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We have been looking to create an App for A Bug Free Mind for quite a while now. However, like everything you are not an expert in, things which involve others get put to one side…nasa

Well recently A Bug Free Mind student approached us about creating an App. This was with the idea of having a free version and a paid version. Just so you know I’ve just reached the limit of my knowledge regarding apps…

However, the person who approached us, also works at NASA, and apparently a few of the guys from NASA like what we’re doing with A Bug Free Mind and Saltori and would like to help by working with us on an app…

So this is underway now and we will update you when we have more information on it.


4 thoughts on “Structured
Thinking App

  1. Tomas Andersson says:

    This is what i been waiting for :)

  2. Thomas Knutsen says:

    cant wait!! :)

  3. Gail says:

    Looking forward to the Apps arrival

  4. Paul says:

    Yes, very helpful.
    I am half way through the first book
    I’m learning a lot

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