Can you really think and grow happier?

~ Your mindset guarantees your success or failure in all you do ~ Andy Shaw


Today I’m going to show you something I’ve already shown you, but I’m going to do it from a different angle!

Because to the ones who read it before, and ignored it, well it should now help you to dig in. To the ones who didn’t read it will give you another chance, and to the ones who read it, you will enjoy further clarification…

So if you think it may be helpful to you then read on…

It seems beyond obvious that we should spend time with our thoughts thinking about things which make us happier…

However, the fact that things are obvious is by no means enough of a reason for humans to do it. The mad and sad fact is, that virtually all people’s thought processes predominantly involve thinking about things which make them unhappier.

So why do you think it is that instead of focusing on things which help their well being, they unconsciously choose to focus on things which take them away from it?

Consider, do you focus predominantly on things which hurt you rather than help you?




It sounds like insanity when it’s spelt out, and it is!

It happens when we unconsciously let go of our thoughts and let an insane entity inside our minds decide on:

what we think about, and…

how we think about them…

Through our absence of thought (when we are in the waking sleep – meaning we are awake, but not present) we allow the voices in our mind to direct our thoughts towards things which are unhelpful…

And then we unconsciously (meaning it’s not our fault as we are asleep) allow ourselves to create and cultivate feelings towards ourselves which are destructive.

If that isn’t insane then I don’t know what is… But then everyone does it, so it is considered normal.




It sounds like insanity when it’s spelt out, and it is!

It happens when we unconsciously let go of our thoughts and let an insane entity inside our minds decide on:

  1. what we think about, and…
  2. how we think about them…

Through our absence of thought (when we are in the waking sleep – meaning we are awake, but not present) we allow the voices in our mind to direct our thoughts towards things which are unhelpful…

And then we unconsciously (meaning it’s not our fault as we are asleep) allow ourselves to create and cultivate feelings towards ourselves which are destructive.

If that isn’t insane then I don’t know what is… But then everyone does it, so it is considered normal.




The secret of how to be happy lies in understanding why we allow ourselves to be sad…

These thoughts we allow in are seemingly minor when looked at in isolation… Some aren’t obviously but some are minor destructive thoughts which can lead to big, big problems. Things like, I can’t do this, or I’m fat, or nobody likes me, or I don’t fit in….

These unconscious thoughts lead to big problems in massive numbers of people’s lives.

They are unconscious, because no conscious person would sabotage themselves with destructive thoughts as that would be mad.

These thoughts are the adverts or similar ones to the ones that are being aired inside our minds 24/7 by the entity which is our ego.

So what is this ego thing?

Our egos are made up of all the experiences from our past, it has no knowledge of the future.

And our / your ego’s job is to keep you safe!

Now when you look at it like this you would be forgiven for thinking, ‘Cool, my entire life experiences and its job is to keep me safe… This is OBVIOUSLY a good thing!’

However, the ego is anything but good!

always-test-your-assumptionsYou see, the assumptions you made along the way were made with the help of this insane squatter in your mind. So basically any decisions and assumptions you made, thanks to its help, need to be fully re-evaluated with a clear and calm mind.

You may want to pause and consider those last few sentences again…

It is a neurotic little dictator that does everything it can, plays every imaginable and un imaginable trick on you to keep you safe, which unfortunately means…

To keep you trapped in your past and afraid of the future.

Doesn’t sound so good now does it?

Well it gets worse, your past life experiences are not necessarily or even likely to be right!

You see, the assumptions you made along the way were made with the help of this insane squatter in your mind. So basically any decisions and assumptions you made, thanks to its help, need to be fully re-evaluated with a clear and calm mind.

You may want to pause and consider those last few sentences again…




What I mean by this is you need the nutter silenced and a clear head and then you need to consider ‘was the assumption you made correct.’

Think about it for a few seconds…

Anything from your past could be built on sand!

It may be right but because this squatter helped you decide it was right, then you cannot trust your judgement without testing the assumption…

Now we are uncovering some detail 🙂

Firstly, the process for silencing your mind and starting to remove this insane little visitor’s control of you is available for free in the 1st 5 chapters of Creating A Bug Free Mind.

If you haven’t found them yet, then they are available on the home page of the site, or as the 4th part of one of the free Kit’s.

