Probably the greatest barrier to our evolution…

~ Your mindset guarantees your success or failure in all you do ~ Andy Shaw

f-scott-fitzgerald-quote-1The last few weeks have been a real test for me and my mindset.

Twelve weeks ago I decided to fully research which way to vote in the European Union Referendum being held tomorrow in the UK.

Then four weeks ago I realised that I had become involved as I had, ‘picked a side’ of the argument. I chose to get involved in the Social Media discussion because I thought after extensive research that it would be irresponsible of me not to.

I could’ve walked away knowing that there was ‘not really that much I could do’ or that much I was prepared to do. But I saw an opportunity to do a little bit and I saw injustice, and for the second major time in my life I felt a social responsibility to do something.

So before I started I decided if I was going to venture into this semi-conscious and mainly unconscious world that I would have to keep a close check on myself.

Because being this close could mean slipping back into unconsciousness myself – which obviously is unacceptable!

I would love to say in the hundreds of response comments which I’ve written and even a few of my posts that my ego never showed up, but I can’t. However, when it did I noticed it and quickly shut it down. Leaving me free to carry on without a rear seat driver showing me the wrong way to go.

The other thing I wanted during the process of research and commenting was to remain objective throughout the whole experience, and this was fine up until I had actually reached my decision without realising the answer had become self-evident.

I thought I still had a decision to reach, but I didn’t need to as the weight of evidence had already convinced me. This is the exact way to accurately reach a decision when time is not a factor.

Then when I noticed it had happened, I had to rebalance myself, because I was now on one side of the argument. I did this as I wanted to still look at everything, and still look for that elusive piece of evidence to convince me I had made the wrong decision…

This morning a new video came in from a Professor who was an expert on the EU. Which someone had told me they had been convinced by. Quickly my ego showed up to try and convince me to ignore it… Why? As if there was something to be afraid of in looking at another persons opinion… 

My structured thinking quickly reminded me that I am looking for the truth, I am not looking to be right.

So I watched the video without any intention of looking for points to back up my existing conclusion.

What happened after about 7 minutes was I saw the first big mistake in the Professors premise, then another, then another. It was a 24 minute video that had been shared 75,000 times.

Because I had researched I knew enough to take apart this Professor’s case. His case was actually fine in most points, except he had missed certain key points off to suit his case, or he simply did not understand them…

Either way, they weren’t there, and there omission took his very clever argument apart. I didn’t need to do anything as it was self evidently wrong by omission.

F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.”

This is the key thing I have seen missing throughout my entire 12 weeks of research. And after a lot of consideration I think it may well be the greatest barrier to our evolution as a species.

The sooner you can learn to ‘just look’ without the need to judge, without the need to support your preconceived ideas, then the sooner you can evolve and raise your consciousness to a higher level.


The solutions you seek to whatever the problems you have; wait for you when you have raised your level of consciousness to a point where those problems simply can no longer exist.


This is the key thing with The Bug Free Mind Process, a way to continually raise your level of consciousness rather than remain trapped at the level you are currently at. Remember from where you are it is almost impossible to see you are there 🙂

The exciting truth is… There is no upper limit on how much better you can learn to think, which is why people go through The Bug Free Mind Process again and again.

To give you something to work on for now if you are not already a Bug Free Mind student…

Consider this…

When faced with something you are unsure about, or want to learn about… As you learn keep asking yourself, “Am I judging this, or am I just looking?”

This very simple thought structure snaps you back to presence and allows you to gather data rather than be dragged into one-sided thinking.

This allows you to hold two or more opposing ideas in your mind at the same time. The more you practice this the smarter you will become!

Your intelligence is not fixed. If it was then I would be a ‘C’ grade student and not able to take apart the arguments of highly intelligent people. I have learnt this skill through accurate thought and practice.

Your evolution as a person and our evolution as a species is wholly reliant on our ability to think at a higher level… How important that is to you, is your choice entirely.

A final message to my British readers about the EU referendum

undecided-votersIf you have not done your research to the level you now realise was actually needed to make an accurate decision then do not worry about it.

Most of the points being raised have arguers on both sides. The scary reality is that you are not going to find total clarification on all your concerns in the next day or so…

The answer is to become okay with that and accept that the answer will be what the answer will be. I came to that conclusion before I ever began researching. 

Meaning I was detached then, and am still detached now. Don’t get me wrong, I can still be very involved, I would love the leave campaign to win!

But I am totally okay if they don’t. Because what happens next, is what happens next…

By attaining this state of mind you can watch, engage and enjoy this entertaining time without fear or worry.

To those undecided voters amongst you who would like to know which way to vote then I found there are three very simple questions which will guide you to your inner feelings.

I suggest reading them now and seeing what you think.

Then I suggest enjoying the show that we have going on right now, and then on your way to the polling station I suggest reading them again.

Have fun 🙂 

Best wishes,


Three simple questions:

1) Do you want Britain to make its own rules? (yes or no?)

2) Do you want Britain to have more control of our own borders? (yes or no?)

3) Do you want Britain to be ruled by our own democratically elected government, or by 27 other countries? (yes or no?)

