~ Your mindset guarantees your success or failure in all you do ~ Andy Shaw

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How Soon Will It Start To Work?

13. How Soon Will It Start To Work?   What will happen is you will see minor changes more or less instantly. This does though depend on where you currently are in your life. Most experts on th ...

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The Butterfly Effect

7. The Butterfly Effect   When Saltori Thinking is applied to a person’s life then it can create a butterfly effect to change the lives of the people they are connected to, which can change all o ...

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What Makes Successful People, Successful People?

4. What Makes Successful People, Successful People?   As we know successful people happen as well as unsuccessful ones. And unsuccessful people look to the successful to see what they must do t ...

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So Who Taught Us To Think?

6. So Who Taught Us To Think?   We are supposedly taught to think by our parents, but were they right? Who taught them how to think? No one! So the way we think 'happened by accident...' We a ...

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People Don't Like To Think!

3. People Don't Like To Think!   Henry Ford wrote: Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it. People don't like to think as it's so hard, so t ...

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Some Definitions of Saltori Thinking

5. Some Definitions of Saltori Thinking   Saltori to me means - "Purposeful use of my minds power to achieve health, wealth, wisdom and of course inevitable success." To others it may mean simp ...

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What's The Best Way To Learn Saltori Structured Thinking?

12. What's The Best Way To Learn Saltori Structured Thinking?   The single best way to learn the system is to surround yourself with it. You want the audios to be on repeat wherever you travel ...

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11. Terminology   Saltori - a simple systemised way of thinking Saltorise - reprogram to Saltori thinking Saltorised - re-programmed to Saltori thinking Saltorist - a person who consciously ...

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What Is Saltori

What Is Saltori
Structured Thinking?

1. What Is Saltori Structured Thinking     The Saltori System is a 'system of thought' which allows freedom from pain regarding the negative aspects of life. Then the attainment of drea ...

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