If you can dare to look, then the unfortunate truth is… That most of the decisions you will have made will have been unconscious ones where you listened to the nutter’s voice and reasoned that the voices inside your mind were helping you…

You may want to test this for yourself and prove to yourself that it’s not just some theory I cooked up, but what actually went on for real to you…

To do that go and have a look at some of your decisions… You will probably quite quickly spot a trend in them demonstrating what I’ve said above…

When you find one that matches… Then stop and consider this, how do you feel about allowing something that is not you guide you into making an unconscious decision…




Don’t beat yourself up though, as you should always be delighted with yourself no matter what!

…The reason to consider a mistake, is to highlight it so that you plant a sign post in your mind which means you will not make the same mistake again…

Because we cannot fix what we cannot see is broken. We must first learn to see what is broken before progress can be made and retained.

Well just imagine this, if you had a radio station broadcasting to you 24/7 with intoxicating, indoctrinating advice… And every other input you gave your mind was assassinated by this insane little visitor….

Then do you think you would be in a trustworthy position to make rational decisions?




Let me ask you to consider this…

If you saw someone who was supporting the Nazi regime in 1938.

Let’s say a normal decent person who was 21 years old and had been brought up with the Hitler youth and parents who were afraid to say anything. And they had seen Adolf Hitler turn the devastating economic climate in their country around.

success-radio-you-fmNot only that but Nazi propaganda filled the airwaves and it was considered going against Germany to speak out against what was going on…

Do you think anyone could make a totally rational decision with that amount of oppression and advertising going on in their lives?

Of course not, so they could not make a rational decision because of the oppression. Basically they had an insane nutter outside of their own head who was bent on world domination running the show… Plus whatever the oppression had cooked up on the inside!

Well virtually every person on Earth has an insane nutter bent on keeping them trapped in the past running the show in their life.




Letting this nutter, this little saboteur run amok freely throughout your mind and letting it chuck rocks at your life is nothing short of a real life nightmare!

The way out of this nightmare is however, quite simple…

But… It will almost certainly be too simple for today.

Don’t worry I’ll share it with you anyway, but it is almost certain that it won’t get past the front door. Because right now you are probably not in control of what thoughts you allow in and which ones are useless or worse, destructive.

But once you’ve learnt to silence your mind then this technique is immensely powerful. It is the same technique as I showed you recently…

It is that no thought stands still, every thought either takes you towards your desires or it takes you away from them.

time-for-true-self-feedbackSo all you have to do is learn to look at your thoughts and ask of each and EVERY one

Is this thought helping me and taking me where I desire to go, or is it hurting me and keeping me trapped in the past?

Essentially that is the single most powerful thing I can give you.

However, it takes me the best part of my book Creating A Bug Free Mind to get that properly embedded as a habit.

Because it is so easy to learn, and assume you know it. But turning it into a habit requires a lot more angles.

Through master it and the life change it can deliver for you is almost unimaginable.

This technique gives us control of what thoughts we allow into our minds as it gives us a very simple way to evaluate them.

Because no thought stands still, each and every single one either takes you towards your desire or away from it. So all you have to do is evaluate the good and the bad. Remove the bad and focus on the good… That’s pretty much it!

A technique for focusing on the good is to practise some self advertising. Your ego performs stacks of self advertising on you. In particular it advertises things like ‘you’re fat’ again and again…

All of the time in fact!

We have all seen adverts on TV that are aired hundreds of times and in the end we end up:

  1. knowing the product, and…
  2. considering buying the damn stuff… 

Anyone in marketing knows if you have enough money and you are not looking for a quick return from your investment that basically… You can buy your market with this sort of continuous and never ending bombardment.

Now your mind is doing that to you 24/7…




So one way to combat it is to find a thought pattern which is destructive and replace it with a positive one.

Let’s take ‘I can’t do that.’ What about changing it for, ‘I can do that if I decide to learn it.’ Or, ‘I can do anything if I put my mind to it.’

Now don’t they sound like the sort of things successful people would say to themselves do they?

That’s because a person whose mindset is strong on a subject has no need to consider that sort of thing as they are automatically structured to deliver thoughts that help.

Someone whose mindset is weak, or not as strong in an area can use these tactics as a bridge to getting back to their natural structure.

If practiced regularly (made into a habit) then after a while your ego will stop saying the destructive thought as it will work out that you are replacing it with a constructive one, and therefore making its efforts ineffective…

Your ego does not like not being the centre of attention, so beating it once doesn’t mean your ego will go away defeated! No it will change tack and come at you a different way. Your job is to notice it 🙂

So all you have to do is find and replace the destructive thought patterns and replace them with constructive ones. This is not about thinking positively, it is about not thinking negatively. Your statements are now the truth, ‘I can do that if I decide to learn it.’

