Why do we need a new way of thinking?

~ Your mindset guarantees your success or failure in all you do ~ Andy Shaw

2. Why do we need a new way of thinking?


Well actually we need ‘a way of thinking’, not a new one as we don’t actually have one! We all think differently which is fine… But what’s wrong is we think randomly. This randomness causes ourselves and others pain. Though because we have always lived this way, we don’t notice it.

Thinking or more importantly, the way we think is crucial to our success in life. Our thinking is what distinguishes us from the crowd. Thinking is what makes us unique as an individual and ultimately our thinking determines our desired and actual success in life. ‘Obviously’ you might think, but that in itself is an accidental thought if it hasn’t been evaluated consciously.

We think accidentally because we were not taught how to think!chaotic-thinking-4

We are taught to walk, talk, read, write, cook, brush our teeth, clean up our mess, use a computer, drive a car and even fly a plane. We are taught to acquire such skills, as to make them automatic and almost sub/un-conscious in their use.

Yet the most powerful tool we possess, accurate thinking, is left to occur by accident. 

Simply put we were never taught how to think, just what to think. It is the lack of a thinking structure which causes all pain in life and in effect pain to oneself and then onto others too.

When you install a structured thinking system and use and maintain it. Then it becomes impossible to consciously cause pain to yourself and to others. Unconsciousness can still occur as we are all human and we slip into unconscious action by default. But by raising our level of thought (raising our consciousness) to a higher level then less, and less pain is created.

Einstein wrote; No problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it. This is clearly sage advice, yet the entire world ignores it and ‘tries to solve the biggest problems in the world from the same level of consciousness that created them…’ Whilst fooling themselves into believing that they have a higher level of consciousness than ‘those’ who created the problems.



So to solve the bigger problems we must first understand where it goes wrong, and correct it. Then all problems can either be solved easily or ignored and allowed to solve themselves.

We are taught to do virtually everything in life that is considered important enough to be worthy of an adults time to teach a child. But we are not taught how to think, which is the most powerful tool we have for getting what we want to happen.

This understanding has been preached and taught by every great teacher throughout time and is already accepted as the way it should be done…

But why haven’t we got a thinking system to apply the wisdom of hundreds of thousands of years of experience into our lives?

Quite simply it’s been missed…

Or maybe no one could simplify the wisdom of our ancestors so that everyone could easily apply it…

So without a structured thinking system, when you think about it… Is it really a surprise that 99.999% of people fail to get what they want from life?

The greatest teachers throughout time were teaching from a perspective of already having structure to their thinking. So they taught what to think, to people who didn’t know how to think.

Sure the people knew that what the masters were saying was right, but they were not able to put the wisdom of our ancestors into practice in their day-to-day lives…

It wasn’t that they weren’t intelligent! They were simply putting a German Training course (written in German) into the mind of a person who only spoke English… Which of course failed! As we all KNOW that to understand the German Training course, we must first learn to speak German!

language-barrier-2Yet 99.999% of our world’s population today is still trying to apply the German Training course without learning to speak German… And then they are wondering why it’s not working!

The problem is… 99.999% of people don’t have a simple easy structured way to think automatically the right way, instead of the wrong way.

Instead of structured thought we just think by accident and we achieve, or in the main do not achieve, because we are using ‘accidental thinking’ and ‘not noticing’ (not conscious of, not observing or studying) our poor (low quality) thinking as it occurs.

These ‘poor’ accidental thoughts lead us to our poor decisions, which in turn create outcomes which we didn’t want, which in turn lead to a very messy life situation for the majority of people (at least 99.999% of people – so almost everyone, and at times everyone).

Then the life situation causes worry, stress, anxiety, depression, fears, overwhelm, and serious self doubt, amongst a whole host of other ‘mindset’ ailments. And all because we are not taught to think correctly by thinking ‘on purpose’, because we have no structured thinking system.

It seemed obvious to me how to think, but then I was in the successful minority (0ne of the 0.001% of our society). I was one of the tiny few who failed societies hereditary programming!

There was no system to teach structured thinking to those who succeeded to avoid the bad programming… It is just your environment and a roll of the dice…

As for the majority who were not successful… Quite simply everyone had missed the fact that we needed one in the same way that Thomas Edison recognised that we all needed light bulbs.

So this is why I created the Saltori Structured Thinking System.


2 thoughts on “Why do we need a new way of thinking?

  1. Paul says:

    This is a great way of achieving success! Wow!

  2. Donna says:

    Saltori makes so much sense. There is so much free/available knowledge about achieving success but what sense does it make when no one can apply it.

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