Start your day with Gifts from your subconscious mind…

~ Your mindset guarantees your success or failure in all you do ~ Andy Shaw


Your subconscious mind is amazing, above all else it is in my opinion the most wondrous part of you…

Just think about it… Because it handles all of the billions of calculations and actions that are required in your body in every single second without hardly ever bothering you…

It or rather you do it all on auto-pilot.

You don’t need and will never need to think about it to keep it hard at work ensuring you survive for the longest time it can give you.


However, your subconscious mind power can do wondrous ‘other’ things for you too!

As funnily enough running these billions of functions every single second of every single day is not even breaking it into a sweat!

Consider this for a few moments if you will…

If you know how to tap into its power then you can have ‘other’ wondrous things on demand… Up until this point in your life, you most likely will have only experienced these ‘other’ things by accident.

So what are these ‘other’ things?

All sorts of things… For example, let’s say, at a party or when chatting somewhere… All of a sudden you surprised yourself with an answer which you came out with… Where did it come from?

Many times when you’ve been in the shower, you had a brilliant idea. Or all of a sudden you woke up and just had the answer to a problem which you had been looking for.

These were when you did it by accident.

However, just imagine if you really could do it on demand… What would that do for your experience of life?


Well you really can tap into your subconscious mind power very easily…

Even though your rational, logical mind will probably be doing all it can right now to tell you that you can’t, and to not get your ‘hopes up to high…’

But because the way the world teaches intelligence is all sort of quite bent out of shape, it makes the simplicity of how you can do it, and the proof of how you’ve done it disappear from your clear view.

The truth is that your subconscious mind has access to infinite intelligence… You however, have probably never been trained properly how to tap into it.

The way we are taught to learn things puts up barriers to us solving big problems… Yet huge problems are still overcome… And massive leaps in understanding occur… But from where?

Well it comes from a person bothering to ask the right question and getting themselves unknowingly into the right state of mind ready to receive the answer.

Thomas Edison used to know how to access this perfectly, and the story went something like…

He would hold a steel ball bearing in each hand then sit next to his fireplace to take a nap. On the floor beneath his hands would be a metal plate that would make a loud noise when he fell fully asleep and dropped one of the ball bearings.

This would instantly wake him back up. And as he woke he would often find he had the solution to another problem he had been pondering on…

According to Wikipedia Edison accumulated 2,332 patents in his lifetime. Apparently he cited this technique as being the most creative one he had.

But you and I are not Edison are we?

No! But we do have access to the same things he had access to, and when you use them, your ability to use them grows stronger with each use.

You see you have access to every answer you’ll ever want inside your head, you just have to know you have. Not believe it, you have to know it to access it on demand.

When you either know it, or you decide to not judge that you do not have it… Then you just have to learn how to access it. That’s when the law of least effort comes in. To force is unnatural and ‘feels wrong’; to go with the flow is natural and ‘feels right.’

So if you can start to feel how things make you feel a bit more. Just observe the feelings, you are not looking for judgements here, you are just looking to feel more again.

If you have a problem then the answer is to give the problem to your mind to solve and then to let go of it… And most importantly use no force to acquire the solution…

Put simply, you DON’T think about ‘trying’ to solve it. You can think about it but you must not try and force an answer.

Let’s say you ask your mind a question… How could I solve (insert subject)… Then pause for thought for a few seconds and feel grateful that you will get the answer.

feel-fantastic-2I.e. you know you will, you don’t need to, you just know you will.

If you doubt it… Then you won’t get it! – Yes this the tricky bit, but you fill your mind with data on how it will feel when you have your answer, UNTIL it feels like it is bound to happen

After that you let go of the thought. I would advise going and doing something else – interrupt your pattern a little. Let your subconscious mind go to work on the subject, and do not expect an answer quickly.

You can expect an answer, but always remember to know that it will be given to you at the right time and in the right way (you can expect without needing or wanting – but you will either need to consciously know this, or have let go of the subject). This allows you to let go and let things happen… In doing this you are using the law of least effort.

Then at some point you will all of a sudden have your solution… It will just come to you.

Now I am not teaching you anything new here as you will have already had this happen countless times in your life so far. So I’m just showing you what you have already done by accident at countless times. However, knowing this means you can now start to do it on purpose instead.

What you are doing when you practise these techniques is expanding your mind power. You are learning how to tap into the limitless subconscious mind power you have available to you.

