So Who Taught Us To Think?

~ Your mindset guarantees your success or failure in all you do ~ Andy Shaw

6. So Who Taught Us To Think?


We are supposedly taught to think by our parents, but were they right?

Who taught them how to think?

becoming-successful-1No one! So the way we think ‘happened by accident…’ We are not taught how to think, we are just shown ‘what to think!’

I struggled for years with… ‘why do we think it’s supposed to be that way?’

I was always questioning why people thought the way they did… Why I was supposed to think that way too… I didn’t understand why they all just seemed to want to ‘fit in’ with the way everyone thought.

When I asked people why they thought that, they’d come out with something like, ‘well that’s the way it is!’ Or, ‘I don’t know, that’s what I was told!’ Or, ‘Everyone thinks it’s this!’I knew I thought very differently to others from the age of 17, but I couldn’t ever explain what I meant to people…

When I attempted to explain something, I’d be getting somewhere and then their thoughts would close in on the subject. At that point it wouldn’t have mattered if the most powerful thing in the Universe had appeared and said, ‘look he’s right…’ They still would’ve ‘known’ not thought… I was wrong.

Now this fascinated me more!

Why did people know things that weren’t true?

Surely there was a fault in this ‘knowing’ things system we had for thinking. So I became fascinated about why we knew things that just weren’t true…

People said to me things like, ‘All this thinking you’re doing is dangerous!’ Where did that come from? Was what I’d think, and of course it came from their fear of the unknown.

So what was this irrational fear of nothing? This fear of something that wasn’t there? All of these irrational thoughts my parents, my peer group and my teachers all had fascinated me…

success-4But then one day a couple of years after I had made my first fortune and become very successful, I found something else to think about…

I became fascinated by ‘how I was able to succeed where others continued to struggle for success.’

On the face of it these people were no different to me.. I had no special skills, gifts or advantage and definitely not a privileged background… So why? Why could I easily succeed where others struggled?

… Up until that point I hadn’t realised ‘I was successful.’ And that my success had come about because ‘I thought differently.’

The Saltori System came about thanks to my interest in finding out why others couldn’t succeed. Then when I discovered that I saw exactly how to take an unsuccessful person and show them how to turn themselves into a successful one…

…And how to take a successful person and how to turn them into an ultra-successful one!

The Saltori system involves an instant technique which is the tool to use which stops the build up of junk. Just mastering this tool can take moments to months depending on the individual and is a process to be enjoyed! But if applied relaxed can be mastered by most within a week.

This tool then provides a system for controlling your mind.

Think about it as, there was anarchy now there’s order.

Then the rubbish (junk) that’s either been installed in there or created whilst in there must be removed in an orderly process. Once that is underway then removing the problem which caused the anarchy goes in next.

At this point you are in control of your thinking to a reasonable level and then it involves rooting out ‘bugs’ in your system and continual repetition in the area you need fixing…

This is the same as with any tool, you pick it up and use it to complete the job. Learning it is useless, however, applying it until the problem is fixed results in the desired outcome (this is not rocket science but does involve common sense).

Then have to find out what you truly want, as without knowing that then you are living by accident. So using the system you look at your past for clues… You use the system to experience your future and decide what it is you want to do with your life.

life-designing-2Then you simply design a map of how to get there… This may sound like a lot, but it is merely like planning a holiday to the best possible destination…

Until you reach this point of life you have been wandering aimlessly about, occasionally going after something you noticed. But now, you’ll have a way to create the map for your life.

Lastly and most importantly your mind is part of your body and your body requires maintenance.

Just like you feed your body with food you have to continue to feed your mind with the way to think. This is just like doing a crossword puzzle or word search, or anything you do to entertain your mind.

But you just feed it regularly a little of what it needs to keep your structured thinking system in order.

The net result is the life you wanted! This is living on purpose and no longer living by accident… This is Saltori Thinking!

The Saltori System provides the way for the evaluating the benefit or detriment of each thought we have…

Initially it sounds laborious but it’s actually a very rewarding experience which can result in constant feelings of happiness and contentment… But without force and certainly without effort!

It is pure acceptance of everything as it is, total surrender to all that is to come, but with pure intention of creating the outcome to suit your desires.

Now this is actually our natural state! But I think it has been so long since people lived that way. That’s if in fact they ever did! As for as long as we have been here we have allowed junk, or garbage to replace a natural way of thinking.

So I created Saltori thinking to enable a simple step-by-step process of thought evaluation.

We have been trained to think that we must do things to achieve results, however, Saltori applies the law of least effort to make massive gains. This means you may be able to use less and less effort as you go through the process until you reach the point where you can apply Structured Thinking without any effort at all!

change-neural-pathways-2Meaning that effectively as you go through the process you ‘Saltorise’ your mind – you re-program it by changing the neural pathways in your mind. This can enable your natural accurate thinking to work the way it is supposed to. And if it does then your natural abundant thought capacity is allowed freedom to grow in a way it can cope with…

These series of simple and easy to learn techniques can create a simply awesome (for lack of a better word) method of thinking which if achieved cannot, not change the life of a Saltori thinker.

If that happens then you become calm, confident, serene, invigorated, relaxed, and above all happy… Yes they all come in and out of your day… And then the more you do it the happier you can actually get. The way Saltori is designed to work is that as a by-product of structuring your thinking you effectively free yourself from the current trap.

From then forward, instead of being afraid to look in the dark corners of your mind, you go exploring in there to see what you can find!

As you open the door to the horrors you find there… Then you may find that the once seemingly overpowering effect on you has dissolved and you simply move on to the next issue, which again dissolves with ease… So you Saltorise your thinking.
In the end you are still there, but you may find it’s just the you that you’ve always wanted to be… From there you simply cannot think the old way as you have completely Saltorised your mind (re-programmed) to the way you want to think. Not the way you have been taught to think by accident.

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