Has This Training Been Valuable To You?

~ Your mindset guarantees your success or failure in all you do ~ Andy Shaw

andyshaw-saltori-structured-thinkingI just wanted to take a moment to thank you for being a subscriber to my Mindset Secrets newsletter and to ensure you’re happy with the free training I’ve been providing you with so far.

As you can see from all of the comments on the blog it seems everything I’ve shared with you so far has really helped.

However, I’d really like to hear from you individually, so can you please do me a small favour?

Can you simply write either YES or NO as your answer in the comments on the page?

It’ll only take you 5-10 seconds or so and it really would help me to know this was helping even more people than there are commenting…

Thank you Best wishes Andy


587 thoughts on “Has This Training Been Valuable To You?

  1. Michael Leahy says:

    How can I type the word ‘Yes’ without adorning it with with words like ‘extremely valuable.’ The books and recordings has been an incredible value. I’ve listened to the one on the law of attraction a hundred times, no exaggeration.

    1. tomislav says:


        1. Alina-Elena Curelaru says:

          YES. Thank you for everything, even I didn’t have the time to read all the informations you provided to me, but in a short time, I will review every single word from your training. Your training is more valuable than I’ve ever hoped. Thank you for everything and please don’t stop doing this.

          1. Carole says:


      1. Val says:

        …For sharing and caring & daring to write..
        what is bright, right & will help to delite..
        the lives of many I see…,
        most definitely…
        & i’m sure you’ll agree,
        that it’s helping us get
        to where we’ve been wanting to be…
        & that is to live..,
        Thank you Andy

        1. Mike says:

          Every word you utter,
          every sentence you write,
          every idea you blog,
          every thought you share
          have all been, and will
          continue to be, very
          helpful to me and others.
          Thank you.

          1. Andy Shaw says:

            Thank you 🙂

      2. Carole says:

        yes and so much more

    2. Sandra Isdell says:

      I am realizing the power of gratitude. I am grasping the value of being present. I am excited about my personal development. I realize my potential to be a catalyst for positive change.

    3. Sequinthia says:

      This has been Awesome help to my well being. It gives me so much life consider my life’s story. Thank You And YESSSSSSS!

    4. K says:

      Yes it was. It gave me a lot of confidence & it was inspiring. I really enjoyed it. With gratitude. 🙂

    5. Nathanael Msambe says:


    6. Terri says:

      Yes, most definitely!

    7. Cyndi Walshock says:

      Great so glad you did it
      I am so rewarded

    8. Dianne says:

      Most definitely, have the books and the audio – play the audio continuously in the car. Haven’t quite worked my way though UABF yet have been waylaid by Eckhart Tolle at the moment but they are all related. Taken you advise to re-read some o my favourite books also. Just to let you know what you are doing is extremely valuable and please ‘keep it up’. Enjoying the journey…….best wishes

      1. Carole says:

        don’t have the books but listen to the lessons most everyday

    9. Helen says:

      Yes. Thank you for doing what you do I know it must help millions of people to find their way.

    10. Joy says:

      great learned a lot.

    11. David Walker Finn says:

      Thank you Andy,
      I am finding your ideas of much assistance, ( have just made initial purchase of Part 1 of your book) as there are significant areas to deal with: unemployment for almost 12 months, with lack of ongoing cash-flow, difficult social/personal issues, being in a default situation geographically and work-wise, and other sundry area too numerous to list.

    12. Robert says:

      Valuable is a tremendous understatement. I’ve been studying reality creation techniques for over 7 years, but this changes everything. I “knew” this all before, but the way you clarify my understanding and embed it into my mind is amazing. A big thank you!

    13. Peter says:

      Yes thanks

    14. Amy says:

      Yes, very helpful

    15. Michelle M says:

      yes, your book has changed my life and my perspective more so than any other self help book I’ve read. Dr. Robert Anthony was my hero for years, but you have gratefully taken it step beyond for better understanding.

      Thank you Andy!

      1. Cynthia says:

        YES it is helping me to be patient, calm and treat this learning as fun play. Im listening to audio since book is on the way. It teaches me to Observe and think with a clean slate. Being in the present moment helps me to slow down and accept that things are not as bad as they appear.

      2. Laima says:


    16. Guido says:

      Yes !!

    17. Theodore Jones says:

      Yes, Very valuable. Thank you Andy!

    18. Pauli says:

      Yes. First I started to read your emails and found them very interesting. I tried to manifest the money for the first book and succeeded, wow! Does this really work? I read slowly the first book and reread it few times at the same time and made some notes. I have had quite big lossings during last years, lost few very important people around me, but anyway I’m now happy. I think teachings from the book and meditation have helped me a lot. Before summer I “manifested” better income and succeeded. I don’t know is it because I did something or just “good luck”.
      Anyway I’m now reading the UABFM and succeeded with lime green teacup :). So I have succeeded with some smaller things, and I’m now “waiting” to see when bigger ones succeeds also. So I see it’s worth to try and let yourself see how it works. Very interesting!

    19. Jenney says:

      Changed my life

    20. Sheri says:

      Andy you have truly changed my world. The wonders of no mind, gratitude and putting myself in my future plans. I have also made many connections between my negative thoughts and past experiences. I am learning to forgive those who I perceived as hurting me in the past. I am also able to manifest things quite well. I actually asked for a way to message you and this email appeared. My question is where do I begin with the program if things are already happening? Lots of love. Sheri

      1. Andy Shaw says:

        Hi Sheri,

        Thank you.

        The idea with all the free material is to give you an experience that it can work which clearly has happened.

        Then it really is just a matter of beginning the process in the way that suits you financially best. I strongly recommend the first book, audio and community as this gets to so many levels on the learning scale. But if it’s down to money, just simply the first book is enough to dip your toe in the water. It is also enough if that’s all you want to do.

        What changes if you go to other areas like the audio and the community then speed of absorption increases and level of understanding goes deeper and faster. This is why I suggest starting with all those as a minimum. However, if money is not too much of an issue, then add the second part of the process in too. As about 90 days after beginning you’ll want that to at least be available to you immediately.

        Most people re-read the first part multiple times before beginning part 2. However, a lot of people listen to part 2 multiple times while they are working through part 1. I think that way can be very effective.

        Then if money is no issue, then the video course is what really increases the consistency and expands consciousness and accurate communication with your subconscious mind. This is because it slows the points down to a virtual stand still and looks at them.

        Best wishes,


        1. mary smith says:

          Thanks for all the free books , love reading them, trying to get rid of my blockings that are holding me back that come from my past relationship , need something to quite my mind where I can sleep better, in a new relationship now that I want to work so got to get past this ! Please help me!

    21. Ernestina Mendoza says:

      No, but all taken in stride and good humor.

    22. Jeffrey says:

      Yes!!!!! This should be a formal course in the education system!!

    23. Lloyd says:

      Thank you so much for your training its been helpful.

      Keep up the good work Andy

    24. Carole says:

      Yes, and I loved the Pond analogy It made so many things fall into place

    25. Tracey May says:


    26. Bob from Victoria BC says:

      Really enjoying the books and the audios, finding the additional Footsteps materials refreshing and great reminders. Creating new designs! Thank you, Andy

    27. Rebecca says:

      Yes…very insightful sharing of valuable information. Thank you

    28. Russ Blanco says:

      With out a doubt….YES

    29. Feiz Najmi says:

      Yes. All praises due.

    30. Anne says:

      Yes thank you.

    31. Alan Barber says:

      Yes loved it on many levels


      Oh yes,thank you

    33. Will says:

      yes, your books are on my wish list and i love your ideas

    34. Lyubka says:

      Andy, thanks! Veeeeeery useful training! Refreshing point of view. Nourishing food for thought. Astounding, really.

    35. Mike says:

      The Bug Free Mind books has been outstanding resourses for me over the last four years in my professional and personal life. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world

  2. Marilyn says:

    YES! I find myself using your trainins when I talk to my two teens, as well. I look forward to your daily messages and trainings and almost earned enough in Amazon gift cards to get book number one….so excited about that. Thank you for all you do!

  3. Paul says:

    Thanks Andy I enjoy your newsletters

  4. Fernando Puron says:

    Yes, Thank you
    I would like to learn more!

    1. Ahmed Hassan says:

      Thank you very much

  5. Catherine says:


    I have recently gone through a very rough patch, a difficult, traumatic situation, and have been searching for and wide for coping, learning, and life-changing help to go through it. Somehow, through all my searching, I found you and your bug-free mind writings and videos. It has opened my eyes and changed my way of thinking. It is still a process, but I have seen the light and am on the right path. Thank you.

  6. Kat says:

    Hello Andy,

    The training I’ve been receiving has been very beneficial to changing my mindset for the better. I feel like I am finally breaking free from all the negative thinking that has held me back for so long. I have noticed that it is easy for me to replace negative thoughts with positive ones and everyday I’m better at letting things that once would anger or annoy me just roll off my back. I’m going to be ordering the first book of A Bug Free Mind soon and I look forward to making even more progress.

    Thank you for your help,


  7. Bill says:

    yes; it has been helpful. I am struggling with my mind racing and not being able to focus. I will probably purchase ABFM by the end of today. I need a system to control my thoughts.

  8. Natha says:

    Can you be my mentor

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Natha,

      Most people who study the process say I am as it feels like I am there with them. I created the process to do just this as I do not have time for one to one training, and this doesn’t interest me as I am intending to change the minds of the many by changing as many individuals minds as I can, so teaching one on one will not allow me to achieve my purpose.

      Best wishes,


  9. Beth says:

    Yes. Thank you! I would prefer to not get all the emails about things from other people though.

  10. Ankita says:


  11. Svetlana says:


  12. Nataša says:


  13. Omar Abouelhosn says:

    Dear Andy,
    I really appreciate all the videos that you provided,,I can feel that I motivated and God bless you

  14. Don Donovan says:

    I have listened to both book at least 8 times each, maybe more. Every time I listen I learn something new. Your book have turned my life into a great new direction. My life is the fullest that it has ever been and it keeps getting better. I am so grateful for you and your information coming to me. I have committed to keeping your books close at hand and re listening to them when ever possible. What ever chapter(s) I listen to is always just what I needed at that time. I thank the Universe bringing you into my life. Bless you and keep up the great work.


    YES. it is helpful to me.

  16. marcy says:

    Yes! Always good to have a reminder to say on track!

    1. Dihanna says:

      Hi Andy,
      I feel that all this information has helped me become more aware of my thoughts and redirecting them, i hope to get more help on being able to put away fear and start taking action towards the things i want to get accomplished.
      Thank you for waking me up.

  17. Ron Greenhough says:

    Hi Andy,
    Yes, your teaching and training has been awesome. It has really helped to fine tune and bring into clearer focus all of the other concepts I have been studding. Thank you so very much for all you have contributed the the raising of our consciousness. Cheers!

  18. Mark Molle says:

    Hi Andy,
    Yes the Saltori system you have developed is AWESOME and yes it is helping me daily.
    I have read the books several times and will go back for more to keep the wisdom flowing THANK YOU for all that you are doing and keep up the momentum. Looking foreword to the software release as thinking is creating my reality.
    Have a GREAT day!

  19. Laurie says:

    Yes, the training has been very helpful to me. I’ve introduced your teachings to others so they may also benefit.

  20. Andrea says:

    Yes you have been a big helpo to me Thank you

  21. Pam says:

    Yes the training is helping. I purchases “A Bug Free Mind” (audio & books) and all I can say is “brilliant” I hope you are successful in getting these adopted by ALL school systems and then we can be rest assured that our children will be getting the best education possible and off to a great start in life.

    thanks so much for all you do,

  22. Marina says:

    Yes, this training proves extreamly beneficial! Knowledge without application is a waste- thank you for showing how to “easily” apply what we learn. So many people in my circles wanting to focus on a better world- have realized that taking the focus off themselves actually benefits them. I.e. Kindness returns kindness- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this new wave of consciousness. You elevate yourself as you elevate others.

