Are the thoughts in your head Helping or Harming your life?

~ Your mindset guarantees your success or failure in all you do ~ Andy Shaw


I’m about to tell you something here which you may think you already know. However, if you are not living the life you truly desire then you do not know it, you only think you know it!

Which means you are building your life on an assumption that is wrong, and is hurting your progress, and overall enjoyment and fulfilment.

You may know what I’m about to share with you on an intellectual level (the weakest level of knowing something). But knowing it so that you make it part of yourself is something completely different.

Well what I’m about to share with you is what you need to make ‘part of you’ either consciously or unconsciously

In other words, if you want to have the life you desire, then you must learn it on purpose, or by mistake. But you cannot get there without it.

So if you don’t make it part of you then you are almost certainly going to remain trapped in life pretty much at the level you are at now.

Though without it in a few years time, you will probably be struggling to get back to where you are now… This is because your mind and life are not static and if you are not expanding your life, then by default you are contracting…

key-secrets-1The skill I am about to share with you today is one of the key secrets to wealth, success, fulfilment  and even becoming rich.

So you may well want to pay close attention to something which you probably think you already know!

However, before I tell you it, I need to point out that it is simple…

So simple that your learned socially conditioned human mind will assume that you either know it already, or you know it and therefore do not need to consider it…

Unfortunately what you are highly likely to do as soon as you’ve read it is this; You will go back to your life and within 20 minutes you will have completely forgotten you read this!

You see, that’s why you are trapped at the level where you currently are.

Your ego (the voice in your mind – which you assume is you) has a very cunning way to keep you trapped. Your ego is a master of distraction, and it’s primary weapon against you is its use of your existing socially conditioned thought patterns.

I saw a report a while back which said 90 – 95% of what people think about each day was the same as the day before. This doesn’t surprise me at all… However, figures are always just a guide in these sorts of things.

So if I were you and you want to create a new constructive thought pattern, then you may wish to pattern interrupt your usual tendency to slip back by simply putting a rubber band around your wrist for the next few days.

This serves as a nice pattern interrupt, to snap you back to thinking about this. Every time you see it, you are snapped back to remembering you had forgotten this again… Then overtime you can create a new thought pattern which helps, and does not harm.

welcome-to-simplicityEach time you notice your rubber band, think what thought you were just thinking about and evaluate it using the technique below. Remember I said it was simple and probably too simple… So please be careful…

Okay, right now I think you should be very present and ready to hear something as powerful as this, and really hear it as well.

It is a real gem and well worthy of your thought, that’s if you wish to create the life you desire…

Your thoughts are pretty powerful stuff…

Your thoughts create your outcomes…

No thought stands still, it either helps or it hurts. If it hurts then it takes you away from your desires and if it helps it takes you towards them.

Told you it was simple! Don’t let how simple it is fool you 🙂



Not all thoughts are the same, meaning they don’t have the same level of power. Every thought is different…

Some thoughts take us towards where we want to go very fast and some very slow. Some thoughts drag us away from our desires very fast and some very slow.

So each thought you allow into your mind is different and so has different levels of power… Your thoughts do not fit into a neat box…

BUT… There are ONLY TWO CATEGORIES… They either help or hurt.

And if you want to have more in your life than you currently have, then you need to remove the ones that hurt and nurture the ones which help.

Told you it was simple! Don’t let how simple it is fool you 🙂

You may wish to stop and consider this for a few minutes and let your mind adjust it’s neural pathways to cope properly with the simplicity of this…



Did you know…
That there is nothing in the entire Universe which stands still?

Even the chair you are sitting in is moving at 1,040 miles an hour!

There is nothing, NOTHING… That stands still!

So think about it… A thought which has no substance… Do you think that could possibly stand still?

But even though it has no substance those thoughts can take you to all sorts of places. They take some people everywhere they want to go in life, and they take some people nowhere…

If you doubt your thoughts can take you places, then try doing anything without a thought!

But what matters most of all is the direction you allow your thoughts to take you…

mindfulness-awarenessWhen you are mindful you can have access to the power required to control your thoughts… Notice I said when you are mindful… As most people live in a waking sleep and being mindful is not something they can choose to be.

