Doing less yet
achieving more…

~ Your mindset guarantees your success or failure in all you do ~ Andy Shaw


Can you really, do less… Achieve more… And make this year everything you want?

Believe it or not, not only can you achieve more by doing less but it is actually needed to achieve the success you dream of.

But fist, I strongly recommend you grasp the significance of this little warning…

The next twelve months are dangerously close to being no different for you than the previous twelve months.

  • If you struggled with money in the last twelve months – you will likely continue to struggle in the next twelve.
  • If you struggled with your health in the last twelve months – you will likely continue to struggle in the next twelve.
  • If you struggled with relationships in the last twelve months – you will likely continue to struggle in the next twelve.

Why? Because you are still using the SAME level of thinking that you did in the last twelve months and that created these results.

Albert Einstein wrote, ‘no problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it.’

So what does this mean when we slow it down.

If you don’t raise your level of consciousness, then you are DOOMED to repeat the same (or similar) mistakes again and again each year… How do you feel about that?

Simply put, if you want BETTER results, you MUST change your thinking!

obvious-2But that’s stating the ‘bleedin’ obvious right?

So imagine for a second that if you know this, and if it really is obvious… Then why do you continue to take a single new step in the same direction as before?

Shouldn’t you be standing still and devoting 100% of your attention into figuring out the easiest way to raise your level of consciousness IF you really did KNOW THIS?

After all, just going the same way hasn’t raised your level of consciousness.

So why do you think doing the same thing will get you a different result…

You may want to consider this for several days so that it can really sink in… But that’s 100% your choice, or maybe you just like to think it is!

Because clearly there’s something else going on… As you and billions of people are not dumb… You know you must change your thinking if you want a different result… You’re intelligent, so what else is going on?

Well for most people it goes wrong in the way they view a year… Most people overestimate what they can achieve in a year and underestimate what they can achieve in ten years…

So the first and most powerful lesson to learn is, to stop thinking annually, and think in batches of five and ten years instead.


Most people start their New Years Resolutions with the same ones they started the year before. The same ones they never achieved a year ago!

This in my opinion as an expert in the field of better thinking is clearly INSANITY.

…But this year is ‘different’, they cry!

…Despite the fact they are not DOING anything different. And the reason they are not DOING anything different, is because they have NOT regained their natural success mindset which leads them to raising their level of consciousness.

You can write down the most grandiose plans for making a million dollars in the next twelve months with a new business.

But this action is still simply USELESS.

Because until you get your mindset to a state where you KNOW it will happen, (your consciousness has risen) then it won’t.

The voice in your head though may or probably will be attempting to tell you I am wrong, but I’m not… And your track record probably backs up what I’m saying. However, it will be down to the real you or your ego as to who decides which way is right…

Let me give you an example of what certainty feels like…

You have a young child, and it’s Christmas day.

Your beautiful child opens up a present you bought them and they are so happy when they see it, that they run up to you and kiss you, and hug you so hard.

…That you smile uncontrollably. Then you quickly grab your child and throw him/her up in the air and catch them, laughing all the time.



Do you think for a moment that you might FAIL and drop your child? I mean, you can’t deny it’s in the realm of possibility isn’t it?

If you have young children then you may want to try this. However, if you have had children and done this with them, then you can go back to the time and feel it all happening again as if it was now.

Just pick them up and notice your mindset shift as you throw them 5-6 inches out of your hands into the air and softly catch them.

Notice in your mind that you KNOW for a fact, that there is no way on earth you could drop them.

Just FEEL for a moment how that certainty feels?

What’s happened is your consciousness has risen and you are focused entirely on protecting your child while you are still having fun.

Now imagine if you had that level of certainty about your goals? About your health? About your ability to find your perfect partner?

How easily could you achieve your goals do you think? If you KNEW with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY THAT YOU WOULD NOT FAIL?

It took no effort to go to that level of consciousness, you merely elevated yourself to it without effort because you naturally knew the need was there.

Here’s another example…

You get into your car, and you’re planning to take a long drive somewhere for the weekend away.

Now you’re not silly… You know that a car is a lethal weapon. In the UK alone 7-8 people die in a car crash everyday.

pilot-training-2You know this, I’m sure.

But notice your mindset when you get in your car to drive somewhere. You KNOW for a fact, that you will drive carefully. That with you at the wheel, you and your family are 100% safe.

When I learnt to fly a plane and the first time I got to carry passengers, my level of consciousness raised immediately and stayed at a heightened level throughout the flight and in fact until I got out of the car at home…

I had shifted my level of consciousness without effort, as there was a need to protect my passengers. So me flying them was 100% safe, I would do my part…

It was 100% certain… you wouldn’t drop your child.

But why? Ask yourself why you find it so easy to be 100% certain at all times about these things? But yet when it comes to your goals, you always get these nagging doubts that ‘tear you down’…

If you desire ‘success’ and an amazing life, you must first KNOW (100% without doubt know) you can achieve it.


Without this mindset, you will forever be TRAPPED in life and destined to repeat the same mistakes, or different versions of them.

Meaning you’ll make the same disappointing progress year after year after year. And I promise you, it is highly unlikely that it will ever change!

That’s why if you want different results. You must either find a way to raise and maintain your level of consciousness or use the Bug Free Mind Process to do it…

Nothing else will do it for you…

Consciousness raising is the answer to getting what you want, and solving all the problems you’d like solved…

So if you want to set any goals and intentions at all then surely you can see that raising your level of consciousness is of primary importance…


ego-talking-2However, because it’s a little ambiguous with no clear results then it’s easy for the ego to take you away from this path…

But, the truth is, that the answers you seek are waiting for you at a level where your current level of consciousness cannot see them.

All you have to do is clear away the bugs in your mind and raise your level… In doing so you’ll see how easy it is to attain the state of 100% certainty, yet you’ll do it with no effort at all…

People spend their entire lives putting massive effort into doing things, but they are doing them the wrong way. Success in any venture is simply a matter of doing certain things in a certain order…

Yes, effort is required! But only after the level of consciousness needed to harvest this effort has already been achieved.

happy-woman-2Just imagine for a few seconds how it will feel to raise your consciousness to the level to be 100% certain of achieving your ideal life… financially, romantically, spiritually, whatever it is you desire… How will that feel to do it all the easy way with no more struggling…

I strongly suggest you join the ten’s of thousand of others who’ve used my structured thinking process to raise their level of consciousness.

You can do it with books, audios, or videos… Or for the best results and maintenance of those results then I recommend using all three learning methods.

Always attempt to remember that your success in life really does all start and end in the mind.

Best wishes



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