  23. Delilah says:

    I have saved all the valuable information for now with a quick read first. I meditate on the ideas which give me greater awareness. Sometimes it is just a word or so which gives me direction. All positive information is positive energy and that is what I am using to build a more positive life. Thank you for all that you have shared.

  24. John-Ross says:


  25. jeff says:

    Yes, very much so!

  26. rajendra says:

    Your work is amazing for the betterment of society.

  27. Toni says:

    I have benefited from the free materials that you have provided, and I am grateful for the direction that they have taken me. Thank you for your help. I am looking for work, and your pointers have been helpful to me as I am interviewing, making life-changing decisions and fixing life-long character flaws. I appreciate your generosity.

  28. Henri says:

    All your informations has helped me very very much in my eveyday life, thank you very much Andy!

  29. Maha says:

    The newsletter and bug mind kit has given me insights into why things are going wrong for me. I have suffered financially and emotionally and to top things I am facing life as a single mother running away from domestic abuse. I suffered cycles of abuse that ended up breaking me. But I am grateful for reaching this point because it helped me to wanting a better way of life and seeking answers, which your emails and teaching has provided. I want a bug free mind because I want my life to flow easier and I am planning to buy the bug free mind system and I know it will Change my life, but I have to wait longer as I have no income at the moment. I have practice thought consideration technique as previously thought that thoughts were always right and credible. I am also using gratitude journals and my golden book rule to get the most of the free resources you offer. Thank you for giving me hope in a brighter future for me and my girls without the crazy nutter in our lives.

  30. Susanna says:

    Yes. They are useful & helpful.
    Bless you.

    Thank you,

  31. Cliff Jn louis says:

    Yes ! All of the content you have shared with me from day one has been helpful and satisfying ,my awareness has been heightened in many aspects of my life thank you Andy Shaw I am deeply grateful and thankful and I would like to receive more of your insights and valuable contents on a daily basis thank you.

  32. Jaime says:

    Hi Andy!

    Thanks so much for the recent videos and the Bug Free Mind program. I am currently reading the first book and am blown away!


    1. Chuck White says:

      Yes and I am most greatful…

  33. Silvia says:

    Its been fantastic so far…everyday I try and spend 20 to 30 minutes on a section- like you say time and time again, it’s not a race to finish!

  34. sha says:

    I just completed a big move. I couldn’t have done this without the practice of a bug free mind.

    Thank you for the free training, I appreciate it very much

  35. Alexandra says:


  36. Max Tofone says:


  37. Alexandra says:

    …thank you!

  38. Joanna says:

    I have only read free chapters and ordered copy of both Bug Free Mind books but I can now say that this is an eye-opening way of thinking. I’m not familiar with all methods of clearing mind yet but will let you know how I’m doing soon 🙂

  39. Elena says:

    Yes, thank you very much! I realized I have a potential to reach my goals !


  40. Gina says:

    Hi Andy

    Without a doubt, this training has been immensely valuable. Please send me the last two videos. I’ve been waiting anxiously for them. Through your training I watch my thoughts. I am now able to immediately dismiss & discard negative thoughts. I feel so much more positive in general, but more about the ability to achieve what I desire, and that, without too much effort.

    Thank you ever so much. I’m looking forward to doing the actual course with you.


    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Gina,

      There’s an email either tonight or on Wednesday with links to all I’ve already sent you 🙂

      Best wishes,


  41. Jamie says:

    Yes this is helping me and I want to continue to learn and benefit. This has given me new motivation and a new outlook. I can’t wait to see where I will be in 12 months from now. thank you

  42. Euchariste Pierre says:

    Hi Andy,

    For free and in so little time, i am not the same b

  43. Doc says:


  44. Ray says:

    I found the training very valuable and found you to be very sincere about helping people . I will be purchasing a package as it would be foolhardy not too. Thank you for your help.

  45. Fernando says:


  46. Fernando says:


  47. Genesis says:

    Thanks Andy!

    I listened to the audios during my road trip last week and am now starting in on reading the book as well. Thanks for all you do and for the peace of mind you have given me!

  48. Eric Scott says:

    Yes the free training has been very helpful

  49. Lisa says:

    Yes it has helped.

  50. Alan R Gingrich says:

    Your work is great. I’ve been a log time student of mind enhancement and yours is some of the best!

  51. Alan R Gingrich says:


  52. Sheila says:

    Thank you Andy for your free information. Yes it helped me remember what I had at one time known. In the energetic grid of thoughts we are all connected and at times others thinking can mix up ours. Thank you for your great work. Sincerely, Sheila

  53. steve says:

    I am enjoying your materials and they are helping.

  54. Arvid says:

    This training has been extremely helpful. I really noticed the change in myself. So much that I decided to buy the first book Creating A Bug Free Mind to get started on the process. I’ve been reading the book religiously since I got it two weeks ago. I just can’t put it down. Thank you very much Andy for letting me discover this. I know now it was meant to happen.

  55. Jasi says:

    Yes thank you Andy, I’ve found most of it very useful. X

  56. Mandy says:

    yes very thank you

  57. Lidia says:

    YES Thank you

  58. Catherine Harvey says:


  59. anthony alderson says:

    Yes the training is Amazing keep it coming.Even though I have the books love the daily,s to keep me focused & on track.

  60. Chimwemwe says:


  61. Mary says:

    Your training has helped me and my fiance’ make some major changes in how we approach our lives and our thinking. We are both “a work in progress”…but we are definitely making progress and are both very happy.

    thanks for making this available to all of us.

  62. Momy Kouri says:

    Hi Andy! Thank you so much for all your valuable information and help definitely I’m grateful.
    God bless!

  63. Kathy Rollins says:


  64. Debra Brooks says:


  65. GLEN VAN DYKE says:


    Once in a while I get a chance to read your blog, but I am so busy with my businesses and taking an on line course with John Assaraf, that my day is totally filled.

  66. Andrea says:

    The training has been very helpful, like all your stuff, Andy. The way you explain things makes it really easy to understand and change thinking patterns. Thank you loads for this!

  67. Lawrence says:

    Yes. Wating on the next 5 Chapters! 🙂

  68. Simon Wells says:

    It has been helpful, it has in fact reminded me of what i already knew, and i do not mean that on an intellectual level either. For me the biggest one is acceptance and being happy with the journey, not the destination, and i learned that before i even read a self-help book.

  69. Alfredo says:

    YES, the best info I´ve read in my life!

  70. Dr Zahoor Aslam says:

    Your readers must be thankful to you for providing nice tips. Your posts share wisdom on a range of matters. I have two suggestions for you to consider.
    1. Posts should be small in volume but not in the contents.
    2. A brief on all aspects of Structured Thinking is urgently needed.
    Thank you. You are providing information to your readers in all countries which is very commendable.

  71. Rebecca says:

    I started reading this book in Feb. I love it. I am nearly finished my fourth read. I feel so much better now and everything is turning around for me. Thank you, Andy.

  72. Lee says:

    Yes, this has been extremely helpful. I have been working with the separate audio version of Creating a Bug Free Mind and Using a Bug Free Mind for several months, and this has helped with the “fine-tuning” and other times “major retuning” of my mind. I have found myself present much more of the time and able to observe and remove negative emotions and thoughts much more quickly and effectively than I had been previously.

    Your products hold such moments of truth and clarity that I know I will never be the same as I was before finding them. Thank you for allowing me to recognize several of my previous manifestations and I look forwards to many more!

    Kind regards

  73. James Wallis says:

    Having been completely blindsided and dumped in the most horrendous way by my partner of 6 years whom I absolutely adored and devoted myself to – lesson in there of course – I have to say I am so grateful for finding this. I love the straight talking style and humour that Andy has in inflected in it also. Just a shame it has taken this dramatic turn it events for me to discover it, always better to be practising this when you are up not just to make you feel better when you are down. In addition I have just lost my job which I started the week the whole sorry story of my partners lies and manipulation unfolded before me. I take full responsibility for this by the way, as I should never have allowed myself to have become so vulnerable. This will be a fantastic case study for you Andy – watch this space! – James.

    1. RWS says:

      Hang in there James.
      I seem to be in a similar situation however grateful I am here.

  74. Sonya says:

    Yes yes yes! I am so pleased with what I have learned from you so far and can hardly wait for the books to come so I can dive in and make a permanent difference in my life. You are a God send at this time as I was in need of inspiration to carry on. Things have happened in my personal life and at work( a nessessity not my dream!) and certainly with my artwork as I am a painter( a true gift from above ) , that I have had to step back and think if this is helping me or leading me away from my happiness. Thank you so much! You truly are a natural teacher and even if I don’t always have the time to truly focus and study all that you teach, your freely sent e-mails put my mind where it needs to be in the moment. E for. M
    God bless you
    Keep ’em coming!
    And thank you for the “replay” of your webinar as 2:00(Eastern US time ) in the afternoon is not always the best time for me. You make it convienient. Peace and love to you and yours and all that you contribute to the well being of others.

  75. Josephine says:


  76. Robert Kahn says:

    Andy, I’ve found your training helpful, but not in the way I thought it would help. My limiting beliefs etc, apparently are so entrenched, I think a frontal lobotomy won’t get rid of them. You are not the first trainer I’ve worked with, and to date, I understand on a conscious level, but have not been successful in achieving the goals I want. Like, replacing my limiting beliefs with new positive and ever widening beliefs along with raising my self-esteem and confidence. I’ve read the first chapters of your book, did the exercises, but I have not been as fortunate as the folks that gave you positive feedback were.

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Robert,

      i would say this is because you’re ego is probably attempting to put it in box marked, ‘tried it and it doesn’t work for you.’ Please don’t take that the wrong way as it is intended to help.

      IF you can decide to just apply the free material again daily, and resign yourself to giving up needing it to happen fast to prove it to yourself that it works or does not work, then you will almost certainly find exactly what you are looking for… Ie. something that works.

      This is a process and it will work for about 99.99% of people. Your ego will now use that stat to convince you that you are in the 0.01%. Which it could be right on. But that 0.01% is not fixed, it is not static… People go into it and come out of it… The secret is to accept that it is a process and one that MAY work for you if you can manage to NOT NEED it to.

      Approach it in a relaxed way, and as soon as you can let go of your need – you will probably find it begins to deliver you tiny little results. When that happens, observe your ego as it attempts to dismiss them as chance, not part of the process… Your observation there can free you from this current hamster wheel.

      I say to people in the process, if this won’t work for you then what will? So why not just go with it and see what happens… This allows a person to combat their ego, by saying… I’m just doing this. They’ve become detached and have entered a state of allowing.

      From their the process, becomes for them a process… Until that point it was just words arranged in a nice way.

      Best wishes,


  77. Euchariste Pierre says:

    Hi Andy,

    For free and in so little time, thanks to everything you shared on your blog, i have already changed in a deep level whereas i am meditating almost since 20 years. Your teachings make me conscious of virus located. I feel so liberated, so well, so mentally healthy when I can forgive so many persons that hurt me in the past. Dear Andy, your teachings are becoming my bible; mornings, before going to bed, in transports, I have to read your papers to which i made a copy. Can you imagine my life when I have my books that I should buy very soon. Andy, you are a messiah who have brought the good news to me. I am a french-speaking person whose the English listening is not at a good level, but my comprehension level is almost perfect. I am working to be able to listening you as well and I am practising 0 thought. It is now I realise that my head is a machine not silent. I could write 5 pages if I were to tell everything. Dear Andy, thank you so so so so much. God bless you and your family.

  78. Steve Madden says:

    Yes. But I will say that working full time and having a family makes it a little difficult for me to stay up with all the information. Just keep putting it out and when I finally get rid of most of the bugs who knows I might be able to spend more time with everything and everyone else vs the everyday grind.