So all you have to do is look for the repeatedly aired adverts and reword them into a truthful statement. Then use the trigger of the old advert being aired for you as a flip switch to switch over to your new replacement advert.

If you just do this for a week you will be amazed at the difference in your life.

You will feel like you have become positively charged. Everyone around you will notice something very different about you.

…And you will have altered your outcome temporarily.

adaptIf you can keep it up then you will have altered your outcome permanently.

However, this takes sustained effort and I’m not that big on effort. The problem with effort is it takes effort to keep on track. So how I designed my teaching and techniques in the A Bug Free Mind process to be ones that work without effort, just a little maintenance.

What this means is, I like coming up with solutions that are easier to use, than to not use.

In other words, going the right way is easier than going the wrong way.

This way, we being EXTREMELY lazy creatures, always choose the easy way… And so by default I designed my teachings to work with our natural flow, rather than go against it and require effort.

So in future we remove the problem in the first place rather than overcoming the problem, does that sound good?

What I suggest you do is have a go at the two techniques I’ve shown you here. See what a difference they make to your life. See how much better you feel when you use them.

Best wishes,


P.S. On Tuesday the 1th December I am doing a Livecast called Discovering Happiness.

You have experienced a little of Saltori Structured Thinking now, and taken the Discovering Happiness Quiz…

Well now I’d like to help you to see how much further you can go…

Next Tuesday I’ll be teaching live some of the techniques which in the last few years have helped change the lives of people from every country on earth.

I don’t do these very often and anyone who has known me for a while will tell you that my Livecast’s usually fill up quite fast.

To join me on the Livecast – Just click here and Register Now:



30 thoughts on “Can you really think and grow happier?

  1. Susanne says:

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for this article! Although I have been doing the Bugfree Mind Process for a bit more than a year now, I always profit from your posts because you present the same thoughts in a slightly different way or mixture. That often starts a new thought process which sometimes leads to an important “aha!” moment as we say in German.

    By the way: I like your new website since I am often reading your emails and following your links on my android phone (while sitting in front of my computer I am usually in working mode and don’t take the time to read your stuff). So, mobile responsiveness makes it really more convenient.

    Best regards,

  2. Donald Theiss says:

    As clear and well said as this is it is too many words for the mind. I suggest putting it in video form and I think you would reach more people that way.

    Thanks for the insights you are on to it.

  3. Alice says:

    Thank you fo this opportunity….I am serious and committed in doing this, as I’ve been at this for some time before finding your email in my inbox. Major reprogramming!! I have put it into a playtime atmosphere, for now, mostly to keep my saboteur quiet (sneak it into the back door).
    A question, will your live cast be recorded and accessible?
    Thanks again for making this available.

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Alice,

      The Livecast is being recorded, though it didn’t record once before which is why I recommend people attend live if they can. However, if the recording works then we will make it available for at least a few days after.

      Best wishes,


  4. John D. says:

    Thanks for the repetition and the angles. I do intend to be delighted with myself no matter what. To notice and to make good, more and more.

  5. Tomas Andersson says:

    Wow, your way of teaching makes me think and become very present every time I get this easter eggs in my mail. I used several mail accounts to get them mails often. I bought the audios of both creating and using a bug free… Not one day has past with me not loving my journey and discoverys. Your free material hocked me after the third mail and still you keep polishing your fantastic work. That alone is astonishing. I am a creator today and i grow every day. Thank you Andy for enjoying your life/hobby/work

    I’m curius of your software and the release 🙂

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Thank you Tomas. I have no plans to stop improving either 🙂

      As for the software, I am now confident I have people who can build what I want, so I will look at it again in the Spring and make a decision on whether to build it or not build it yet.

      Best wishes,


  6. Tulipa says:

    Hi Andy,
    I really appreciate you for all the help you are offering for all of us. I feel very grateful!!
    Regarding the self advertising you mentioned in the article is it like affirmation?..for example if I cough my self doubting or worrying then I self correct by saying to my self : whatever happens to me is always for my best interest so no need to worry whatever the outcome is. Or I just observe my doubts and worry and KNOW that they are taking me away from the life I want?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Tulipa,

      The most important step is to notice them and accept they are there, in other words do not try and fight them. After that you slow it down and consider the benefits of the thoughts. Most of the time this is all you will have to do as the obviously negative ones will dissolve without you having to do ANYTHING.

