The Butterfly Effect

~ Your mindset guarantees your success or failure in all you do ~ Andy Shaw

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7. The Butterfly Effect

When Saltori Thinking is applied to a person’s life then it can create a butterfly effect to change the lives of the people they are connected to, which can change all of their world’s.
In my opinion when enough people learn to think the Saltori way, then the world will inevitably change without pain and without effort.

butterfly-effect-2I have found that when a person masters these thinking techniques it becomes impossible to create pain on purpose…

So effectively and very simplistically, I feel that when it becomes applied to the vast majority ‘everyone’ will just get along. This is because Saltori Thinking means a person can have, but another does not have to have less, Saltori is pure abundant thought. Which I think means that as a by-product of learning this way of thinking and applying it to all a person does, then the person can become the person they wanted to become…

I have found that people who are annoyed with themselves for being the way they are, find it easy to escape the old them. The old them which annoyed them doesn’t really have a chance. As they can’t be that person, they cannot be the person that they just don’t want to be…

The result is, that once learned it can make going back to unconscious thought very awkward. So if you were wondering how you could possibly keep this up, well it can work in the same way as breathing… You just do it…

I created the Saltori Structured Thinking System, but it would’ve been created by someone eventually… Because when a person learns it, then some of them feel that it is ‘so obviously the way to think’ that they found all resistance to preconceived thoughts fell away.
All Saltori is, is an effective system for structured thought which is based purely on the individual getting what they want. Charity begins at home, get yourself right and you can do anything you choose.

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