  79. Raquel says:


  80. Charlie Porter says:

    No, not usually. Some are worthwhile but many times they are too long in the intro and I don’t have the time to see all of the videos from your industry. If an introduction is really long I won’t tend to listen to all of it and it makes me feel like the products won’t get to the point either.

  81. Tami says:

    Definitely yes! Thanks Andy.

  82. Randy says:

    Andy, You are brilliant! You are absolutely a genius! I am having trouble starting, the audio on The Bug Free Mind is terrible, I can not make out one word?!?!? I am Leary of purchasing anything as I do not know how the audio will be? I am a pretty good lip reader however I would prefer just to hear it.. Can I get the 6 sessions with better audio? Is it alright to move forward with the free sessions at this time, even though I have NOT completed the 6 series of a Bug Free Mind? If it is possible to skip the Bug Free Mind training, then could you please send the first of your free training session, and the others that follow, as I deleted all other previous training. If the audio is better on the free sessions, then I will make my purchase before December 25th!

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Randy,

      Fortunately it works for thousands so that means there’s probably something simple that my guys on the helpdesk can help you with: http://www.saltori.com/help.

      Best wishes,


  83. Troy says:

    haven’t realy used it.

  84. Marinda says:

    Good day Andy and team.

    I totaly love your teachings. Its always a nice feeling to see I have got a email from “Andy Shaw”. In the begining of 2013 I bought one of your programes which were ons a massive discount. Since then I have never opend that programe because we did not have any computer. Just want to know please, were do I acutaly activate that programe and were do I start!? Your help in the emails are realy helpfull, but I need to go forward in life if I need change. And if there is any thing in life i what so bad…is it to attend one of your life seminars.
    Kind regards

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Marinda,

      This is a case of definitely better late than never 🙂

      If you contact my guys on the helpdesk, then they will be happy to help you sort it out and get going: https://www.saltori.com/help

      Best wishes,


  85. Matt says:

    Yes – very valuable. The whole funnel from the happiness quiz has been outstanding and I have now removed my audible app and other distractions so I can focus purely on this.

    I bought the books & audio package – can’t wait for the the books to arrive – should be the next couple of days!

    Thanks Andy – great job !

  86. Andy Scanlon says:


  87. Tarja Vilja says:


  88. Randy says:

    Yes I am a teacher of Transcendental Meditation and as a technique it is a very good tool to consistently experience and cultivate the no mind state. I especially enjoy your perspectives and truth about thinking and consciousness. I know it has added to my own perspectives. TM is a way to structure how you think and not what you think. There are many parallels. Right on, I commend you for what you are doing to help people grow in consciousness. all the best,


  89. Hal says:

    I have been following your blog posts from “Success Made Simple” to “Footsteps Through Your Mind” and now into “Saltori Structured Thinking.” I’m also working through the first five chapters of “A bug Free Mind.” Thank you. I’ve changed through all of these insights.

  90. viqar says:

    YES! ……..your training is excellent and my mind accepts it easily and gratefully.

  91. Hakeem says:

    Yes, thank you

  92. andre says:

    Hi Andy,

    I am not fellingto good. be deling whit depression for many years. I do find some of your quote helpful but i have read this stuff for years its does it heal you! Thanks! All the best !

  93. Heather says:


  94. John says:

    I have found everything extremely helpful. Actually, life changing. I feel at least 10x happier daily, without anything changing in my life, I just feel happier. I have been able to use the “Law of Attraction” successfully, however, I feel that there is much more work to do.

  95. KJ says:

    Yes, thanks!

  96. Yveline says:

    Yes Andy, your free training newsletter has been very helpful all along, as well as your programmes A bug Free Mind, Success Made Simple and the Life Design Gateway.
    I always read your newsletters with a lot of pleasure, I follow Success Made Simple on my own pace, which means I am a bit behind the videos I receive, as I have been my 95 years old mum’s carer 24/7 until very recently. I will have some more time now. I don’t want to hurry up anyway, as I need time to CONSIDER all what you are writing besides each video. These considerations are very very helpful.
    Thank you for such a good work.

  97. Brittany says:

    YES!!!! 😀

  98. Melaney says:

    So far so good. The program appears intriguing. It seems your intentions are mostly pure. There should be more successful people engaging in our societies. I appreciate your candidness and vulnerabilities from time to time.
    Thumbs up 🙂

  99. Tomas Andersson says:

    To not make a chapter out of this, Yes!

  100. Howard McKeever says:

    I don’t recall receiving your newsletter. However, if you would please keep my name on the list.
    HJ “Buzz” McKeever
    IBN Financial Services, Inc.
    315-652-4426 ext 110

  101. Bruno Bogdan says:

    Yes, but how I wrote last time is not so easy to say’ Evrka’, from my perspective it needs time to change the way of thinking, but not a long time and for this I thank you

  102. Lena says:

    YES! Thank you so much for sharing!

  103. Rod says:

    I like the reminders . Thank-you.

  104. Michael Shearer says:

    Absolutely YES, no question.

  105. charles says:

    YES am listening to your ulterior motive. I will concentrate on me for the moment and change the world another day

  106. Barry Nagler says:

    YES! Thank you so much for sharing!

  107. Tracy says:

    Great training …

  108. Cindy says:

    Yes, very helpful. Just starting the journey.

  109. Tarja says:

    You have “saved my day” more than once with your newsletters!
    With gratitude,

  110. Margaret Wolff says:

    I already wrote about how much your books have been helping me which is greatly!

  111. JD says:

    I find the information derivative and similar to all the other gurus on the web.
    You make substantial yet unsubstantiated claims regarding success rates of your material vs. other online gurus. In spite of offering your percentages, you offer no data.
    I regards to practical application of your material, I can achieve ‘clarity’ or what you refer to as ‘no mind’ with relative ease. Similarly, I have no difficulty finding and holding a happy thought for whatever period of time I choose. I have kept a daily gratitude journal for years. In spite of these practices there is no tangible improvement in my life. Quite the opposite, as a matter of fact.
    Now that I have done you the courtesy of answering your question I will be curious to see if you extend me the same courtesy. Got anything else?

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi JD,

      You find the information similar as I am attempting to not teach anything new. Everyone has enough what to think information, what I am doing is teaching how to apply that same information which is why it appears similar.

      As for claims and them being substantial and unsubstantiated, all I can do is point to the people on the pages of the site, there’s probably 300 NEW testimonials from students on the site already and it only went live 30 days ago. There is a student survey here which we sent to thousands of students a few years back: https://saltori.com/student-survey/

      If I could be bothered to find it, there is a page like this one on my old site with over 1,300 thank you’s and testimonials on it. Say 300 testimonials and the rest just yes’s. With probably 20 to 30 No’s. There’s another page with about 600 thank you’s and testimonials. Over the whole sites (we have three and are narrowing it to one) there is in the region of 3,000 student testimonials covering everything from monetary success to relationship success, to success at overcoming a wide variety of diseases that are not just mind related.

      Within the members site there’s probably another 5,000 plus testimonials.

      Now if this isn’t substantial then we are using a different scale to measure things. Also it was only 26 days ago that we begun the first tests of our main marketing. Up until that time we have been testing on a minor level, so substantial in my opinion has happened, but if it hasn’t in your opinion yet, then watch this space while I go and do that 🙂

      As for you making no progress with what you have already done, do you feel you are ready for progress… Please note I said feel.

      You may wish to consider that for a few days before responding. Because just wanting something is one of the biggest barriers to getting it. Getting it is getting past the wanting stage and attaining the state of acceptance that you already have it. to get to that, you must feel you are ready for progress.

      Best wishes,


      P.S. Do you think this comment served you or your ego: Now that I have done you the courtesy of answering your question I will be curious to see if you extend me the same courtesy. Got anything else?

  112. goran says:

    Hi Andy,
    Thanks for your efforts and for your energy to improve people’s life.I have found interesting your training lectures you sent and also all of it is a kind of familiar to me since I have been passed through the many experiences and know how to change my way of thinking and other things you mentioned BUT it is not always like that..Even if you could change many things in your life and in your mind also there are some things that cannot be changed and that influences to many aspects . However, I would like to say that your training is positive and inspiring and maybe you could make a change at least just a little to someone’s mind, but for someone’s life that means a lot.Thanks.Kind regards.Goran

  113. Alan Oropeza says:

    YES! definitely, your books and trainings have been teaching and helping me to change for the best!

  114. sharron says:

    Yes,thankyou Andy.I love it..

  115. Hina Khodiyara says:

    YES! absolutely. All the training, books and newsletter have been a boon, and timely reminder at trying times.
    Thanks Andy

  116. Lynn says:

    Yes, Andy, this has been helpful. I was impressed that you had 950 people on your Q&A. Brendan Burchard only had 1050 on his recent Q&A. You are right up there with the best!

  117. Valerie White says:

    Andy, What you are sharing is absolutely Fantastic. My answer to your question is a resounding Y E S !
    I am really enjoying the Success Made Simple Videos, but also, I really look forward to emails from you, they are ALWAYS the first ones opened and I love the treasures I find inside. I love your approach and could listen to your lovely voice for hours, in fact that’s exactly what I’ve done before now, I have the books and audios, although I haven’t read the books much, I have really enjoyed the audios, have listened to them all only once so far and my life has certainly changed – I love my life and who I have now become, I do find that I get a whole lot more respect from people I come into contact with. I was so unsure of myself and had very low self esteem until finding You Andy, and the difference you have made to my life is simply unbelievable. Thank you for All you do Andy, you are a Real Treasure

  118. radimir says:

    Yes! and Thanks!!

  119. Isabel says:

    I’ve liked it a lot! It’s been very helpful!


  120. emjay says:

    YES and YES but most cant THANK YOU enough for your blogs never fail to amused and learning “something new” everyday is beyond my knowledge! Thank you Andy, you’ve touched, opened and help and more to people like me 😀

    HAVE A MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS and wishing you and you’re family abundant joy and happiness this coming New Year 😀

  121. Linda says:

    Yes, it has been helpful. Thank you for all the free information.

  122. Mary says:

    Yes, absolutely!

  123. Anthony says:

    Yes. Thank you.

  124. Diyalo says:

    Hi is it possible to talk to you on the phone.
    As I have so much to say, it will take too long
    by email.

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Diyalo,

      No I don’t do one to one, as I look to use my process to help people individually, so I can work on helping a lot of people together.

      Best wishes,


  125. marin says:

    Definitely yes! I got both books a couple of years ago but got carried away with the demands of life and forgot them. Big mistake. I’m now back on track with reading and learning so many valuable insights. I also love receiving your online training. Your teaching is really helpful and it always seems to come at the right time. Thank you Andy.

  126. RWS says:

    Yes thanks Andy. You have certainly got my attention and I am grateful.

  127. Rob says:

    Yes! Thank you.

  128. Paul says:

    YES!!! Please don’t stop. This Alchemy of Thought is what I have been looking for for 40 years. It says everything I have been feeling, but didn’t know if I was just barking up a tree. Sometimes you just need somebody that has been there, done that. SalTori is just that.

  129. radimir says:

    Yes!Dear Andy ,you are very,very importante for humanity,for world. You doing and teaching to be world better place to live and building heaven on this earth. You are big blessing for me and others.

  130. Simon says:

    Yeah for sure. I’ve purchased the bug free mind books and began summarising each chapter as I read using the black book method. I know I have a lot of bad thought patterns to break but this proving to be a great foundation. I’m exited about the journey and desire to one day help others in some capacity as you have.
    Thanks Andy.

  131. Dale says:

    Yes, Andy! A lot of this is stuff that I’ve been aware of for some time, but nowhere have I seen it presented as STRUCTURED THINKING. And a lot of it is either new, or presented from an angle I hadn’t considered before. Another thing I appreciate and thank you for, is all of the free material you offer. I’ve seen a ton of self-help offered through webinars, etc., and frankly, they tick me off, as they are nothing but video ruses to get you to buy their products while wasting your time trying to sell it. Of course, you are trying to sell a product, but you are generous in your gratus material, which really indicates to me that, while you do want to make some money, you do actually care about your customers. And I HAVE purchased your books! 😉 Highly recommended.