However, if you can remember to notice your thoughts then you can have the power to direct where you go because you have free will while you are conscious.

But you have to be present to watch your thoughts to be sure they are taking you in the direction you want to go in. Because if you are not present then your ego will put thoughts in your mind which take you in the direction ‘it wants you to go in.

Evaluating your thoughts will get you present… The present is a very important place… As it is the only place you can affect the future. You cannot create the future in the future, you cannot create the future from your past… You have to create it in the present.

If your ego is running the show in your mind then you are not in the present. You are either regretting or reminiscing about the past… Or you are afraid of or wanting the future.



Most people live their lives out of the present and allow their ego to run their life for them in their absence
(the waking sleep).

This way they are allowing their ego to suggest and therefore decide their thoughts. Unfortunately if you are not leading the life you dreamed of then the chances are you are currently one of them.

And the other horrible bit is…

That the chances are even knowing this, and applying this, that you are HIGHLY likely to remain one of them… Even though you may spend a few days, weeks or months out of that unconscious state of living.

Don’t worry though, this only matters if you want to get whatever the success you seek in life.

If you are happy with accepting that where you are is as good as it gets! …And happy that you may have to settle for less than that in a few years time… Then you can stay thinking this way.

If you want more from life than you currently have then you need to change, overcome and adapt…

However, your awareness can actually reverse this problem and you can become predominantly present again, you just need to remove the bugs from your mind that are tugging you in the wrong directions.

The way to do that simply is to just evaluate each of your thoughts and ask this very simple question:

Is this thought helping me or hurting me?

unconscious-actionYou will quickly start to see which ones are hurting.

When you notice them, either decide to drop them or decide to observe them… And see if there is any value for you in them. This invokes the power of awareness.

As you notice it so you are able to stop repeating the same mistake again and again.

Snap your rubber band when you notice that you thought something which is hurting you… And decide to either not think about it anymore. Or to look and see if there is any value for you in the thought…

Now, when you find a thought which is good and helps you, why not consider thinking more about those sort of thoughts…

If it helps, maybe stroke the rubber band as a reward if you like, for thinking the right way.

Now imagine this…

If you could spend a day in your mind like this, thinking about what you are thinking, noticing when your thoughts were harming you and noticing when they were helping you… Then pretty soon you will start to notice your thoughts all of the time.

That’s when you begin to overpower the little saboteur that has set up home in your socially conditioned mind…

If you can’t devote a day to it as it’s too simple… And probably not worthy of your very busy but not terribly effective at getting what you want life 🙂 I like to laugh at the socially conditioned insanity. That way I spot it when it tries to get me too…

So if a day’s too long… Then the rubber band will trigger you to evaluate what you’ve recently been thinking about, so this will snap you back to presence.

If you start using this all too simple technique then pretty soon you will start to notice how you have been thinking so many bad thoughts and how they haven’t been helping you.

Then you should also see that as you fill your mind with more good thoughts and more good things to take you in the direction you wish to go in, then so you fill your mind up with good thoughts and you no longer leave any space for the bad ones.

Now please understand that this is not positive thinking.

If you like it is just correct, natural, accurate thinking. As funnily enough it is unnatural to think of things which do not help us… Though this doesn’t stop nearly every single human on the planet doing it!

We humans are the only species alive stupid enough to do this! There are a few people who have managed to escape this trend of the world, we call those people ‘successful people’.

Though they will still self harm with thoughts in some areas of their lives.These people still occasionally think poorly, however, their predominant thoughts help them.

Whereas the vast majority of people who haven’t got what they want from life, predominantly have thoughts which hurt them.


Now the question is…

Have I done a good enough job at explaining that this is too simple, but that it can do amazing stuff for your results in life?

So are you starting to see and understand the power of how it can change and enhance your life?

So no thought stands still and your thoughts really do create your outcome.

If you wish to get back your natural success mindset then you have to start predominantly thinking thoughts which help you and stop predominantly thinking thoughts which hurt you.

If you can become the master of your thoughts then you can easily become the master of your life… All that it takes is you not being distracted 🙂

Best wishes,

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You have experienced a little of Saltori Structured Thinking now, and taken the Discovering Happiness Quiz…

Well now I’d like to help you to see how much further you can go…

Next Tuesday I’ll be teaching live some of the techniques which in the last few years have helped change the lives of people from every country on earth.

