The Golden Book Technique

~ Your mindset guarantees your success or failure in all you do ~ Andy Shaw


If you are struggling to get things to work, then it is almost certain that you are not fully the controller of your thoughts…

How do you feel about that… Observe any reactions and see if they are helping you or harming you.





Today I want to give you a tool for making the transition of your mind over to Structured Thinking very easy…

To be honest I should’ve told you about this earlier as it is one of the simplest and most powerful tools I share with every student in the Bug Free Mind Process…

But it is something which can be used for fast improvement in any area you wish to study.

I warn you, it’s going to seem simple and obvious…

However, don’t let that fool you into thinking you know it. IF you are not doing this with anything you desire to learn fast, then you do not know it… Though you will intellectually know it for sure!

But knowing it to a living it way of life, will give you the results, knowing it intellectually won’t.

This is taken from Creating A Bug Free Mind:

~ “I will stay here and not move away until my mind is fixed!” ~

– Said by me at the point of change

personal-development-head-2When I was surrounding myself with all personal development material I decided I had to find simpler and quicker ways to absorb the material.

I knew repetition was the key to absorbing it and as it was taking me too long to re-read books and listen to audio programs. The technique, which proved to be particularly powerful, was the one I call My Golden Book.

How it worked was this: After I had read, highlighted, read and then re-read the information in each book or audio course, I would write out some of the text and where relevant, change it to my new understanding of it.

However, when I felt it was bang on, I would copy it word for word.

I didn’t write in this Golden Book all that I learnt from the book. I mainly focused on the things which I had yet to learn or I knew I needed to keep repeating to myself.

Often they would just be bullet points but I would be able to instantly get back to the state of mind from the chapter of the book I had read. – That’s the key!

What this meant was I could get 95%+ of all of the benefit of reading multiple books and audio courses with around 5–30 minutes reading time.

So it was a wise investment of my time compiling all of the information!

Now, bearing in mind I have always done things at warp speed, I knew I needed this thing (my mind) fixed and fast.

the-golden-book-2So I cannot overstate the importance and the amazing power which was contained within my Golden Book.

It literally bestowed its wisdom to me in an ultra-efficient manner, which meant I could effectively re-read some books 30 times and fully install the correct thinking.

It was the place where I wrote out the life-adjusting paragraphs, but I was now able to access them all very fast from multiple different sources.

I was able to daily, sometimes twice daily, or as the months went on only weekly, pick up and read all I needed to keep my mind tuned with just 10–30 minutes tuning.

This helped me to stay in tune and to get more and more in tune as time and life helped me achieve a greater level of understanding.

You’ll read A Bug Free Mind and probably achieve at least one or two re-reads… Many achieve ten plus! But as you finish at least one re-read you will be really in tune and feel you are truly capable of achieving some amazing things with your life.

You may even be completely in-tune (over 90% anyway), but just like a fine piano, you will go out of tune again. Well there’s no-one else there for you; you are the piano tuner, you need to keep tuning yourself in and adjusting the quality of your notes.

This is the single most important creative activity you can do to maintain and raise your level of consciousness, and is the reason I created my Golden Book…

The way I did it was to go and buy a blank A5 sized book and write everything down. I have read my Golden Book countless times as it really is priceless to me.

I read it as often as possible and whenever I let myself feel low. My Golden Book goes with me everywhere, even when I am away for a few days.




You use this for the things you read which you understand, but are not yet living by…

You re-read and think, and re-read and think… This is planting flowers and not allowing weeds  to grow…

life-quotes-8I would suggest when you re-read a footstep that you look to pull one, two or three gems from each one and you will build a powerful life changing book of your own in no time at all.

I suggest you begin today creating your Golden book…

Best wishes,


P.S. On Tuesday the 1th December I am doing a Livecast called Discovering Happiness.

You have experienced a little of Saltori Structured Thinking now, and taken the Discovering Happiness Quiz…

Well now I’d like to help you to see how much further you can go…

Next Tuesday I’ll be teaching live some of the techniques which in the last few years have helped change the lives of people from every country on earth.

I don’t do these very often and anyone who has known me for a while will tell you that my Livecast’s usually fill up quite fast.

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16 thoughts on “The Golden Book Technique

  1. Judy Foster says:

    Your message is opening my mind to the truth of life. Cant thank you enough! Am also telling anyone who will listen.

  2. Virginia says:

    Thanks for the reminder Andy that re-framing the messages we read or hear is a better way to remember and incorporate them into our lives. Reading quotes is good that way too. Ask why it resonates with you – take it deeper.

