for not resting on your laurels Andy. I will likely purchase this at a later date as my plate is full with all the ways I enjoy interacting with my BFM community, the books, the videos and creating my designs. Just for laughs, the one thing I forgot to include in my perfect vacation design was a good nights sleep. We didn’t have a whole one during our stay and consequently cut our trip short. We did have an incredible time, met amazing people, ate well, enjoyed the weather and were ready to get home and sleep. As I commented on the community site, the devil is in the details and I will follow your instructions more closely now and in the future. 😉

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Carol,

      Yes I have had similar things happen from time to time. When you design if you also expect to feel good all the time then you should take care of the details too. As the problem with details are there are too many of them to cope with. Also remember to allow for a little let down too as nature does like it’s balance. So I design a little bit of a low into my designs to allow for that too.

      Best wishes,


  • Kevin says:

    Got here and done Footstep one after much looking around for all the audio links! Much easier when I read the instructions (thanks Phil). Footsie one was good, will listen again before bed.

  • Rose says:

    I would like to buy the mp3 version of the Footsteps (10 pounds) but the link does not work!

  • Rod Hohl says:

    Andy —

    I love what you are doing and bought the two Bug Free Mind books. Read the first six chapters. But then I fell away. This is important to me. This is what I need, but I allow other time demands to crowd out time for these marvelous footsteps. I might have finished 10 and that was a couple of months ago. Should I just start over?

    Secondly, how do I get the footsteps over to a good friend and get her started. I know it could change her life.

    Thanks for your great work.


    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Rod,

      Yes the ego drags us away from what helps very efficiently.

      The answer is to make it easier for yourself, read just a page, or a paragraph. Keep it near you to pick up when the adverts come on. The point isn’t to consume it all, the point is to read a bit and think about it, and apply the techniques. That is the important bit that changes it, otherwise it is just useless knowledge.

      I would say carry on from where you were, otherwise your ego will beat you up for wasting time. Just so you know the only real waste of time is using the time anyway and not applying the process, as you are attempting to solve your problems and achieve your dreams with your current level of consciousness… To do it that way, will use up your entire life and you won’t get there. So you actually have all the time in the world, as the current ego driven plan is not going to work and will use up all the time…

      As for getting your friend on the Footsteps, I’ve stopped people having them from the instant they join our mailing list, they come in a few weeks later. So the way to get them is to join the mailing list and the course starts about 3 weeks in.

      Best wishes,


  • Ed Willard says:

    Hey Andy,
    I find your material quite interesting. One thing that really turns me off is ALL the talk of MONEY, MONEY, MILLIONAIRES…….ETC. My guess is that this is a fairly common response? Mind you, it’s not that I’m rich or even well off…though I shall soon settle a case with a publisher which shall make me so. I’m a writer. Anyway, I’m not writing to gripe…..I see a whole lot of good here….particularly since I have had a whole lot of work in non-ordinary states of consciousness, with Stan Grof in holotropic breathwork and in a lot of medicine work as well. Anyway, everything about Zen mind I find very useful. I’ll tell you though what I have been finding very useful just now, (a close friend of mine lent me some of your tapes and your book, “The Bug Free Mind”). I was reading this and having all of the above objections until I skipped a bit forward to your section about making a list of the things that I appreciate/feel grateful for….I found that after a couple of minutes of struggling, (literally like two), I was off to the races. I’d say that this is basically because I am a feeling type and this is what works for me.
    Certainly stick with it Andy! I “feel” that you are on a marvelous course. I’d also appreciate any comments.
    Ed Willard, Author of “The End of the World”….(NOT science fiction), available on Amazon

    • Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Ed,

      Yes it is. Though it is mostly because of a hidden fear people have of either succeeding or not succeeding which causes the discomfort. As money is just an abundance thing and is not the bad thing that some feel it is.

      I trust your book sells well.

      Best wishes,


  • James Trower says:

    Can someone point me in the right direction. I am looking for the Footsteps Through Your Mind download page. I am a bit confused on where to go to download the mp3 files I ordered. Thanks 🙂

  • james milne says:

    Hi Andy,
    I have just purchased B.F.M books would that conflict with footsteps through the mind process and be to much for me.

    Kind regards James

  • Subhadip Roy says:

    Hey Andy,
    Its strange I found you when I am feeling I am on the brink. You have surely shown me the light at the end of the very long dark tunnel that I have been into since childhood. I needed change much long ago but I could not find it unfortunately and all of a sudden you have appeared in my horizon. I am quite certain your approach will give me success and fulfill my dreams which are (I feel) overdue. This is definitely the ultimate solution which every person needs if they are going to succeed in his life.
    Coming to my problem I am unemployed for quite a long time and maybe or otherwise I have become very frustrated and depressed. I must not say that I was all through unemployed but I could not stick to a single job for more than 1 year. I worked in the Middle-east also in a small company with meagre salary and I did not have a job satisfaction there. The work environment was also bad. I stay in india. So when I went back home I only got a chance to work in a call centre which is HORRIBLE. I left that job within 8 months and thereafter stayed unemployed for quite a few years. I worked in another company as with again a meagre salary on contract basis but there also I got into trouble for forgetting an important document and got fired. But I refused to put down. I kept on trying other companies but none of them seems to be showing me the right step forward. They were simply childish in their functions and attitude. Now I am slowly realising that I have been really going through an illusion. These are either not real companies or they were just temporary establishments created to provide temporary jobs which does not and never will have any future. But these time has gone by without any result. Now I am toward the end of my tether. I don’t know what to do next. I tried for government job here but it also appeared illusory to me. But my family would like only to see results and they are dead against me. I fell into more and more depression. It seems it would be better to die and not live another day. Again my father as a last effort spent $80 dollars for a course in ERP/SAP training. I am presently doing a project there in view of getting a job from that training. It was a hell of a struggle that I am going through. But still I hoped to find a way and probably God has sent you.

  • Sal says:


    I think a teacher never runs out of students! Thank you for being there to lead those in the darkness to the light.

  • Surendra says:

    Andy sir, I used my 3 email id’s for keeping footsteps coming in regular intervals. Before beginning the process I took almost a year to understand what’s it A Bug Free Mind process is all about. I realised repetition is master skill. Slowly slowly I built my understanding of the process. I bought the process and keept continue reading anything I had access to about saltori system and process of teaching it to public. Since last month saltori system and process of teaching it is slowly unfolding before me layer by layer and pace of unfolding is moving up. Now I desire to join you in spreading words about your system. I want to say to everyone reading my reply what is waiting for you at the end of the process you can not think or imagine. All the best to everyone for their journey to becoming saltorist. Gratitude Andy sir from the core of my heart…. May God bless you

  • Surendra says:

    Situation can be anything but how you feel about it is your choice. After realising this truth. I am leading happy life

  • Lawrence says:

    Thank you Andy for sending me a new way of thinking and contemplating life. I am ready to follow in your ‘footsteps’

  • Karen says:

    One footstep at a time…I’m committed to this and I’ll do the best I can at being non judgemental as I possibly can and at the very least,if I catch myself being judgemental,I’ll start thinking of a happy thought about my beautiful daughter,thoughts of her can and always make me smile and feel love toward anyone,no matter how disrespectful some people can be,I can smile as I think of my daughter, I’m going to give it a hell of a go Andy,lol

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