Some Definitions of Saltori Thinking

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5. Some Definitions of Saltori Thinking


Saltori to me means – “Purposeful use of my minds power to achieve health, wealth, wisdom and of course inevitable success.” To others it may mean simply a serene harmonious mindful life.

  • Structured thought applied without effort
  • Becoming predominantly awake (being present)
  • Thinking on purpose, not by accident
  • Thought consideration
  • Thinking consciously, not acting unconsciously
  • Intending without need, without want, without hope
  • Relaxed, harmonious, serene and above all happy living

saltori-1Saltori thinking is a system for thinking about everything you allow into your mind.

It is an automatic thought evaluation by which you become aware of; not unconscious to; your every thought.

This may sound like hard work, but with Saltori thinking, this process is simple and achieved effortlessly.

The Saltori System of thinking is a number of thinking techniques which allow you to be proactive in your thinking and not reactive.

It allows you to take back control of your unconscious thoughts and behaviour by simply noticing that you are in fact not awake but sleeping through life.

Saltori thinking, is about thinking on purpose instead of allowing thinking to happen by accident.

Saltori thinking, is a way of living which simply means that whatever you choose to do with your life, it is harmonious, serene and above all happy.

When applied, Saltori may remove worry, doubt, anxiety, depression and fear, all of which I refer to as pain. Then as you go through the process (which is laid out in books, audios or videos) you gently install a system inside your mind which is almost identical to how you used to think as a child whereby you may automatically find pleasure in everything you do, and in every area of your life!

Here’s just a few of the uses for Saltori Structured Thinking:

  • May be used to discover and know your true life purpose
  • Could be used to effortlessly create any desired outcome which aligns with your life purpose
  • May be used to eliminate doubt, worry, negativity, fear, stress, anxiety, depression, and loss
  • May be used to eliminate or use procrastination
  • May be used to find true love
  • May be used to discover yourself, know yourself and master yourself

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