  3. Sonya says:

    Thank you Andy for confirming what I thought I should do. You see , I realized that with each e-mail you send and each bit of information that I read, I knew I would’nt be able to remember it all. And every bit is important and enlightening for me.! I thought, “I must create a journal for this new study”. . . . and voila! another e-mail confirming that this should be done! Thank you so much,
    I am registered for today’s Livecast and hope to be able to view. If for some reason I am unable, will there be a recording of this?
    Today is my mothers day, to pick up my mom and bring her shopping and just spend the day with her. I’m hoping that she wouldn’t mind taking a little quiet time to view your Livecast with me. Of course, there is a possibility that she won’t be interested and I will concede to her wishes.
    At any rate, I will continue to fill my mind with the thoughts that you write about and today I will purchase my Golden Book, as well.
    Thank you once again dear friend
    God Bless you

    1. Andy Shaw says:


  4. Tulipa says:

    I love the idea.. Though I used to take notes while I read but not consistently!
    I intend to start my golden book today..feeling excited!!:))

  5. teddi says:

    Hi Andy,
    Thank you for all you do. First, thank you for this oppertunity. i cant afford your books or programs. i live on fixed imcome. im really blessed to get any free information, webinars. Thank you again for that. It goes to show that even the ones that cant afford self help oppertunities, can still benifit from your kindness. i really love your simple and affective steps,reminders. imissed. the happiness webinar. But i do look forward to making my golden book. thank you again, love teddi

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      You’re welcome Teddi. In about 6 or 7 weeks time I’ll teach you a something which may turn you around on your thinking too (in a good way) 🙂

  6. Judith says:

    Thanks for the reminder! I just now purchased the audio and books, after waiting a year. *Really* wish I had done that when I first heard your presentation…

    Thought I could do it on my own, but too many uncontrollable external events distracted too much of my attention. The’ Bug Free World’ website is going to be an incredible resource for helping me to stay on track this time around!

    So Much Gratitude, and many thanks for all you (and your team) are doing to help those of us who are committed to improving our thinking and our lives. Please–tell your wife that for those of us who have struggled through our lives, every minute you’ve put into this is invaluable… You may have begun this process for yourself, but it has turned into such an amazing gift to the world.

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Thank you Judith, but if I told my wife she’d not be impressed 🙂

  7. Gail says:

    Hi Andy, Thank you for all this information. I started with your process a few months ago, at this stage I am up to chapter 14, while watching your live webcast I realised the importance of the information in the first chapters. I had not created my Golden Book and have found myself forgeting your basic steps . Thanks I am now going back to the first chapter the 3rd time , Gratefull for your reminders of emails’ footsteps. etc .Now increasing my foundations . Thanks Gail

  8. Healthy says:

    I have been getting your emails but had not really focused on the messages even if I knew that I had subscribed to your newsletters because of previous inspiring articles.

    I read something on Golden book and how to relate what I have read with mindset to bring me back to anything I wish to recollect. It made sense to me and as I wish to start practising it and with the help of recapping with the use of Golden Book, then I should be on my way to a new life of sharing through your teachings.

    I will come back to update everyone here plus add to those shared amazing experiences.

    Thanks you for giving.

  9. Thomas says:


  10. Maria says:

    The golden book

  11. tshering wangda says:

    Really inspired of good words…

  12. Eugen says:

    Usually I don’t like to reread my notes, but I can develop this habit by baby’s steps. With little reading and lot of breaks I’ll direct myself into living that. Mach obliged.

  13. Jorie Preston says:

    Dear Andy,

    Thanks so much for the inspiration to get myself organized. I have for years taken notes of important concepts in what I read or heard. Problem has always been I have “floating pieces of paper” with notes on them EVERYWHERE and this causes me much frustration. I did not realize the value of the notes I have been taking all these years….how it could speed up learning…..until reading this newsletter. It’s probably because I could never put my hands on what I wanted, because the notes were in no sort of order or notebook. But now I realize that what I’ve been doing IS very helpful. I just need to have one “Golden Book”, as you suggest to store all my notes in one place. I’m thinking index categories to be able to find specific topics would help. And maybe a ring binder where I can move sheets around to different categories. I guess that’s why I didn’t do it before, as I felt overwhelmed with all my thousands of notes everywhere! But you gotta start somewhere, as I, too, am anxious to get my head straight ASAP and I know this will simplify life a lot.

    Thanks for another great way of thinking!

    Jorie from Charlotte, North Carolina

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