  132. Elizabeth Burger says:

    Yes. Thank you

  133. Richard King says:

    I attended the training 1st December and it was informative yet I have not devoted the time to make use it.
    I will aim to devote some time to this and look at all the free publication and learn how I can benefit from this.

    I have two small issues, the first I live outside the UK which make the web sessions difficult to attend and also commiting finance to this as well. Yet this may change in 2016.

  134. Joanna Cyngot says:

    Yes but I need more time to go through all the materials and I am still not 100% decisive

  135. Kathryn says:

    Yes – love the emails & working my way through the first book.

  136. James Wallis says:

    Having been completely blindsided and dumped in the most horrendous way by my partner of 6 years whom I absolutely adored and devoted myself to – lesson in there of course – I have to say I am so grateful for finding this. I love the straight talking style and humour that Andy has in inflected in it also.

  137. Jack Krystek says:

    Hi Andy,
    Your training has and is extremely valuable to me. I am for 40 years on my spiritual path. You training was the peace that was missing for me. And I enjoy it tremendously.
    Thank you,
    Jack Krystek

  138. Tulipa says:

    Yes..and Iam very grateful :))

    1. anthony says:


  139. Eileen says:

    Thank you for all your kind thoughts….and your very helpful reminders as to how we should really

  140. Alexandra says:

    Yes, LIFE CHANGING, enough said 🙂

  141. Patty says:

    Yes, Great Compliment In Addition To The Book.

  142. Virginia says:

    YES – Andy it has been most helpful. All of your writings and audios and videos provide super content.
    A great BIG thanks.

  143. SARAH-JANE says:

    Hello Andy,

    Thanks so much for all the reading materials. I really do appreciate it.

    Have a great Christmas and all the best for the new year.


  144. Cha says:

    Yes. Thank you for your uplifting gifts from the Universe. God bless you

  145. sheila says:

    yes thanks

  146. Hazel Warwick says:

    Yes thank you Andy I have found reading your two books very helpful, so much so that I sometimes say As Andy says in his book then quote some of your good advice like” if it doesn’t benefit don’t think on it ” learn from the past”
    “mistakes are beneficial so long as you learn from them” and so much more . I am still working on developing my own dream but at least I have started. Mentioned your name in Maidstone recently and the person I was speaking to was also familiar with your works. Once again thank you for your help, I hope to tell you my dream has come into fruition in the new year. Happy Christmas and lots of happiness in 2016 regards Hazel

  147. Rich Hubbard says:


  148. john says:

    Andy your stuff is real cool, wish i got to know about it earlier.

  149. Dennis says:

    Thank You.

  150. Scott Walker says:

    Yes! Your books have been life-changing for me. I am grateful and fortunate to have come across your books, audios and videos. A highlight of this year for me was meeting you in person in Las Vegas at the end of April for the two one-day courses that you offered. You rock Andy!!

  151. Judith says:

    Absolutely yes!
    A year ago I first heard your webinar and have used your free material extensively, which has helped me through some extremely difficult and challenging times. There’s nothing so far that’s unfamiliar, but the format and consistently positive mindaset is invaluable!

    Last week I purchased your book/sudio/member’s forum package and have dived in, awaiting the hardcopy which is my favorite format!

    Very much looking forward to continuing this journey with you and this community.

  152. mike shaw says:

    Yes Thank you Andy Im so greatfull for the help and most of all a bug free mind.

  153. Verna Thomsen says:

    it is sometimes hard for me to keep up withall of the emails, but I have found them very helpful. I still have a lot of bugs to work out, but I keep working on it.

  154. Irma says:

    Yes, thank you Andy

  155. Allison says:

    Absolutely yes!

  156. Lynn says:

    Yes, however I really need to learn to, or do a better job at ‘applying’ what I have learned.

  157. Sonya says:

    Thank you, Andy! 🙂 You are an angel.

  158. Janice L. Blake says:

    Yes, this training has been invaluable to me and I have already used it and seen it’s effect in action. I am exceedingly grateful to Andy Shaw for sharing this information with me. Cheers! Well done, Andy. 🙂

  159. Stephen says:


  160. Carol says:

    I have read and listened to the audios of CABFM more than 5 times and half way on first read for UABFM. It has been 2 years since my journey has begun. Andy’s work is fantastic and I cant explain how much better my life has been in all aspects. I have been hapier than ever and know great things are on my way.
    I am grateful everyday for Andy’s teachings and for all I’m still to learn.

  161. Wes Tafoya says:

    I’d day it has been helpful although not sure about valuable. I will be valuable to the degree that I can succeed with it. I’d say andy is wise beyond his years and has given me many things to think about in his two books but it has also made me more susceptible to wonder if I am doing everything right. After 4 read throughs and on my 5th – I have yet to see results which would mean that I am not applying this technology correctly but I am not sure what it is. So there it is. I don’t question results based on what I feel but what I can see. Maybe I need more time but when is the time to for me to expect results and if no results what am I doing wrong?

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Wes,

      You should’ve seen a lot of results by now. I’m guessing you have, just not in the specific area or areas you desire to see them.

      If that is the case then it is probably a surrender issue, and maybe an acceptance one. It’s difficult to guess the answer with not a lot to go on but, I would say what you desire is still in the want state of mind and not in the have state of mind. To get it to the have state of mind, the design, you must surrender to it not happening and enter a state of mind which is happy to keep going UNTIL you either die or it happens.

      If you enter that state of mind you should feel very calm, and feel like it has already happened, and you are just doing all you can to bring it into your reality, but that you feel okay to only strive for it… Because it has already happened in your mind, you no longer need it to happen in reality. But you would really like it to do so.

      This state of mind is living in abundance and you should find it quite freeing.

      Let me know if you need more guidance.

      Best wishes,


      1. Shirlin says:

        Dear Andy,

        Your work is Awesome! I want to take this opportunity to Thank You for sharing it with the World. It really has changed and shifted my Negative thoughts to Positive thoughts. I had also shared it with my daughter and hubby. I really appreciate you for changing my thoughts in such a short time.


        1. Andy Shaw says:


  162. Curtis says:

    Yes!!!! Thank you

  163. Erica says:

    Yes, these lessons have been a valuable affirmation of the work I have been doing for several years now. Your program ties in quite nicely with the steps I have been taking.

  164. Lee says:

    Yes , very helpful.

  165. Shankar says:

    I am grateful to you.

  166. Deborah Culhane says:

    Yes – working my way through the 2 books for the third time, doing all of the exercises and expanding my “Golden Book”! Kind regards, Deborah

  167. Michael says:


  168. David says:

    Simple yet rich. It will take awhile to digest but I can tell a major difference with just the free stuff. I will probably go with the first option because it does take time . Just can’t go fast if I want to “master” the material !!!
    I am thankful that you have provided this material and feel so confident that you can give a trial run on the first part knowing that you will close the deal. You are wise to do so!!!
    Gratefully yours!

  169. Unknown says:

    It has. Thanks. Am I in the present? Thought so. I am at peace.

  170. gabriel says:

    yes, but it has not been an easy task. your comment on this being the hardest work in the world is no exaggeration.

  171. Angelos says:

    Yes, it was helpful, keep going!

  172. Lee Kokmeng says:

    Yes, it has taught me to do thing which I can postpone to the day after tomorrow. Why you require to post my comment at the end of all earlier comments? You have wasted my time for scrolling down all the way to the end. You should leave the first space for fresh comments.

  173. Dr RM Kaimal says:


  174. Sunil Khanduri says:

    Hi Andy
    Your training was very valuable to me, it still provides lot of clues to the missing links. To me your training is a key that transforms past facts into knowledge. All the information and facts that was lying as a garbage in our minds for the past so many years is transformed into great knowledge after your training.
    Your training also helps us to understand other people who have written so much but didnt provide a key. with your training I got the master key to open the locked knowledge inside all the other books.
    My Heartiest regards to you, Lots of Love, God Bless You.

  175. John D. says:

    Yes. I’ve a rubber band on my wrist for a week reminding me to consider what I’m thinking and if it helps or hurts. Doing the techniques — practicing the practice — has been a long-time fail point. So the rubberband is a small achievement. One mind at a time.. Thank you.

  176. Vic says:

    Yes helpful thank you Andy quality product information.

  177. Richard says:

    Hi Andy. Yes it has been valuable. In re-writing a new gratitude list as if I am doing it for the first time 15 minutes flies by so quickly. Re-reading a old previous list I had after I did a new one, I have found my mind seeing more of things to be grateful for. Just want to say Thank you Andy, I feel like I am starting to wake up.

  178. Marcela says:

    Yes your articles are very helpful, I’ve noticed little changes in my life, good changes. Thank you.

  179. Lloyd Chakonza says:

    Yes. Thanx Andy for your inspiring teachings, keep up the good work.

  180. Joe says:

    Yes, and please keep going!

  181. Reet says:

    Yes. Thank you!

  182. Cindy says:

    I am really enjoying the process. Thank you

  183. Bobby Mbongeni says:

    Yes, its amazing (**,)

  184. Alex says:

    Yes. I also have the audios, books, videos, and am a site member. You have provided me with the tools I require to optimize my mind. Thank you. This is something I have desired for years. I now know that my success is certain: I just have to regain complete control of my mind and then decide what I desire to achieve in this life. Never before have I felt such certainty.

    In CABFM you say that you don’t intend to change the world, just one mind at a time. Well, you have helped me change my mind for the better and with it I intend to change the world. So again, thank you.

    By the way, my grand vision is to create a world of abundance through caring for the land naturally. In the words of Viktor Schauberger, “Comprehend and Copy Nature.”

  185. Helen says:

    Yes 🙂

  186. Marta says:

    Yes (multiply that yes by infinity and you’ll get what I think of the process 😀 )

  187. vittorio says:

    Yes, Thank you

  188. Rex says:

    Yes. Thank you for answering “Your competitors/friends” question on your last webinar. It was the conclusion I had come to. Please keep up the great work.

  189. ozlem says:

    yes, it was very usefull for me. Thank you.

  190. Thomas Knutsen says:


    You have a very simple way of explaning, so that i better understand things i thought i already knew:)

  191. Sybil Primrose says:

    Yes, IMMENSE HELP!!! and THANK YOU. As I read I am getting just a glimpse of “forever” which I have wondered about ever since fairytale (happily ever after! ) childhood days.
    Thank you Sybil.
    P.S. if you ever come to Australia, Make sure I know where you will be as I would love to meet you. I live in S.E. Queensland, on the Granite Belt.

  192. Deborah Wade says:

    Yes, thank you all of your information has helped alot. I never the thought about how much our mind’s talk to us. This has been a great help.

  193. Luz says:

    Saltori helps elevate the level of my consciousness. I thank you Andy for shedding light on how we could get rid of the mental chatters our mind was addicted to. I now slowly learn from your free courses how to deal with this bug that’s draining my energy, physically and mentally, and for that I’m so grateful beyond words. God bless you and your family always!

  194. Jeff says:

    No ( only joking – don’t like following the Herd )
    It must be a yes!!!
    Only thing is, ( I think I know ) I need this but I am finding it hard to stick to it daily.
    I will persevere !

    Thanks Andy

  195. WILL says:

    I’ve been a subscriber for over three years now. I keep learning new ideas and approaches. Love the elastic band. Makes you realize (even after all this time) how many times the mind is still wandering around with no pilot at the helm. Cheers.

  196. David Walker Finn says:

    Yes, thank you, Andy,
    Much of your program to look forward to,

  197. Marilyn Kefirlady says:

    I am been doing the process for two years now. I continue to read or listen to anything Andy sends to my inbox, even though I supposedly “know” this stuff already. And I must know some of it because my life took an about change in the physical reality a year ago when I left a bad situation and started a whole new life, by myself, on a ten acre farm doing what I’ve always wanted to do. It was miracle after miracle how I was even able to get this place, but each hurdle crossed gave me more confidence to keep pursuing. Not being attached to any outcome kept me calm and confident.

