Is Saltori Religious or Biased In Some Way?

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9. Is Saltori Religious or Biased In Some Way?


Short answer is Saltori is not aligned with any religion.

It merely takes wisdom from teachers like, Krishna, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Jesus, Muhammad and many, many other wonderful teachers and puts their wisdom into Thinking Structures which allow people from all religions to become better at practicing their religion.

Saltori DOES NOT TEACH SOMEONE WHAT TO THINK! It shows them how to think so that they can use their mind more effectively to think whatever they want to think!

Saltori is simply like a language… Right now we are using the English language to communicate, well Saltori works in a similar way in your mind.

Attaining the Saltori way of thinking means that a person dismisses negative thoughts without effort. They remove all anxiety, stress, fear, worries, depression, overwhelm, doubt etc… Which is what all the wonderful teachers have wanted their students to learn.

Then if any of those negative and un-natural thought patterns rear their heads in the future… Then the Saltori Thinking state means they are not allowed to remain and are easily removed (dissolved) with no effort, just thought.

All of this is done with ease and observation… It involves no positive thinking and when mastered is done almost entirely without effort!

As an example of this:- I was sent the following today from one of the readers of my book Creating A Bug Free Mind, (which details the Saltori Structured Thinking System):-

Clinical Depression Cured In Approximately One Month

depression-4“A friend and business colleague of mine who is a highly respected chiropractor recently confided in me that she was suffering from clinical depression. I was somewhat surprised at this, not because she is such a strong person but that she recognised / considered depression to be a medical illness… I used to too but I now see it as losing control of the mind.                            

I told her about A Bug Free Mind and recommended that she purchased the books… A few weeks later, a month possibly, I asked her how she was and how she was getting on with the book. She told me that she “practices” 15 seconds 3 or 4 times a day and that it has cured her depression.”

Now this sort of think may sound like some magical laying on of hands… It IS NOT anything of the sort, this is just pure logical thought, nothing more.

Even though this system obviously looks like it has ‘Religious’ of ‘Cultish’ undertones, there are none. It is simply a system for thinking which over time will be adopted as ‘simply the way to think.’ In exactly the same way as languages have been adopted.

Eventually when something is so obviously right it becomes just the accepted way, it becomes self-evident… Though to get to that stage it has to go through the unfortunate process that all ‘different ways of doing things’ have to go through….

When something new is conceived, it is first laughed at and then vehemently opposed and then accepted as obviously the right thing.

Now as the creator of Saltori and given that I don’t fancy any of the vehemently opposed stuff, I’d rather go straight to accepted as just the way to think… But then I would think like that as my thinking is Saltorised… I am of course ok with the being laughed at part!

And if you are wondering why I first introduced the books and audios of Creating & Using A Bug Free Mind rather than just bringing in the Saltori System from the start? It was so that I side-stepped the being laughed at and vehemently opposed phases.

As anyone who has studied the process knows that laughing at it would not be rational. And of course by getting quite a few on side I can avoid vehemently opposed too!

I am VERY HAPPY TO SAY it worked! …And we have students from ALL MAJOR religions and from all different levels of success in life.

And frankly I’m far too lazy for vehemently opposed bit and this way of thinking needs to be introduced to the world as soon as possible. That said, I expect it to take 30 – 60 years to become recognised everywhere as simply, Saltori the way to think.

What Happens After Saltori Thinking’s Been Learnt?

Saltori Thinking is eternal and needs very small but continuous tweaking and tuning to maintain a ‘Saltori state of mind.’ For example, a person cannot exercise once and for all, a person cannot eat once and for all, a person cannot bathe once and for all… So Saltori Thinking requires a tiny amount of ongoing maintenance to remain in a Saltori state of mind.

Remaining in a Saltori state involves a tiny amount of the right food, drink and exercise daily metaphorically speaking.

The more a person maintains it then the more powerful a thinker they become.

There is NO LIMIT to how much better we can think. 

So Saltori is designed to CONTINUOUSLY raise your level of consciousness as you apply it. This is why the vast majority of Saltori students decide to continue reading, listening and watching the lessons… Each time they watch, they raise their level of consciousness… Who wouldn’t want that?

However, just the tiniest amount of maintenance is required to maintain enough of a Saltori state of mind to deliver phenomenal success and a very peaceful, serene and harmonious life… So this is not work, it is pleasure… As if it was work, then we couldn’t do it!          

Saltori Thinking works in exactly the same way as hunger, when a person is hungry they eat, when a person notices their thoughts move away from a Saltori state then they top up a little – An Apple a day keeps the mind anarchy away!


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