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42 thoughts on “Are the thoughts in your head Helping or Harming your life?

  1. Lynn says:

    As I read the post, I kept thinking, “think positive” then you stated, ‘this is not positive thinking’. I think it would help, well I know it would help me, if you clarified, or gave examples of the difference between ‘thinking thoughts that help us’ as opposed to just ‘positive thinking thoughts’. Thanks Andy.

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Lynn,

      I will cover Positive Thinking in detail soon, as it is one of the biggest errors taught in personal development.

      Best wishes,


    2. Wendy says:

      It’s not to think positive bexessarily but to “feel” positive thoughts
      As an example when we see a little puppy or a new born baby kitten we say ” it’s so cute , adorable etc. Now notice the difference from when we say those words verses feeling the feeling that is derived from how the new born baby, puppy, kitten makes us “feel” attaching feeling to positivity thoughts is the key.

  2. Melanie says:

    Absolutely incredible and simple. I love it. Helpful in realizing how the “nutter saboteur ego” is deceptive. Some unhelpful thoughts are obvious and some are ninja like. I find it crazy how until I found you the thoughts/junk in my head have had such power keeping me in the dark and feeding me bs, not anymore. I love all the advice and tips. I am determined to just not know it but live it to master it. Thank you so much for all you do. 🙂

  3. Linda says:

    I only came upon this article by coincidence. For some reason I decided to read the email you sent me. I usually don’t read every one of them. But the reminder on my phone that I have new email stood out this time. And your topic was pretty eye catching. I think I know what you mean when you say this rule is powerful. Can’t wait to practice it. I now see it as important too. I believe you 100%. I am really grateful that you posted this for free.

    1. Andy Shaw says:


  4. Isabel says:

    wonderful! Loved it! It has helped me a lot!

  5. Mike says:

    Hi Andy,

    Next Tuesday is the 1st, not the 7th as you typed above. Look forward to hearing you on the webinar.


    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Quite right, it is the 1st, doing too many things 🙂

      Thanks Mike

  6. MP says:

    Hi Andy
    Is the presentation on the 1st or the 7th?or both?
    Best regards

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi MP,

      The 1st, my mistake.

      Best wishes,


  7. Erika says:

    Thank you

  8. Khadeja says:

    Hi Andy,
    Such informative stuff!! wow I think I attracted this information because I wanted that now and checked my inbox to find your email immediately! One thing which makes me wonder is how to go about thoughts shifting so that they continue to be the type that’s helping me for the longest period of time possible because I kinda find it little challenging as I keep noticing and evaluating my thoughts all the time and do my best to keep them helping or useful, trying to avoid positive here lol.
    thanks again!!

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Khadeja,

      You are of course right to avoid the positive 😉

      You want to avoid it when it feels challenging. When you notice that, it means you are attempting to ‘try’ too hard, and you’re using force. At that point, notice you are and relax. Go and really look closely at a flower or a tree and be grateful you noticed. Appreciate that moment and accept that if it became a challenge then clearly I have to accept that and allow my mind time to settle.

      It looks like you are doing nothing when you apply that, but remember the way; in the study of the way everyday something is dropped… Less and less do you have to force things… Until you finally arrive at the place of non-action… Where nothing is done, and nothing remains undone.

      Best wishes,


  9. vittorio says:

    Hi Andy,

    Thank you so much for all your priceless valuable advice!!
    I don’t know how I would cope without you. You, keep my ego in check and I really appreciate you!
    Thank you, Thank you and Thank you!
    GOD sent for sure!

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      You’re welcome 🙂

  10. Nick says:

    I thought I was making progress as I had been pain free (no tension in face/head) for a few months. I am otherwise for many years with continuous pain.
    Last week I said to myself; I am so grateful for feeling better and no pain.
    The next morning the pain is back and won’t budge.
    What a let down, just because I was thankful.
    What is the trigger that causes this?????

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Nick,

      It is probably just a test. You may have had a little doubt creep in that said, it’s not going to last. See if you can find the thought, and then accept it and look at it without judging it. I accept that this has happened and I accept that I will keep analysing my thoughts until I can let go of all my doubts. If that means I will work on this until I die and not get the result, then that is what I will do… Pure acceptance, and surrender. Keep it pure and the ‘tests’ will become less and less frequent.