    You all need to understand that I’ve never lived by myself before (I could get lonely perhaps), I never owned a house by myself (anything can go wrong), I’ve never had to take care of a farm by myself before (it could end up being totally disorganized and a mess), I never had such a huge garden before in my life (could be a field of weeds). The facts are, I love my solitude, people show up whenever I need help, my garden was an inspiration to all who visit, my six acre hay field got mowed on time for the winter, (I did it all by myself with a zero turn mower but was not closed to the possibility that I might have to hire a farmer to make my hay and such). My two acre weed patch I didn’t start on until August, because I was working on the six acres is all manicured as of yesterday and ready to plant my food forest.

    Everything is easy now. I feel in total control. My mindset is such that I know everything will continue to be easy and things can only get better. Also I know exactly what to tell people when they ask how I accomplished all this. “Andy Shaw–do his process. It is the most important thing you will ever do and the foundation of any success you expect to accomplish.” When their ego argues with me about not knowing how to get out of their situation or where to start I tell them they are thinking too much and that they do not have control of the thoughts of their mind. I used to give advice to people on what they should or could do. Not any more. Their first step is to change the mindset. Without Andy I would be one of those living their whole lives in quiet desperation as Henry David Thoreau once said.

  198. Sam says:

    Yes! A very thought provoking newsletter. While I sometimes don’t understand the content, your publication always inspires contemplation and learning.

  199. Alice says:

    Yes . keep ’em coming. thanks for all you do to enrich my life and the lives of others

  200. Narelle says:

    Yes thank you, I am very grateful for all you offer.

  201. Tulipa says:

    Yes!!.. And I am grateful :))

  202. Melodye James says:

    Yes. Thank you!

  203. Michelle M says:

    Yes, your book has totally changed my perspective on life. More so than Robert Anthony’s CD’s that I’ve listened to for the past 10 years.

    thank you Andy!

  204. Suzette says:

    Yes yes and yes!
    I wait with excitement for your emails on my inbox everyday and planning a strategy to have the financial resources to purchase your system. I love it and I admire you Andy 🙂

  205. Suny Rostami says:

    YES. Thank you Andy & God Bless you.

  206. Cliff says:

    Yes, thank you Andy!
    CABFM has made this year unlike any other.

  207. Theodore Jones says:

    Yes, very valuable, thank you Andy!

  208. Dan says:

    Yes! I love reading your stuff, it helps me focus my thoughts more deeply on the positive and block out the negative. Thank you Andy for all your time and effort you put in to your training. Love the daily”footsteps” also!

  209. Brigette says:

    Yes thanks, although it is recap as I already have both books and am still working on the process daily. I have noticed a big change in myself and my thinking – all for the better. I ended up on this list because I took the happiness quiz and totally surprised myself with the score I achieved. Yes there is still room for improvement, but I can see I’ve come a long way since I started in January. I can certainly recommend these books and yes, one reads and listens and then rereads and listens again and then again. Thanks Andy!!

  210. Alphonsus says:

    Yes helpful !

  211. Muriel says:

    Massively! You are so generous Andy and your techniques are helpful, easy to apply and relevant. Thanks for everything!

  212. mike haley says:

    yes,yes,yes and yes

  213. Jennifer La says:

    Getting your post’s & emails are very helpful. It seem’s to me I am going to be busy with work in December. Hopefully when I have time to read your post’s on your blog. I will read them on my day off’s.

  214. Linzy says:

    Hi Andy, It’s now time to say “Yes”. I got your two books 2 Christmases ago, and they are absolutely fantastic. Everything else you’ve sent me via emails, has been an added bonuses to your fabulous books. My trip to heaven seems easier now! Thanks Andy, and be blessed.

  215. maley says:

    yes you ar the best

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  217. Aloysius Arul says:

    Yes really useful.

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  219. Radmila says:

    Yes thank you

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  221. Sipho says:

    Yes. I am benefiting a lot from you. My life is undergoing a big transformation. I only wish I had known about you earlier. However, it is not too late and I will make the most of every lesson.

    Thank you once again.

  222. Pat says:

    Yes – I am GRATEFUL for the Gratitude reminder! I will be picking up the audio (and probably book) next year, when my sons and I can commit to following the program.

  223. Stephanie says:

    Yes, hugely helpful — thank you

  224. Frank says:

    Hi Andy,
    same here, I can not just write yes!
    Your content, specially the free content is super valuable. I have been listening to it a lot of times, especially while out running. It is all very actionable and the results feel great. The funny thing is, I heard of ABFM almost a year ago and did not recognise it for what it can do. I am looking forward going through the books and see to what each new chapter brings.
    Thank you Andy

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Frank,

      That’s because I do not yet do a good enough job of demonstrating the value… Still work in progress there 🙂

      Best wishes,


  225. Sandra says:

    Yes !!

  226. June Klasen says:

    Yes Andy very much so However even after almost a year – I bought the audits also have book one. My little nutter is still giving me uphill. I do though catch it more and more. One of these days it will give up I know that now. So love all your posts keep them coming June

  227. Terri says:

    yes, i shared one of your articles on facebook and managed to make my obtuse angry genetic relations very angry. people i would have no contact with or even knew existed because we are in different worlds, if it wasnt for being closely related. i then went to alot of trouble to explain and do my best to help them understand but they were not interested. at least they havent made any comments since then. i appreciate what you say and can relate to it very much. thank you.

  228. Yamin says:

    Yes! (From Taiwan)

  229. elizabeth says:

    I have bought the book and the video but did not have time to either listen or read.
    However, I have been following your emails and slowly but surely applying what I learn from them. I am already 70 years old, still working full time (that’s why the time shortage) but I think I can still myself for the better.

    Very grateful for your sharing this with everybody.


    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      I can help you create a lot more time than you currently have, but it will involve you going through the process.

      When people don’t use the tools this is the ego doing it’s work. It basically says, you’ve accomplished something by buying. Which in a way is true, then when the materials turn up it says, you don’t have time for this.

      Whenever I am looking to fix an area of my life either temporarily or permanently my ego throws time at me. However, I know this is an illusion and we decide to make the time for anything that is really important to us. Sometimes I watch this illusion myself for a long time before I’m ready to let go of it, as sometimes the illusion can be comforting.

      However, what eventually gets me through is the truth that the journey may not be comfortable, but it will give me more of what I desire. When you desire more, you are ready to go. But until then your ego is probably trapping you as mine has done to me on numerous occasions 🙂

      Best wishes,


  230. Casey Ferraro says:

    Yes, 100%

  231. Dar says:

    Yes to the maximum

  232. Kathryn says:

    Yes what I have read has helped but I can not ever get the videos to play because I have terribly slow internet! Is there anyway that I can get the transcript for it? If that even exists!?

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Kathryn,

      We will be adding those in, in future as they should be on there for people who prefer to read. However, we are buried with work on the Footsteps course before Christmas, so I don’t we’ll be adding the transcripts for a while. But we will do it 🙂

      Best wishes,


  233. Ernie Barde says:

    Yes, very helpful, it change my life . .Thank you!

  234. Marie says:

    Hello Andy,
    I have bought your books one year ago and I like the first one which gives us so many tools to feel and be better. My problem is that I find it difficult to keep applying it even what is so useful lise de 15 seconds, no mind, forgive,….
    Thank you so much for what you keep doind to help us to improve.
    All the best,

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Marie,

      Try slowing it down, also surrender to never being able to do it and stay in that state until you begin to feel okay with not ever being able to apply things. This flies in the face of what your ego will say to you, but if you can use it to observe your ego then you may find the final barriers begin to drop.

      Best wishes,


      1. Marie says:

        Thank you for your answer Andy, I did it and Îm now able to see a bit more clarly all the bul****t thoughts that comes trough my mind! It is awful besause they are so many of them…. I apply more often the 15 s and it’s amazing how good I feel when I apply it. When I feel better I shall go on applying another tip as you told me to slow down.
        Thank you so much Andy for yourr sharing these wonderful ideas that will benefit all who read and apply them. Yours sincerely

  235. Jason says:

    1) The Bug Free Mind footsteps that ran for many weeks at the end of the Summer – YES and NO
    2) This specific training – Mostly NO, with the occasional YES

    Sort out the ebook pricing and I’ll even add your 2 books to my reading list at the deal prices. I don’t do paper books.

  236. Teja says:

    Yes, thank you, Andy! You rock!:)

  237. Karla says:

    Hi Andy,

    YES!!! Absolutely.
    I am about to travel overseas and although I am aware that your audios are online, it would be great to read your books online as well ( think I may be a visual learner…) I am currently living in Brazil and apart from the ridiculously expensive charges for imported goods here , it would be easier to carry the books around with me whilst travelling/living there. Do you plan to release your books in a pdf format anytime soon?

    A big THANK YOU for your invaluable contribution so far 🙂

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Karla,

      Not soon, but it is on our agenda… However, we don’t move that fast 🙂

      Best wishes,


  238. Teresa Guest says:


  239. Eileen says:

    I think I find your training valuable but you go a bit fast for me. I’m still thinking about one thing when you’ve moved on 2 or 3 steps and I start getting confused. I’ve been following you for a few years now and especially really enjoy your footsteps but I get left behind. Maybe this time I’ll keep up for a bit longer as I’ve done the beginning before.
    Thanks Andy.

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Eileen,

      There is nothing wrong with being left behind. You should ALWAYS go at your own pace. Stopping and thinking (pressing pause A LOT), will aid you no end. Remember there is no real end to this, all that matters is you continually protect your thinking by continually raising your level of consciousness. The sooner you learn (and accept for a fact) that speed is irrelevant, the easier you will find it to make progress 🙂

      Best wishes,


  240. Donn Mensinger says:


  241. Brian says:

    Yes. Thank you very much Andy

  242. Karen says:

    Absolutely YES!! Thank you Andy, your free material is as beneficial as all your paid for material. There is always golden nuggets to be found.

  243. Tom Reininger says:

    YES. I’ve been at this for quite a while. I got your books about a year ago and am only about half way thru the first one. I do try to catch all your emails and don’t delete them until I’ve read them. I will have to say, I do like your methods and style. I know I must focus more on it, but there is a lot of life going on now. I will do my best to improve next year, after the holidays. I know that sounds like an excuse, but I will work hard on it. Thank You.

  244. Debi says:

    Yes. Thank you very much Andy. I wish I could afford more

  245. Ale says:

    DEFINATELY YYYYYEEESSS!!! Thank you!!! 🙂

  246. Vicky says:

    Hi Andy

    I try to listen to it as much as possible, you are really helping me. I only hope now to get the complete course, I do not have a credit card nor do I have funds… but I manifest it everyday I know somehow I will attain it. Thank you Andy

  247. Thomas McConville says:


  248. Lowell says:

    Andy I know that I have being keeping quiet but your way of teaching is simply amazing In the last 3 years I have moved from SW London to Brampton Canada with my family of 8 and its being an upheaval for us with all the new energies I came into but you know what stumbling unto your site I cant even recall how I found you but with your teaching and I mean (teaching) you open up a luminance in my life that gave me back the power in some shaky moments. I wanted to say thank you so many times but thank you did not seam enough for what I was getting I just kept on reading but until now I haven’t found a way to make thank you as big as what I am feeling you deserve but in appreciation for all you are doing THANK YOU you are the greatest and all my blessing goes with you yes I am saying it again thank you so much.
    Best Wishes

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Thank you Lowell. I know what you mean, but any thank you is enough 🙂

  249. Josie says:


  250. Lowell says:

    Simply amassing I have so much to be great-full for in life and your-emails are one of the top ten most important,
    I really look forward to receiving them, you make it so real
    .I will forever be thanking you .