The more you practise the more efficient you will become at it. If you practise it enough then you will one day have access to it almost everywhere you go. However, there is one place where you have daily access to it right now, really easily…

How would you like to wake up every morning with the answer to any question, or many questions?



All you have to do is wait until you are really tired and go to bed.

In the moments before you fall asleep just ask your questions and then gently fall asleep.

When you wake up you will probably be given your solution. If you do not have your solution, then it is simply that you do not need it yet, you only think you need it. Or you have not given your mind enough time to think on it.

Just ask the question again each night before you sleep and within a few weeks you will have been given the answer… However, it may not be the answer you wanted, but it will be the answer that is best for you.

nasty-alarm-clockAlso there is one very important thing you must do in order to receive these gifts each day… Get your alarm clock and put it in the bin.

I know the voice in your mind is telling you that you can’t do that… So I know you think you can’t but you can… If you doubt me, ask your mind how you can and it will provide the solution to this one fairly quickly… Because it doesn’t like the darn thing either!

There is a period of time before you wake up which is the best time of the day. It lasts about twenty minutes and in that time you are in direct contact with your subconscious mind… The last thing you thought about before going to bed will be in your mind and this is where the solution you are seeking comes from.

In that access period you can mull on the solution and then tweak it a little by almost unconsciously going, ‘Yes that’s the answer, but the question I meant was actually xyz…’

Because you have direct access you’ll get the tweaked response pretty quickly and a lot of times as you think the question the answer is already there! You have probably experienced this before too when you did it correctly by accident.

Learning to nurture your 10 – 20 minutes of direct access to your subconscious mind power will mean expanding the other times you can access it. All you have to do is practise…

However, if you’ve been snapped out of your sleep by an alarm clock, you may have missed the answer being given to you… As you were distracted by the noise! And you certainly missed improving the answer in the 10 to 20 minutes of perfect time you have each day…

Have you’ve ever wondered why an idea turned out so bad after it felt so good at the start?

It is because you didn’t bat the idea about a little with your subconscious mind until you attained the perfect solution for you… Because the first answer it gave you is not always the answer, it can be… But that’s only if you asked exactly the right question.

Because you have this wake up period you are able to use it to learn to ask better questions… If you are wondering why what you have tried has previously failed, and why you struggle in life, then it is very likely that a big reason why is that you have an alarm clock.

Simply, you are missing the best thinking time of the day because of it.

Consider this if you’d like to, or rather if you’d dare to…

…How much further ahead could you be now if you had been using just this technique for the last 10 or 20 years instead of being woken by a very annoying noise?




It took me years of trial and error to really figure out what works, out of what is taught and what doesn’t. The problem is that when it comes to using your subconscious mind power, it is not so much what works and what doesn’t as it is in the way in which you attempt to access it.

Let me repeat that, it took me years, years of trial and error!

thomas-edison-ball-bearingThis is why when I found something that did work, I took the method, refined it and then wrote it down in a way which meant I could teach it to others… Then I worked on it some more!

The problem is you may have heard Edison’s story of how he invented before, but have you ever put two ball bearings in your hand and fallen asleep by a fire?

No, millions have read it, and probably less than 100 people have ever tried it, let alone used it regularly.

The reason is we are distracted by our egos and so we mostly don’t apply what we learn. Now I can’t make you apply the technique of waking up and getting the gifts from your subconscious mind, only you can decide that this would be of enough benefit to you to get you to do it…

You may wish to consider that last point for a while, as it may really help.




If you enjoyed this one technique for accessing your subconscious mind and unleashing some of its amazing power then I put all of my mind power tools together into two tool boxes, “Creating & Using A Bug Free Mind.”

They contain literally hundreds of great tools and thought techniques for controlling and utilizing your full mind power. And they are a great place to start if you want to make an informed decision of whether or not you want control over your mind power.

Best wishes,


P.S. There’s just over two weeks left of our Annual Sale in which you can get started in one of a whole variety of ways with the Process for Structured Thinking, and save up to 50%.


29 thoughts on “Start your day with Gifts from your subconscious mind…

  1. Lucila Sierra says:

    Hi Andy, I found your article very very good! What is needed to finally succeed is persistance and patience. Most of the people, as ypou said, abandon the idea probably little before the dream comes trough. Thank you very much for remaining this to those of us who are trying to overcome the anxiety to see things happen from one day to another. Your help is very much appreciated.