      That thins the herd and you can then focus on considering the benefits of the remaining ones. You do not need to try and think positively, so do not use the structure: ‘whatever happens to me is always for my best interest so no need to worry whatever the outcome is.’ UNTIL you KNOW it is the truth. If you are hoping, and trying to believe it, then do not use it as you will be sowing seeds of doubt. These doubts then create a cancer that proves more difficult to remove, because time has passed and you may be in a position of assuming that the techniques didn’t work, when the truth was you applied then very subtly the wrong way. It is okay to get it wrong, the problem comes in when we assume we did it right when we didn’t.

      The secret is to therefore avoid judging as this leads to assumptions, and that is where accurate thinking goes wrong.

      Best wishes,


  7. Debbie Ayton says:

    Thanks Andy your teachings are inspirational!

    The simpleness of the insights are so obvious but we humans complicate everything in such a destructive way.

    Your messages need to be reread and reread just to stick, which is the way of most learning, and also what you expound over and over in your teachings.

    As Marianne Williamson stated, ‘Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure’. And that power can be such a force for good in our own lives and the lives of others we touch on this planet.

    You are so aligned with this force with your raw diet and desire to influence the lives of future generations in such a positive way!

    Keep up the fabulous program. The world may not be ready for you but it needs you desperately.

    The changes in my own mind and life from following your wonderful insights and advice have been breathtaking to say the least. I am currently completing a diploma in counselling and planning a trip to Europe next year. Two things l never thought l could achieve. I am moving through the self imposed limitations l have in regards to creating a healthy relationship and financial abundance and l see my future as positive, focused and achieving all my dreams and desires because you have shown me how simple it is!

    From an admiring and aspiring disciple.
    Debbie Ayton

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Thank you Debbie 🙂

  8. radimir says:

    Hi dear Andy! Is incredible how good teacher you are. You are genius.Everybody who listening (reading) to you can to be happy,healthy,wealthy,safe,succesful and much more. I am very gratefull,that i bougth yours books Bug free Mind.

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Thank you Radimir 🙂

  9. Jay Leigeber says:

    My Nutter is pissed off at you… I used to give him the time of day/allow him to control my thoughts/behaviors, but now he’s constantly being kicked to the curb as untrue or non-productive. He tries to get me to ignore your emails but my Sage Mind is winning out. YEA for the good guys!
    Love your stuff

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Thanks Jay, long may we continue to piss him off!

  10. Lee says:

    Hi Andy ,
    Thanks so much for your article . Throughout the day
    I am doing different things and finding myself in different situations.
    When I find out something that is potentially
    discouraging , and it usually is for much too long. Thanks for
    the article and its simplicity which is very powerful.

  11. Mary Myers says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this with me.
    Sincerely, Mary

  12. Edward says:

    I totally agree with the video idea it would be much better for Me. Thanks for all you have done. All the best

  13. Tami says:

    Great stuff Andy. Looking forward to applying what you presented. Thank you!

  14. supriya parab says:

    Dear Andy !

    I am reading you from last 6 months. Every time I finished reading with full of tears, every time I finished reading with lot of thanks to you from bottom of my heart. You have changed my thoughts completely. Earlier I always found myself in very messy situation, but now a days handling situations is very easy task for me. I love my work now. Finally I got success to set my goal and I am chasing towards. Right now I am not in position to buy all the stuff, but I know the day will come when I will buy. Andy, you know day before yesterday I was trapped in very weird situation i didn’t understand how to come out from it, trust me I asked you for help me in my mind and today I got your mail subjected “Can you really think and grow happier?” and I got my solution. Andy once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Thank you Supriya. Everything comes to those that wait and prepare.

      Best wishes,


  15. Aafaq Khan says:

    Hi Andy Your way is so simple in re framing my mind I will take that in consideration a do a bit better to my life thank you

  16. Kathryn says:

    I like that you have video and written word. I can’t watch the videos all the time depending on my location but I can always read when I have downtime at work.