  251. Lisa says:

    Yes thank you, very much.

  252. Keny D says:

    Yes, very valuable

  253. Marie-Paule says:

    Hi Andy, thank you so much for your books and all that you send us. I follow you since november 2013 but my nutter makes me stop to follow all the tips you give us from time to time. Fortunately yous send me another email and It strenghens my desire to progress.
    Again, I am in awe of all we learn from you. Thank you so much. Your books are wonderful. Just need to apply daily to feel so good. All the best,

  254. Terry says:

    Yes it has been helpful. I am getting myself back. I can feel the changes more and more. That nutter is no longer in charge!! Thank you.

  255. chabane says:


  256. Anthony says:

    Yes , Yes ,Yes !

  257. David says:

    YES — can’t wait to get the 2 books and audios

  258. usha says:

    yes…when I follow the instructions….but I find that I am not able to be consistent…why does this happen….and when will it become a permanent thing.i.e.being happy

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Usha,

      Your mind is not static, but learning to structure your thoughts will mean that those thought structures will step up to your defence most of the time. The more you practice then the more of the time they will work. There is nothing permanent in the mind when the mind can be affected by so much. The secret is adaptability and that comes from structured thinking.

      Best wishes,


  259. SK says:

    Yes. Thank you.

  260. Rogelio says:

    BIG, YES!

  261. Lisa says:

    Yes it’s fantastic, I’m seeing results already, I’ve came off my anti depressant, so much more confidence, time just saving for the bug free mindset audio,then book, 1 at a time as I think this is a way of life and not to be rushed, I also have my 9yr old son studying it,best thing I ever stumbled upon, great work keep it up,I see how passionate you are, thanks Lisa

  262. Claudia says:

    Hi Andy, I´m already a student of yours and still found valuable bits in these steps, which I followed being curious and playful. It is often learnt more when the already “known” is repeated in a new way. Great work as always 🙂

    Best wishes

  263. simon says:

    YES! It has been extremely helpful!

  264. Vinay says:

    Hi Andy, your footsteps have certainly been very valuable. Your approach and style of writing makes it very easy to understand the concepts being put forward. I am eager to purchase your training but have not been able to do so, as yet. I look forward to the day when I will make my purchase.

  265. john says:

    Big Yes, I feel fantastic!

  266. Hina Khodiyara says:

    Yes. Invaluable

  267. Lawrence says:


  268. Chris says:

    A definite Yes from me! Some way to go but can feel a difference.

  269. Alexandra says:

    Yes Andy, sure has!
    It’s like taking a shower for my mind. It keeps it healthy and clean.
    Thanks a million 🙂

  270. James Trower says:


  271. Euchariste says:

    Yes! Accept what is, the biggest tip for the rest of my life. I was so emotional because of the terrorist ego. What a gift to understand its existence and its game. I thank the universe to know that before I definitely close my eyes. I am so grateful, Andy.

  272. Diyalo says:


  273. Baz says:

    I’m currently in the middle of an internet scam against me to the tune of £1000 & I’m laughing about it! A year ago I would have had sleepless nights & been racked with worry about getting my money back!

    Now I’m looking at the lessons learnt (& learning more as I go along) & giving my self on going “pats on the back” (aka “being delighted with myself”) for just how well I’m handling it AND how far I have come! Well done me 🙂

    Worrying about it would simply “take me away from where I desire to be” so that has no benefit.

    Thanks Andy you’re a hero! Keep up the good work!


    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Thank you Baz, you made me feel good too.



  274. Fleming mumba says:

    Hi Andy,
    Its a very BIG YES from ME! I’m loving the materials I have. I’m practicing every word and examples given. Like the saying goes practice what you preach! It’s been a waking up call to my mind….most of the issues really and especially the holding of one wonderful thought or moment shared in life for about a minute or two…. I just realised how hard it is coz as I just start to think of one, am easily bombarded with other thoughts than the one i want the most. Funny ehh!
    I’m enjoying the reading and the listening to the audio everyday and night when i make time for them!
    I’ll purchase for more materials once I have enough.

    God bless and thank you.

    With kind regards,

    Thank you so MUCH!

  275. MP says:

    Yes ,thank you so much

  276. Sue says:

    Yes Thankyou so very much!!

  277. CAROLE says:

    I’ve just started on the journey but after a lifetime of negativity I’m already feeling a change…It’s a work in progress and I think (hope) it will eventually have a positive outcome, but it’s early days for me and after so many previous disappointments I’m not about to make a decision on the end result just yet…Ask me again in a couple of months…

  278. Grace Modingoane says:

    Yes, The free material has been helpful, although sometimes a bit confusing, because if I go through the material , I can actually see where you’re heading but when I try to play a game of lotto or powerball , I don’t get the results. Could it be you’re not there yet, as my primary focus was on that.

  279. Chelle says:

    A resounding, ‘YES!’

  280. Sam says:

    Yes…this stuff is awesome and very informative. The things I find with myself I get sidetracked and can’t seem to stay on task. Start with one thing, before I know it, I have multiple things going.

  281. Bill says:

    Yes Andy, What you have shared with me is valuable. I have seen things that I was not looking for before. You have delved into the nitty-gritty details most miss. Am I greatly appreciated for your insights. I will continue to learn from your teachings.
    Sincerely; Bill

  282. curtis says:

    YES. great stuff

  283. Hakeem says:

    Yes thank you

  284. Jia says:

    Great … I think differently … it’s been an enlightening journey.

  285. james milne says:

    your material has definitely helped me a lot.

  286. Deborah Wade says:

    Yes Andy, this is wonderful. Your training has really helped me to be more positive. Thank you so much.

  287. Tim says:

    Yes the footsteps through are fantastic a little bit each day that builds. Thank you

  288. Linda says:

    YES YES YES!!! Reading and listening to all the free material you sent has already made a difference in my life. I just ordered the first book as that’s all I can swing, currently. Can’t wait for it to arrive! 🙂 I would not have ordered it had I not already seen and felt a difference in my life. Thank you, Andy!

  289. Margaret says:

    Yes it has and I wish I could afford to get the books now but sadly I can’t immediately. However, this couldn’t have come at a better time. The free materials has helped me in dealing with the numerous things threatening to drown me. Even though I still struggle, I feel I am much stronger and for this I will like to say thank you

  290. charles says:

    Yes its all good. Am busy manifesting the money to buy the books, gets more ridicules each day with exchange rate being what it is 24 to 1

  291. Frannie says:

    WOW, that is a lot of scrolling down to reach a comment box!!!! I am joining the list of happy bandits to say “yes”. It has been amazing so far; I am not up to speed with all the footnotes, but am hanging in there. Life is busy, so please don’t block assess to the info. As you keep mentioning, don’t make judgement, just stick to the process, this is what I am doing before I make a decision on purchasing your books. I too am facing ridicules exchange rates due to the
    Canadian dollar dropping daily!! But at the end of the day, if I grow, expand and connect in a positive and fulfilling manner, then I will most definitely take the plunge and make the investment. Thanks so much for opening this door in a way that is understandable and manageable, most appreciated.

  292. Chris says:

    They are very helpful indeed. I have bought the books too and just about to re read the first one

  293. Suzanne says:

    Extremely valuable and helpful. I will definitely add your books to my library in the near future. Thank you.

  294. Carol says:

    yes, You put the training in a format that is easy to understand and very straightforward. Thank you

  295. Margie says:

    I look forward to all your footsteps along with all the other free learning material you have so graciously provided. Yes! It is helping me beyond measures. Thank you! Margie

  296. john & jackie says:

    Hi Andy, give me some more; Love it. Only course I have ever followed. Sure, I would buy thee Course from you but, so complicated; which one. Surely there should only be one course? Not loads at different price ranges. How do you know which level I am at, to even advise me which to buy. If you wrapped all the courses into one simple course, I feel certain that I , and many others would buy and follow thee course.

    Until then Andy, I will start again what you have sent me, incl. Vids, and go through it all again. BRILL.

    Have a great day, John.

    ps Lived there in Portslade and Littlehampton; But now in Spain. Small World.

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi John,

      I know both areas very well.

      As for the course, with the exception of the Life Design seminar recordings, all the course teach the same thing, they just teach it to different depths. The best way to begin is just the books or just the audios as everything you need is in them. The others take the education to deeper levels if you want to go further, but they are not a need resource, they are a want resource.

      Best wishes,


  297. Robin says:

    Yes is not quite enough. I have been re-reading the first 5 chapters over and really getting into them. This Friday I am ordering both books so I can really get down to studying and learning how to make my mind bug free. I am so excited about this as I can see the great benefits that are to come in addition to what I am already learning and applying.
    I think one thing in particular stands out, though. I was chasing and applying for several different positions at the place where I work because I have been frustrated. For the week prior, I had been working on the 15 seconds of positive thought every time I could and I was just sitting there so calm and relaxed when I realized that I was trying to go in too many different directions and my thoughts were sending out “mixed messages.” Almost immediately I knew exactly what I wanted to do, my deepest most fervent desire = I am an indie author and published my first novel “Her Darkest Hour” a year and a half ago. I really want to open a book store / print on demand shop to publish and sell novels and other works of the amazing authors I have come to know since I began my journey as an author.
    I felt such peace and joy and happiness flood over me. I smile every time I think of this and how I’ll be spending my days in my store “The Gathering Place” – having such fun writing and working with other authors to see their dreams of becoming a published author come to life. And providing in-house classes for them with other authors coming to visit and teach them how to become even better. As you can tell, I’ve very excited about my life right now and know that I’m well on my journey to use my mind as God intended when He gave it to me. I’m a life long student and i’m happy about that!
    You’re so right in saying that everyone NEEDS this!


  298. Shannon says:

    Yes! I am so thankful I found you Andy! I’ve been reading about the law of attraction and universal laws for a few years now but no one was able to put the way you do-in a way I could actually apply it. Bought the books and the audio and listen or read everyday. So grateful for you and your work 🙂

  299. Gilbert says:

    YES !!!

  300. Tamara says:

    YES. I have both books (Create/Use ABFM), and this training has helped me find the hook of understanding so now I can continue deepening the experience—one step at a time (and sometimes backward to take another look at things). Thank you for bringing it!

  301. Dan says:

    Yes sire Andy! Extremely valuable. I have the first book and audios. I keep going back over things. I got work to do…it heas really brought a lot of things to light!

  302. Eileen says:

    Andy you have my gratitude for the amazing effort you have put into your work, and your generous commitment
    to having shared your knowledge so freely…
    The studies have increased my happiness level to 98.6…!

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Congratulations 🙂

  303. Emanuel says:


  304. Shaun says:

    Hi Andy

    Yes is my answer . It is helping me and in a very weird way as nothing officially has changed yet in the story in my life situation but it all feels better yet I judged it as dire circumstances before. However now I’m just happier and really find it hard to really care. This does concern me as I know the next step is to desire things and then manifest them but your simple thought structures are killing my desires it feels as I’m happy no matter what happens . Funny when I became interested in order to change my life situation. I enjoyed the free material so much I feel I had to at least get your first book and almost finished it . I couldn’t wait and travel so didn’t want bulk so was grateful I could purchase it on Amazon Kindle . Not as cheap as your Internet deal so would be grateful if you could apply a discount somehow to the kindle version for UABFM. Makes sense to be cheaper as no printing /postage and extra administration like the physical product has . Was a big outlay for me but do value it and trust it’ll work its magic soon to help change my finances once I start caring I hope ? Thanks

  305. Sue says:

    Yes, definitely food for thought. Have already reread the info twice as I think I’m absorbing and feeling it more, the more I read. Thank you

  306. Denise says:

    Yes. I have been getting your info for some time. I just recently started listening and reading it. I have found it so helpfull. I have a group that meets at my home every other Sunday. I can’t wait to share with them! Thank you for all you do. I am hoping to get the money to purchase your whole system. But until then I will continue to study your emails.