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Lucila,

      You’re welcome.

      As for persistence and patience being needed, you are right. However, they must only be present in the equation if no effort is being put into them being there. If effort is needed, then you are on the wrong foot.

      People have said I am the most persistant person they have ever met. And occasionally I am also told I am patient (though not as often as I would like). However, I put zero effort into being persistant and only a minor effort into patience. If you find yourself putting major effort into these things then you will want to stop and redesign what you are trying to create so that no effort is required in either.

      Best wishes,


  2. Tuija says:

    Thank you very much!

  3. H says:

    Hi Andy, thanks for all your techniques you are sending. They’re great. I am fascinated by how you turn the whole thinking process on its head. I have recently receives your books in the post and I’m carefully reading through book one.

    I’m struggling with this one, along with No Mind (even when I think I’m quite, I realise, I’m talking to myself about being quiet… Very quietly in my head!) my question about today is regarding the No Alarm when clearly Thomas Edison himself was using the ball bearing as his alarm. Please help further Andy.
    Thanking you for all you do.

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi H,

      Edison was using the ball bearings for times during the day when he was napping. He worked out that dozing multiple times in a day would recover his energy. However, he also knew if he fell asleep fully then his hand would open and the ball would drop, waking him at the point he was in contact with his subconscious mind. This all meant he had multiple points in the day when he could access the unlimited intelligence. This is not true for an alarm clock 🙂

      As for No Mind. Give yourself a break, you are training yourself to do something you haven’t done for a long while. Just because one person can do it easily, does not mean everyone can. We are all different and have all had different levels of exposure to varying mindset bombs. Resign yourself that you will achieve it at the right time and in the right way, whenever that may be… This action of releasing control aids your progress as it is to do with the law of least effort. I cover that a LOT more later on in the process.

      Best wishes,


      1. H says:

        Hi Andy, Thank you for taking thé time to explain further. I will keep At it, I know I will grasp it soon. Also, in the past, a time I call ‘before Andy Shaw’ I occasionally would wake up prior to my very annoying alarm (which starts your day off irritated already. However, this was purely accidental to be able to master it purposely would be fantastic. It’s a case of trusting that you know it will happen otherwise you end up clock watching all night.

        Thanks again

  4. RICHARD JANY says:

    How to get started?

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Richard,

      There’s varying option in the Products and Store link in the navigation. Though I’ll be giving a video out soon which explains all the options. As this is our new site and we are still getting the intuitive part of it working properly. Thank you for you patience.

      Best wishes,


  5. Virginia says:

    I need to practice the technique of asking the question before falling asleep. I do it now and then. Typically, I do my grateful listing just before sleeping. We don’t give our subconscious and stored knowledge enough credit, do we Andy. Learning to trust that we do indeed have most of the answers – we just have to ask the right query to get to them. Thanks for all of these very useful postings.

  6. MP says:

    Simply brilliant,what you write is so easy to understand and to put to use .incredible.many thank Andy

  7. Andrea Phillips says:

    I enjoyed this post Andy. I do believe our subconscious mind is connected to infinite intelligence. I have rarely experienced just knowing and letting go, but the end result was good. I want to do it more often and this conversation inspires me.

  8. Paul says:

    Hi Andy loved this article ,went to sleep the other nite, last thing I thought about is MINDSET, and true enough woke up next morning to MINDSET echoing inside me, and yes totally understand the alarm clock issue- my subconscious time clock wakes me up to turn it off minutes before alarm clock bursts into its morning song Thank You

  9. Carol Green says:

    Hi Andy!
    I used this technique on vacation. The first time the phone rang once, so loud we thought it was a fire alarm. It was 12:42 a.m. After our hearts stopped pounding we turned out the lights and it rang again! This time I answered but no one was there. We thought a drunk was calling the wrong room lol. I unplugged the phone and thought what can we do? Then laid back a moment and it came to me. We had not slept for 3 nights now (one on the red-eye to get there). I plugged the phone back in, called the desk clerk and told him we needed a new room. He immediately sent the bellman over while I finished the packing. It didn’t take long as I had us ready to move to our next stop in the morning. I asked my husband to check out the new room and he returned to inform me it was just like the one we had, the air conditioner was blowing freezing air onto the bed and there was condensation on the ceiling which we hadn’t noticed until housekeeping pointed it out that morning (telling us the air conditioner had been “set” at freezing and that’s why we couldn’t change it).
    The bellman showed us another room in a newer part of the hotel that was acceptable so we finally feel deeply into sleep, first time in days.
    I haven’t used an alarm clock for over 2 decades as I just tell myself when I desire to awaken and so it is. I never in my wildest dreams thought I could come up with solutions to problems by using your technique though.
    Many thanks, loving your books and videos.