      Best wishes,


  11. Mark Young says:

    I like the simple stuff. I bought both volumes of ‘A bug free mind’ and there is just too much in them that overwhelms.
    One slim volume would have been enough.

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Mark,

      I could simplify everything down to less than 20 pages which would be enough for me to cover every single point in the 900 odd pages of the entire process. However, this would be useless to all but the few who didn’t need it. Albert Einstein wrote, make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler. If you make things too simple then the lessons are lost. I had to complicate them up just enough to make it so they weren’t simpler.

      The average student is on their 3rd read through, with hundreds of students on more than 10, probably around 20 to 30 on over 20, and with a few on over 30 read throughs of at least the first part of the process which is a 550 page book, and about 18 hours of audio recordings…

      My purpose is to show you how to get a result… So for a second or two you may want to consider this… Why are they not overwhelmed?

      Overwhelm is a choice. I too am often overwhelmed when I look at some books. This is because I would like the benefit I’d get from reading them, but I don’t actually want to either go through the work, or the effort of doing it. I recognise this and then I consider the cost and the benefit of going through it. I can do this accurately as my ego is not controlling my mind. If my ego controlled it, then I would judge that I didn’t have the time, and I would feel overwhelmed.

      As for one slim volume. You are to create that yourself, using the Golden Book technique which you’ll find in the appendix. But this cannot be created if you decide that you are overwhelmed – a choice, and we are all free to make our own choices.

      Best wishes,


  12. JoaN says:

    Thoughts, : i had been struggling with your written text, its not as easy as you perceived,
    no matter how i re program my thoughts into positive , the physical happenings are so real esp
    money is concerned

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Joan,

      I think you may mean as easy as you perceived and I portrayed, so I will go on with that assumption with my response. Let me know if I’m wrong though as the answer may change.

      Several things here… Firstly money is a very tricky subject when you want and need more. So it skews results if you work on creating it while still doing so from a state of wanting, or needing, or both. The state which must be attained BEFORE the money can be attained is the state of acceptance that you have or rather will have the money come at the right time and in the right way.

      Now attaining this state can be tricky, though when it is attained and most importantly maintained then money will follow at the right time and in the right way. No money and feeling you are struggling to get it, or that you won’t get it = the correct state of mind has not yet been attained.

      No money but the feeling that it has already happened, but not yet shown itself in physical reality = it’s on its way.

      The building blocks to attaining this state of awareness are usually best done slowly and giving your mind time to adjust to the new way of thinking. This is you actually changing your neural pathways.

      A quick question, when you imply that it is not as easy as you perceived consider how fast you are going. I am not saying you are going fast, as I don’t know. My slow may be someone elses very fast. My very fast may be someone else’s very slow. We all have different speeds, but if you are not getting results then it is almost certain that you are going too fast for you.

      Another question to consider, do you think the greatest benefit would come to you from reading ten articles in ten days, or from reading one article ten times over a twenty day period?

      We are conditioned to think the benefit is from the ten articles… But one article taken, absorbed slowly, considered inbetween until it is not just accepted, but you have started to create the habits from the lessons is infinitely more powerful.

      Take these lessons and build slowly, the time taken to get to the destination is irrelevant if the journey is abandoned meaning never getting to the destination. It is certain that time will pass anyway, what isn’t certain is that you will get to the destination, it only becomes certain when you decide that you will stay on the journey UNTIL you get to the destination. At which point time becomes irrelevant again and the journey becomes the reward.

      About 6 months after finishing writing the Process the people close to me were impatient that I was not yet rich again. They knew me well from before and they had seen me previously turn money on with many ventures. However, we had turned this on and the money did not flow. Not only did I tell them that the money would flow when the time was right, but I knew that too. I was not living in a state of needing and wanting. I was in a state of acceptance that I was on the right path and the money would flow when the time was right. The fact that the money was not flowing was a sign to me that I still had things to learn. So I considered what I was still to learn, and went about learning them slowly and without force.