  307. Shaun says:

    Definitely yes.
    Thank you so much Andy.

  308. Justin says:

    Creating A Bug Free Mind is amazing and listening to the Footsteps on my daily jog helps me so much. I am enjoying life every second and staying present. Thank you ANDY!

  309. jon says:

    Yes Andy the lessons are fantastic thank you , they allow you to hone your thoughts ,the site has allowed me to study on a daily basis . id like to share with everyone one thought that ive learnt from the site which really works for me ” wouldnt it be great to ******** “. Its great to be part of this thanks again Andy

  310. Tricia says:

    I have found the training useful to the point that I bought the book “Create A Bug Free Mind” where I have found some of your teaching insightful, thank you.

  311. Wayne Chan says:

    Simplicity is the key for the bug free mind. Thanks for the excellent sharing.

  312. Sharne says:

    Yes – very helpful and enjoying your newsletters.

  313. Tatiana says:

    Yes! “I will stay here and not move away until my mind is fixed!” Thank you Andy for your sharing!

  314. Irene Friberg says:

    Thank you so much for your Amazing work!

  315. bobi says:

    Yes! great work! thank you

  316. Rush Young says:

    Much gratitude to you mate, I want to move further on but money an issue for me still, when I get that problem solved, I will though.

  317. Dotty says:

    YES and Thank You and God Bless all of you who work on this!

  318. john & jackie says:

    Yes, very helpful. Very, very interesting. Keep on sending to me.
    Cheers John. Have a great day.

  319. Marite says:

    Incredible! i have been fully into self-development programs for a little over 3 years now. In this period, i immersed myself in tons and tons of info from some of best experts out there. The short time i have been in touch with you is full proof that you are the real deal. I should have known you much earlier, your free training has been tremendously helpfull. I will soon master the nomind exercise just as an example and, thus pacing my way for discovering the power of now. Please, keep up the phenomenal job you’re doing to change the world.
    Thumps up and a miilion thanks!
    Cheers ………

    1. Andy Shaw says:


  320. Dan says:

    Hi there Andy, to say that your material has helped me is true but at the same time a massive understatement. Your material has changed my life immeasurably! My outlook, my reactions, my thought process, the way I deal with situations all have been positively altered.
    And recently I have been given an opportunity that will change things financially aswell, and I also have you to thank for that, as if I hadn’t changed my thinking then this person would not have seen the potential in me! So my answer is a gigantic YES!!! 🙂

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Thank you Dan 🙂

  321. Don Donovan says:


  322. Angelia says:

    Yes! I was just going through what I’ve written so far in my Golden book and evaluating just how much I’ve actually been able to apply the principles of No Mind, Am I present now, and Is this thought helping or harming me?, and while it has certainly not been perfect or even immediate, I eventually get there and the fact that I even have this knowledge today is miles further along than when I began 2016 – and it’s only February! Very excited about my future!!

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Very cool 🙂

  323. Dave says:

    Hi Andy
    Enjoying your messages and look forward to each new one.
    Today’s has been one of those “hello” moments for me. Great!!
    I’m busy manifesting the money for the full course – which I expect in the next two weeks!
    Thanks again.

  324. paul james t. says:

    I am in my 5th month of studying both books…deliciously indulging in what it brings to ones life and that is PEACE OF MIND.
    EVERYTHING you share and your desire for us to grow unveils your innocence The innocence we lost but NOW regaining it back.
    My wife and I have been off and on for the last several years…however in the last few weeks the changes she is undergoing is phenomenal. Chronic thinking was taught to her as a young girl. Both her Mom & Dad continue with this mind set still.. in their mid 80s.
    Creating a Bug Free Mind has BEGUN the healing…my wife is grasping this & finally was able to quite her mind for 15 sec. On achieving this she immediately contacted me to tell me. I’ve never been a chronic thinker but close enough to understand the joy she is feeling…she’s a woman that has been in my life for a long time…to experience the changes that are taking place in her life, do to you sharing the missing piece, can only be expressed in words such as…I appreciate you figuring this out & allowing it to flow out to the world.
    In a few weeks I will be flying out to see her & she is coming back home. We are driving back from another state about 1,300 miles. She is all excited in listening to the audios as we drive back.
    Can you imagine a couple with a Saltori state of mind/ A Bug Free Mind and continuing/applying/saturating their minds together??…could this be the secret to “HAPPLY EVER AFTER” it wont be a fairy tale anymore. I’ll keep you posted.

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Thank you for telling me Paul, most appreciated.


  325. Nadine says:

    Hi Andy
    Love your work! Am finding your footsteps through the mind to be really helpful in clarifying my thinking and helping me dissolve those bugs?! Lol Thanks. 🙂 xx

  326. Narelle P says:

    Yes thank you Andy. After reading both your books, I found the state of enlightenment for a few minutes quite unexpectedly on the evening of 30th January and a medical problem I had had for years suddenly just disappeared. I am now listening to your e-books as my second read.
    Warmest regards, N

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Narelle,

      A well structured mind. You saw truth 🙂

      Best wishes,


  327. Dean says:

    YES, Absolutely! Thank You Andy!!

  328. Subhadip Roy says:

    Hi Andy,

    You are really wonderful. Many thanks for the immeasurable things that you gave to me. I am really grateful for that. I am starting to see a little change in my life while carrying your instructions. But to experience great change I think it will take some time. Hope within 10 to 15 days time I will definitely see some positive change in my life.


  329. Donald says:


  330. Mukul Jangid says:


  331. Joshua says:

    Yes, It has

  332. L.Alleman says:

    Thank You so much for all the verbal, as well as text help you’ve given me and others. Breaking away from my ego has been quite the struggle, but well worth it. Haven’t hit a full 15min. yet, but getting darn close. Amazing how out-of-control my mind was/is. I haven’t manifested the money needed for the books and audio yet, but believe me that my order will be with you A.S.A.P. Thanks Again for all you’ve shared Andy, your e-mails are the first thing I look for every day.

  333. GRK Murthy says:

    Unqualified YES!
    Particularly your approach to feeling over thought is the KEY to anything and every thing!
    I am still in the process.
    Thank you.

  334. Sarah says:

    Hi Andy!
    Your newsletter along with the Bug Free Mind process has brought about an amazing shift in my life and circumstances! Thank you for sharing this with the world!

    1. Andy Shaw says:


  335. Ian Leel says:

    yes I am happy with what I have received so far thank you very much.

    Ian leel

  336. Sasha says:

    OMG! Where have you been all my life? I can’t tell you how many “self-help” books and seminars and webinars and podcasts, etc. I’ve been through in the last 40 years and each and every time whatever results I managed to obtain, eventually slipped away and I’d find myself back at the start again. What a horrible way to live your life! I think the greatest thing I have gleaned thus far, and there have been many juicy morcels, is that I’m not a frickin idiot. I just wasn’t trained how to think right. I can stop blaming myself for not having a clue. I can take responsibility for what I’ve done but I don’t have to beat myself up anymore. THANK YOU!!!

    1. Andy Shaw says:


  337. Dion Phillip says:

    Yes these foot steps is proving very valuable to me.

    Thanks so much Andy

  338. Sally Cournoyer says:

    I can say Most Definitely Yes!

    Thank you Andy!

  339. Lynn says:

    Yes Andy!! Just received my 2 books Creating a Bugfree mind and usong a bugfree mind. Ive been listening to the audio of the first book and I’ll be able to read also. Love receiving your foot steps so valuable!!!

  340. Brigitte says:

    Yes. Thank you.

  341. Lyn says:

    Yes Andy, I find the training very helpful and usually read them to my other half. We air our views and try to find ways of utilising some of the statements in our lives.
    Thank you.

  342. Michael says:

    Very much so

  343. Daniel says:

    I use my ’10’ moment every day now to get rid of negative thoughts and flood myself with a wave of positive emotion and goosebumps. In the first 2 weeks, I received 3 cheques that I wasn’t expecting (especially the one from a bank saying they ‘owed me’ money) and organised 2 meetings with people I hadn’t been able to approach in the past 18 months. Thanks you Andy!!!

    1. Andy Shaw says:


  344. Narelle says:

    Hi Andy,
    Thank You Andy it is really helping, with much Gratitude .


  345. Ellie says:

    As I’ve been listening to the audios of Creating A Bug Free Life & Using A Bug Free Mind and reading and studying the Footsteps I’ve sensed my consciousness was changing for the good. I’ve had experiences with two friends recently where I consciously observed what they’re choosing to focus on and how they talk about it. They are chasing their tails round and round with no intention of resolving this or that issue. If I attempt to interject something helpful; something from a Bug Free Mind perspective they either shut down their minds immediately or they shut me down conversationally. I respond internally by thinking, “ok, this is alright, they aren’t in a place where they are ready to hear.” Once I’m alone after we part company I realize just how pure my thinking and attitude has gotten since starting the Bug Free Process.How much conscious control I’ve developed over my the thoughts my ego mind produces.

    I’m incredibly grateful for my internal evolution as I struggle to not feel bad for my friends who are not ready to take the Bug Free journey and may never be ready. Oops! Wait! Hold on now! No, I’m not going to spend my energy feeling bad for them, I’m going to use my energy to imagine them happy and healthy and in control of their ego minds. Yeah – I feel better already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I have to get back to my life plans!!!!!

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Brilliant 🙂

  346. John says:

    yes…Thank you Andy

  347. NigelG says:

    Yes…but I think there are ways it could be even more effective.

  348. Stainer says:

    YES! Your teachings definitely work but I can see my ego trying in as many ways as it can to try and stop me from applying what Ive learnt but overall… Yes

  349. Linda A. says:

    A resounding YES!!! Thank you so much for all the free content. I am very grateful for it and the free first 5 chapters of Creating A Bug Free Mind. I appreciate it very much as I still have to manifest the money to purchase your books. Keep up the great work, Andy!

  350. tom says:

    Yes. Exceptional material and you are truly kind to give so much.

  351. Euchariste says:

    Yes, eternal gratitude

  352. Eileen says:

    Yes Andy, I bought both your books in 2012, after divorce. I have made my golden book and have my list of wonderful things, etc You are quite right about mindset, as I am 70 plus and
    thanks to you I am in a good place.!!
    Best wishes for your continuing success
    Eileen. X

  353. Rudolph Beukes says:


  354. Juhani says:

    Hi Andy,

    YES, I have both BFM books and audios and I am very satisfied so far.

  355. Jamie says:

    Hi Andy,
    I have got the books and the audio and they have helped me massively. I have an improved confidence and always happy or in control of my thoughts, enough, to not let the bad things in life get to me. Still have a lot to learn to be able to manifest the things i desire into my life. I guess this is just letting go of the outcome and allowing it to flow into my life.
    Thank you

  356. John says:


    I have bought most of your material and I am amazed! After gone through what feels like everything in the self help category on internet (yes I am a total seeker) – It feels like coming home!
    My own business – check!
    Working from home – check!
    Real freedom – check!
    Happiness – check!
    Happy doughters – check!
    And so on. Everything in just months.
    I think this material would work perfectly here in Sweden because it’s som non “whohooie” yet effective. If you need a companjon here, just let me know!



  357. Mia says:

    Ha ha well you have been nice and said thank you. We learned that we need to be grateful and play nice so we have to return the favour LOL. Just kidding! Really insightful material, thank you for the freebies. Bought the book but I am still to start the process. Your materials together with other books I have read since January 2016 made me realise how much work I need to do on myself, therefore I am trying to have patience and really internalise a concept before I move on to the next.
    You have a good thing going here for anyone who wants to become the best version of themselves. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

  358. Sandi says:

    Yes, and I am most grateful

  359. Yvonne Smolenski says:

    Yes, absolutely. An anchor of wisdom and support.

  360. Trish says:

    Yes, I purchased your books and I am really excited to know what is really going on. I’ve been searching for 10 years and I was just about to give up. Your program saved me!