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      You’re welcome. And thank you for proving something I left out of the article intentionally; “I haven’t used an alarm clock for over 2 decades as I just tell myself when I desire to awaken and so it is.” This is exactly how I do it too, most people think that it cannot be that easy, so they are of course correct. If they thought it was that easy, they would be correct too.

      Best wishes,


  10. nic says:

    Hi Andy, does the name SALTORI have any meaning, or is it just the product name.
    I enjoy you’re emails …

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Nic,

      Thank you for asking. No it’s not just a product name, there’s a lto behind it which I covered in this article here:

      Best wishes,


  11. janet says:

    Hi Andy, just to let you know that I am a great believer in every thing you are teaching us, you see Andy some of these techniques and tools you use and are now teaching all of us to use, I can say that I am quite partcial to quite a few already, let me just tell you this, I never ever use an alarm clock to get up each morning as like you say the noise is realy annoying, I stopped using an alarm clock many hears ago, so let me tell you how I rise early on a morning 🙂 before I go to sleep I look at my clock on my bedside drawer if it is 11.30pm I will work out I need a good 8hrs so need to be up for 7.30am and guess what it works every single time and has worked for me that way ever since I stopped using my alarm clock all those years ago, I can go to bed at any time and before I go to sleep I tell myself I need 8 hrs sleep and that is what I get 🙂 I have also asked myself a question a few times before going to sleep and guess what ?yes I have had a answer for it the very next day late on around 3/4 in the afternoon , not all have been the next day but I have truly had answers ..

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Janet,

      Thank you for letting everyone know this is possible and easy.

      Best wishes,


  12. Mariam says:

    Thank you Andy for a wonderful post!!!

  13. Phaneendra says:

    Hi Andy,

    Why are u calling the bug free mind.As u mentioned in the articles.If we are thinking debt free we will attract debts.In the same way can we rename the bug free mind?

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Phaneendra,

      I’m not sure what you mean, can you explain it a bit more and I’ll answer,

      Best wishes,


  14. RJ says:

    Hi Andy,

    When you ask yourself the question just before you go to sleep, what kind of thing do you look out for that tells you you’ve received the answer that’s right for you, and also what realistic time-frame should you expect your answer to come to you?

    Basically the dilemma I currently face is the choice of pursuing a ‘day job’ or continue to follow my dream of building my own online business (which needs some financial injection).

    My financial position is somewhat strained at the moment, so if I pursued the job route then then I will have more security particularly in the short term for my family

    However the downside of that would be that I would be unable to pursue my dream business even in my spare-time because of the conflict that will arise with my new potential employee. Therefore delaying my dream indefinitely or abandoning it forever.

    In terms of building my own business, the challenge I face here is the need to raise sufficient funds to get it off the ground and start making money

    I know what I want to do, but I feel I’m at this crossroads and require some guidance from my subconscious.

    Many thanks,


    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Rj,

      It’s all about feelings. When something feels right follow it. There’s also levels of it feeling right too. Imagine a time when you felt something felt perfect, and you’ll see the feeling was pretty intense. If you get that sort of feeling then you won’t even need to think about following it, instead you will feel compelled to. I usually get those sorts of strong feelings after I have been actively procrastinating on a which way now decision. When my subconscious mind has directed me the right way, it just feels right, and if I have been actively procrastinating on it for a few days, weeks and even months… Then the feeling can be very powerful. As for timescales, they are tricky to master. Most small things though which are not highly important can come pretty quickly.

      But the consideration you have right now is an interesting one as there is a lot to consider…

      The key point is what to sacrifice, what to give up.

      The problem with your own business over a job is confused by the illusion of security. Firstly there is no security, though it looks like there is because of a regular paycheck. However, this is only short term security. Because as you rightly point out you may not just delay your dream, but abandon it. From that point on your security is no longer in your hands but survives to the good grace of your employer, and his or her ability to grow or sustain their business.