      For example; Things begun to start looking better in late 2012, by late 2013 there were a lot of green shoots… Then in 2014 I became a multi-millionaire again and it felt right. What happened was in 2014 I removed all the mental blocks I had which was preventing things from happening. How I did that was to really slow down and figure out where there were ways to change in my mind from lack to abundance. I found tiny things I had not accepted, and found more tiny things I could surrender too. Then almost overnight the myriad of things I was doing to become rich again conspired together to make me rich again.

      Best wishes,


  13. Richard Archer says:

    G’day and thank you Andy,
    Being ‘present’ in the Present does require concious effort as opposed to being ‘present’ in the Past, which unfortunately requires no effort at all, so most of us (including myself) spend far, far too much time there!

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Richard,

      I spent time worrying about the future for a few months, never wasted so much time in my life.Once you create the habit of self observance you pretty much will find that it just happens and takes no effort. It was only after about 18 months did I realise that I was no longer putting any effort at all into living that way. So it took time to make it a way of life, but it is somewhat useful 🙂

      Best wishes,


  14. rhonda says:

    brilliant! i have been practicing presence for some time now and often find myself in observer mode. question: do the thoughts being helpful or hurtful matter when we are observing the ego from our position of higher self? i do find my thoughts mostly helpful, but i am far from a self actualized being lol. i have noticed a triad of expressions: the ‘no mind’ presence, the ‘in the moment in action’ presence and the ‘lost in the sauce’ non-presence. the latter is the only time i experience those hurtful thoughts. i look forward to playing the rubber band snap out of it practice! thank you darlin’!!

  15. Linda says:

    It has been half a day since I practiced getting rid of harmful thoughts and keeping helpful thoughts. I am so excited to share with you the change in me.
    1. I eat less
    2. I stop myself from judging others in a negative way
    3. I am not lonely anymore
    4. I am more diligent
    You have no idea how I have been having a headache over the areas I mentioned above, searching for a miracle, and this technique saved me! I can’t thank you enough! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Linda,

      This is great stuff. Sometimes the faster the progress can lead to you chastising yourself if you later regress. So just incase that happens, remember you solved it once, so you can easily solve it again.

      Best wishes,


  16. John D. says:

    I read these comments from clearly intelligent persons working dilligently or otherwise on their journey and find it hopeful – no, wait!!- inspiring — that getting on to choice and practice is possible; just takes choice and practice. Really liked the thoughts on acceptance, the right time and the right way.

  17. Dineke Dankbaar says:

    I am you my last name ( which means grateful in Dutch) for todays advice. Truly simple but absolutely perect!!! XXX Dineke Dankbaar

  18. Tami says:

    Hi Andy. Happy Thanksgiving! Awesome concepts taught. I really appreciate learning how evaluating our thoughts brings us back to the present. Thank you very much.

  19. Suny Rostami says:

    Hello Andy,

    Thank you.
    Brilliant ideas you have, Rubber Band. I use a push leather band for my mindful day of the week, i also used to put my watch or ring on the other hand as a reminder, but a rubber band is my new jewellery.
    Thank you again.
    Love & Light

  20. H says:

    Hi Andy, I was just reading this in book 1 of creating a bug free mind on Monday. On Tuesday I watched something on the TV which took me to a feeling and memory that hurt my chest began to feel tight and tears began to appear I found myself observing and quickly replaced it with a happy memory that makes me feel good. I almost instantly regained control and that painful thought process had gone. I’m doing it right now because telling you brought back the feeling so I am replacing it as I type. Thank you for teaching me how to prevent harmful thoughts. I will keep practicing…why? Who wants to hurt all the time? I can choose not to..
    I love these emails because they’re endorsing what I’ve read and may have forgotten already so I need to keep refreshing the process.

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi H,

      The more you practice the more automatic it will become. Eventually it will require no effort at all to allow all negative thoughts to dissolve, and the fact that you planted so many flowers will mean there is no space for weeds.

