What Makes Successful People, Successful People?

~ Your mindset guarantees your success or failure in all you do ~ Andy Shaw

4. What Makes Successful People, Successful People?


As we know successful people happen as well as unsuccessful ones. And unsuccessful people look to the successful to see what they must do to become one of them…

However, successful people don’t really know how they did it…

They know what actions they took, but they don’t know how they used their mind differently to how an unsuccessful person uses theirs (or to be more accurate, ‘is used by theirs’). 

success-4Successful people think by accident too, it is just that their by accident happens to be the right way to think. This explains why there are so few successful people. To use financial success as an example; 1 in 714 people manage to become worth a mere one million dollars. And only 1 in 75,188 become an Ultra High Nett Worth Individual (worth over $30 million).

This accidental thinking (because we are not trained how to think) is what is keeping the world trapped.

Replace non-thought with ‘accurate thought’ and then we don’t just make the world a little better, it transforms every part of it… But there is no agenda here other than growth as a species. The only way for our evolution as a species is to raise our level of consciousness!

Currently we are living in a world with less than one in ten thousand people being successful and having the life they desire! This isn’t good enough in my opinion!

…And I thought the world needed a better plan, which is why I saw the value for me in spending my working life giving anyone who asked for the answer a systemised way to think, which automatically worked if they just applied it.

Unsuccessful people think they can become successful people by learning someone’s system!

This is why the way success is currently taught has roughly the same success rate as the statistics above.

However, the truth is they cannot do it the way they are doing it… Except for a tiny few that is… Which are the few who are paraded in front of people as examples of how ‘their system works’.

The truth is successful people’s thinking is hard wired differently. So a successful person can look like an unsuccessful person, but they may be just dormant and not be a success yet… They will be at some point.

wrong-way-2In other words they haven’t switched their mind on to go and get successful yet. So they can learn from a success book and become successful.

But an unsuccessful person can’t do this. Because their mind does not think the same way. Their mind is set up to fail, keep them trapped at a certain level and simply doubt that they can succeed.

So when they learn the success techniques from a successful person they think they are going to get it… It will seem obviously correct to them!

But unless they were one of the dormant successful minority there is no chance of this happening for them.

Unsuccessful people are taught to think they have the choice of success or failure, that if they try really hard they can do it!

However, unless they reprogram their mind then failure is certain and the statistics endorse this… But then again we are taught to ‘hope’ for something better… Hope after all is the marketers best weapon. 

A person who is struggling to succeed in one or more areas of their life is attempting to do so from a mind that has had it’s hard wired success thinking rewired through neuro-plasticity. The good news is, it was changed to be wired wrong, so it can be changed back to be wired correctly.

But the harsh reality though is they cannot become successful with the methods which are currently being taught. Once they regain control of their thoughts and have a Structured System for Thinking, then sure, most of the success teachers works, will work.

But this is what I call good software, and you cannot load good software onto a computer with a virus!

Unsuccessful people have a virus which will prevent at all costs their success!

The funny thing is that they are hard wired for success, but because of a complete lack of structured thinking they have been programmed for failure. So the programming has to be removed and a structured ‘program for thinking’ put in place of the current accidental thinking program which humanity works with.

This is why I pulled wisdom together from numerous sources and put it into a system that taught how to think it instead of saying here’s what you should be thinking.

paradox-contradiction-2Society looks at successful people and says they are the successes of society, whereas in truth there is something of a paradox happening. Because successful people are actually only successes thanks to having failed the programming society delivers to everyone.

Don’t get me wrong… This is not some ‘Big Brother’ system! It is just a default way of thinking which has evolved along with us over thousands of years. Because it has always been there we have ‘not noticed’ just how faulty this programming was until now.

It boils down to this one particularly awful what to think lesson that we have all heard at one or many more times in our lives… ‘We do it this way because we’ve always done it this way!’

This moronic argument is holding our species back!

The very use of this argument should in itself be a reason to go and look again at why we are doing it that way.

I used to instinctively get very angry when someone said that line to me, as I was always doing things differently… I did it that way because I was looking for a way to evolve and make it better… To switch my mind off with that bastion of human thoughtlessness was simply a bridge too far, and if I heard it enough times I quit the job. Then when I was employing people, they quickly learnt to never say it to me for fear of an earful.


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