What’s The Thinking Behind The Name Saltori?

~ Your mindset guarantees your success or failure in all you do ~ Andy Shaw

10. What’s The Thinking Behind The Name Saltori?


Saltori was a word which I put together after considering a lot of different factors that go into this way of thinking.

Sa-l-tori (Sa – tori)

Satori – Firstly the beginning of it came from the word Satori which forms the beginning of the Saltori System. Satori itself is very much open to interpretation because it forms part of Japanese, Chinese and Indian philosophies but after studying them Satori felt most like this to me:-

Satori is no mind – to have no thought at all.

This is the ability to still the mind and not think anything at all. Achieving it is the first step in mastering yourself. It is the foundation step of what I teach and it is something everyone once had and so they can have again with correctly applied accurate thinking.

When a person achieves Satori they can see into their true nature and with this can effectively design their life based on what they actually desire, not what they have been programmed to desire.

The simplified version of what Satori is… Is ‘No-mind and personal thought control, which gives a person the ability to understand through observation what they truly want because no thought interrupts them.’

When the transition techniques have been mastered then Satori begins to emerge. This can take time, or it can happen in no time, everyone is different and has more or less ‘bugs’ than the next person.

However, once mastered Satori requires no time and can be created in an instant and at any place. Creating and Using A Bug Free Mind students, often write to me and thank me for ‘giving them back control of their minds.’

Achieving Satori is effectively what is required to control ALL a persons thoughts.

Satori is also the control mechanism for silencing the anarchy like a judge hitting his gavel. Satori controls the mind’s thoughts.

Sal-tori (Sal – vation)

freedom-2Salvation – Salvation is all about freedom from the entrapment of what societies programming has done to a person… Or rather what they have unconsciously allowed societies programming to do to them. I say unconsciously because they have only been trained what to think, and not how to think.

The current way the world is, there has never been more need to be saved from pointless, directionless lives than there is today. My personal need for wanting to help and save people was also the driving force behind the Sal, as well as finding a way to help save and therefore change people was at the core of what I really desired to do with my life.

At the heart of the Saltori System is the understanding that despite appearances everyone is naturally successful. And in fact they are designed to be that way, for people to not be successful goes against their very nature! When you learn Structured Thinking you will discover this to be true.

This all means that a successful mindset is not something a person has to go and get, it is something a person has to get back.

It is far easier to get something which someone has already had, as long as they go about retrieving it the correct way.

But as a species… What has happened is that a by-product of our over abundance of intelligence has given birth to something which robs us of our natural ability.

A few people fail to have that ability robbed from them and they are called successful people, but the truth is that they are societies failures.

chaotic-thinking-2The Saltori System is specifically designed to remove societies incorrect thinking patterns, which are not taught, but rather just accepted as the way it is… And then to replace these crooked thinking patterns with a simple way of accurate thinking instead.

This system provides salvation from unseen, unknown invisible barriers which are currently preventing unsuccessful people from succeeding.

As I mentioned earlier there are successful people who haven’t succeeded yet but who will. But the people who are unsuccessful can never succeed until they have moved from their current position of ‘anti-success’ back to their natural successful position.

When this happens or begins to happen then the second part of the Saltori System is used to enhances a persons ability to achieve the life they were designed to be able to live.

Saltori Thinking is effectively salvation from societies default thinking! It is not some cult or religion, it works alongside anything else that exists, it is just pure simple thinking which enables success.

Unfortunately unsuccessful people attempt to free themselves using various methods but as nothing else can actually deliver salvation unless they are already free of it themselves then they cannot succeed, and the odds of them being in the 0.001% are at best awful, so why take the chance!

Up until now there was no alternative way of thinking so it was thought that the method used by everyone who attempted to learn how to become successful would work… But of course this would only work for societies failures (the successful few who hadn’t lost touch with their natural success mindset).

What this means is basically no salvation was available before unless a person still had their natural mindset (yes that’s why what you tried almost certainly failed).

If they didn’t have the mindset then there was no way to get it. They would attempt to get to success from a baseline of anti-success… Which of course was certain to fail.

So Salvation from the 100% certainty of failure for all in the 99.999% is at the core of the word Saltori. The simple understanding of Salvation without the culty or religious connotations to me is ‘freeing a person’ or ‘saving them.’

Sal-tor-i (S-tor-y)

Story – Story is about a person living their story and deciding to observe and account for it all without judgement. We think of stories as pleasant things which involve no effort. We all love a story and we should all love our own story, good and bad as it’s our story.

What Saltori does is take a person to all parts of their story so they can study it. They see the beginning, the past, the future, the end, and of course the present… Saltori is about observing, understanding and living your story, but also designing what your story will be.

What Does The Symbol Signify?

The symbol in Saltori is the eternity symbol. It is there to represent how long a person will continue to apply the Saltori Thinking techniques. But to also remind them how they will do so without effort. As once the Saltori techniques are mastered they effectively become a default way of thinking and so become like breathing in and out, an automatic process.

The eternity symbol is also there to symbolise the danger which is always present. The danger is that it is easy to slip back into bad/negative thought patterns if a person does not feed their mind and maintain a Saltori state…

The eternity symbol serves to constantly remind how a person must always be aware of the danger of inaccurate thinking, which is the way ALL people will think at times!


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