      Best wishes,


  21. Lee says:

    Hi Andy ,
    Its amazing how important it is to be happy and not let the ego
    take control of your life . I immediately put my rubber band on today
    as soon as I read this article . How much is there actually to
    having a success mindset is there ? Thanks , Lee

  22. Maate Gilbert says:


    Maate Gilbert

  23. Sonya says:

    Hello Andy Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours
    I am amazed at all this free information from you. Each day I look forward to a golden nugget of truth and as I learn to practice these truths , my heart is lighter and wanting to share with those I love. It’s like becoming “born again” and witnessing to others. I dare say that I have even mastered any of what I’ve learned and yet I already see improvement in my thinking process and my happiness. Yes, sometimes I am overwhelmed by so much information but I have decided to take my time with each “nugget” and savor the beauty of its shine.
    I have held on to your lesson on “judgement” and “control” from when I first started to read and view the videos. It has helped my mind not wander off to all the unhealthy thoughts that proceed from those points. Stops it in its track by just being aware.
    The other tool of the 15 sec pleasureable thought process was amazing to me even as I started to try. I became aware of how much my mind was like the News on television, always focused on what is “bad”. I actually couldn’t think of anything that would bring me to a happy place! And then as I let it go, moments came flooding in. It was wonderful! I had to write down my pleasure moments and experiences so that I could refer to them as I needed to be reminded. It was actually fun and put me in a happy, lighter place. Brilliant process!
    I’ve also just grazed the ” no mind ” technique and need to review that
    This morning I have already been mindful of this rubber band tool, (even without the rubber band!), as I read about your theory on how natural it is to think bad thoughts last night. ( naturally stupid!lol). I’ve got to review this reading again but somehow I got the jist of the awareness and asking myself if this thought is helpful or not. I plan to where a rubber and to work today.
    You seem to have created a wealth of information and I can hardly keep up with all the information that you send freely. I do look forward to this journey with you and thank you immensely.
    Thank you again and God Bless you

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      You’re welcome Sonya 🙂

  24. Daniel says:

    The personal development gurus fail to mention 1 thing. Their very own desires which their lives are still unfulfilled. You are selling to perpetuate a belief and you desire more wealth.

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Daniel,

      More wealth is an inevitable consequence of playing the game the right way. As to what I desire, well the rules of the game say, find enough people to HELP and you will get all you desire. So me getting all I desire has already happened, even though some of it will not show up for a few years.

      The funny thing is I get this comment tonight when I am contemplating an opportunity coming to fruition which makes all I’ve done and all I’ll do without it look like amateur hour. So you would think if I was money motivated that I would obviously snap up the opportunity. However, I find myself considering the saying, ‘be careful what you wish for.’ …And considering do I actually want to do it.

      As for yourself, you may wish to consider, what the actual benefit to me is of selling you a set of books is? Hardly noticeable to me, however, to you I would say it could (if you apply it) transform your life and remove the current negativity that is preventing your progress… Though you could think, that was just me saying that, which of course is your choice 🙂

      Best wishes,


  25. Charlotte says:

    I am very grateful for your snippets of advice Andy. They are a wake-up call for me and definitely , ‘ ring true’.

    I am unable to watch on-line sessions but highly value the e-mails and the exciting pathway preferences that you recommend. You are truly a gem!

    My rubber band goes on from today and I’ll keep you posted as I move forward.


  26. Camilo says:

    Hi Andy.

    I´m from Colombia. I´ve followed you about 4 months and the shifts I´ve made are incredible. I consider I´m getting the power of manifestation and increasing it, because I´ve constantly lived what Marianne said: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”. By Incorporing it I´ve made things I didn´t believe before and I needed to make them happen to progress on the road I want and to be the person I want. I need to keep this power improving and using it to continue my projects, and I´ve considered something that I think is true, but I want to know what you have to say about it, because I think manifestation is one of the most important distinctions I´ve known.

    The fact is: I think we have to mantain the fire of manifestation always alive, not only when we have to do important things in our lives. The more we live by it, the easier will be to make what we need at specific moments, because in this way, manifestation has become natural part of us.


    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Camilo,

      The whole truth is this: manifest is

      We manifest all the time, Marianne was quite right. What you are experiencing is that you are getting much more in control to focus your manifesting on getting what you want, instead of allowing chaotic thought to manifest without accurate direction.

      Keep on this road and you will continue to amaze yourself. Even now that I know I do this, and I actually have to keep a lid on it as I manifest too fast (I like slow), I still amaze myself when something I created with my thoughts appears in my reality… Still simply amazing 🙂

      Best wishes,


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