What’s The Best Way To Learn Saltori Structured Thinking?

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12. What’s The Best Way To Learn Saltori Structured Thinking?


The single best way to learn the system is to surround yourself with it.

You want the audios to be on repeat wherever you travel. These will allow you to keep filling your mind with all the material which will inspire you to keep going, and it will teach you a lot.

self-improvement-with-saltori-thinking-toolsHowever, you want the books to study the techniques!

This training involves avoiding the problem of learning too much and applying too little. Which is what holds most people back who study self-improvement.

So the books will be slower progress than the audios but they are the essential ingredient for your success with this system!

Just getting the audios and thinking that will do it as you hate reading books, will probably fail (probably means over 99% chance of!)

You however, will think you are making progress, and spend many months in that illusion until you one day notice how little progress you’ve actually made. Then you will decide to come back and get the books…

So after feedback from thousands of readers we advise the bare minimum is to get both books and audios.

However, if you want to get the very best absorption of the material though! Then the ultimate way to do it is to get the video course Success Made Simple too… This is the system put to video to enable a much deeper level of understanding.

There are also some unique study notes to go with each video too which allow for your consciousness to be raised in noticeable chunks!

However, this is not a normal video course! Because it is delivered as two to three videos a week over a long period of time, and the videos average only 5 minutes each…

The purpose of this course is to allow a lot of thinking time in-between each video. Together with the course training techniques which accompany the videos this leads to what students have called ‘the ultimate way of studying Saltori!’


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