  361. Emmanuel Ogbu says:


    I have posted comments on some of your blogs too.


  362. Stacey says:

    Absolutely! Sharing your thoughts with some of my friends and enjoying every post. Looking forward to next step. Thanks.

  363. Drew McCaughey says:

    I’ve already purchased audio’s 1 & 2, as I learn much quicker that way, and have become a member of the community… Your training is the best in the business… PERIOD!

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Thank you Drew, that was my intention when I created it 🙂

  364. Lee says:

    Yes! I listen every day on my commute and am amazed at how my world is changing.
    The truth shines through.

  365. Charlotte says:


  366. Charlotte says:

    Yes, Thank You for the opportunity and all the free training.
    I am not in a position to go ahead with it now due to personal circumstances.
    I would like to congratulate you for allowing so many of us to have an insight into your work and your life.
    In Gratitude,

  367. Nick says:

    Yes it has! Thank you.

    We should all have had this on the first day of high school.

    Better late than never.

  368. Jody Hughes says:


  369. Deepthy says:

    The footsteps are absolute gems….thank you so much…I hope no one underestimates its tremendous value because its free..

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Deepthy,

      You have hit the nail right on the head 🙂

      Best wishes,


  370. Cora Hynes says:

    Yes Thank you so much….don’t have the books yet but looking forward to getting them soon.

  371. Dave says:

    Yes – Busy manifesting the $ s for the books.

  372. Graeme - Philippines says:

    It is, yes, yes and yes.
    I started with the pathways material which impressed me so much that I purchased the two book audio set.
    I have listened to creating a bug free mind 5 times and am almost completed my third listening to using a bug free mind.
    I would liketo thank you Andy for writing these most insightful books, and I would also curse you for not having written them sooner.
    I am gaining, and will continue to gain great benefits from you publications Andy. Again, thank you.
    I have two questions; firstly, have you completed you planning software? And if so, how can I get copy.
    Secondly; do you have some sort of affiliate marketing programme so that I can help to spread the word and market this wonderful and most helpful information to the masses?
    Anyway, that is me for now, and once again, thank you Andy.

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Graeme,

      Thank you for the compliments 🙂

      No the software is not even started yet. Each time I look at it I doubt the ability of the people to complete the project the way I want it done. So until I feel comfortable I won’t be beginning that project.

      As for the affiliate program, yes we do. If you contact tim(at)abugfreemind.com then he will be happy to help you.

      Best wishes,


      1. Graeme - Philippines says:

        Thank you Andy.
        Have a great day.

  373. Patricia Buss says:

    Yes, it has helped me a great deal through a very difficult part of my life

  374. Dean says:

    Hi Andy… Your content is great, really but i just want to ask why you said in the 2nd chapter of creating a bug free mind that one should “listen” to the ego? I know further on you speak about “observing” but listening to it doesnt quite sound like an option. I’m not criticising you, i’m just looking for clarification regarding that listening part. Is it a flaw in your work or what?

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Dean,

      The early techniques are there to get people further into the process, meaning they are there for transition from what was to what will be.

      Best wishes,


  375. Tara says:

    Yes. It is beautiful to receive so much without being hounded to buy something.

  376. Rihards says:


  377. Bruno Bogdan says:

    Only one word amazing

  378. Felicia Ria says:

    Thank you , yes i am taking the time to learn all you have sent me.
    Andy you are amazing thank you.

  379. Bud Thompson says:

    Andy – I bought your BFM way back on it’s first release (2011?) and to say your books and teachings and value from your Footsteps, videos and everything else you do has helped me is an understatement.. You offer knowledge in self improvement that’s far beyond any thing any mentor or teacher I’ve seen since the Secret on… You always go “beyond the call of duty” (I’m an old Veteran) to provide value in our lives.. Thanks and many thanks, I sure hope I have the opportunity to meet you one day in this life or hear your speak . Mountains of gratitude! you’ve showed me a path I didn’t know existed.. I tell everyone I know who’s looking for answers and guidance to look at what my mentor /guru/teacher has to offer. I never tire of reading your emails (esp Footsteps) watching your videos.. and going over a BFM.

    Respectively grateful

    Bud from Sacramento, CA

  380. Bud says:

    I left a reply yesterday but it didn’t get published.. ? I certainly had positive feedback and yes your work is very valuable to me

  381. Kirsten says:

    Yes it has been incredibly helpful. Many thanks.

  382. Ed says:

    Andy’s training has been extremely helpful! I’m about to begin my second read through! To me, the audio has been more helpful than the books.

    Thanks Andy!!!!

  383. Gail says:

    Yes I have found them extremley helpfull . I actually bought the books and audios August 2015 ,I was slowly travelling through them up to chapter 8, then I hit a wall ,so back to the beginning this time I move on througt too chapter 10 , again hit a brick wall , don’t think I was being very supportive of myself , then I started Footsteps and found they were softer on me , and this newsletters have allowed me to grasp something i must of been missing and am now back to listen to the first books audios , I am more comfortable with audio than reading ,it has never been a strong suit for me. Thank you so very much Andy for all of your teaching

  384. Clifford Gant says:

    Very eyeopening, Thanks Andy

  385. Linda says:

    Yes very much.
    Thank you

  386. Gier says:

    So far so good, Im afraid Im still in the middle of book 1 (part 1) Creating a Bug Free Mind…Thanks

  387. Glynis says:

    Hi Andy, it’s a resounding YES from me as I have been reading and listening to Positive Mental Attitude books and tapes for well over 10 years and although the ideas seemed fantastic as I have put each one into my life they have lasted a short while then everything has returned to how it was before, if not worse. I have only read the first 5 chapters of bug free mind but I am now beginning to understand why this has happened and how I can prevent the same things happening again. I have now purchased the books and audios and know that I will be going from strength to strength with them on my journey. Thank you so much for all your help.

  388. Janet says:

    Yes very good

  389. Marc says:

    Super YES!

  390. Nitin says:

    Thanks a lot Andy

  391. Sanad says:

    It was most powerful book to upgrade oneself from the ground I haven before. Most appreciate from the core of my heart. I can’t remain silence without thanking you. Thank you so much!

  392. Sandy Emerson says:

    Yes, it has been very helpful. I just finished your Mastering the Law of Attraction from Amazon.com as well. Than convinced me to buy Creating a Bug Free mind 1.

    I am grateful for your generosity, thank you.

  393. Graham says:

    Only part way through the free download of Creating-a-Bug-Free-Life and feel it is helping. A very large, unexpected bill dropped through the letter box this morning and my first dread-filled thought was ‘How the hell am I going to pay this ?’ I went through my 15 second routine and started reading the book again and started to sense that it will be paid , one way or another. This made me able to think straighter about making it happen.

  394. Leeann says:

    Yes! I have been using the books and audio for about a year but there is something between this and reading Footsteps Through Your Mind that has finally brought it all together for me. Perhaps the different way you have approached it with the newsletter? Whatever it is, thank you! Every day is getting better.

  395. N.VENKATESH says:

    it has been very helpful and informative and helped me to correct myself in so many ways.
    keep up the good work and helping people.
    thanks and kind regards

  396. audrey says:

    Yes. Grateful and thankful for your reminders especially during the long drives on the road. I don’t mind getting caught in traffic nowadays as I know the time and journey is well spent with your audio books playing in the foreground. Regards.

  397. Nadja says:

    Hello Andy,

    when I first read your articles, I got so excited thinking. …”This man describes the missing link” and after reading and listening to the first book ….It is exactly that and I am relieved that I know now that I just knew things intellectually 😉 etc. From a very young age I was aware of having an ego but the closer I came to let its influence decrease the games got more sophisticated. And i understand now why i was only sucessfull here and there….long story short: thanks a million!!!. I never get tired to tell people of your existence and your way of teaching. All your posts are immensely helpful and your videos are too. Thanks N

  398. Ann Christine says:

    Hi Andy
    I’ve read most of you’re footsteps, and the books.
    All the information has been wonderful and very valuable, so thank you.
    I’ve noticed some changes, but I’ve also had a lot of struggle, particularly with my ego.
    I see the positive changes and are doing my best to use you’re techniques to get past the negative.
    I dream to become naturally successful and have it all.
    I’m aware of how many bugs and viruses I’ve had and still have, so thanks for keeping me aware of it all.

  399. Raheem says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank You Mr Andy Shaw!

  400. David says:

    Yes, this has helped immensely. Structured thinking, and looking at things as does this take me to where I want to go or not. Cool thanks.

  401. Debi Rumph says:

    Yes Andy, your structured thinking has opened my mind to better things and ways of thinking! Thank you again for your information!!

  402. Surendra says:

    Dear Andy sir, after going through bug free mind process I am feeling self sufficient
    in my thinking….. It feels like an illusion. Gratitude

  403. poona says:

    Your method of teaching is simplistic and easy to understand.I have noticed my way of thinking has improved,thanks to your lessons.My aura feels lighter these days.Thanks Andy.

  404. Joannes says:

    When the student is ready the teacher can start doing his work but then indeed also the teacher has to be capable and competent.Yes, thank you Andy,I am in the process of reading the 5 Chapters,listening to and watching the audios and videos that you make available for free.Although it is very challenging for me to find time for myself I still manage to spend an hour or two every day to study and read and reflect about how to make the impact of a few (bad) decisions from the past weigh less on my life.

  405. Neville says:

    Yes I have the books now and really looking forward to reading them ASAP.

  406. Mike Haley says:

    Hey Andy, this has been very valuable to me. I have noticed a huge difference in the way that I think and how I think. Thank you so much for what your trainings have done for me.

    Take care,

    Mike Haley

  407. john da silva says:


  408. Wendy Owen says:

    Yes. I have purchased Book 1 on Kindle. I’m in Australia so it makes sense for me.
    Thanks Andy

  409. Chris Ward says:

    Brilliant! Thank you, Andy.

  410. Phil says:

    Yes,but I must add more. I actually bought you books and audio about 2 years ago. As someone who had struggled with reading and retaining information these two massive books are a massive chore. And I don’t have a computer/laptop so still haven’t got the audios. So my ego and I made it a shelf help book after reading just the beginning of book 1.But these emails have invigorated me to start again,and not to view the books as something I have to plough through focused only on reaching the end. But something to embrace. I walked away from it and have spent the last 2 years repeating old habits and getting no where. But both the emails and picking up the book again have made me feel better about myself and now believe I can do this .I will soon sort out the audios as reading is still difficult,thigh I won’t let that be an excuse/obstical any more. Thank you x

  411. Heather says:

    Yes. I actually have the two Audio Books, which are great. I signed up for the new tips because I needed a nudge to get back to listening. Now I am. Thanks Andy!

  412. Lynda says:

    Dearest Andy
    You have changed my life from wandering aimlessly to having a purpose and the best thing was being shown that I can be happy now. And that’s what I have chosen happy now and I’m loving it. Wish I could be on your active chat site so I’m manifesting that to happen. I read and listen to you daily for 3 years now, not a day goes by without you being in my life even if it is just by no mind or something to keep my focused on being happy. I love it thank you ..I’ve recommended you several times and they have all downloaded your free stuff..
    Lynda from South Africa

  413. Dale says:

    Yes, very helpful. Doing the SMS and it’s very good also.

  414. Shirnelle says:

    Yes!!! Andy very helpful .

  415. Kester Taylor says:

    Andy I don’t usually post any comments but I felt obliged to comply to this simple request, over the years I’ve gotten so much value from your work that I just couldn’t ignore your request for feedback. Your work has impacted my life in so many ways it has been immensely valuable. I can’t thank you enough.

  416. Dan says:

    Priceless, yes in a word priceless, I am already deeply immersed in CABFB and 2 years in and my perception of the world has improved immesurably, I am not yet bug free but well on my way.
    I Thank you immensely Andy for being you 🙂

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