  17. Nat says:

    (I am writing this entry to show I have control/power over the Ego as it says…”why make that entry u should be ashamed you are asking a question or revealing that situation with your relationship Andy answered it in the article no need to post this people will think you are dumb to talk about your partner you took back after separating so what if you did design him like Andy design his partner you will look stupid”) ^^^^Conquer Ego Nutter ^^^^
    This maybe weird comment/question I’m having as it relates to this entry. No thought stands still as I get this bit and the Ego goal is to protect you even though it is ‘trying’ to protect you from something it doesn’t have any experience in (based on past situations only)
    My partner and I had moment when we were apart (separated several months). I made decision to continue again with my partner as we have grown. Now the Ego(Nutter) throws rocks or pops thoughts of what ‘may have happen’ during our separation which moves me away from desire(married) as no thought stands still.
    It comes out of the blue (that what it feels like) out of nowhere…LOL I listen to the Ego and I don’t fight it. I’m choose to be happy but the Ego throws rocks that takes me away from being happy. (My assessment is the Ego likes me to stay in the cycle of new relationship and scared for me to move forward…) But what I’ve read from you that our thoughts forms what we say and etc. Well my question is the Nutter throw major rocks however I’ve been consistent of not repeating what it says from my thoughts
    AM I making process as I have made a decision (reading Using ABFM) not allow my words to be alter from the Nutter I’m observing it or are these attacks common it at times make you feel you are not moving forward (doing the 2 step dance chacha)?

    Thanks for letting me control my thoughts beat Fear 😉
    Nat 🙂

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Nat,

      You bet you’re making progress. The attacks are very common. The secret is your observance of them, your non-reaction to them, and your consideration of their benefits.

      Intellectually it is obvious that the attacks are worthless and destructive, but knowing this intellectually is also worthless and destructive. The answer is your consideration of the benefits as this changes the wiring in your mind very, very subtly. No force is necessary. No judgement either. All you have to do is look at them and notice the truth of the benefit… Your natural mindset will then be given the breathing space it needs to sort the problem out for you.

      Best wishes,


  18. Sheila says:

    Hi Andy
    Love your insights !! My ego wanted to know how many of these people that had posted acclamades to your work was making 5 K weekly. Yeah he’s a really nice guy,…I told him no I wasn’t yet and perhaps they weren’t either… But I will and tomorrow is another day !! It is very empowering to be able to shut him up ! Thanks ! Sheila

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Sheila,

      I understand you shut him up, but let me give you some more duct tape.

      One a certain point of view it’s fair to ask, but only if that is how the people being judged measure their success.

      Some people measure their success simply by living without worry being in their life anymore.
      Some people measure their success simply by being free of chronic depression.
      Some people measure their success simply by how much time they devote to their exercise.
      Some people measure their success simply by how much time they devote to their hobby.
      Some people measure their success simply by being happy in their job.
      Some people measure their success simply by feeling content.Some people measure their success by finding their perfect partner to share their life with.
      Some people measure their success by having a good relationship with their children.
      Some people measure their success by their income level being 5k a week.
      Some people measure their success by their income level being 500k a week.
      Some people measure their success by their income level being 5,000k a week.
      Those and countless more different ways people choose to measure their success.

      How you choose or have been socially conditioned to measure your success is either your conscious, semi-conscious or unconscious choice. It is not in our benefit to judge others by the standards we choose for ourselves.

      When I first created Saltori I was creating something to help people get rich as I assumed (wrongly) everyone wanted that. Because rich is one of the many ways I measure my success. Over the last 6 years I am so grateful that my eyes have been opened to how others view their success, and fortunately I created a process that sorts out success no matter what that is.

      I have students who come to me already earning multiple millions a year. I had one guy who was earning 5 million a year, and all he wanted was to find the perfect partner who didn’t want him for his money. Another rich guy just wanted to stop being annoyed with people. Another rich woman who had been raped just wanted to feel safe around men again.

      Success is measured by a person, for me, you, or your ego to judge them on how they choose to measure their success is of no benefit to us. To look and see how what they are doing can aid you is fine.

      So if your ego decides to speak again, then ask it, how does that help me? And that should keep it quite 🙂

      Best wishes,


  19. Briege says:

    Hi Andy your webinar was brilliant!!!
    You are an amazing teacher. You are so real and genuine and speak from your heart.
    I always feel you really care about people.
    Every email I get from you I read and never delete .
    You would be one of my role models in life.
    Wow your story about the design of Alison was awesome.

    Andy maybe on next Tuesday’s webinar you could talk about the difference between positive
    thinking and no mind.
    People are so programmed to believe that to think positive is where it is at.
    You say you don’t think positive…you just don’t think negative.
    I would love to hear you talk about the difference between positive thinking and NO MIND.

    Thank you for been YOU

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Briege,

      Thank you, it’s actually quite difficult for me to talk about my design for Alison as I can get a little overwhelmed.

      I’ve made a note to discuss Positive and Negative thinking next Tuesday 🙂

      Best wishes,


      1. Briege says:

        Thank you Andy!

        I am really looking forward to it!

        Positive Thinking vs No MInd…I would love to hear the difference between the two.

        You are so good, you always reply to everyone.

        Thank you so much!


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