How would you like
to never, EVER worry again?

~ Your mindset guarantees your success or failure in all you do ~ Andy Shaw


As people age they begin to worry… Usually the older they get, the more they worry… It ends up that worry eats most people alive!

The saddest thing though is, worry is a man-made disease!

It is a self-created illusion that has been created simply because a person has only been trained what to think and never trained how to think.

But that’s a big bold statement, and if you’re a worrier then your ego is probably telling you that it’s true for some, BUT probably won’t work for you… What your ego does not want you to know, is that it’s lying to you…

Worrying does not exist in nature, no animal living in nature worries…

worried-2Worrying is a sort of hereditary disease that has been passed down from one or both parents, or grand parents..

Or it has been programmed in by other worriers, such as children who were programmed by their parents who then may have passed it on to you at school…

Or teachers who worry themselves and then unconsciously pass this worrying dis-ease onto their students…

So whilst not the true definition of a hereditary disease… The metaphor works well enough to explain the point… Worrying is a dis-ease of the mind that is passed on by others to you, and then from you to others…

And because worrying is just an illusion and has no physical presence then it can only be passed on through unconscious acceptance, or to put it in a more blunt way, ignorance, breeds ignorance!

So even though it was not your fault that you became a worrier, simply because you had no medicine (a thinking system that prevented worrying), it is your fault or mainly your fault, IF you decide to allow yourself to live with worrying any longer…

Because from this point forward in your life, you can choose not to worry anymore…

Yes that’s right, worrying is something that can be stopped simply by choosing not to do it.

Though you have to be first in a position of being able to choose to stop… From your current position, you may be able to choose to stop, though when a big worry starts it may overwhelm you and you may be put further back than you are now… So please be careful.

But worrying is just a choice… I choose to not worry… Unbelievable right, how someone can just not worry… But it’s simply that I have thinking structures which prevent it from being possible…

For me it is actually impossible to worry now! Even though it may sound incredible, it’s really just some simple thought structures, that’s all!

optical-illusion-2How can it be so easy? Well it really is just an illusion you’ve allowed your ego to create in your mind. And if it’s an illusion then it’s not real and you can choose to not worry…

How? Well it can be explained simply, but being able to apply this to all worries in all their disguises takes me quite a few thought structures… But I’ll give you the short version now…

Though before I do, please understand knowledge is not power, and is actually destructive to our education if we do not apply it and transform it into wisdom.

So learning this will not help you UNLESS you learn to apply it… You have been warned! Though you will ignore this warning on your first and probably second read through… And if you can work out how I know you will then you will have learnt something…

Every situation you have in life is either to be dealt with or ignored until it is time to be dealt with. Some situations require preparation, these can be prepared for without the need to worry about them.

Every situation is there to either help you or someone else grow. So every situation is needed. If you are facing the repeat of a previous situation, then it is simply that you failed to learn the lesson that the situation was previously attempting to teach you.

getting-nowhere-2If you fail to learn it on your next pass through, then the lesson will need to be repeated… So keep your ideas, ears and feelings open… If you are wondering why you feel stuck and are worried about it, then it is because you’ve failed to learn ‘something’.

Consider this… Every situation you have ever had in life you have dealt with, otherwise you would not be here now! So was there any need to worry about them?

So the next situation is probably outside of your comfort zone, this is merely life giving you the opportunity for growth. You can prepare for it without worrying and then deal with it at the appropriate time (which you would’ve done anyway)… All without the need to worry.

Or if there is nothing you can do to prepare for it and it is to be dealt with at a certain time, then what is the point of worrying? Because you have to deal with it, so why worry about it?

This is a logical argument for not needing to worry, and if it was going into a mind before automated worrying existing then it’s probably all that’s needed to prevent worrying… It was all that was needed for my two children when I explained it to them anyway!

However, applying logic to a mind that has a prolonged case of the worrying dis-ease… Then that is a different story!

To that sort of mind, they simply agree that, ‘yes that’s right, but…’ To the adults mind, they think that their thinking (the but bit) is helping them… To a child, there is no but, they just accept the lesson… You may wish to consider this for a while too… Is my thinking helping me or harming me…

Us adults need a fair bit more for us to grasp some things…

Don’t let the fact that we know more than children fool you into thinking our minds work better… The minds we had as children were far more connected to the natural way we were designed to think than our adult minds can ever be…

Our work if we choose to accept it… Is in regaining our child-like way of thinking and applying it in out adult lives… This is what all the people who succeed do without knowing they are doing it!

when-i-grow-up-i-want-to-be-an-astronaut-2So you can either choose right now to never worry again, and catch yourself when you worry so that you can stop it…

Or you can go through my Bug Free Mind Process and learn some simple thinking structures which will mean you learn to think naturally like the child you once were again.

Do you remember what it was like to think like a child?

Where you had limitless possibilities… You didn’t agree and then turn the sentence around to suit your ego by using the word BUT… You just dared to dream! 

If that sounds good then you will probably enjoy every moment of transforming your mind back to how you used to think before people jammed up your mind with all their what to think thoughts.

Best wishes,



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