      When I lost all my money in 2009 I returned to the UK and was at a New Year’s eve party with friends. One of my friends asked me how I could put my family through so much in the pursuit of my dreams. This is a characteristic of entrepreneurial people, it is often based on a refusal to live life on any terms that are not yours.

      The most important thing is to have enough money to live at a lower standard than you’d like to live, but you are not fighting to survive. Once that has been attained (it can be attained with debt too, although you have to be extremely careful with that one, and that would probably require several pages to explain, so probably not for here!)

      When you have your basic needs met, some of which may need to be curtailed for a while, whilst you are creating a more abundant lifestyle. Delayed gratification is an amazing tool to use for personal growth, I still use it today when I can clearly afford almost anything.

      I would suggest you reframe your thinking a little. Instead of looking at what you don’t have and thinking it would be difficult to acquire, I would suggest you consider ways to acquire it that are outside of the box.

      Also I would suggest that you really are at a turning point in your life. One way may suit many people and that way has a sign above the door which says security. The other way will suit you much better and it has a sign that says my dream, and I think you know that. I would ask your families permission to pursue your dream, I did… And even though my wife doubted it along the way, she also knew I’d make it work as will yours… They just want it now, as do we all… So forgive her what she will say later, as she won’t be conscious to it then. I really enjoy the half a dozen times a year when I bring up the fact that my wife suggested I should go and get a job 🙂

      All that said, here’s how to close the door on one of the two ways… Go and visit your life at the age of 85… Visit the you that pursued your dreams, and see how you felt having made the decision and going through the tough years ahead whilst you followed your dream and built your business… REALLY be there and feel it. Then go and visit the other you at 85. The one who chose security. Enjoy the feeling of comfort that you gained by taking that choice. Imagine the life you led fully. On both visits remember to experience the pain of both decisions… The pain of regret, and the pain of struggle… See which way makes you feel better. Look out for anything that makes you feel bad, and go and examine it.

      Go and accept both lives, and surrender to the consequences of both lives. See how it makes you feel 🙂

      Then when you’ve done that, give yourself a few days to consider it all – if you need to… You may have the answer come fast, and if it does you will feel compelled… Wait for that feeling as getting it will sever the connection to the alternate direction and allow you to live in peace with your decision.

      Best wishes,


  15. Gina says:

    Hi Andy

    Thank you. I appreciate that your teachings are practical. I feel I am getting clearer and clearer in terms of what tools to use in order to access the LOA. In the past all I did was read and do the affirmations which at times felt like recitals of words which did not quite ring true. I felt at times I was bluffing myself, but I have persisted. Sometimes (as you say) I got it right and felt happy, but that feeling did not always last. I am still listening to your audios and watching your videos. I’m excited about getting the entire package to go through at my own leisure time.

  16. Susanne says:

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks a lot for this article. I wanted to ask you something about this for a long time, so this came as the perfect opportunity for me to do so. First of all: I KNOW that this works, since I had it happen by accident a couple of times I remember (and there should have been times I don’t remember either). BUT it is quite difficult for me to use it on purpose.

    Here is why: I am quite the opposite of you being a morning person. I have a very late biorhythm which means every time I have to go somewhere or whenever I have a job I have to get up WAY before I have slept enough. So, I am still in the middle of my night sleep and won’t ever wake up at that time by myself without an alarm clock simply because my body needs more sleep. Or I will wake up multiple times during the night because I am nervous since I have to wake up early. As far as I know the working day in Germany usually starts too early for most of the people, even the “normal” ones who won’t sleep up to noon when left alone like me.

    First question: Do you have any ideas for the sleep deprived amongst us whose biorhythm simply does not fit society too well?

    Then, I am unemployed at the moment. So, I actually CAN put away my alarm clock. I didn’t for months because I thought I should get up around 11 am to get more of my multiple projects done. Then, I noticed that I slept much better and therefore had more energy during the day, did not need to nap, did seldom feel tired AND was much more relaxed and felt in harmony when I just decided to wake up whenever I would have slept enough. Not using an alarm clock and thinking I should wake up at a given time actually improved my sleep quality. But I noticed as well that very often I would start talking to myself right during my last dream in the morning and waking up slowly while already talking to myself in my head – about things to do that day or problems or whatever. Sometimes there are answers or ideas coming up in that state, but more often I am just gently sliding from sleep to awake while having my normal daily thoughts with me all the way from the start.