If you say yes to anyone of them, then vote to leave the EU. 

If you are okay with saying no, then vote to remain.

If this doesn’t clarify it for you, then your ego is involved and attempting to prevent you make a simple decision when one is necessary because of the deadline.

The lesson to be learned is…

If I want to make a better decision in future then I should be prepared to do more research. This is not meant to be annoying, merely a statement of reality.

I suggest reading those questions again and you should find you have your answer.


13 thoughts on “Probably the greatest barrier to our evolution…”

  1. Chutamanee Nielsen says:

    Thank you Andy for speaking your mind. It is helpful for the reader (me included) to reflect and relate, and reflect some more! Often times, one get distracted by the analysis paralyses and leaning on expert opinion too strongly with out reflecting. By boiling down the dilemma into the three simple questions, you help keep it real and makes the objective clear. Have fun tomorrow! Cheers.

  2. Anne says:

    Thank you ! As a Brit who has been living in France for over 35 years now, I’ve been getting caught up with both Brexit and the social unrest here. And although I have tried to remain detached and conscious I have often caught my ego rearing its ugly head when I’m commenting on social media (mainly in response to fear mongering BS).

    My answers to those 3 questions are: yes, yes, yes! with no hesitation but I’ve been out of the UK for too long now so I don’t get to vote. In my heart of hearts I hope there will be a Brexit and that other EU countries will follow but…

    What happens next will happen and any necessary personal decisions will be adapted accordingly once the smoke has cleared.

  3. paul deMarrais says:

    Seems to me that the ‘stay’ side is fear based. What ifs abound and many are not going to occur. THe European Union is a very weak group made up mostly of very weak countries. As an American, I can see why Brits want to leave this lame group that is saddled with so many additional problems and to return to governing themselves. It will be interesting to see which way the referendum ends up going.

  4. Teddi says:

    Really really liked this article….

  5. Dorothy says:

    Could not imagine giving away at the stroke of a pen what thousands died for, British self rule and independence. Also what benefits have those countries already in the EU enjoyed. From my distance and the world news not very much it seems.

  6. luminita says:

    You serve your own decision. 3 questions, but there are thousand other questions: is- it better to be alone when the tempest rages? Is it better to limit one-self or give him the possibility to help the universe to progress? etc. The USA is a powerfull unity of different states, isn’t it?

  7. Aura says:

    Forget the ego.

    Your questions are disingenuous at best and parrot the Brexit campaign.

    I am not going to argue them here as it is not the place. I will just say that if you go to the bottom of each question and answer yes ( which you should) and actually look at the REAL facts, you’ll see that it is already the case in the three instances whatever Brexit propaganda says.

    Do you want to be little England or Great Britain ?

    1. Andy Shaw says:

      Aura, I agree this is not really the place, but I do not like the structured thought the remain campaign use so I will take it apart with a little logic…

      They say: Do you want to be little England or Great Britain ?

      We are currently 1/28th, and if we leave we will be 1. I would say that would make us Great Britain, and staying in makes us Little England.

      I know when logic is brought to the argument people struggle, and I do that on purpose on Facebook. But on here I look at it from a completely different perspective. Out there I am campaigning for leave, in here I am evaluating why I, we, them think the way we do.

      Best wishes,


      1. James Wallis says:

        Your last comment on Little England sums it up for me perfectly Andy. I do struggle to understand why it is that more people don’t instinctively feel the same.

        Thank you for posting, I was keen to hear hear your opinion – well my ego was 😉


  8. Kaycee says:

    Although not British, the side I gravitated to was for exit. The reasons for staying all seemed fear based – the what if’s. I then watched the videos you had suggested and this reinforced/confirmed my choice. As you say, staying detached to the outcome helps you to look rather than judge and also to allow others their opinions.
    Thanks for this post. I have enjoyed the Bug Free program and enjoy hearing/reading your thoughts.
    Thanks for being part of the consciousness-raising crowd.

  9. Francis says:

    Hey Andy, And THANK YOU from us…I am so happy that you got involved.

    Please don’t put your “feet up” on this as we are dealing with a extremely powerful & stubborn cabal. They won’t take this rejection lightly.

    Would be delighted if you got in deeper and helped to expose their crimes against humanity…help save humanity.

    Anyway thanks again  Awesome result to wake upto and I am still buzzing 14 hours later!

    Hope this message will reach you somehow. Have a restful weekend!

  10. Sue says:

    Hi Andy
    I’m not from England but, I’ve been watching this with interest as it seems to be a large issue with global implications. I have friends who live there and both sides seem to be adamant on “their views” and doesn’t seem to be any sort of middle ground. Since I, for the time being have no vested interest, have found this referendum to raise my consciousness to objectively see both sides. Thank you for taking the time to comment

  11. sure dra says:

    Dear Andy sir, I lost for a some time but now I am coming back to satori system. I lived my all destructive patterns hidden in my subconscious mind. Definitely my story will be worth to write and read but I am going on my own pace. I experienced little power of subconscious mind. Solid foundation is must. There must be no escape. I would have killed myself. Warning must be added that SALTORI system is very very powerful. Use it with guidance. Thank you sir

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