People Don’t Like To Think!

~ Your mindset guarantees your success or failure in all you do ~ Andy Shaw

3. People Don’t Like To Think!


Henry Ford wrote: Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.

blind-faith-1People don’t like to think as it’s so hard, so they seek to abdicate control of their thinking over to someone else! Imagine that, they hand control of their thoughts over to other people because they find thinking hard…

They don’t like to think about certain things because it scares them. So they hand over control and are scared of some of their thoughts because they have no way to think! There is no structure in their mind for how to handle a feeling which does not fit in with what they want. So they abdicate control of their thoughts simply so that they don’t have to think…

But we have been given the most over abundant ability to think, so can it really be so simple that the reason why people want to give up thinking for themselves is because they have just not been trained to think? My entire experience of life has always shown me that it was the simple solutions, which were the right ones…

The basis to everything we have in life and could have in life is down to ‘how we think.’ The Saltori System is simply ‘a system for thinking’ which for some people can remove the pain from life and allows freedom of choice to achieve what is desired. It is ‘Saltori’ thinking, and when a person learns to think using this system then for some people it effectively becomes almost impossible to think the accidental way we are brought up to think.

thoughtless-2This ability to think changes everything in a persons life. Before they either gave away their thinking on purpose, or they gave it away through unconscious action, such as self hypnosis.  But either way they stopped thinking!

One reason for this is that people think the problem is that they can’t stop thinking, so they seek to have freedom from their thoughts. But the funny thing is that they are the creator of their thoughts, so if they want the thoughts to stop why not simply tell them they are not allowed to come in?

Because they have not been taught ‘How To Think!’ So they don’t know how to stop this ‘accidental thinking.’

At the moment the vast majority of people are living their life whilst trapped by their own minds but actually have no idea, or virtually no idea that ‘they are trapped.’ This is partially to do with the waking sleep of the human race, which is effectively a by-product of progressive automated thought.

A brief explanation of the waking sleep is being awake and doing things but not noticing or remembering them. In other words living life on autopilot.

The reason time appears to speed up for people is that they are sleeping through their life.

As they age they do more on autopilot, which means they are asleep more of the time and hence their time here appears to go faster.

The solution we feel is to learn Saltori Structured Thinking so that a person can wake up and experience their life. The waking sleep is mainly a by-product of our extremely effective mind which takes things away for us so we don’t have to do things.
This part of our mind is doing its job, however, like any tool it must be mastered before use otherwise it’ll do damage…
In our experiences when a person thinks in the Saltori way effectively they are awake more of the time and so life ‘appears’ to slow down, and because perception is reality, it does slow down!

2 thoughts on “People Don’t Like To Think!

  1. Patti Wassman says:


    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Hi Patti,

      Pretty simple, begin the process and you’ll see a lot of things come together. Most people say it brings everything they have learnt together, this heals you in an almost effortless way 🙂

      Best wishes,


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