    So, it seems there are only two options for me: Either waking up too early (with or without an alarm clock) and feeling somehow not like myself which makes me very prone to worrying right from the moment of waking. Or sleeping enough and slowly waking up while already thinking (just not feeling weird and not worrying so much).

    Second question: Do you have any idea about that phenomenon and how to wake up NOT thinking?

    I actually think the “napping solution” of Edison could be a good idea for people like me. Yet, I really have problems to get relaxed enough to get into short naps during the day when I am tired (which is mostly when I have a job and was forced to wake up too early or when there is going on a lot or I am not relaxed enough to sleep well at night) and I don’t need naps when I got enough rest at night and am relaxed during the say.

    Which brings me to a new subject I am just adding here so you can think about perhaps covering it later: My latest sleeping experiments I was able to do thanks to unemployment indicate that it is a lot easier for me to feel good, stay relaxed and in harmony, be present and not worry when I had a good rest at night and woke up when my body had fully recovered. Therefore, I am wondering if this could be the problem of most of the people given that research has shown that even normal people have to get up slightly too early because of their jobs. For me, as an extreme late riser, the sleep subject has been an issue ever since I started suffering from headaches and frequent colds due to sleep deprivation back in school. But it may have escaped you as a morning person because you just don’t have a problem with getting up even before the time society expects us to be awake. Then again, I know that not everyone is reacting as strongly to sleep deprivation as I do. But perhaps it’s more people than we think, because most people have become accustomed to some level of sleep deprivation and might not notice that perhaps they become stressed out so easily mostly because of this?

    I leave it here, but would love to know if you or anybody else has an idea how to make use of the awakening process when you have to get up 2-6 hours before you have actually slept enough.

    Best regards,

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Susanne,

      Firstly my wife loves to sleep and expects a minimum of 9 hours a night. She will take 10 anytime she can, and she is not a ‘morning person’. I on the other hand, find 7.5 is usually more than enough. Only occasionally do I sleep for 9, and often I can do multiple nights of less then 5 before needing more sleep. I allow myself to nap when I’m tired, even if it is only 30 seconds.

      If my wife has to get up at say 7.00pm then she goes to bed by 10pm. Yes I know it sounds bleedin’ obvious, but that’s how she does it. I will stay up till I want and wake up when I want. I allow my body to decide what happens. When I wake up and am conscious, I consider if I need more sleep and listen to what my body says, and do that.

      I would say that as you are currently out of work, you may want to just play at waking up when you want to. I would also suggest finding a career that suited you more, which allowed you time in the morning if that is what is important to you. We get to design our lives remember, I change aspects of my life whenever I notice an area that gives me discomfort. One time I changed and area and it took 4 years to change it. But I did not want to have to endure something painful for the rest of my life, so the 4 years was a breeze.

      As for your second question. If you are thinking uncontrollably, i.e. you have thoughts in your mind that you were rather not there. Then it means you are not the controller of your thoughts. The techniques, of 15 seconds, no-mind, and the gratefulness techniques I’ll be covering on the Livecast next week all bring you back under control. Then after continuous practice of those techniques you will find you no longer think uncontrollably. But if you find you do, then you have an ‘off-switch’.

      The last point you mention is about fatigue, and it is a big issue where it comes to people’s lives. Noticing fatigue build up and allowing yourself time to recover is essential to health physical and mental.

      Best wishes,


  17. Anne says:

    Hi Andy,

    Tonight I am saying bye to the alarm clock though my ego or nutter is saying i need it. So i am going to go for it.

    I have faith it is going to work. It has happened before but I didn’t know how it happened.

    Thanks for sharing


  18. David & Jackie Lemke says:

    Hi Andy,
    We have been connecting with the links you sent us in the email where you said:
    “In this email I wanted to put together a quick summary of the details in the emails I’ve sent you recently.I want you to have all this information at hand because I don’t want you to miss out on noticing the distance your mind has travelled in just a few weeks.”
    This link is half way through the 14 links you put together for us. We are so grateful and learning so much from your efforts to teach what you have discovered. God is blessing us all with the energy that is being released and shared while we are somewhere in one place or another of your amazing internet creation.
    WARMEST WISHES to you and yours,
    David & Jackie

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Thank you 🙂

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